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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. good morning. >> good morning. i like thursdays but let's just talk about how i love fridays. clear skies though as we start our morning around central north carolina. a little extra cloud cover back towards the mountains. this its all ahead of our next system. that is inching closer as we speak. you can see the rain spreading through central portions of kentucky up to ohio. that is a cold front and that will be moving into our area tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime temperatures this morning, are just updating, we've dropped another degree in raleigh to 57. also 57 in henderson. now at 56 in roanoke rapids. still some areas in the 60s. roxboro now at 63. siler city 61. also 61 in pinehurst. look at the temperatures. they are about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday at this time. we'll be at 62 at 8:00 a.m. breezy at lunchtime with gusts near 25 miles an hour. actual temperatures 74. high today of 79 where our record high is close to 81 degrees.
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forecast and when you'll need the umbrella in the days ahead, coming up. right now let's check traffic. if you're getting ready to head out, let's show you a live picture, i-85 and avondale drive. you can see the skies are starting to get brighter so that is good news. as far as the cars, wow, they are cruising along at a good speed because there are not many cars out there just yet. i do want to check with the drive times. if you're coming northbound into raleigh starting to see some slower action on u.s. 1 and 401 this morning between nc- 55 and downtown. that is close to a 20-minute drive now. we'll keep you up to date on drive times and your forecast as well coming up in about 10 minutes. now to an update on breaking news we've been telling but all morning. the bodies of two men have within found in a raleigh parking lot overnight. the scene on glenwood avenue and "cbs north carolina"'s lauren haviland is there now live and lauren, what are you learning at this point? >> reporter: we do know it's
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investigators have been here since about 12:30 this morning. that's when they were called to the panera bread off glenwood avenue in raleigh to call for a welfare check. that is when they found two men dead inside their car. at this point we don't know who these men are, how old they are or if they are from this area. we're also unsure on how investigators are treating this investigation. but let me just give you a live look now, as you can see there's crime scene tape surrounding the panera bread and part of the comfort inn and suites. if you plan on coming to this area be prepared that this is blocked off. when we spoke to officers they said that panera bread could be potentially closed for the rest of the day. while we've been on scene investigators have been talking to employees here at panera and anybody that is walking in the area but they are urging, if you have any information to call them or crime stoppers. we're live in raleigh, lauren
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more breaking news now. five people were killed in an ambush-style shooting. this happened just last night during a backyard party in suburban pittsburgh. now police say at least two gunmen still at large. an investigator says the gunmen barged into an party and opened fire. the victims are four women and a man. four were found dead on the back porch, the fifth died at the hospital. at least three others also injured. the motive behind the attack is not immediately known. moving on to campaign 2016 -- hillary clinton is coming to our area today. she originally had two stops scheduled but late yesterday rally. her timing is strategic. early voting is currently underway and our state primary is next tuesday. here's one of the message voters here can expect today. >> and i also have very much committed to the best of my ability my energies and efforts
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that is something i care deeply about. and i will continue to do that. >> she's not the only clinton catching a flight to rdu. former president bill clinton held an event earlier this week. their daughter chelsea is hosting a private fundraiser in chapel hill this weekend. the clinton event is at hillside high school in durham today. doors open just before 2:00. the event is 3:50. if you want t to watch it elsewhere you can do it at and see the live stream there. the day after a major primary surprise in michigan the democratic presidential candidates hit the debate stage for the second time this week. this time it's going to be in florida which holds a big contest in just about six days. karen kafa has highlights from the debate spin room in miami. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders started the night by answering tough questions. with the location of the debate in miami and the debate co- sponsors univision, issues of
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community were front and center. clinton talked about reforming the immigration system. >> we had republican support, a president willing to sign it. i voted for that bill. senator sanders voted against it. just think, imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. >> secretary clinton prevailed upon the governor of new york, eliot spitzer who wanted to do the right thing. and provide driver's licenses to those who were undocumented, she said don't do it and new york state still does not do it. >> the candidates' feisty tone picks up where they left off in michigan sunday night and so did at least one argument. >> in terms of my political career fighting for workers, fighting for the poshest people in this country -- poorest people in this country, madam secretary i will match my record against yours any day of the week.
