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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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to describe the forecast. nothing in the way of rain. no major impacts on the area today except for high, thin clouds rolling in this morning into this afternoon. 53 degrees in durham. it's 50 in lewisburg and also in henderson. 49 in goldsboro and clinton 50 deep agrees our current temperature in fayetteville. kids need a light jacket but i think it's safe to wear the short sleeves under that jacket today. you'll need the short sleeves this afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid-70s. warming quickly, though, 59 degrees at lunchtime. 75 degrees is our high temperature here as we head into this afternoon really shaping up to be just a phenomenal day around the area. we'll let you know how long the warm weather is sticking around. for now, let's get a check on that morning drive. right now it is 5:31. if you are just about to hit
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okay on i-440 and capital boulevard. you can see traffic moving smoothly in both directions there. just normal traffic volumes this morning. grab the sunglasses on your way out the door because you will need them. you have a few closures still in the fortified construction zone today. the exit ramp on both sides closed. that's exit 298-a. we also have the shoulder closed between u.s. 64 and exit 301. that's i-440. be careful on the road in that area. it could be tight getting through there today. russ and stefan? this morning, senator ted cruz is expected to make a stop at raleigh and tomorrow, donald trump will be at fayetteville holding a rally as well. emma wright is live with more on what we can expect. good morning, emma. >> reporter: good morning.
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the calvary baptist church off of 1010 road here in raleigh. we're told he's going to get here around noon. this event is free and open to the public but you have to register online beforehand. if you want to register and come, show up an hour early. ted cruz has been battling delegates ahead of n. this upcoming friday. they have been trading jabs along the way. >> if you want to beat him, you have to beat him at the ballot box. our campaign is the only one that can do so over and over. >> you see the millions in negative ads about me that are mostly phony ads? >> reporter: the cruz campaign has been on the ground here in north carolina for the past couple of days. ted cruz's wife heidi was in cary last week.
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at 6:00. i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. on the democrat side now, president bill clinton was in raleigh campaigning for his wife hillary. he addressed hundreds of hillary supporters and talked about how he would expand voting rights. meanwhile, the republican national committee responded that bill clinton is pushing false talking points. hillary is planning a visit to the star heel state later this week. we learned their daughter chelsea will be in chapel hill this weekend. voters in north carolina have another big decision next week that could impact the state for decades. the wake county taxpayers association rallied outside of the legislative building yesterday. they are urging people to vote down the proposed connect nc bond. it's $2 million in new debt to go toward a wide variety of projects including new buildings at certain colleges. with the state running a surplus, some say there's no
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governor mccrory says the bond will pay for necessary growth and spur job growth. >> we should use that funding to properly prioritize important projects of our state rather than taking on a debt. >> if we're going to accrue industry, if we can't find the talent to fill those jobs, we won't recruit new industry. in fact, we won't keep the industry we have. >> the governor says the bond will not require a tax increase because interest rates are throw, and the state's paying off its existing debt quickly. the day care where a 1- year-old boy was hurt in a drive-by shooting last month is closed for good. the owners of the tatum christian center packed up and moved. we found these discarded items outside of the house yesterday when we stopped by. police charged marren la count with the shooting, and he denies any involvement. community members packed out a church concerned about
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they discussed ways to lift up communities in southeast raleigh. last night, representatives from the church, the justice system and gangs discussed how to better neighborhoods. a local minister says it starts with education and action. >> we can do this. we can do this. it'll take one day at a time, one step at a time. we can do this, but we are great people. >> residents say the biggest thing they need to focus on is how to work together. an update this morning to a story that we reported earlier this year. nearly 700 animals rescued from a hope county animal shelter and described those severely neglected are aready to find a new home. three adoption events are planned for later this month where they hope to place hundreds of cats and dogs into
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>> we come from a situation like that and provide them with a second chance, a home where they can be happy and healthy means the world to us. >> listen up. the three-day event begins march 18 at the temporary shelter on nash street and sanford. we have all that you need to make the adoption happen on the man who killed a young mother of his child in 2014 will spend at least 26 years in prison. 23-year-old logan mcclain pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of brittany. the two were dating and had a young child when she was shot and killed in her fuquay-varina home. a girl says two men duct taped her to a chair without clothes and sexually assaulted her.
