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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out to the polls. breaking news and edgecomb county as crews are looking for a man after a fishing trip. >>and a man barricaded himself inside of a home. will hear from an eyewitness who saw the 10th exchange -- tense exchange with police. good morning. let's get over to our meteorologist on what we can expect. a lot of us hurt the rumble of thunder last night. >>this morning, all is quiet. what we are seeing develop as we speak is some dense fog. visibility at 5 miles in lewisburg and raleigh. it comes out of nowhere at times as you are driving around. look right around the virginia border, less than half a mile of visibility right now. this is going to slow you down as you get ready to head out the door.
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accordingly. we're still at 63 in raleigh and durham. 62 henderson. sandhills mid-60s. here is the forecast you need to know today. 61, patchy fog out the door at 8 am. 73 at lunchtime with a mix of sun and clouds. warmer this afternoon with a high of 78. there will be a chance for a few showers and storms this afternoon right on into tonight. i will let you know when you can see large hail and damaging wind gusts coming up. good morning, we are off to a quiet start out on the roads. let's take a look at what you can expect it. you are currently taking a look at how things are looking like on our thorough fairs. you can see headlights bouncing off the roads a little bit because pavement is wet from some of those showers we had overnight last night and early
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things are looking fairly quiet. we still have shoulder closure and project 45 -- fortify . there's little bit of a tight squeeze through the area south of rally. we also have fiber work being done off of agency -- in see nc-- 94. your eastbound loops around the area, looking good at this hour. 540 from glenwood avenue to us 60 for will take you about 7 minutes. more weather and traffic coming up. breaking news out of edgecomb county: additional crews are gearing up to help rescue a swimmer who went missing last night. justin is in our newsroom with more on what they have learned this morning. >> reporter: crews on the scene told our sister station that the missing man is a volunteer firefighter it. we can tell you that this is
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tar river at shiloh landing. the edgecomb county sheriffs office received a call just after 4 yesterday afternoon. 3 people were fishing and decided to go for a swim. one of them disappeared underwater. emergency crews says this is an example of the danger of swimming in waters -- rivers. >> the level of water we have had is inherently dangerous. we encourage people to refrain from doing so. even the strongest swimmers can be in distress. >>crews from several agencies will continue that search today . we do have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more information as we get it. in campaign 2016: polls open for our states primary in just about 24 hours. those looking for your vote are still pushing very hard. we are live in cameron village with details on how major candidates are still
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they are all over the place today, pushing very hard for these delegates. >> reporter: absolutely, all across the tar heel state. while many are coming here there are some who will make their final speeches before people had to the pole like this one tomorrow morning. john kasich in marco rubio are focusing on their home states in florida and ohio where there will also be primaries. for the others, they are in town. you can expect a large crown in hickory -- crowd in hickory campaigning. heidi crews -- cruz will hold several events for her husband. bernie sanders will hold a rally in charlotte. hillary clinton will come out as well where in just about an hour doors will open for her get out the vote event.
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in north carolina. her husband brought her message to the triangle several days ago. >>this country never stopped being great. , but we do need to make america whole again so we can all rise together. that is what this election is about. that is the only thing this election is about. >> reporter: just yesterday, chelsea clinton was in town speaking at shaw university hoping to reach young voters, a different demographic may be reached today at the donald trump campaign. his event, we will bring you that starting a 6 deck 30. -- 6:30 . yesterday chelsea clinton spent the day in raleigh. she made a stop where she learned about the magnet programs offered in wake county . she also had a roundtable discussion with members of the community and students concerning her mothers plans on
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president. >>all that my mom has done over the last 40 years on early childhood education, education reform, supporting teachers, teaching, i hope that is what will really matter to voters here in north carolina and around the country, what she wants to do but also what she has done. >> her father will be in greenville today while her mother will be in charlotte. looking ahead: north carolina voters will decide whether to take on $2 billion worth of debt for the north carolina bond. the money is slated to help with repairs at state university . the governor has come out strong in favor of the bond. opponents question whether some of projects could be paid with with current taxes. to learn more about the candidates and see where your polling places had to local emergency responders
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derailment. this happened just after midnight, 20 miles west of dodge city. a train was headed from la to chicago. 120 passengers and 14 crew members were on board. no reports of any life- threatening injuries but investigators are trying to figure out what caused the train to jumped the tracks. imagine waking up to the
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where the stre if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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welcome back. did daylight saving time guard this weekend? >> i worked on sunday. i was really nervous heading to bed thinking i was going to
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early. >> we're all feeling it right now. we are going to need nice weather to make up for that. >>we will work on that. not necessarily today but tomorrow and wednesday are looking great. back to 61 smm -- 7 am. we will stay there. no rain expected for your morning drive in but i'm expecting some fog. i will have the latest check on visibility coming up in a moment. let's take a look outside. here is our review from shaw university. you can see the fog not impacting our view of the skyline. here's our satellite radar composite. we were talking about hearing some thunders through the overnight hours. all of that rain has moved out and for the time being we will stay on the dry side. visibility in some areas is that 3/10 of a mile.