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rescued the auto industry was in that bill. sanders voted against it. that is his perfect right to vote against it but if everyone had voted as he voted - p he would not have rescued the auto industry. >> let me - >> florida next week will award the largest chunk of the delegates, clinton and sanders are battling for a share of 14 delegates. four other states will go to the polls that day. in miami, i'm karen kafa. the four rerepublican candidates, they will debate for the final time before tuesday's primaries. also today, ohio governor john kasich says he will meet with former gop rival jeb bush. kasich says he has no idea what they will discuss at the meeting but that he does want bush's endorsement. bush is to meet with all the remaining candidates except for donald trump. former rival carly fiorina on wednesday endorsed texas
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more on our election coverage, including updates on planned visits and how to get the tickets, all now on investigators in raleigh are now saying a fire at an apartment on bashford road was an accident. the victim, martin carter had to be rescued by neighbors from the building tuesday night. at last check carter was in hospital. later today the town of carey will close a section of tryon road. the right lane of the road near southeast carey parkway will be shut down from 9:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon. so expect some congestion in that area. crews will repair damage caused by a recent utility main break that happened there. drivers can still turn on tryon from southeast carey parkway but again expect those delays. it's currently 6:o8. coming up, water up to the rooftops of homes and cars submerged. torrential downpours in parts of the south turned deadly. what is to come, next.
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made headlines yesterday is having serious complications. that story next. >> we're looking at the bus stop forecast and as the kids are heading out temperatures are in the upper 50s. very mild. warm and breezy later today. 79 our high.
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umbrellas coming up? there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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welcome back to "cbs north carolina." we're looking at a time of 6:11 and temperature 57. we'll climb to 59 by 7:00 a.m. eventually into the 60s. 62 at 8:00 a.m. this morning. 66 by 9:00. i think we're in the 70s by 10:00, 11:00 this morning. and then those temperature continue to climb throughout the afternoon. here's a live picture from cardinal gibbons high school in raleigh. the sun is spreading color across the horizon. official sunrise is 6:32 this morning but what we can clearly see is a few clouds to start
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let's get to the temperatures. right now durham 58. sanford is 53. but neighboring pinehurst is still in the 60s at 61. also 61 in siler city. so for today, 62 at 8:00 a.m. 74 at noon. a high of 79. our record for today is at 81 degrees. we're going to be very close to the mark as we head into the afternoon. i'll let you know when you'll need the umbrellas and when the temperatures will drop coming up in the days ahead in the complete storm team forecast. 6:12. the first patient in the u.s. to have a uterus transplant suffered a sudden complication and doctors had to remove the organ. the 26-year-old patient had transplant surgery last month at the cleveland clinic and spoke about her experience earlier this week. in a statement she said she's doing ok and appreciates the prayers and good thoughts. the cleveland clinic says its uterus transplant study including 10 women is still moving forward.
