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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right back i don't have no feelings right now, i just don't feel nothing right now so i don't know. >> shocking questions after two people are found dead in a johnston county home, we have a live report on the investigation ahead. also,. >> bernie sanders is the latest presidential hopeful heading to our area, new at 6:00 what he has to say about his campaign's momentum. plus this. >> did i get my heart? they got my heart? >> yes. >> such a heartwarming story, the touching moments at uyn childrens hospital when a 13- year-old gets a life changing gift. good morning everyone, happy friday for all of those folks who get to be off friday
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thanks for watching north carolina news, i'm bowen. i'm stefan chase. alyssa corfont. we expect to see cloudier conditions, those clouds rolled in throughout the overnight, for some of you as the sun was setting. what we are closely monitoring today, a few showers up north and west, a cold front that will drop across the area later today. with the cloudier conditions around this morning, temperatures the warmest they've been all week, well in the morning hours, 65 in raleigh, 65 in durham, 63 in lewisburg. so here is what you need to know later this afternoon we will look at a threat for you shower or two. back to 73 by 6:00 a.m.
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storm team forecast plus more ahead,. let's check in with traffic, i 885 and club boulevard all cruising along at a pretty good speed, no delays on i-85 if this is along your morning commute. we have a few big events going on later today much let's highlight those and make sure you are planning accordingly, the sanders rally happens at noon today and it's right downtown. so if you are traveling around fayetteville street, wilmington street, those roads near the duke energy performing arts center make sure you avoid this, if you are going to the rally doors open at 10:00, there are a lot of parking garages around the convention center so look for those. later today at 7:00 p.m. it's the garth brooks concert, if you are heading out to that and looking to have a fun time, the parking lot opens at noon, concert starts at 7:00, look for a lot of traffic along wade avenue later today. stefan. >> thanks so much, alyssa. new this morning the
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department is investigating the death of two people found inside a mobile home near newton drove off unit drive off i-40. that is where we find cbs north carolina north carolina laura haugh -- laugh long with the investigation. >> a deputy found a man and woman found dead inside this home behind me, as you can see there is still crime scene tape up around the home. now the sheriff's office responded to the unit drive home around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after a family friend found a man unresponsive and called 911. when the deputies arrived they found a woman dead, too. deputies say a 2-year-old was also found but is okay and is now with family members. it's unclear how the two died, but a neighbor told cbs north carolina they heard gunshots the night before the couple was found. while the sheriff did not release the names of the
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woman who says the man is her son, matt jones, she tells us she quickly knew something was wrong. >> my son's fiance called me and she said that something was wrong, i couldn't understand what she said, i said hold on i will be right out there. it was my son in the trailer. it don't make no sense. i mean, why anybody would come in somebody's house and just do this. >> reporter: now, the sheriff's office is definitely urging everyone that this is still early in the case, so canvass the neighborhood looking for witnesses or evidence that can help them solve this case. if you have any information you are urged to call them. carolina. the search continues for the gunman who shot and killed two men on glennwood avenue. >> we brought this to you as
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at 4:30, police found the bodies of two in and suv. the news devastated family and friends including one man who called diez one of his best friends. >> a friend called me and told me joe ella is passed away, what are you talking about. >> yeah, it's all over the news. i lost it, man. >> his friend want today be a life. if you have any information into this shooting contact raleigh police. bernie sanders will make his first stop in the triangle, he is set to speak at the raleigh memorial auditorium downtown at noon, that is where we kind cbs north carolina just quin, good morning, justin, i expect you will see lines there before too long. >> in fact, russ, believe it or not we have a handful of people already gathered, they are
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this is his first raply since october. since then, sanders has gone on to win several states and challenge hillary clinton predicted. clinton rallied supporters on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz vision visited our area this week all ahead of tuesday's primary. >> when we began this campaign, people said it's true bernie sanders combs his hair really nicely. and whatever the color of his suit it really locks very nice. -- looks very nice. but do you know what, he's just a fringe candidate, won't go anywhere. well, as of tuesday night we have now won nine states. >> reporter: just ahead in our
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everything you need to know if you plan to be down here and join the people that have already started to form a line. for now we're live in downtown raleigh. the four remaining gop candidates face off on their 12th debate on thursday. >> there is a lot at stake as they head towards several primary next week, marly hall reports now from miami. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> thursday night's republican debate delivered on its promise to be a kinder, joint letter discussion of issues before a packed miami auditorium, immigration was a hot topic, marco rubio spoke out against the program. >> if a company is caught i can't abusing that process. >> donald trump who admitted using the visa law agreed. >> well i'm a businessman and i
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it's sitting there wait recall for you. >> when trump accused of ted cruz on flipping support for ethanol. >> if you have a candidate funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it's very hard to imagine how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> trump defended his earlier comments that islam hates america. >> you can be politically correct if you want, i don't want to be so politically correct. >> rubio said that's not the way to defeat radical islamic terrorists. >> you can be correct without being politically correct. >> john kasich made his case on economic issues. >> when i went to ohio we were 8 billion in the hole now we are 2 billion in the black, our credit is strong, up 400,000 jobs. >> the winner take all states of ohio and florida. marly hall cbs news miami.