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around south hill and roanoke rapids. unseasonably warm. is already warmer than where we should be for afternoon highs. 63 raleigh, durham . as you are planning your day we will 73 at noon. that is where we will see the most sunshine. high of 78 with showers and storms developing after noon. we had some weather events going on in our area but it was even rougher on the west coast. officials say wins and rains likely played -- winds and rains likely played a role in what happened overnight. take a look at this tree uprooted. no one was hurt. the storm was a part of the severe weather that hit california over the weekend.
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thanks for being with us. donald trump is facing criticism from all sides not just because of the tone of his campaign. police are investigating a serious crash that happened sunday afternoon. a car traveling east went off the road and flipped over. no word on the cause of that wreck or if anyone was hurt. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash in pinehurst. according to the times, donald miles ran off of highway 15 501 and hit a group of trees. the 54-year-old died at the scene. flooding has damaged thousands of homes in louisiana and mississippi.
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weather is in the forecast. emergency officials say nearly 5000 homes have been damaged and at least 3 people have died in the flooding. >>back to that other story: donald trump is facing criticism from all sides not just for the tone of his campaign but for also what seems to be an increasing amount of violence at his events . >> reporter: it was a walk -- rough weekend and politics both literally and figuratively . after friday's violence in chicago, a protester tried to rush the state at a trump event in ohio. he was arrested. in an interview with cnn the protester strongly denies such ties. >>donald trump is a bully and he is willing to destroy this country for power for himself. >>candidates reacted to the violence by criticizing the tone of his campaign. >>what he has done is a case of political arson.
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important election into a circus. >>he shrugs off the possibility for violent but he has said he will pay legal fees for supporters who assault protesters. >> i have actually instructed my people to look into it, yes. >>that response to a scathing review from bernie sanders sunday. >>that means donald trump is inciting violence with his supporters. >>donald sanders -- bernie sanders also denied that his campaign sending protesters to donald trump rallies. >>protesters also sounded off including john kasich. >>there is no place for a national leader to pray on the fears of people who live in our great country. >>after a weekend of turbulence, voters in 5 more states will vote on tuesday. we're going to take your receipts, authorities in indonesia are taking extreme
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fishing. officials think this vessel this morning. the viking was one of 6 ships seized in an angle legal -- illegal fishing ring. they identified the boat -- both as poaching illegally for more than a decade. so, authorities blew up the boat. they hope it will stop poachers. resident in moscow are celebrating the into winter trent into winter in a unique way. they burn a scarecrow made of straw. this year they burned a marked bear layer. the awakening of the bear symbolizes the awakening after its winter sleep. >>i wouldn't want to be around for that. >>except that fire is one. >>i celebrated over the weekend by breaking out the flip-flops. >>it was just a fantastic weekend. >>this week we will hit 80 again.