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deadly storms swept across the heartland and southeast overnight. coming up, we're going to have
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...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy. "cbs north carolina"'s top stories. breaking news from raleigh. right now police are investigating after two men were found dead in a car in a parking lot. this happened around 12:30 this morning. officers responded to a welfare check call on glenwood avenue. we're going to bring you updates on this story now. we're looking live at the scene. still very active. more on this all throughout the morning, you can also follow this story on-line at breaking news -- police near pittsburgh say two gunmen still at large after five people were shot and killed. police in allegheny county say four women and man were killed late wednesday during a backyard party. police say the gunman barged into that party and opened fire. >> today democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is going to be in
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appearance at hillside high school. doors open at 1:50 for the 3:50 event. she also had a stop scheduled in raleigh later today but that has been cancelled. developing this morning -- at least three people are dead after torrential downpours caused flooding in parts of the south. in some places up to a foot of rain is expected by the end of the weekend. cbs's don champion reports it's making a dangerous situation even worse. >> reporter: across the south, drinking storms are not letting up. in west monroe, louisiana overnight rising floodwaters made travel dangerous. >> we just stalled out. chances. and even police found themselves having difficulty. up to 7 inches of rain has already fallen in several places, another 5 could fall by the weekend. in fort worth, texas, it was an anxious night for people like taylor netf, watching water
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>> it's tense, we're used to it and just watching the numbers. watching what those two lakes are doing. >> reporter: in hard-hit houghton, louisiana, water is up to the rooftops of homes. cars are submerged. harvey kemper tried salvaging what he could while he could. >> cool. in less than an hour it was right here. to right up here. >> reporter: in parts of the state mandatory evacuations have been ordered and the national guard has been called in to help. the governor also declared a state of emergency. don champion, "cbs north carolina." >> the massive storm will bring rain and possible flash flooding to about a dozen states today. that includes oklahoma, tennessee, kentucky, southern indiana and also southern illinois. it turns out dozens of people who thought they had their issues with blue cross blue shield of north carolina resolved didn't. the state insurance department
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to find out the problems resurfaced. cases prioritized in january but later on the insurance department reopened 70 of those cases after finding out they had more enrollment or billing issues. the insurance commissioner says his agency received more than 8,700 calls and 1,900 formal complaints. >> some progress made but the progress has been slow and that's something that is certainly very frustrating. >> blue cross blue shield sent a statement apologizing for the problems and says a majority of them have been resolved though the call volume dropped a bit. the company is in the process of adding 80 more people to its customer call center to handle all the complaints. a lot of eye browse raised after the first known car accident caused by a car without a driver. google saying the machine and humans involved are at fault for the crash. this is newly released video from the accident in february. the car was trying to make a
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storm drain caused the sensors to move the car to the left as the bus tried to merge. that is when the car hit the bus. no injuries but the car was damaged. an elderly tortoise is keeping up on the latest trends by posing for selfy. this is all seen here with dr. gary west from the phoenix zoo. west was documenting how often the 80-year-old aldabra tortoise was hiccoughing when the turtle took a peek at the camera. and took the opportunity to snap a picture and walked away with his awesome moment. >> i think she's almost smiling in this picture. >> looks like he is. >> adorable. >> if make it to 80 i would like to be still smiling. >> and something way better than a selfie will be there. let's look at the forecast. a beautiful forecast shaping up. a beautiful sunrise as well. it's 6:19, the official sunrise
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just a little longer. 57 now, a live picture from our tower camera in north raleigh. let's get to the temperatures. 58 durham. 63 in roxboro. it's hard to believe it's march 10th, believe it or not. 57 henderson, 59 south hill. we're starting off the morning in the mid-50s around roanoke rapids, clayton and lillington. sanford, i mentioned earlier, the cool spot at 53 degrees. here's your hour by hour forecast, as we go throughout the day plenty of sunshine early, temperatures in the low 60s at 8:00 a.m. climbing to 70 by 10:00 a.m. 74 at lunchtime. it will be breezy this afternoon, 77 at 2:00. our high 79. i also mentioned this earlier, our record high today 81 degrees set back in 1974. that could easily be broken later today. so we'll watch that closely. the setup for today, that area of high pressure still controlling our weather, pumping in that unseasonably warm air. however, back to our west, cold front really shaping up.