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line tuesday, donald trump has 100 delegate lead over second place ted cruz. thursday democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton made a stop in durham in hopes of swaying more votes ahead of tuesday. >> everything she said in terms of education, making sure that everything school is a school for young people so they can learn, she is what we need from north carolina. >> i am not a one -- >> clinton spoke to a crowd of more than a thousand people, she focused on education and voting rights. >> there is a lot i want to do, i want to stand up for voting rights against the kind of restriction that north carolina is opposing. >> clinton's daughter chelsea will be in chapel hill. 6:09, coming up, thousands expected to attend first lady nancy reagan's funeral today. plus it was a 99 day wait,
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welcome back, it's now 6:12 on friday morning, 65 degrees, this is a live picture from the raleigh, durham international airport, there is more cloud cover out there, you can start to see the official sunrise in 30 minutes this morning. here is a look at current temperature 65 in raleigh, 65 in durham. henderson also in the 60s rock hill. just not a lot of have right with the temperatures, 62 in ray ford. just very spotty in nature, it
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than what we will actually see happen today. 66 at 8:00 a.m. 74 at noon. high of 77. after lunch time keep that umbrella near by. similar setup for saturday, rain chances are going to climb as we head toward sunday, 69 at noon for sunday. i'll walk you through the changes on the weekend forecast coming up on the complete storm team forecast. you are going to love this next story, a 14-year-old boy woke up yesterday with a new heart. this is cell phone video from albert jeffries hospital bed, his mother took these videos just after he woke up on thursday. the by suffer from a heart muscle disease since he was 4 months old, 3 months ago his condition got worse, the only way to help him was to get a transplant. his mother got the news yesterday and his brother is looking forward to doing brotherly things. finally play video games
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to and play sports like he wants to. he really likes basketball, i suck at basketball, but i am going to play with him just to keep his spirits high. >> his older brother getting all choked up, albert has been in the childrens hospital for 999 days waiting for a new heart, if all goes well he should be released from the hospital before his 15th birthday, he has a huge family waiting for that to happen to have a healthy and happy life. let's get you caught up on time now 6:14, still ahead. you are as i said you are america's top crime fighter, are you the president man? >> no. >> you are not. >> i'm not the president man i am the fifa slayer.
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cr now to this morning's top
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find out what happen to two people found dead inside of a johnston county home, the bodies of a man and woman found on newton drive. but that person was unharmed, deputies are still investigating. parade of candidates continues, democrat bernie sanders will be in raleigh hoping to get your vote for president, his competitor hillary clinton was just in durham yesterday. republicans ted cruz and donald trump visited the area earlier this week as now. a man is facing criminal charges daughter that go altercation on wednesday, all caught on camera. john mcgraw 78 years old assaulted and threatened a trump protester. today more than a thousand people are expected to gather at the reagan presidential library to say good-bye to former first lady nancy reagan, being remembered for her style,
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husband, the 40th president ronald reagan. drawing in other first ladies. the funeral is closed to the public, her final resting place will be on the grounds at the library right beside her husband ronald reagan. it could have been a third battle of the blues had duke nstead the blue devils fell in overtime. .9-84, north carolina put away the pit panthers after a tight first half setting up a showdown, notre dame scheduled for 7:00 tonight. attorney general lorretta lynch last night on late night, the two spoke about the justice department's involvement in 2016, apple and the current tensions in the u.s. between police and people of color. >> have you ever been pulled over for being a dwb, driving
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that, have you faced it yourself as woman of color. >> no, i've had a positive relationship with law enforcement, i've been a prosecutor over 20 years. and when have you a security detail you tend not to get pulled over also. >> let's talk about iphones. >> a serious subject there but keeping it humous, lynch's tour included a stop in fayetteville. colbert is on after cbs north carolina news. >> did you see the announcement he made yesterday. >> i read all about it. >> he is doing good work. >> he really is, helping out teachers in the classroom and >> making a big difference, love it. let's talk about the sunrise, take a look at this, guys. look at this,. >> clouds.
