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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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no clouds here around central north carolina. we don't have to look farther to see the clouds, so right back to the west, and even snow across central portions of kentucky. nov expecting that snow in central north carolina but i am expecting extra clouds as we head throughout the day. let's talk about where it is now and it is at 29 in raleigh. 28 durham. 27 roxboro. mid-20s around south hill, henderson. around the sand hills, 31 fayetteville, 32 lillington and raeford, a very cold 30 degrees. here's the day in detail, out the door at 8:00 a.m., should be close to the freezing mark, today. 51 our afternoon high. year 59. pretty cloudy at sunset this evening, 46 by 6:00 p.m. i'll let you know exactly when some rain moves back into our area coming up in the complete storm team forecast. right now let's check traffic.
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street. pretty sleepy on this thursday, just a car or two out there on the roads. let's go ahead and check in with your live drive conditions. some speeds are keyed up coming into the durham area. on i-85 southbound that is moving about 71 miles per hour. if you're coming up 19 -- or 15 this morning, that is about 32 miles per hour and cruising at 67 miles per hour on the durham freeway. more on traffic and weather in about 10 minutes. back to you. the push continues today to get more money for some firefighters here in wake county. >> garner firefighters have not got an raise in seven years and firefighters starting their careers there make about $10,000 less than rookies in other departments. >> cbs north carolina reporter emma wright joins us live from station 1 in garner. the chief says the pay increase is a necessary thing, doesn't he? >> reporter: he does. he says the last time anyone got a raise here was back in 2008.
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needs to be comparable to the pay. he says cost of living is going up here in garner, especially in wake county. he says the department is having to do more and more work. he says now they are responding to thousands of calls a year. he says they cover 84 square miles of territory which is a lot. he's asking for $37,000 a year, starting base pay and believes it's a fair number. >> but from 2008 to now the call volume for the fire services increased, the firefighters training requirements, service demand, target risk have increased. i think from the fire service standpoint what we're asking is that they be fairly compensated for the increases, increased levels of service they provide and salaries accurately reflect that. >> reporter: coming up on the news at 6:00 -- we're going to hear from one of the firefighters who works here at the garner fire department.
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of the struggles he's had and why he says he's really had a hard time making ends meet. reporting live in garner, emma wright, cbs north carolina. funeral arrangements have been set for 24-year-old akil denkins, shot and killed by a raleigh police officer. cbs north carolina has been on top of this story since it broke monday. >> we continue to make phone calls and e-mails and visit the police department to get more information. through that process we've learned more about the officer involved, dc twite, according to police -- twitty, has had no problems in the time he's been officer. and has had a promotion. >> as for the family his mother tells us authorities released the body. a gofundme page has also been set up to pay for his funeral expenses. people have donated so far more than $4,000. >> raleigh police haven't said a lot. the wake county sheriff is not part of the investigation but
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chief deck brown is hasn't released much information. >> she's working very closely with lauren freeman and the da's office and sbi. i think when she gets the informations would i, i would wait until i got the proper information and be able to say this is what i have got and what has been documented, this is what has been investigated. >> the raleigh police anticipate more information to be available by next monday. we'll bring you new information as we continue to get it. the raleigh police dheef was expected to lay out her plan for the department to get body cams monday but postponed because of the shooting. now we're learning more about what the city will be considering. the chief was look fog start the -- looking to start the program with 100 body cameras, cost of the data storage could be $1 million. chief brown planned a three- year phased implementation, the aclu says the transparency body cameras offer would be in the public interest.