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clouds to our area this afternoon. then we'll eventually bring us the chance for a few showers by tomorrow afternoon. so there are changes to show you on the future forecast. again this morning, plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon, say close to sunset i'm going to call it partly cloudy. overnight, partly cloudy conditions. that is how we'll start our friday. i think we'll be mostly cloudy and a few isolated showers hours. more of you are going to notice the extra cloud cover into the afternoon hours. rather than the rain showers. city by city, today a high of 80 in sanford, lillington and dunn. 81 fort bragg. along the eastern areas, 79 rocky mount, 78 roanoke rapids smithfield. 78 in durham and chapel hill. 79 raleigh. roxboro a high of 76. tonight partly cloudy, still on 60. then for friday the chance for a shower or two, we've talked about that, chance for a few showers on saturday and into
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don't forget, you lose an hour of sleep saturday night into sunday morning as we spring those clocks ahead by one hour. 6:21 now on this thursday morning. let's check traffic. we're starting to see a few more cars on the roadways but the good news, this is i-440 and new bern avenue. not causing delays, the skies are getting brighter. but we have one accident again, this is near south pointe mall in durham, fayetteville road, a rolled over truck and it's causing some delays because it's actually in the road on fayetteville road. in the meantime back to you. i am so excited about this weather. it's like the weekend and it's just going to be insane. >> sunshine and get your tan on. >> i'm getting a little bit. sitting by the pool having lunch everyday. trying. coming up, an update after chipotle was closed due to the norovirus yesterday. the latest in the company's
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>> like all day breakfast at mcdonald's?
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that a boston chipotle is reopening today after some employees contracted the norovirus. it shut down yesterday as a precaution. chipotle is already fighting to win back customers following incidents in which customers were sickened around the country. yesterday company shares tumbled. fallout in the u.s. over the volkswagen emissions scandal and congress is saying no to crazy fees. jill wagner has consumer news from the new york stock exchange. good morning.
6:25 am
volkswagen -- head of u.s. volkswagen operations stepping down. the company recently admitted it did rig software in millions of vehicles and that allowed them to emit as much as 40 times the legally allowed pollution. meanwhile lawmakers are looking to crack down on airlines in their "ridiculous fees" for things like checked bags and changing flights. a new fare fees act introduced this week directs the department of transportation to ban airlines from charging fees that are "unreasonable or disproportional to the costs incurred by the air carrier." they can be ridiculous. >> outrageous. i'm happy, looks like something may be done about it. first, before i let you go we hear that mcdonald's could be doubling down on all of its all day breakfast options. is this true or just a rumor? >> reporter: it's true. all day breakfast has been so successful at boosting sales that mcdonald's could be offering that full breakfast menu round the clock.
6:26 am
customer complaint is that some of the popular breakfast items like the mcgridle are not available all day. and that is mostly because it can compliment and crowd the kitchen. so mcdonald's is testing it out at some locations, we'll see what happens. >> that egg mcmuffin has been hungry. thank you, jill. >> me too. >> you too? >> the only thing we know this morning are eye bags, right? what time? 6:27. two men were found dead in a parked car overnight. the investigation continues right now, we'll bring you a live update in our breaking news coverage coming up next. >> the warm-up continues. alyssa corfont with the full forecast and the weekend in sight.
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we'll be right back. good morning and thank you for joining us on north carolina news at 6:30. i'm russ bowen >> good morning.
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we're on the scene of a breaking news event now in raleigh where two bodies were found earlier this morning. >> we'll have a live report in a moment from lauren haviland on that. first let's go straight to meteorologist alyssa corfont with what we can expect to see today. >> good morning. we're dealing with clear skies outside right now. back to our west though a little extra cloud cover, also the chance for rain. that will be moving into the area as we head into the coming, i would say 48 hours. you'll start to notice a little extra cloud cover today, the rain though not actually arriving until tomorrow afternoon. let's talk temperatures, in the meantime, 55 in lewisburg, raleigh 57. also 57 in fayetteville and clinton. keep in mind these temperatures are between 5 and 10 degrees milder than where we were yesterday at this time. a look at the forecast for today, 62 at 8:00 a.m. 74 at lunchtime. it will be breezy today, gusts are going to strengthen to as high as 25 miles per hour. then we're looking at an
6:30 am
our record high for today actually set in 1974 of 81 degrees. so we're going to be close to the mark today. near sunset we should be partly cloudy, still warm though as we drop back into the mid-70s. i'll have a closer look at the forecast and when you'll need the umbrella again coming up in a little bit. right now i do want to check with traffic. here's nc54 and the carey parkway. you can clearly see at this intersection there's just a few cars so not a lot to slow you down on this thursday morning. if you are coming from down around johnston county into raleigh something that will slow you down, now an accident, actually on nc-42 but it's right at the intersection of i- 40, so one lane of nc-42 is actually blocked now. and then of course where we're looking at the clayton bypass the typical slowing for this time of morning. we'll monitor in accident and let you know when it gets cleared up on "cbs north carolina." getting back to the
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>> the bodies of two men found in a raleigh parking lot overnight, we've got more on this story. the scene is on glenwood avenue. now crime scene tape surrounds the area. "cbs north carolina"'s lauren haviland is there live, lauren, good morning. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: we're at the panera bread between the comfort inn and suites off glenwood avenue in raleigh. you can see exactly what i'm talking about here. you can see crime scene tape is blocking off the majority of the parking lot but they are letting people that have been staying at the comfort inn and suites in and out. let me tell you how officers were originally called around 12:30 this morning. for a welfare check. that is when they found two adult males dead inside their car. again here in the panera bread parking lot. at this point we're not sure how investigators are treating this investigation.