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that street since last january. there's no connection to the break-ins yet. coming up, woo el tell you the gun theft numbers and where the weapons seem to be ending up. >> plus, we've got several local teams in the acc tourney in washington, d.c. we'll tell you about our coverage of the event and what teams are now gearing up for hoop action this afternoon. customerin'? >> we're off to a mild start to the day. 51 in sanford. we're on our way to the 70s today. we'll let you know what's in
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telling people they may need a sweater, they may need sunscreen. >> and sunglasses. >> yesterday was nice. we hit a high temperature of 68. finally a taste of spring. i saw trees actually in bloom already outside, and i think we'll see more of that through this week ahead. it's looking gorgeous this afternoon. here is a live look from the satellite and radar. we're still dry and quiet. with the exception of a few high, thin clouds, we're looking at sunny skies across the area today. it is 50 degrees right now in raleigh. 53 currently in durham. waking up to 50 in roxboro and syler city is the cool spot but much warmer than yesterday. these temperatures will rise quickly this afternoon, but at the bus stop this morning, kids, mild start with the light jacket this morning.
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by the time you get off the bus later, we're looking at temperatures around 75 degrees opinion 49 degrees at 8:00. 59 degrees at lunchtime. up to 75 our high today. enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the warm weather today if maybe you don't have a chance to get outside, you'll have plenty more opportunities to enjoy the warmth. i'll let you know how long it's sticking around. russ? the wolf pack kicks off the acc tournament in d.c. nc state takes on the demon deacons in wake forest each winning on their home court. todd gibbson is on the way to d.c. to cover the big tournament with live reports beginning later today. tip-off for the pack is at noon. up next, more and more stolen guns in the wrong hands of durham county. we've got the stats and where people say the guns are winding up. >> and a plea deal is in the
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good morning. thanks for watching north carolina news. presidential campaign in wake county. the white house hopeful and republican senator ted cruz will appear today in raleigh. this is according to his web site. he will be there around noon today. breaking overnight, authorities in california say four people have been seriously hurt in a train derailment. the commuter train was traveling in central california and went off the tracks and plunged into a swollen creek. a ground breaking decades in the making for a new boehner bridge takes place today. the ceremony is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. it is a disturbing trend
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guns being stolen and ending up in the wrong hands. cbs north carolina's mario boone has more on the numbers. >> reporter: back in the old days, crooks would break in looking for jewelry or electronics, but nowadays, cops tell me thieves are going straight for your guns. only cbs north carolina obtained disturbing information about the huge number of stolen guns and ammunition on the streets of durham. police records showed nearly 400 guns were stolen in 2014. >> it's something to think about. >> reporter: hundreds of stolen guns in the hands of criminals left alicia smith -- >> i'm speechless now. i'm just wondering where they are getting them from. >> if you are going to own a firearm, you should lock it up.
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at other crime scenes. durham cops recovered 67 of the stolen guns and confiscated reasons. smith worries about all of the guns not found. >> you never know who could have one. beside you. >> reporter: both durham police and sheriff's office tell me guns. mario boone, cbs north carolina. >> idaho police are looking for the man accused of shooting a pastor in the parking lot after a service. surveillance helped identify him as the shooter. the pastor is still in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. the congregation says they are praying for the pastor and the man nted by police. >> a lot of people are hurting really bad right now over this,
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believing that god has a plan. authorities in dickinson,selfself recovered the body of a man monday night after his boat overturned in the dickinson bayou. the victim has not been identified and another man was fishing when the boat was overcome by current. a jury in nashville has awarded erin andrews over secretly recorded video. the jury came back with its decision monday after a did i of deliberations. they maintained that the
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with are to blaine for the individual -- to blame for the video. >> erin andrews has shown phenomenal courage for standing up to security, safety, and privacy. she is a true american hero, and i think we all know it and love her for it. >> reporter: attorneys for the owner and former operator of the marriott say michael david barrett should be solely to blame for the incident. the man accused of killing daniel locklear in 2014 has been offered a plea deal by cumberland county prosecutors. j. michael malloy appeared before a judge discussing the acceptance of the plea deal guaranteeing him the possibility of parole after 25 years. his defense team has a month to decide whether to take the deal. he is set to be back in court sometime next month. let's talk about the good news now and this weather we're about to have today. yesterday it wasn't so bad, but
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>> it is. it keeps getting better. yesterday, highs were in the upper 60s. today we're talking mid-70s by thursday. we could even get close to record high temperatures across the area, believe it or not. so a nice forecast shaping up around the region. here is a live look from our tower camera looking towards the east. you can see the skies getting a little brighter ahead of sunrise this morning, which is at 6:35. a few clouds out there, but we are going to see the sunshine sticking around all day today. satellite and radar showing just a few clouds here and there this morning. we've got mostly sunny skies through today, tomorrow, thursday and friday, too. you can see things looking dry on the satellite radar. temperatures this morning are warmer than we were at this time yesterday.
