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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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spectator sport. >> north carolina get ready for feel the bern, another presidential candidate coming to raleigh to ask for your vote. what they had to do to get to flames. good morning everyone, thanks for being with with us, i'm russ bowen. you forgot to say happy friday. >> i've stefan chase. we have your morning news. good morning alyssa. good morning guys, good morning to you at home as well, yes, it is friday. and the clouds have moved back in just what we were expecting them to do. cloudy skies outside this morning, no rain right now, the rain just off to our north and west a few showers towards charleston, west virginia back towards kentucky as well, let's get the temperatures on the map, 63 in raleigh, 64 in durham. not a lot of variety as far as
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concerned this morning, you can see more of the mid-60s around fayetteville. ray ford. cloudy skies will dominate our forecast, 74 at lunch time and still well go normal for this time of year with a high of 77, it may look like it is going to rain the majority of the day i think there is a small chance for rain this afternoon, back to 73 by 6:00 p.m. weekend forecast coming up in your complete storm team forecast. we will switch gears and check in with traffic, not a lot going on early on this friday, we've been seeing some more cars all morning long on i- 40 so if you are heading in this direction, nothing that will slow you down this morning. we've been talking about this, the bernie sanders rally in downtown raleigh, doors open at 10:00 a.m., we are expecting a lot of congestion at the end of fayetteville street, there is a lot of parking garages in and around the energy center this
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right around the conference center later today. also and stefan. new this morning we are learning more about the death investigation we first brought you as breaking news last night. >> the bodies of two people were inside of a johnston county home. here is a look at what happen on unit drive near sampson county line. lauren haviland is there on scene right now with a live report, lauren. >> reporter: a deputy remains on scene here this morning after a man and woman were found dead inside this home behind into, and can you see crime scene tape is surrounding the unit home drive. and the sheriff's office responded here around 4:30 yesterday afternoon after a family friend found a man unresponsive and called 911. when deputies arrived they found a woman dead, too. deputies say a two-year-old was also found and safe and now
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unclear how the two died, but a neighbor told cbs north carolina they heard gunshots the night before the couple was found. while the sheriff's office did not release the names of the victims, we did speak to a woman who said a man found was her son, matt jones. she is trying to figure out how something like this could happen to her son. >> i mean he is still my baby, he is still the baby much and everybody tried to protect him and everybody tried telling him not to do stuff that he was doing and having people, evidently that is what caused this, somebody at his house that didn't belong there. don't make sense, things ain't supposed to happen to me, not like this. this is my baby. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is definitely urging that it is still early in this case. deputies an investigators are canvassing the neighborhood looking for witnesses or of course evidence. and if you have any
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honoring you give them a call. live in johnston county, lauren haviland cbs north carolina. >> lauren, thank you. right now the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed two men on glad wood avenue yesterday morning at 4:30. ped row diaz and allen rodriguez behind a panera bread restaurant. the news devastated family and friends. >> a friend that called me and passed away. i'm like what are you talking about. yes, it's all owe the news. i lost it, man. >> marty says his friend wanted to be a police officer, if you raleigh police. new this morning patrol deputies in ash county are the latest law enforcement officers to be equipped with body
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year, the overall cost, $23,000. ash county sheriffs office is looking to buy additional cameras incoming year. cbs north carolina investigates tax pay injury money potentially at risk, the johnston county board of education is trying to move its money tony braswell admits he posted the board's bank account this week. he is in a contention race for a seat in the statehouse, one of his opponents is the current chair of the school board larry stick land, the account numbers report of a larger post dating back to 2010. >> and again, you know, i apologize, i should have redacted the information, i'm not apologizing for the information because it's accurate, i apologize putting it out there with account numbers. >> school officials say they have been in touch with the district attorney and attorney general's office. today democratic presidential hopeful bernie
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stop in raleigh, he is scheduled to hold a rally downtown. the doors open at 10:00 in the morning. the rally expected to start at noon. a lot of traffic. and democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton made a stop in durham, the goal beginning votes ahead of tuesday's primary. >> i think she is persistent, con if i den i think she has worked hard her entire political career. >> i am not a one issue candidate because this is not a one issue country. >> clinton spoke to a crowd of more than a thousand people at hillside high school, she talked about expanding voting right, healthcare plan, invest ling in our nation's infrastructure and education as well. >> education should be the great door opener. and yet we know it often doesn't turn out that way. i think every child in this country deserves a good teacher
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the zip code i live in. >> republican -- you live in. >> north carolina voters proven they say they don't support her. unc faces notre dame in the acc tournament, tar heels took on the pit panthers. they beat pitt 88-71, duke fell to notre dame yesterday with a score of 79 to 84. tonight's game against the fighting irish starts at 7:00 and you can count on updates about tonight's game on as well as our mobile app, make sure you have that as well as reports on dc on cbs north carolina. still to come on cbs north carolina. yes he deserved it, the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> it is a video that has certainly gone viral, the nation is watching this, a
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punched at aurally for donald trump. what the cumberland county sheriff's office is doing in that investigation.