6:32 am
two dead males inside a car, but investigators have been here since about 12:30 this morning. and they are really urging anybody to come forward, if you have any information, saw anything especially those who were here at panera bread or comfort inn and suites. again, if you have information call the raleigh police department or crime stoppers. live in raleigh, lauren haviland, "cbs north carolina." we have breaking news near pittsburgh, pennsylvania now. police are searching for at least two gunmen who opened fire on a backyard party. at least five people are dead and three others are hurt. police in wilkensburg are calling it an ambush-style attention and say people scrambled toward the house as bullets began flying. four victims were found dead on the back porch. campaign 2016 -- presidential candidates are continuing to clamor for your vote in north carolina. today democrat hillary clinton will host a rally in durham.
6:33 am
ted cruz also made campaign stops in the area earlier this week. her get out the vote event is at hillside high school this afternoon. doors open just before 2:00. early voting also underway now in our state. the primary election by the way is next tuesday, march 15th. hillary clinton is hoping the timing of her message will gain her support at the polls. clinton's campaign in tampa earlier this morning just before coming to durham, her democratic opponent bernie sanders has three rallies in florida today but there's no trip scheduled for north carolina at least not yet. you might recall clinton originally scheduled another stop in our area, a high school in raleigh. a link to that event on our campaign web site now says this event is no longer active. no word yet on why she cancelled that event. you'll be able to watch today's rally live if you can't get there on >> that's right. we also have a crew inside and we'll bring you a full report tonight on "cbs north carolina." that starts at 5:00. six days before voters head
6:34 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated immigration and other issues, it got heated for a second. clinton faulted sanders for repeatedly voting against a 2007 comprehensive immigration reform bill. sanders faulted clinton for opposing a 2007 effort to let people in the country illegally obtain driver's licenses. it aired on the spanish language network univision. with less than a week to the north carolina primary republican presidential frontrunner donald trump made a stop in fayetteville. speaking before thousands at crown coliseum. >> and trump had plenty of hecklers as well. >> get her out. get her out. >> he stopped his address more than a dozen times as demonstrators stood up and protested his stance on a variety of issues. his stance on the issues has supporters saying he's the right person to lead the country. trump's unique message resonated resonated with many who were in attendance. very rowdy crowd indeed. we were going to have crowd coming from one of the people
6:35 am
hopefully we'll have that later. trump also spoke about the military, foreign policy and stance on education. he wants to repeal common core. he next heads to miami for tonight's republican presidential debate. >> we're going to win so much! >> i think we have the sound. >> threat is. not yet. with less than a week to go until north carolina's primary marco rubio's campaign is making its home in wake county. they opened an office in garner yesterday. volunteers say it will be a place for them to make phone calls and answer questions about the race. rubio supporters say they are optimistic for next tuesday's primary as you can imagine. and representative john klein from minnesota was also at the opening to talk to the crowd as well. find out more about the election coverage including updates on planned visits and how to get tickets now on don't forget you can also watch it in you can't get to the events streaming live on good morning to you. 6:36. to the big story of the day. it's a big day in the acc tournament for two of our local
6:36 am
the acc regular season champions, unc tar heels will face with the pitt panthers at noon in washington, dc. 2:00 the blue devils will hit the court and take on notre- dame. "cbs north carolina"'sed to gibson is in dc and will have complete coverage of the games throughout the day. as you mentioned, it's now 6:37. a group is calling for transtransparencey after a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. >> what members hope to accomplish today. the bus stop forecast, it's another mild morning. 59 this morning. climbing to 79 later today. tole be warm and breezy -- it will be warm and breezy. we do have a chance of rain.