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it's 50 degrees in raleigh. 53 in durham. it's 48 in rocky mount and roanoke rapids. 50 is our current temperature in fayetteville. we will be warming up fairly quickly today up to 59 degrees by 10:00 a.m. by lunchtime, already well into the 60s. those are normal temperatures that we experienced toward the tail end of april. so we're very warm today. we are going to stay sunny through today, tomorrow, and thursday. what this is doing is pushing very high temperatures into the south. we see things cooling off just a bit here. increasing clouds for friday here, the area of low fat will work its way in from the deep
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showers as we head into saturday, sunday, and possibly even a few lingering into monday as well. looking at a high of 74 in durham. 76 degrees in fayetteville. tonight, temperatures fall to 50, mainly clear, patchy fog, a mild night headed our way. if we take a look at the seven- day forecast, you will see the temperatures are still moving on up. 76 degrees tomorrow, 78 degrees on thursday. high temperature is still in the 70s on friday with a few extra clouds and then we cool off. our cooloff is only a couple of degrees. 72 on sunday. a few showers this weekend with maybe a shower or two lingering into monday as well. enjoy the warmth. we could get close to record highs by thursday. time now is 5:52. let's switch gears and take a look at that morning drive. you can see from our live picture here from east of u.s.
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there. it is moving smoothly there. traffic moving fine in both directions. our traffic map, though, is still showing a few closures in the fortified construction zone. we have a closure, the exit ramp at south saunders street. both sides are still closed. staying on the shoulder is closed between exit 293 and 301. things are tight in that area. watch for delays if you are headed that way this morning. russ, stefan? i know you love it. i love it. it's called breakfast. we like anything on a plate at this time of morning. >> that's for sure. >> it's national pancake day. >> i can't watch right now. we'll tell you how you can get a free stack of flap jacks. then at 7:00 -- >> i'm nora o'donnell. coming up, how charlie spent
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. >> thering back. we are so happy to tell you an update to a story. a dying durham man can rest easier thanks to your generosity. he is a hospice patient and his apartment wanted to raise the rent with a payment he couldn't afford. with possibly only six months to live, he didn't want to leave his home, so he asked his apartment to work with him and so far they haven't budged. after we investigated, donations came pouring in. people have donated more than casey. >> i just want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for what they've done for me and how they've turned my life around. >> really coming together to
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jack says he will only use the money for emergencies and pay his rent money we have reached out to the apartment complex den but so far have not heard back from them. you can see jack's story on our web site, with the ground breaking for the new boehner bridge is scheduled for today. transportation officials say the new bridge has been more than two decades in the making. ground breaking ceremonies are scheduled for 10:00. treating homeless men in the area to a dining experience like no other. courtesy of the governor's super bowl wager with colorado's governor, the needy will be fed a gourmet feel that's being donated by butter ball.
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reason to flip out. pun intended. it's national pancake day. in return for the free flap jacks, guests are asked to consider leaving a donation to children's miracle hospitals. since 2006, they raved more than $20 million. >> the pancakes look so fluffy. >> we're waiting on a delivery. >> a little butter and maple syrup. coming up, two republican presidential hopefuls are
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we'll tell you where when i knew it was stable, we started listening to the screams and people crying for help. >> a train derails and crashes into the creek. >> plus the race to the
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right through north carolina and our region. >> we'll look at why some groups are urging voter toes say no to a multi-million dollar bond issue. good morning, on this glorious tuesday. get outside. >> he's excited about the forecast, can you tell? >> i'm stefan chase. we'll have more on why russ is so excited. >> because the sunshine and warm temperatures today. if you enjoyed yesterday, we've got an even bigger treat headed our way. sunrise is still in about 35 minutes. we're not seeing anything popping up to the satellite and radar with a few high, chin louds out there this morning. currently 48 degrees in durham. 50 in fayetteville. at the bus stop, kids, you need a light jacket but this


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