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2nd day that we hit 80 this year. we are starting to see more cars out on the beltline and it is still dark. remember how we lost an hour of sleep, now the sun doesn't rise until almost 730 this morning. in the meantime we are at 63 degrees. here is our satellite radar composite. remember, many of you may be got woken up throughout the overnight because of the rumbles of thunder. no rain. all of that has moved out for the time being. i do think there will be a threat for more storms later this afternoon. before we get to that, we have to talk about the fog. look at our visibility at 3/10 of a mile. that is a couple of hundred feet. visibility is at a half a mile in south hill. in trent 11 visit -- in durham visibility at 2 miles. 62 henderson. 61 lewisburg and roanoke rapids. in the upper 50s around south hill and then we look toward
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i want to break your forecast down hour by hour. we will climb to 68 by 10 am. 73 at noon. the sunniest part of the day will be around lunchtime. then we will start seeing more clouds and the threat for showers and storms very similar to yesterdays forecast. our afternoon high close to 78 degrees. we have an area of low pressure off to our notes -- north. the other stationery from behind it close enough to bring if you storms. again, really warm compared to where we should be. normal for this time of year is in the 60s. we will see sunshine break through the crowds -- clouds around lunchtime. last night we saw the storms move through throughout the overnight. look what happens. midnight, 1 o'clock into tomorrow morning we could see another round of storms -- storms possible . the good news is as though storms move
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nothing is going to move in behind it. we are looking at sunshine and drive weather returning. -- dry weather returning. part of our area is under a severe weather threat. the rest of a -- us are under a marginal risk. 78 our high today in raleigh. 77 durham. 82 fayetteville. fast-forward to tonight storms, possible mild, a low right around 58. high of 78 on our tuesday. let's look at wednesday, mainly sunny skies for us. is really going to be a nice day for us, clear from start to finish. 75 at lunchtime. 82 -- the record high for wednesday's 86 degrees. fun fact, last year we were at 80 degree as well. we have chance for a few showers on thursday and then we will cool things off for friday and the weekend ahead.
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>>we are off to a store -- slow start on the roads. let's take a look at what you can expect if you are hitting the roads. many rows looking like that. they are a little wet from the showers we had rolled through. you are taking a live look at i 40 and the germ freeway. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. we do have shoulder closure still in project 45 between exits to 93 and 301. in chapel hill we have fiber work going on right along nc highway 54. keep that in mind you may run into some slowdowns in that area. other than that traffic is looking good this morning. i will let you know if anything changes coming up. >>we have live report from the new york stock exchange as to how many people are planning to take part in an office poll for march madness.
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have something you want our investigates team to dig into, share your email at investigate share i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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if you are getting your march madness brackets ready you are not alone. guess who might not be in on the fun? you might've guessed it. your boss. let's go to new york stock exchange with the reason why. >> reporter: have you filled out your march madness brackets yet? nearly 51,000,000 american workers could participate in office pools this year. they estimate it cost businesses $1.3 billion in -- an hour and lost productivity but it says they should just embrace it because of the tight
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>> reporter: concerns over the zika virus may be impacting ticket sales as -- at the rio olympics. does 47 percent of the tickets have been sold though tickets to the august 5 opening ceremony and other premium events are sold out. i have a quick question: it is national pie day. one fast food chain is marking the occasion. what you know about this one? >> that is right. if you can score a lot of pies -- if you can crackpot to celebrate natural -- national pie day, pizza hut the scolding a contest -- holding a contest with a chance to win free food for 3.14 years. all you have to do is answer 3 questions correctly. they go live on pizza hut blog medium eastern time. the value of the prize is about $1600 worth of pizza, but i heard the 3 questions are not very easy to solve.