6:37 am
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welcome back. good thursday morning. about 6:39. right now it's 57 degrees. those temperatures from here on out though are going to climb, 59 at 7:00 a.m. into the 60s quickly by 8:00. 66 by 9:00 this morning. i think we're in the 70s before lunchtime. and for some of you that could happen as soon as 10:00 a.m. this morning. but take a minute to check this out. it's a beautiful sunrise for another morning in a row. again this is a picture from our studios in north raleigh. not really a cloud in sight but as we can clearly see that sun glare is going to be an issue so don't forget the sunglasses as you head out this morning. let's talk about temperatures 63 roxboro. 61 siler city and pinehurst. 56 lilgton. a.m. 74 at lunchtime.
6:40 am
it's going to be breezy, wind gusts approaching 25 miles an hour. also our records for today is 81 degrees. so we're very close to that as we head into the afternoon. we're tracking the chance for a few showers as we head towards friday and saturday. it's not going to be a washout. we will notice though more clouds as we head towards those days. i'll have more on the rest of the weekend forecast coming up in a bit. right now i'm going to send it back to you. 6:41. we want to you stay with "cbs north carolina" all throughout the morning for all of your local and national news. >> of course at 7:00 see "cbs this morning" hosted by our friend charlie rose. joins us now live from studio 57. what is going on this day? good morning. we'll have the biggest moments from last night's democratic debate and all the other major news of the day. plus this, interruptions, taunting and violence. what makes donald trump's rallies from other political events? and this, deliveries could soon come from a ground drone.
6:41 am
art technology. and steve -- steerch colbert in studio 57 with a big announcement. see you at 7:00 >> i can't wait to see that ground drone. thank you. >> we love colbert too. still ahead -- a durham family's plea to the gunman who killed their loved one. when we come back, what they are asking the killer to do as
6:42 am
6:43 am
stay with us. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. in the western part of our state some north carolina veterans are looking to return a prized possession to its rightful owner. dave jordan has the story from henderson county. >> reporter: vfw post in hendersonville where veterans come to socialize and perhaps discuss past combat missions. now they are taking on a different mission. returning lost property to one of their own. >> i'm sure he's devastated he
6:44 am
a family member of a past veteran. our goal is to try to get it back. >> reporter: avery dogger is talking about this silver marine corps ring found in henderson county last month. it indicates it belongs to someone in platoon 1088 who graduated the marine corps in november of 2013. >> somebody brought it to the vfw and then a member had shown it to me and then i was like well, let me get it on social media, to spread the word. >> reporter: that facebook post spread like wildfire. at last check it was shared nearly one million times from as close as north carolina to as far as germany. through social media the vfw got a list of the graduates from the marine corps class, they crossed off one name and now working to contacts the other names on the list to see if one of those graduates owns this ring. while the list was a good start it intget them very far. >> we don't know names, addresses, if they are still
6:45 am
>> reporter: the vfw now hoping media coverage will finally get this ring back to the marine corps graduate. >> we're optimistic. if it takes a year we'll find the owner. >> reporter: a mission these veterans are determined to complete. vfw says there's also a possibility that the marine may have been deployed. if you can have any idea at all who the owner of the ring is here's a person to call, avery dollinger, 540-599-6571. we have more information on a crash in durham that killed a teen, it happened just last night before 5:30 on barbie road seen on the map. a bmw overturned, landed in the woods on nearby hunters lane. the victim was 18 years old and pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say speed does appear to have been a factor. right now relatives of a 15- year-old killed in tuesday night's drive-by shooting are begging the gunman to come forward. bullets tore into the home where two other people were sitting including a little baby. david pounds was shot just