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it, russ. we are looking at clouds here we are right now 65 degrees a live picture, beautiful if you ask me, i just tweeted, facebooked this picture. so go why head if you are seeing a gorgeous sunrise send in pictures as well, clouds are going to continue as we head throughout the day. 64 in box borrow, south hill, 63 in sanford and pinehurst, 62 in raeford. hour by hour we'll be dry this morning but we are going to be cloudy, 66 at 8:00 a.m. 94 at noon. eventually looking at a high around 77 degrees, after 2:00 that is when we'll see that small chance for a few showers. right now though on our satellite and radar that chance for rain far from our skies right now, but it will be inching in closer as we head into the afternoon, so actually changed this to a cold front because it's moving a little further to the east, so once it starts to move we start to see
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a cold front, high pressure drifting out and a few showers this afternoon. i'll walk you through your future forecast, locking at cloudy skies around lunch time, for the most part dry, in husband model keeping us dry, just a spotty shower or two possible, more in the way of rain as we head into saturday, the best chance actually for showers this weekend is going to develop for saturday afternoon. highs today still well above seasonal with a high near 80 in sanford, lillington and dunn, fayetville and fort bragg 81. wilson here in the triangle 77. raleigh, carrie and durham, chapel hill, 76. 56 overnight low, stray shower possible, then we head into the weekend, isolated shower on saturday, i was talking about better rain chances for sunday, we should be dry in the morning and we'll start to see rain chances pick up by lunch time,
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those continue throughout the afternoon, if you have outdoor plans for the weekend, saturday won't be a washout, neither will sunday morning, as we head into early next week, a few showers upon day, drier by tuesday and wednesday. it's 6:22 right now. let's check in with traffic, here is u.s. 64, at this intersection we are certainly seeing more cars out there this morning. day want to take you to johnston county where we are looking at i-40 westbound near exit 315, there is an exit there this morning, -- an accident there this morning. russ and stefan. >> terrible meteorologist student,. >> you took classes. >> i probably named clouds like snufflupakus.
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cheaper, taco bell's latest menu change, next. watch the waistline. first though apple is expected to unveil new products
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hope you are hungry, breakfast is getting cheaper at taco bell, launching its dollar breakfast menu on thursday, customers will be able to order 10 breakfast items including sausage flat bread quesadilla. major retailers plunging ways to shop. possible new apple products, daniels is live on the floor of
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what is apple up to now, good morning. >> apple announced it's holding its next press event monday, march 21st. this iphone is rumored to feature 4-inch display, but with an updated chip and camera much the new ipad is expected to be like a smaller ipad pro. and grab your popcorn, the box office may becoming to your living room. variety says a new service called the screening room may soon allow you to watch movies at home on the same day they hit theaters, device to stream the movies would cost $150. >> it's huge, i bet some of the theaters are not going to like that at all. target says it's going high tech, what can you tell us about that? >> that's right, working on its secret project called gold
6:27 am
the technology will revolutionize shopping, hiring several computer engineers and project managers to work on this top secret product. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend, we'll be back with you on monday. >> that is kind of cool, new releases in your own home. >> i'm ail about it, especially on our schedule. >> $150 i think that is the price tag if i did the math right. still ahead, how a moore county man escape that had fire here. plus a live look outside want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes,
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it's friday, everyone and we are glad about that and i am sure you are, too. good morning, thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30 i'm russ bowen. i'm stefan chase.