6:26 am
trying. >>okay. i might try my hand at this, but what is it 3.14. >>okay. i might try my hand at this, but what is it 3.14159 so today being 314 2016 -- how impressive. >> i do whatever i can to impress you. >> i saw you work that -- wrote that on the back of your hand . >>don't be jealous. coming up: nearly 100 cars crash on a local highway. what we have learned about it this morning. plus, you may have heard the thunder last night. we're tracking the storms later
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next. good morning everyone. things for watching at 630. >> good morning, right now we are checking on what was behind this massive chain reaction crash. >> justin is in the newsroom with that. we also will take a look at the details on the candidates pushing for your last-minute vote. we saw storms move through through the overnight. in their way, fog was developing. around henderson and roanoke rapids, latest check on
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couple of hundred feet. 5 miles visibility around raleigh and sanford . it will develop out of nowhere and then you will encounter clear conditions. let's talk about the temperatures unseasonably warm. we should be in the low 60s for afternoon highs. we are there for morning lows. 63 raleigh and durham. the mid-fifties around roxborough. 66 right now and clayton and lillington. when i first came in, fayetteville was at 68 degrees. you have since dropped to right around 65. patchy fog at 8 am. we will climb quickly into the 70s by lunchtime. there's a nice mix of sun and clouds. showers develop into the afternoon. we could see rumbles of thunder later today. 78 is our afternoon high. there will be a threat for strong to severe as forms this evening -- storms this evening. i will walk you through those
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dry weather coming up in your forecast. smooth commute on the roads this morning. was sick a live look outside i what you can expect. we have wet pavement, otherwise things are moving smoothly. you will need your headlights this morning but grabbed the sunglasses before you step out the door. you may need those as well. the sparse traffic, we're not seeing any major incidents. we still have that shoulder work going on. the shoulder is still close 301. we do have fiber work going on that will impact highway 64. will have lane reductions today all the way through the end of the week as they install fiber lines. you want to leave yourself extra time if you are traveling in that area. traffic is picking up if you are headed into raleigh from the south from highway 55 to downtown
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on i 40 to downtown you're looking at a 17 minute commute. we will have more weather and traffic coming up. breaking overnight, a high- speed chase finally comes to an end in california. it took police over an hour to capture the suspect.>> the suspect wasn't in any old getaway car. there were driving a stolen police car. take a look at this. the chase started in california and ended in glendale. sees reached double digits as the suspect took off. thankfully, drivers to move out of the way. they rammed into the vehicle bringing the chase to an end, taking the guy into custody. presidential hopefuls are looking to make in last-minute impact to get your vote. candidates and the family members are planning stops all throughout north carolina today to reach voters in charlotte, hickory, greenville and
6:33 am
we're life now with the countdown to tomorrow's big- time primary election. the tar heel state is always one to watch for both the gop and democrats. us being a swing state helps them in pouring so many resources into getting your vote. tomorrow morning centers like this one will be open for residents to make their choice. before then, candidates will be here in our region trying to make that final push. one who will not be his ohio governor john kasich. his team is focusing on winning the primary in his home state where several polls have him quite close to gop front-runner donald trump. in charlotte, expect people to feel the burn as a vermont senator heads to rally this afternoon. other democratic contender and front runner, hillary clinton will also be there were in under an hour doors will open for her get out the vote
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donald trump will keep his momentum and taking it to victory -- hickory where he is making the promise to change things around for our country. >> i say now the american dream is dead, but i'm going to make it acre and better and stronger than ever before. >> polls here and across north carolina will open at 630 tomorrow morning. >> before we let you go we know the new voter id laws are in effect. remind us all what we need to know before we head out to the polls. >> reporter: that is right. it is betty trying very important that you bring at least one piece of state issued id to make sure you come here and are actually able to make that decision for yourself rather than be turned away to do a provisional ballot instead.
6:35 am
form of id ready when you cast your ballot. breaking overnight, a major interstate near our area was gridlock for hours due to multiple crashes. justin joins us live in the newsroom with an update. >> reporter: yes, crash after crash happened in the burlington area of alamance county. take a look at the video we have from that area. that is it busy stretch of the world were i 40 and i 85 come together as one interstate. both eastbound and westbound lanes were shut down at different times. there were strong downpours of started. night. the interstate was cleared after 11 o'clock last night. we are still working to confirm the number of vehicles and the people involved. 20 people are reportedly injured from those crashes that happened.
6:36 am
are investigating after 2 juveniles were shot. both shootings happened sunday. the first just after midnight on austin avenue right near in ccu -- nccu. them a site the teenager was shot in the like. police have not stated if the cases are related. both victims are expected to survive. it has been feeling like spring in our area but parts of the west coast have felt the chill. here's the story from sacramento. the shell gas station was more like an assembly line for most of sunday. semi trucks coming in to get chained and snowplows heading out to clear the roads. >>it is cold, wet, snowy. >>1b area family put their own spin on the snowy weather turning the slush into a family snowball fight. this is not disappointing.
6:37 am
for.>> i wanted a snowball fight . >>others didn't have quite as much fun. >>it wasn't the lack of snow but too much of it. >>this is one of the areas that was just cleared by a snow plow. called trans close -- crews -- caltrans crews will continue to clear the roads. the weather is perfect for making snowballs but it can also cause slippery hazardous weather conditions. >>i don't think we are going to get out. >>there were no shortage of semi trucks at the shell station truckstop. this woman and her husband were on their way up to stockton and got blocked in. it was bad timing as other semi trucks were preparing for the chain check. they were determined to get out of the semi gridlock. >> this is our first time getting stuck. i hope it will be our last time. making it over the mountain on
6:38 am
>>misery, that is what it looks like. >>i welcome these 80 degrees. it is now 6:38: heroin use has skyrocketed across the state. >>our investigates team takes a look at who is concerned ab pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning.