6:46 am
home, his cousin tim stevens was wondered in the shooting -- wounded in the shooting. a family member says that stevens may have been the intended target. now they are hoping the shooter will turn himself in. >> i pray god shake them where they are now. a group of students in raleigh wants the police department to be more transparent and accountable. they are calling themselves the police ktdability and community task force or pact. they plan to deliver recommendationings after last week's shooting of a 24-year- old suspect. their ideas include the use of body cams and more anti-bias police training and techniques. this evening the organization wants to share their ideas to the raleigh human relations commission. raleigh city council leaders planned to talk about the use of body cams on the day of the shooting but delayed that discussion because of the incident. akil dank ins was shot a
6:47 am
investigators say there was a struggle between him and officer dc twitty before the shooting. the officer said dankins reached nor a handgun in his waistband and moved it toward the officer. and that is twitty says he fired. and that the suspect continued to move to the officer's gun and the officer fired again. a preliminary autopsy report show the officer shot him four times. dankins was wanted on a felony drug charge at the time of the shooting. the officer involved is on administrative leave. state lawmakers are being urged to conduct a study about body cams for officers before there's any decision concerning them. lawmakers want to decide if video captured by body cams can be a public record and if so what kind of policy standards need to be in place regarding their use. they also want to see if the state should mandate the use of body cams which is something the state's sheriff's association opposes saying lawmakers shouldn't tell them
6:48 am
body cams cost between $750 and $1,500 each. to great news this morning, a beautiful sunrise behind you. >> absolutely beautiful. that's right. look at this. cardinal gibbons high school in raleigh. just a few clouds, sun crossing the treeline there. if you are heading out early now know there will be plenty of sun glare so you will need the sunglasses. 57 degrees in raleigh. 58 durham. 63 in roxboro. it's hard to believe but yes, it's march 10th as we start our morning. you have seep the temperature continue to drop around sanford and portions of lee county, 51 now. fayetteville 57. we'll be in the low 60s at 8:00 a.m. our 10:00 a.m. temperature should be close to 70. 74 at lunchtime. i want to point out it's going to be breezy this afternoon, wind gusts could be approaching 25 miles per hour. we're looking at an afternoon high near 79. just a fun fact, the record
6:49 am
we're going to get dangerously close to that mark later today. could see that record fall and that record was set back in the 1970s. here's the setup for today. high pressure still nearby pumping in that southwesterly breeze, bringing in the unseasonably warm temperatures. i do want to point out back to our west there's a cold front and these showers really shaping up from where we were 24 hours ago. this cold front starts to move into our area tomorrow and with it will come the chance of rain. so let's walk through the changes, 8:30 this morning. we are looking at pretty clear conditions. as we head towards lunchtime maybe a cloud or two. as we see the sunset i am calling it partly cloudy skies. those partly cloudy skies continue overnight tonight and into the start of our friday. i think the best chance for rain, if you're going to see any, will be midday into the afternoon hours. you'll see our in-house model just painting a shower or two across the area tomorrow. most of us will just see extra clouds. for your forecast foreign today, unseasonably warm, 80 sanford.