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haviland is on the scene of a death scene. first meteorologist alyssa corfont has the forecast, a little rain because it's still warm. and it's still friday. cloudy skies have moved in overnight. another break in the area, check that out as you are waking up, 65 in durham and raleigh. 63 in lewisburg, clayton, clinton 64, not a lot of variety to the temperatures this morning, this is the warmest morning that we've had all week long, 74 at noon. 77 our afternoon high, that is still well above seasonal, a big change heading into the afternoon hours today, we are looking at a small chance for rain, if you are out and about later today certainly keep that umbrella near by. i will track the rain chances for the weekend ahead coming up, right now we'll switch gears and we will check in with traffic before you get ready to
6:31 am
sun is rising, skies are getting brighter, here is i-40 -- i 440. we do have an accident here in raleigh, this accident is actually west of downtown, it's on western boulevard at hillsborough street. again, we start to see more traffic on those streets here throughout the next half our or so, we'll watch that and also watching and dent on i-40 westbound in johnston county coming up in 10 minute. new this morning a death investigation is under way in johnston county after two people are found dead in a home, a with and a man with a toddler inside. the man now identified by family members as matt jones. johnston county deputies still on that scene. this morning laura half is there with -- lauren haviland is there with details. >> reporter: well the toddler found inside is two years old
6:32 am
now with family members, you can see a deputy remains here on scene on unit drive. and crime scene tape is surrounding the home. the sheriff's office responded here around 4:30 after a family friend found a man unresponsive and called 911. when deputies arrived they found the woman inside dead. deputies say the two year old again is okay. it's unclear how the two died but a neighbor told cbs north carolina they heard gunshots the night before the couple was found. while the sheriff's office did not release the names of the victims, we did speak to a mother who says her son is that man inside and identified him as matt jones, she tells us she was actually supposed to be babysitting that two year old the night before. >> i was very deaf stated because i was supposed to have kept him last night, i was very sick and i couldn't. something happened to the baby, that would have been on my
6:33 am
couldn't keep him last night. but, and now eye tea been so scared for him, thankfully he doesn't realize what is going on, he still wants to call daddy on the phone. >> the sheriff's office is still reminding people, this is still early in this case but they are canvassing the area, the neighborhood looking for evidence and witnesses. anything that can help them lead them and solve this case, if you have any information you are urged to call the johnston county sheriff's office, live in johnston county lauren haviland cbs north carolina. >> lauren, thank you. new this morning, patrol deputies in nash county are the littest local law enforcement officers to be equipped with body cameras, it took a year to bring this to fruition, the high def cameras will help increase transparency with the public and trust in the public -- department. cbs north carolina investigates, tax pay injury
6:34 am
johnston county board of education case is trying to move money into new bank accounts, he is in a contentious race for a republican nomination for a seat in the statehouse. larry stick land, he says the account numbers were part of a larger post about a budget disagreement dating back to 2010. >> and again, you know, i apologize, i should have redacted information i'm not apologizing for the information puts it's accurate, i'm apologize for putting it out there about the account numbers. >> school officials say they have been in touch with the district attorney and attorney general office. lee county man accused of killing his wife and stepdaughter billy joe mcchain is facing two counts of murder, he skilled colandramchain and stepdaughter in july.
6:35 am
in texas. could face the death penalty. today a motion hearing is scheduled for the case. attorneys could present new evidence or continue it. durham police continue to search for the person who shot and killed a 15-year-old, happened on tuesday night. someone open fired on maple wood drive killing david pounds, wounding his cousin tim stevens, a family member tells us stevens could have been the intended target. shooting of a 78-year-old durham man on wednesday afternoon on ridgeway avenue. the man was working on his car when several shots were fired, hitting the man right in the arm. investigators believe it may have been a rental car, if you have information on this crime please call authorities. fayetteville man is wanted for a man, johnny belle junior, he he is charged with first degree murder, call police if
6:36 am
and right now crews in moore county are trying to figure out what started a large fire, flames broke around 7:45 last night, the home located on highway 73, a man was asleep inside at the time did manage to escape and he is okay. u.s. health officials say a glen a vaccine could be ready for testing sometime later this fall. the most born virus is hitting puerto rico really hard where the concern is thousands of pregnant women could be affected this year. president obama and first lady michele obama hosted canadian prime minister. prime minister justin trudeau's honor. in case you are wondering, mrs.