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how many people do you think are waking up with a little bit of that time changing over because it is a real thing? >> it was harder for me to go to bed last night. was it harder for you? >> no. i was good on saturday. i went to bed earlier so i would get
6:41 am
>>i have a little bit of that going on today. 63 right now. here's a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. you can see the tarmac is shiny and that is because we saw the storms move through the overnight. crowds -- clouds are going to break up for us route the morning hours. the sun is part will be right around lunchtime for today. it is not the rain we are worried about this morning. it is the fog. visibility at 3 miles in durham but after less than a half-mile south hill, henderson and roanoke rapids. the densest fog is right around the virginia border. if that is where you are commuting from or that is where you're headed to, make sure you plan for extra time. 63 in raleigh and durham. 73 and dry at lunchtime. 78 our high with a chance for storms. mourn your forecast coming up in just a little bit. here on cbs north carolina, we want to keep you up-to-date on both local and
6:42 am
>>let's get to charlie rose, host of cbs this morning. >>what he working on for us this morning? >> after that introduction -- good morning, we're monitoring the breaking news of the train derailment in kansas. plus, we are in ohio and illinois with the growing violence on the campaign trail ahead of tomorrow's key primaries and the chairman of the wounded warrior project board is here. he explains how he is hoping to restore trust. and studio 57, master champions jordan spieth and lexi thompson. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning. >>7. >>a busy a start to the work week. coming up: cruise was to the scene of a car crash in
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breaking news out of california, firefighters are responding to a report of an oil spill. freight vessel was leaking possible fuel at the location leaving a visible sheen on the water. coast guard members boarded the vessel to identify the spilled material. there is no -- and assure there is no life has it. also, the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash near pinehurst. our very own cbs north carolina has learned a driver lost control and crashed into some trees on how it 15 501. justin joins us live in the newsroom with the latest on this story. firefighters had to cut the roof off of that cadillac in order to get the victim out of the car. we have video to show you of that scene. the averaging time reports 54- year-old donald miles died at the scene. he was the only person in that car.
6:46 am
for about 2 hours while crews investigated and removed debris from the road. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the number of people dying from here when in north carolina has skyrocketed -- heroin has skyrocketed. >> there is a harrowing crisis. >> it's an epidemic. >>that's -- it's an enormous problem .>> is a readily available? >> absolutely. >> it is everybody. >>the only person you can say will never get better is a dead person. >> caroline makes you numb to everything -- heroin makes you
6:47 am
it is really wipes away everything. luckily i live through it. >>jesse bennett started using drugs at age 14. >>at that point i didn't think i was in addict. >> if you think it's not in your neighborhood it is. >> what our local law enforcement agency saying? spent their is not a law enforcement professional and the state of carolina that i have talked to that is not concerned about heroin. >>tonight at 6 o'clock, cbs north carolina will take a much closer look. we hope you join us and then -- then. right now, authorities are searching for crews as they discovered a man exonerated for killing a newspaper editor dead in a car. he was found in a car near the wake force campus. no word on how he died. he spent 19 years in prison
6:48 am
him in 2004. another man confessed to the killing. we learned the search for hunt started after his attorney told authorities he had not been seen for 9 days. right now, parts of texas are struggling to recover from devastating flooding. >>you can see is still floating inside the house. rising water for 7000 people -- several thousand people to be evacuated. meanwhile, the water is expected to continue rising and what is already being called a 50 year flood event. >> we had our own share of storms tonight -- overnight. >> you are saying it will queue up in the middle of the night. we could look at another round of that later today and into the overnight hours. make sure you have a way to get weather alerts. let's start off with a live picture of outside. it is 63 degrees. this is a live picture as we look toward the east.