6:50 am
along the eastern portions of our area, 79 johnston johnston 81 clinton. in the triangle, 79 in raleigh and carey. roxboro and south hill, mid- 70s. overnight tonight still breezy, 60. days. just an isolated shower possible friday, saturday into sunday, also looking at the chance for a few showers and don't forget on sunday you will have to change those clocks. we spring ahead, set the clocks ahead one hour as you head to bed saturday night. also a good time to replace your smoke detectors and hey just a fun fact. it's also selection sunday. chance for showers then as we head towards monday, tuesday and wednesday. they are going to be considerably drier for us. normal highs for this time of year are in the low 60s. you can see we're not seeing a 60-degree high for the next several days. well above where we should be
6:51 am
we'll get to one last check of the forecast in a bit. >> let check traffic if you're getting ready to head out. we're talking about sun glare. i-40 and south saunders street, in the construction zone there so we're seeing a higher number of cars. it's that time of morning. allow for extra time. i do have a few accidents to get to this morning, this first one on nc-42, seeing some delays on 42, also days on i-40 because it's right there at i- 40, knows delays extend up -- those delays extend up to the clayton bypass. it's typical. and an accident on new hope road in the intersection with rock quarry road, 10 minutes ago it was slow on new hope road so keep it in mind if you use this to come in. let's get into the drive times. coming northbound in to raleigh
6:52 am
which means a little slower than posted speed limits. >> we'll have another check of traffic and weather before 7:00 a.m. looking at this. i thought the yellow was for the sunrise. >> incredible. we'll be right back with a last check of the breaking news out of raleigh. >> first, we are going to leave with you this beautiful live
6:53 am
the sun rises. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush
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(vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. we'll go back to the update on the breaking news. the bodies of two men found in a raleigh parking lot overnight, the scene is on glenwood avenue and "cbs north carolina"'s lauren haviland is there. she's been there all morning and lauren, what can you tell us at this point? the sun is coming up. hopefully they can figure out what is going on a little quicker. >> reporter: it is still a very
6:55 am
calling this a suspicious death. you can see how active it still is. there's crime scene tape blocking off the panera bread and most of the comfort inn and suites parking lots on glenwood avenue. raleigh police were called to the parking lot about 12:30 this morning and that is when they found two men, adult men inside a car and they were dead. now at this time we don't know how they died, we don't know their names or their ages. but as you can see raleigh police are still here and have been here since 12:30 this morning. we're hoping to get some more information but right now anybody that has been staying in the comfort inn and suites, or even walking by, police have been talking to them trying to get as much information as possible and are urging you, if you have any information to call them at the raleigh police department or of course crime stoppers, live in raleigh, lauren haviland, "cbs north carolina."
6:56 am
thursday morning, march 10th, we're going to talk a little more about the forecast for today. >> it's important you said march 10th because it doesn't feel -- it's still winter. believe it or not. we don't start spring until march 20th so we have 10 more days left in the winter season but 59 degrees now, that sunshine going to warm you up but could also slow you down as you hit the roads because of all the sun glare. remember the sunglasses. 58 in durham. 63 roxboro. 60 siler city. 59 in pinehurst. also in the upper 50s around raeford. here's your forecast for today. in the low 60s as fast as 8:00 a.m. this morning. 74 at noon, it will be another breezy one, gusts could top out near 25 miles per hour. high today of 79 and keep in mind and record high for today 81 degrees. we'll be close to the mark heading into the afternoon. just in to our wncn -- or "cbs north carolina" newsroom, correct me there, i-440 westbound, two lanes are closed and we're seeing that trail of red which means it's going to
6:57 am
that accident is on i-440 westbound near new bern avenue exit. again two lanes blocked at this time in the morning. live picture of the clayton bypass, almost 7:00 a.m. so we expect to it look like a parking lot. >> indeed. i had the heat on yesterday morning, the air conditioning on this morning.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> it wi captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a heated debate in miami exposes new tensions between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. marco rubio he struggles to draw a crowd in his home state. devastating floods force thousands that hair home in the south.
7:00 am
57 to talk about politics and he shares a big announcement shares a big announcement we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> he voted for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> the democrats clash over immigration. >> madam secretary i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> we have a different conversation about the state of the republican race. >> your presence here divides the anti-trump vote. why is giving vote 99 detings good delegates good for you or -- >> our job is not to give trump a victory anywhere. >> in illinois, nearly a foot of rain has fallen. >> our backyard is like a river. >> u.s. forces in iraq has captured an isis chemical engineer who was producing mustard gas. >> mourners in california paying respects to former first lady


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