6:37 am
from the jason woo collection. she wears him quite often. the very first inauguration she wore a jason woo gown. >> beautiful, lots of talk on the internet. let's get you caught up on time, it's 6:37. still ahead, flooding throughout our state, or rather louisiana, coming up what you need to know if you are planning to see bernie sanders today in raleigh. plus the white house is working on a plan to save parents money, we've got the details after the break. temperatures this morning very mild in the 60s as kids are heading to the bus stop, 77 with an isolated shower later
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more on the welcome back to north carolina news, happy friday to you, it is just about 6:40 and here is a a look at your drive time forecast, 65-degree, we'll drop briefly to 63 at 7:00 a.m. and start to climb slowly at first, 66 at 8:00 a.m. 68 by 9:00 a.m. as soon as you wake up you are going to in the one big change, that is more clouds, some of you experiencing a gorgeous sunrise, others experiencing cloudy conditions. you can clearly see the clouds are dominating the sky there. let's get to the temperatures around the area, of 3 in lender son and louisburg. good morning fayetteville you are at 65 while neighboring raeford is at 62 degrees. we are tracking those clouds in and around our area, few very light showers off northwest,
6:41 am
the gulf states, all of that, that system starts to move into our area later this afternoon. we aren't going to experience drenching runs, we are going to experience cloudy skies and just a few showers, look for a high near 77. i will have the breakdown on the weekend why head coming up on the complete storm team forecast. a lot of people looking for a decent weekend, dimers are a must have baby item they can be quite expensive, that is why the white house is launching a new initiative to make diapers more affordable for low income families, access to diapers up to 25% cheaper than what's currently available. diapers are not covered by federal assistance programs, the program launches the end of next month, several retailers and nonprofits are collaborating to make this
6:42 am
including digiorno, and staffer's chicken has anna, several varieties of lean cuisine frozen meals, they may be small pieces of glass inside the foods. consumers can return these kind of items for a refund. it is currently 6:42 in the morning. it was like a submarine with a tale on it. >> the crazy fish tail have you to see to believe, we'll show you the monster two men reeled
6:44 am
is next. 6:44 is your time, donald trump, ted cruz, hillary clinton have all visited our area this week, today and bernie sanders to the list. he will be speaking to supporters downtown, north carolina justin joins us now
6:45 am
plan to attend, just win, good morning. >> reporter: this event starts at noon, take a look behind me, you see the people have already started to gather here for this event. about a dozen supporters are already here for these first come first served seats, they arrived before the sun rose, senator sanders is expected to discuss a wide range of issues from the cost of college to immigration reform to what he calls a rigged economy and corrupt campaign finance system. it's just days before our state's primary on tuesday. >> what we are fighting for right now is to determine whether it is the people of this country, all of us who determine our future, or a handful of wealthy campaign contributors.
6:46 am
keep in mind if you plan to be down here for this event today, no weapons no, signs allowed inside. there is parking near by but it will cost you and the redline bus line will be making stops here, that is what you need to know. for now we are live in downtown raleigh, justin cbs north carolina. >> thanks i can't lot, there were problems at a rally, a trump rally earlier this week, in fact a cumberland county man facing new charges after this video surfaced. >> it shows him punching a protester in fayetteville, can you see it there, rakeem jones was punched in the face as he was escorted out of the rally, a day later cumberland county deputies arrested john mcgraw for the assault, he spoke to inside edition as he was leaving that rally. >> yes, he deserved it. and the next time we see him we might have to kill him. >> now a crowd greeted mcgraw
6:47 am
>> my gut reaction is like, wow, this is really happening. then further to add insult to injury police detained me like i did it. >> sheriff's office collecting more videos for their investigation into the time line of events, after investigators saw the video they added the charge of communicating threats. last week in kentucky rally goers surrounded and other videos showing trump supporter toss spit and reporters say campaign manager grabbed her tightly by the arm and yanked her down, bruising her arm, the campaign denied it, a washington post reimportanter saw it and confirm fire department. held ton head with a south carolina man has a fish tale to tell. off the coast of hiltonhead island, angler chip said he and
6:48 am
footer, the two men had to call for backup after a few hours, because well they became too exhausted trying to reel in the massive fish. once they did bridge it in back to the boat it was so dark outside that they had to use their iphones to get the hook out of their shark's mouth. tagged with with an acoustic tracker and set it free. like the weather outside better. yeah, i like it outside, i don't like the great white anything. >> no, i don't -- especially as temperatures are getting warmer, it's time to head to the beach in a few weeks, months maybe, no,. >> stay on the beach, definitely warm enough to be out there this week. >> at least to be out walking the beach. 65 degrees right now, this is a live picture out at the airport, it's turning pretty cloudy quickly this morning, we saw that beautiful sunrise right around 63:40, now cloudy skies are going to dominate our day.
6:49 am
65 in durham, 64 in roxboro, 64 in south hill. fayetteville you are at 65. and even towards lillington area as well. here is what you need to know, as you are planning your day, cloudy skies are here to stay, 66 at 8:00 a.m. high of 77 degrees, just a shower or two possible later today but any shower is in our forecast a big change from where we've been the past few days. satellite and radar composite cloudy around central portions of north carolina, a shower or two around kentucky, bulk of the system off toward the gulf states. they really need to see some dry weather. now that system bringing all the wet condition is going to slowly slide into our area later today. still contend being this area of high pressure bringing in warmer than normal temperatures. we could see a few of those later today.