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silver bullet that can really address all the concerns that communities might have or all the concerns that police departments might have about their interactions with individuals, but it's a good mace to start. >> according to proposal police could start using the body cameras sometime next year. the city council now is expected to hear that presentation on march 15th. our coverage of the investigation continues now, on a special section of there you will find more reaction from community leaders as well as the state law when it comes to the types of cases. to our consumer alert -- the state attorney general's office is warning about a scam that is targeting churches. it involves e-mails that appear to be from church officials, ask people to, with access to the church's money to wire it urgently. the attorney general's office says it's not clear if the scammers are hacking into e- mail accounts or just impersonating them. one church in raleigh nearly lost thousands of dollars recently. the bank handling the wire
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scam and they put a stop to it. >> it was tricky and well done and -- in a lot of ways. the red flag is that -- just basically the emergency nature of it. >> the attorney general's office isn't sure whether the -- where the scam is originating and may never find it they tell us. breaking overnight -- after nearly a yearlong mission in space astronaut scott kelly arrived back in the united states on the planet earth. >> he has to be happy to be home. he was greeted by nasa administrator charles bolden. his twin brother march, his certainly and jill biden. he's spent more time in space than any other american. job well done. still ahead on north carolina news -- one person's dead, another injured, and a third in jail after a shooting at a mcdonald's in north carolina. still to come -- where this happened and what investigators
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>> forget fishing -- in a backyard pool. an alligator? stay with us. >> no thank you. let's talk about the temperatures. 33 clinton. 32 smithfield, 29 in goldsboro. i'll break down just how cold
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could see rain coming up next. welcome back to your north carolina news. now 5:40 on this thursday morning. we're looking at pretty clear skies, that is leading to colder temperatures. so right now we're at 29. as we see the sunrise we'll start to slowly climb. 30 at 7:00 a.m. at freezing by 8:00 a.m. and finally above the freezing mark by 9:00 to 36 degrees. big reason we're so cold, we're
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if you are getting ready to head out just make sure you layer up. 29 degrees, and this is a live picture at the airport this morning. as we see the sunrise say around 6:42 we'll start to see the clearer conditions. right now take my word for it and look at the satellite and radar composite. you can see more clouds back to the western portions of our state but rain, even some snow back to our west. rain and snow across st. louis up towards central portions of indiana and some steadier rain now moving in to northern portions of mississippi. as far as our temperatures are concerned, elsewhere 32 in clayton and lillington. in the mid-20s now in sanford. here's your day in detail, at freezing at 8:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine, seeing more clouds gradually throughout the day, 45 at noon, high today of 51, then pretty cloudy at sunset. 6:00 temperature around 46. i'll let you know exactly when the rain moves in coming up tonight in the complete forecast. it's now 5:41.
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psychologist had to say on the stand during erin andrews' trial. plus -- >> you don't mess around. >> she does not. a convenience store clerk doesn't think twice about fighting back when a man pulls out a gun on her. later, hear her side of the story and find out what she says they said to one another. you have to watch this video over and over, next. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty
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5:44. early voting starts today. this is the first year you'll have to show your id in order to vote. >> if you missed the early voting deadline you can still do same day registration. stop by the polling place in your home county. early voting runs through march 12th. the first primary in north carolina, of course there are two, tuesday march 15th. this one for the presidential candidates. >> the congressional one is later in june. in michigan republican presidential hopefuls donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio
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in their 11th debate. ben carson is not participating. he hasn't formally suspended his campaign but told supporters he didn't see a path forward. >> leaders from the garner fire department will talk about possible pay raises. the department hasn't seen a pay increase in seven years. today the man arrested in connection with last year's gold heist along i-95 in wilson county is expected to make his first federal court appearance. federal agents took 46-year-old adalberto perez into custody near miami yesterday. his exact involvement in the case hasn't yet been released but you may remember last march three armed thieves bound a truck driver and took off with all the gold. more about a deadly shooting at a mcdonald's in hickory. investigators say the shooting is domestic related. police say a woman died, a man is recover in the hospital. investigators say both worked at the mcdonald's and when they
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started shooting in the parking lot. officers quickly arrested the suspect. additional charges are expected to be filed against a gaston county woman accused in a triple homicide. the wife of one of the victims, crystal gambino has been charged in this case. her husband james was very well connected in the community, involved in political campaigns. the other two victims, a 39- year-old and 33-year-old were family friends. investigators say all the victims were found naked. kenston man free after spending nearly 25 years in prison for a crime he he did not commit. >> back in 1992 howard dudley was convicted of raping his then 9-year-old daughter, a few months later recanted the story but took decades of work to free him. >> it feels great. i'm excited and -- i look forward to -- to moving on. >> you've had a great family around you.