6:49 am
until about 730. that is what we have daylight savings time to think for.-- think for -- thank for.. all of those storms have left behind some pretty dense fog. visibility around 5 miles in lewisburg and raleigh. take your time. remember the low beams if you're driving through foggy conditions. 63 in raleigh and durham. 64 in pinehurst and rayford. normal for this time of year is right around 62 degrees. we are about that mark and we will continue to see temperatures climb above it. by noon we should be dry with a mix of sun and clouds. who will have a high of 73. we will track the threat of late day showers and storms.
6:50 am
into the overnight hours. we have an area of low pressure that is off to the north. that system starts to fight off the east coast tomorrow. another system hanging around back to the west. that doesn't come into play until thursday. in the meantime, tuesday tomorrow is looking dry more sunshine and warmer. here we are walking you through your future forecast. we will be dry this morning. at lunchtime some sun and clouds will mix in their. we have some few spotty showers and rumbles of thunder. midnight we have another round of potentially strong to severe storms that could come through. that could bring us longs -- hail and damaging winds. the slight risk is mainly off to the west of the triangle. this morning it includes portions of orange county
6:51 am
-- chatham county , more county and lee county. the rest of the area is under a moderate risk. the storm should be isolated and very short-lived. 78 our high and raleigh. 72 in trend 11 -- 72 in durham. you will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. wednesday, 82 degrees and breaking down the forecast. we will get 75 at lunchtime on wednesday. 80 to our high. the record is at 86 degrees -- 82 our high. the record is 86 degrees. 67 on friday. that is still a bit comfortable. just know 80s. low 60s possible for the weekend ahead on saturday and sunday. we could see a few showers sunday afternoon. that is your latest forecast. i will send it to kristin with a check of the forecast.--
6:52 am
let's take a live look at what you can expect this morning . if you are hitting the roads, keep in mind it is still dark. things are actually looking good this morning. we're not showing anything in the way of major incidents. we are still dealing with some of that construction. keep that in mind, the fortified construction zone is a little messy because the shoulder is still closed between exit 293 and exit 301. it could be tight in that area once again today. some fiber work going on on and see highway 54 in chapel hill. lane reductions through the end of the week likely as crews install some fiber lines. if you're making your way into work, your westbound loop is looking all clear. 540 from us 60 for will take you about 60 minutes. i 440 to newborn avenue to wait avenue you're looking at a 9
6:53 am
all clear for right now. coming up next, what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. that is including an update on the breaking news researchers have been trying to find a swimmer that has been missing since sunday. we had some storms overnight. in fact, we have a lot of thunder. we are going to check in with
6:55 am
she will have one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate. here's some news you need to know before you head out this morning. we are one -- less than 24 hours away from the states primaries. candidates making one final push before we head to the polls. candidates and their families are visiting ahead of the primaries. this is the first time voters will try -- have to show a picture id to cast a ballot.
6:56 am
sun comes up looking for -- crews are at the scene before the sun comes up looking for a volunteer firefighter that disappeared during a fishing trip yesterday morning. >>officials say 3 men were fishing in that river. >> that is very sad indeed. >>i 40 is back open after 100 vehicles wrecked. rain and wet roads cause that pileup. the series of rex injured 20 people. the rain and the right -- wet roads caused a lot of issues. >>we could see more of that again later today and into the overnight hours. the rain has moved out in its place. right now visibility is at 3/10 of a mile in henderson. half a mile in south hill and roanoke rapids. plan according as you are headed out this morning.64 in
6:57 am
>>c3 -- 64 and raleigh. 63 durham . 78 our afternoon high. showers and storms this afternoon and those could linger into this evening and overnight. speaking of, we do have a slight risk for some of our areas mainly west of the triangle. large hail and damaging wind gusts with storms that to develop. >>traffic is not looking too bad considering it is a monday. normal traffic firearms on i 40 and us 70. the commute is dark this morning because of that time keep that in mind.
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6:59 am
>>it is going to catch up captioning funded by cbs good morning.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." an amtrak train derails overnight in kansas. injured. >> chaos and clashes at donald trump's campaign event. the democratic candidates accuse trump of insightciting the vlsiolence. >> cbs news reveals lavish spending and how wounded warrior projects is moving on. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> one stopped me. you're right. what is going on? is there any blood? i shine it on my face and it was bloody. >> a train derailment leaves dozensed injured. >> the train was bound to chicago. >> he has said to people basically beat up the protesters and beat up the hecklers and i'll pay your legal bills.


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