6:50 am
dry side, still more clouds than anything else, isolated shower around 6:00, join house model keeping us dry, a small chance for rain, as we head throughout the day on saturday, it is going to be a day that looks like cloudy skies, looking like rain but won't see a whole lot of rain materialize. just a stray shower through saturday as well. here is how today is shaping up, 80 in sanford and lillington. along eastern most communities 78 in rocky mound 7-point in durham. looking northward 75 in south hill. overnight tonight. mainly cloudy, a stray shower possible as temperatures fall into the mid-50s, we drop back into the mid-60s tomorrow so that is going to be cooler, done forget we spring ahead, lose and hour of sleep saturday night heading into sunday. best chance for rain, we start
6:51 am
around lunch time and they'll stay around 40% as we head into the afternoon. early next week a shower or two possible wednesday, dry weather returns for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. 6:51 on friday morning, let's get to your friday more past for traffic conditions, if you are heading out i-40 and u.s. 164 and i 440, plenty of cars out there at this busy intersection, no slow downs to report. we have an accident we've been tracking throughout the morning on i-40 westbound near exit 315 overturned week there. we'll watch it throughout the rest of the morning, russ. fort bragg soldiers have a new gun range to test out their weapons, it has six lanes and 148 targets, it also extends some 1500 meters, officials say it's the first of its kind and includes updated technology for soldiers to accurately track their performance, fort bragg hosts training events
6:52 am
garth brooks and tricia yearwood are coming to perform in raleigh, putting on three shows at the pnc arena taking place tonight, tomorrow nile, sunday night, you can expect major traffic delays. areas to be impacted are roads around the arena i-40, i 440, blue ridge roads, drivers to the going to be the concert they are encouraged to stay away prosecute the area altogether. the durham rescue needs your help to give children a special easter, the agency is trying to collect 1500 baskets for annual easter egg hundred, they've got five. baskets are needed by march 23rd. >> let's see what we can do, i like that idea, let's do it. still ahead, we're coming right back with local news, news you need to know. here is a quick check on what the cbs north carolina crew is working on for 7:00 good morning gayle. we'll talk with john
6:53 am
civilized debate will impact the gop race. marco rubio how he plans to close the gap in florida. chip reed updates his investigation into the wounded warrior project. 17th grader shows us the science he used in a school project that he insists proves that tom brady is innocent and
6:54 am
6:55 am
news is back in the here is a quick look at news to know, today democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders will make a campaign stop in raleigh. scheduled to hold a rally at the duke energy center for performing arts. of course we'll be there live also live streaming the events on and right now the johnston county sheriff's office is conducting a death investigation, authorities say they found a man and woman dead
6:56 am
deputies also found a 2 year old in side that home. a woman at the scene told us the man who died was her son, matt jones, no word yet on how they were kill glad today the lee county man accused of murdering his wife and stepdaughter is set to appear in court for a hering, facing two counts of murder, investigators say he killed his wife and stepdaughter. today a motion hearing is scheduled for the case. rain this weekend, temperatures. not that much rain until we get to sunday afternoon,. so here we are, let's start you off with a live picture. we are noticing more clouds, we are at 64 here in raleigh, showing our satellite, showers off to the north, showers inching our area, can you see really falling apart which means there is not going to be
6:57 am
69 in clayton, 63 in lillington and sanford, 64 in fayetteville. here is your forecast for today, 74 at lunch time, still well above normal. 77 our high. keep that umbrella near by, we could see that spotty shower develop, we are looking at lanes narrowing on i 440 eastbound near the hillborough street exit, another accident on western boulevard, a few alerts to keep you alert as you heading out the door. a live picture outside this morning. still on variation, never ever let russ go. >> he makes up clouds. >> i just do the seven day and it's back to you. >>
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tri. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." stability finally takes center stage at the latest republican debate, but donald trump faces questions about violence at his rallies. deadly flooding forces thousands from their homes. in louisiana, a levee could break at any moment. the wounded warriors project fires its top two executives after cbs news reveals lavish spending by the veterans charity. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we are all in this together. we are going to come up with solutions and, so far, i cannot here. >> the gop candidates play nice.


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