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morning, this is a live picture at the raleigh-durham international airport, the sunrise is close to 6:30, we'll start to see brighter conditions shortly, temperatures elsewhere, 649 in durham, sanford and henderson. 65 in south hill and roxboro, so the cloudy skies have moved in, they are going to be here to stay ahead of the next weather maker, stationary front through the west, cold front later throughout today and into the weekend, but really bringing widespread rain down across the gulf states, cloudy skies and just a small chance for rain today, 74 at lunch time, our high 77, back to 73 for evening drive home. i'll walk you through changes and what you can expect for the weekend ahead in the complete storm team 4 forecast. three men are safe off the coast of washington state, their 57-foot fishing vessel
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coast guard safely got them off the boat though. wow. crews took one man to the hospital after exhibiting signs of hypothermia and suffering a foot injury. well the time is currently 5:92 in the important, the effort to wipe out isis, how u.s. officials got their hands on thousands of pages of information that leads them straight to the terrorists. the durham rescue mission is issuing a call for help, what volunteers need for if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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this morning's top stories right now, johnston county sheriff he office is death investigation,. >> near newton grove. deputies found a 2 year old inside that home, the toddler is okay though. and with relatives. a woman at the scene told us the man who died was her son,
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the two died but people did hear gunshots. also today the lee county man accused of murdering his wife and stepdaughter, billy joe mcchain facing two counts of murder, back in july, today a motion hearing scheduled for the case. today democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders will make a campaign stop in raleigh at the duke energy center for the performing arts, the rally is scheduled for noon. crews are on the scene of a massive fire in has angeles, more than a hundred firefighters responded to this one story commercial building around 7:00 la last night. less than and hour later the fire nearly collapsed a 90,000 square foot building, this is downtown la. firefighters climbed on top of tractor trailers in order to under control, witnesses say
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miles, there are no reports of any injuries so far. a trove of isis docks are now in the hands of u.s. intelligence officials, this after a former isis member leaked more than 22000 pages of secrets to british media, they contain names, addresses, telephone numbers of a firing terrorists as well as people who recruited them. a disgruntled isis fighter gave the memory sticks full of information to a british of the biggest intelligence against isis. right now a cumberland county man is facing new controversial video surfaced. >> it shows him punching a protester at a donald trump rally in fayetteville, rakeem jones was punched in the face. a day later deputies arrested 78-year-old john mcgrew for the assault, he spoke to inside
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>> yes he deserved it, the next time we see him we might have to kill him. wow, the crowd greeted mcgraw with smiles and clapping but jones said the crowd yelled racial slurs at him. >> my gut reaction is like wow, this is really happening. then to further add insult to injury, the police detained me like i did it. >> now the sheriff's office is collecting additional videos for investigation into the time line of of events, after investigators saw the inside video they added charge of communicating threat. >> so hateful. confrontations sometimes turn violent have become common at trump rallies. other videos have shown trump supporters appearing to spit and kick protesters, earlier this week trump's campaign manager grabbed her tightly by the arm and yanked her down, the campaign denied it happened but a washington post reporter
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and confirmed it. morning, first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest by her husband president ronald reagan, the funeral will take place at the ronald reagan library. a look back at nancy reagan's life and legacy. >> family and friends of nancy reagan will say farewell to her presidential library. >> there is going to be an empty chair,. >> the former first lady is being remembered for her style, grace and devotion to her husband, the 40th president. her tribute will draw in other first ladies including laura bush, ross lin carter, hillary clinton and michele obama. earlier in the week mrs. obama remembered nancy regan as a passionate advocate for
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antidrug campaign. >> mrs. reagan reminded us the importance of women the leadership at every level of our society. >> the funeral is closed to the public but about 5500 mourners paid their last respects this week, some waited in line for over and hour and left behind notes, flowers and american flag the. >> her classiness and her love for her husband astounding. >> i think she would be surprised but smile i think this is a reflection on people understanding the difference that she made. >> nancy reagan's two children will share memories of their mother today, final resting place on the grounds of the library right by her husband's side. turning now to weather. nice here at home. >> but not so good other places. is ear weather is being blamed