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>> great family. great family. >> what will be your first stop? >> bo jengles. that's a good one. >> on a more serious note -- dudley says he wants to visit the graves of his late wife and mother, both passed away while he was in prison. monday morning a funeral will take place for a fallen police officer, ashley guindon. her body is back in her hometown of western massachusetts. she was the officer gunned down on her first day on the job just outside of washington, dc last weekend. after responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were also injured but they survived. the former cab driver accused of killing two virginia college students admitted to killing them. both hannah graham and morgan harrington disappeared in charlottesville five years apart. jesse matthew jr. was sentenced to four consecutive life terms. the trial surrounding naked
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andrews continues in tennessee. a stalker shot video through the peephole of her hotel room in 2008, yesterday the defense called a clinical psychologist who assessed andrews, who diagnosed her with a mild case of post-traumatic stress disorder. >> she is a resilient stable person who functions fairly well psychologically despite the horrible experiences she's been through. >> the psychologist also referenced skyrocketing career and the release of the video saying it's an indication that andrews was able to function well despite the video. andrews is fighting for $75 million from the stalker and the operators of the hotel. also now, jury selection is underway in florida for a trial surrounding wrestler hulk hogan. his attorney filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against gawker media. accused of posting a video showing hogan having sex with heather klem, the ex-wife of hogan's best friend. he claims he didn't know he was being recorded.
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talk about an unwelcome house guest. a florida family found it in their own swimming pool. a 9-foot alligator. the family says it came from a nearby pond, broke into the swimming pool screen enclosure and found his way to the pool. they noticed bubbles coming from the pool and that is when they saw the gator. no one was hurt and the gator is now back where he is supposed to be in, in the wild. can you imagine? >> i won't go in my pool for some time after finding something like that. forecast 29 degrees, it's cold outside and it's because we're dealing with clear skies. you can see the very beginning of color starting to spread across the horizon. official sunrise is not until close to 6:42. so we have a little ways to go. as far as the temperatures are concerned, well, they are still cold. 26 in south hill. 27 roxboro and henderson. around the sand hills you're
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and raeford at freezing. in littlington at the -- lillington, at the freezing mark. notice plenty of sunshine hour by hour throughout the morning drive. 8:00 a.m. temperature around freezing at 32. 10:00 a.m. starting already to see a few clouds, 40 degrees. 45 at noon, calling it partly cloudy, as we head into the heat of the afternoon i -- i say heat, 51 is all the warmer we'll get today. but we'll be rather cloudy later today and near sunset, speaking of sunset, around 6:00 should be back in the mid-40s. let's -- that's ahead of the next weathermaker, shaping up to the west. you can see out ahead of it clouds starting to spill into western portions of north carolina. right now though the bulk of that heavy rain now moving into northern portions of mississippi. doesn't look pretty now but no severe warnings have been issued with that area of unsettled weather. let me bring you closer to home. looking at sunshine at 7:30 this morning. by noon today calling it partly
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you'll notice back to our west at 6:00 p.m. they could be seeing accumulating snow showers around boone and asheville. that is the higher elevations. here we're expecting this to fall as mainly a cold rain. here we are, midnight tonight, the bulk of the rain moving through in the overnight hours. i'm stopping this at 2:00 a.m. friday morning, so most of us will be aveep, you can see along the virginia worder could see the brief changeover to a wintry mix, not expecting impact on the roadways there and then that changes back to rain quickly for the communities along the virginia border. 8:00 a.m. still dealing with lingering rain friday morning. they leave by noon friday and then we'll see drier conditions by the afternoon. we are talking about a can't amount of rain overnight -- decent amount of rain overnight tonight. for some of us it's close to 3/4 inch of rain, 95 corridor could see up to a inch of rain overnight tonight. ahead of that 51 our high in raleigh. 50 durham.