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>> people are using their boats to leave their homes. authorities are calling it a once in a 500 year flood. a state of emergency cars even trees, another system of heavy rain could bring rain totals in that region to 14 inches a less is a 14 inches is big time serious. >> yeah, they've been seeing very awful flooding there. across the gulf state. now the good news is that's not going to head that severe threat is not going to head into central north carolina. 63 degrees, a live picture from our tower camera. as we look out live you can see the clouds that you can start to see, the skies are getting so slightly lighter, just because the cloudy conditions built in overnight. 64 right now in durham and help consider son, 65 in roxboro, mid-60s around siler city, pinehurst reporting 63 degrees. here is what you need to know
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66 at 8:00 a.m. 74 to be exact. high today of 97, so temperature wise -- 77, so temperature wise the same as the last few days. just a stray shower or two possible. to be honest with you it may look like it is going to rain, i don't think many of you will actually see the rain. showing you the big picture, just a shower or two off to our north, most of the moisture with this system still across the gulf states. this is a stationary front right now, starts to progress to the east coast and drop across our area as a cold front, we are going to be looking at slightly cool temperatures as a result tomorrow, as far as the rain chances are concerned, not really all that impress weekend them, very small this afternoon. cloudy skies through 1:30 this afternoon, isolated shower, this is our in house model, it keeps us dry through 6:00 a.m. overnight tonight an isolated shower possible, wake up to cloudy conditions on saturday morning. saturday there is also the
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or two, most of us will stay on the dry side, best rain chances for the weekend ahead will develop sunday afternoon. i will show you that in a moment. right now 880 in sanford, lillington for highs. clinton for highs later today, upper 70s by rocky mount. 997 here in raleigh -- 97 in raleigh, -- 77 in raleigh. just a stray shower possible, and then as we head into the coming days i mentioned tomorrow cooler, 66 there, don't forget move those clocks ahead one hour heading into sunday morning, i was talking about the best rain chances actually on sunday, those will develop after lunch time, lingering shower possible also monday morning, as we head into early next week, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, those conditions all look dry, high of 78 on tuesday and wednesday. 5:52, let's switch gears and check in with traffic, if
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out the door here is i 440 and sunny brook road, not seeing any trouble spots this morning, know there is no accidents to report. no accidents in raleigh. there is one accident near unc, this is a chapel hill, overturned vehicle near fordham boulevard and manning drive, watch out there and we'll let you know when that accident is clear that had important going stay with us on cbs north carolina here is what is coming up on cbs this morning. i'm charlie rose, coming up, racing ryland an 8-year-old transgende new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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an, plex rocked a shopping sent certain in ohio, trig geared the explosion of a half ton propane tank. so far luckily they have not
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fort bragg soldiers have a new gun range to test out their weapons, the new multipurpose range has 148 targets, extends some 1500 meters, it's the first of its kind, updated technology for soldiers to accurately track their performance, hosting soldier training event. this is kind of cool 165- foot dome now on top of raleigh's holy name cathedral, the $41 million cathedral build on nazareth street, the project is expected to be done by 2017. all right, get ready country stars, country mega star garth brooks and tricia yearwood are coming to perform in raleigh. the concerts take place tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night as well. and that means you can expect major traffic delays, areas to be impacted are roads right
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40, i 440, wade avenue and of course blue ridge roads. drivers not going to the concert you are encouraged to avoid the area altogether. the durham rescue needs your help to give other children a special easter, collecting 1500 baskets for annual easter egg hunt, they have five baskets are needed by march 23rd, it's a good time to help out kids. >> durham rescue always doing great things for the community. >> did you get an easter basket. >> yes, with chocolate, jelly beans. >> the easter bunny always hit it. i can remember -- like, the cabinet with the pots and pans, i can remember it in the drier one year. time right now 5:57, a mom searching for answers after suddenly losing her son. i don't know what happen here and this is driving me crazy. >> the very continues after two people are found dead in a johnston county house, a live
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right back i don't have no feelings right now, i just don't feel nothing right now so i don't know. >> shocking questions after two people are found dead in a johnston county home, we have a live report on the investigation ahead. also,. >> bernie sanders is the latest presidential hopeful heading to our area, new at 6:00 what he has to say about his campaign's momentum. plus this. >> did i get my heart? they got my heart? >> yes. >> such a heartwarming story, the touching moments at uyn childrens hospital when a 13- year-old gets a life changing gift. good morning everyone, happy friday for all of those folks who get to be off friday


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