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with the wintry mix and rain north of the triangle, 36 our overnight low tonight. here's the 7-day forecast, rain is out of here first thing friday. saturday, sunday both dry, a little cooler than normal. then as we head into early next week we're going to see that sunshine, 60s monday and gets warmer, 70s tuesday and wednesday. that's your latest forecast. 5:52 now. we'll get straight to our traffic and this is u.s. 70 and the intersection with u.s. 70 business, a little out of focus now but cars are cruising along at a pretty good speed. let's look at the drive times, westbound loops 540, 440 and 40 all cruising along at the posted speed limits. that's why the times are in green. make sure you stay with us on north carolina news. but here's a look at what is coming up a little later on "cbs this morning." >> i'm charlie rose, coming up, the surprising way video games
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thank you for joining us. the search is on for a would be robber who got scared off by a convenience store clerk. it unfolded in georgia. the clerk said she noticed the suspect behaving badly. when he pulled out a gun she didn't hesitate, she started to push the gun away and hitting him with a cash register drawer. >> i said to you go ahead. if you want to shoot me, shoot me. but -- -- >> surveillance video shows her chasing him outside the store there, hammer still in hand. there it goes. the suspect lost his shoes, the clerk said she's not even shaken up, she said she figured he would shoot her either way so she decided she was not going to go down without a fight. luckily she was not hurt.
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either. today the state board of education will once again discuss the curriculum used to teach your children. the board is set to take up the academic standards review. key issue, changing or ending common core standards. minnesota is not a member of either of the two national testing consortiums, instead developed its own state assessments. the board is reviewing the arguments before the general assembly weighs in on its recommendations. this morning's meeting starts at 9:00. also today, teachers at riverside high school in durham plan to mail school work to a student who is currently in custody. immigration officials picked up wilton acosta in january. accused of being in the country illegally. friends say acosta came to the country from honduras to get away from violence. they also say he fears for his life if he's deported. the teachers mailed homework last month but the packages were sent back to them. the boys and girls club in durham need your help.
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for the lowe's blue door decorating campaign. this is their entry, doors decorated with concepts each child should embrace like education, integrity, health, hope, safety. the winning entry will get $5,000. find a link to vote on the organization's facebook page. with our transition to cbs here and cbs north carolina we now bring you the top rated primetime shows. tonight is one of the busiest lineups of the week and certainly one of the funniest. 8:00 "big bang theory." "life in pieces," 8:30. it's kinds of funny. followed by "mom" 9:00. and 9:30 "the latest episode of "two broke girls." "elementary" wraps up, primetime at 10:00. stay tuned for the north carolina news, 11:00 p.m. if you have questions just go to find out all you need there. >> big bang theory. >> you love that? >> yes. love it.
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i'm more of a drama guy. 5:57. still ahead -- republican presidential hopefuls are preparing for tonight's big debate in detroit but there's going to be one familiar face missing from the crowd. >> coming up in the next half- hour, what ben carson had to say about not participating in the debate.
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i actually had three part time jobs. >> on cbs north carolina, struggling to make ends meet as a firefighter. how a local chief wants pay raises for new hires. >> campaign 2016 begins in the tar heel state. what you need to know about early voting today. >> breaking overnight -- north korea's bold move after u.n. sanctions. >> i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thank you for joining us. let's go to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. it's cold.
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been the past few mornings. hopefully you have not packed away your winter gear just yet. you'll need it this morning. we're looking at pretty clear skies. that is why the temperatures sore cold. just back to our west though a few flurries towards the mountains. cloudier towards the western parts of our state and the clouds moving in throughout the course of the morning into the afternoon. so let's get to our temperatures, we've actually gone up a degree in the last hour, now 30 in raleigh. still 29 in durham. the upper 20s in lewisburg, rocky mount, roanoke rapids. mid-20s south hill, henderson and roxboro. colder than the past few mornings so bundle up. you'll also need the jacket heading into the afternoon, we're not expected to get out of the low 50s. by lunchtime today turning partly cloudy and 45. 51 our high. normal is actually 59. i wish we were there. back to mid-40s by 6:00. daytime highs are dry today, rain this evening could continue into the morning


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