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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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declaring donald trump the winner. 41% voted for trump. ted cruz, a close second with 31%. on the democrat side, hillary clinton winning big in north carolina. the race for governor. he will now face attorney general cooper. moving now to the senate race, debra ross winning the democratic nomination, and she will face republican incumbent. cutler is taking a look at the democrats.
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national stage. again, no major surprises in north carolina. >> marco rubio losing big in his state of florida. he announced soon after that he would be suspending his campaign. we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. thank you all very much, and god bless you. a big night for hillary clinton. >> supporters in downtown raleigh.
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where she met with voters. they also met with hillside. bernie sanders supporters gathered. he got wide support. people came into tyler's tap room. more than 250 people made phone calls and canvassed neighborhoods across the triangle. they're remaining optimistic. >> bernie sanders is a political revolution. equal in housing, equal in wages, equal in education, opportunity, and health care. they plan to focus their community on hillary clinton. let's start with amy cutler.
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headquarters. cooper advancing. >> reporter: hillary clinton's name came up many times. each and every time, applause followed. cooper is now the democratic candidate for governor. >> i know you're excited about meeting governor elect roy cooper. >> reporter: he received a warm reception. he took a commanding lead as the results came in and won a decisive victory. >> there will be nothing less at stake than the heart and soul of north carolina this november. are we really ready for a
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? >> no. >> north carolina needs a new set of priorities. helping everyone in this improving economy, making affordable, quality education better than ever. >> reporter: and that is what cooper says he will be focusing on if elected governor. the north carolina republican party quick to fire back calling cooper a raleigh insider and accusing the democrats of trying to take the state back to days of higher taxes and bigger government. cbs, north carolina. >> debra ross will be going against richard burr for his seat.
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way race. she took the podium at the north carolina democratic party headquarters as soon as it became clear she would come on top. she wasted no time going after burr. >> so far, our senior senator has been shirking his constitutional responsibilities by refusing to even consider nominees to the supreme court. that upsets all of us. we're tired of these games in washington. >> ross represented wake county for ten years. before that, she was a practicing attorney. here was a watch party for ted cruz. he also stopped in raleigh for
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kelly. >> he was in downtown raleigh. our team coverage continues with cbs political. >> reporter: it was entirely on that $2 billion connect and bond. he did talk about the bond. we had the opportunity to ask him about his campaign. >> i haven't even seen the results yet. >> they've declared you the winner. >> oh, that's good. >> reporter: so let's talk about that bond. it passed by nearly a two to one vote. it will mean $2 billion for the state to use on a variety of the projects. about half of it going to the unc systems.
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national guards. we talked to margaret spellings to see what she thought this would mean for the educational systems. >> we have to have the best facilities, the best and modern equipment to put in them. they're so relative to the work force today. >> reporter: the governor did talk at the podium here about the team effort to get the bill passed. we did have an opportunity to talk with lee roberts, and we asked him why he supports the governor in his campaign to run for re-election. >> i think it's very important to keep governor mcrory in office. north carolina is better off now than they were four years ago. >> reporter: so far, there has
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this campaign. roy cooper has raised more than $5 million. this is shaping up to be an expensive gubernatorial race. in terms of the presidential primary, we want to take a look at who won county by county. >> donald trump is currently leading most counties including cumberland. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is winning by a landslide with the sxepgs of orange county. -- exception of orange county. this is a scene in clayton as the polls closed. >> the workers were kept busy all day.
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experienced major issues, but that was not the case everywhere. >> right. michael highland breaking down those issues and what caused some polls to extend hours. >> reporter: for some voters, the issue was simply having to wait today. in two counties, the state board of elections had to extend voting because of problems. voters arriving by the bus load. the line stretching out of the community center. >> i didn't think so many people our age would be voting. >> had you can you complain about our government if you're not willing to come out and vote? >> reporter: not having an acceptable i.d. or making sure their addresses were accurate.
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me today. >> reporter: in johnston county, they told north carolina, it didn't end up affecting them. >> everything went smoothly. >> reporter: they expected record turnout for the primary. especially as north carolina played a greater role to determine the president. >> i've got my beliefs like other people have theirs. >> a crowd of people down there. everybody's getting out to vote. that's a good thing. >> reporter: in two counties, voters got some extra time to cast their ballots. 30 minutes actually. an elementary school voting area was shut down because they thought they saw somebody with a knife.
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30 minutes. michael, thank you. we will keep you posted on all results as they come in on air and online. we'll also have it scrolling on the bottom of your screen through the newscast. scroll on the news tab on blue devils on the way to defending their national title. our david hearst is traveling with the team. one of the largest transportation lines in the country forced to shut down for hours. >> tomorrow, the last wednesday of winter, and we'll
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two weeks after a fatal officer-involved shooting, police have approved the use of body cameras. brown and community members say the cameras is a step in the right direction but not a solution to all problems. >> the public doesn't have access, as you can see, in all cases. they can manipulate the film as
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that's not going to help the public trust. >> that is an expectation. >> a plan by council would put 100 cameras in use. 250 more later. a man went missing while fishing. 20-year-old anthony bernet. several agencies are using underwater cameras to help find him. jim merrill presented his 1 .5 million dollar budget. several hundred thousand
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for the high school. money is being requested to be spent on technology in the classroom. the washington, d.c. metro will close after midnight. electrical fires caused delays this year. that's what happened last year. they want to make sure there are no more faulty cables. >> additional outages >> there was no report of injuries. yeah. that's a big deal for them. probably going to be like a snow day up there. a good day to have a snow day because they're going to be
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our forecast tomorrow will send us into the mid-80s. for the second time in as many weeks, we'll be getting very close to record highs. the old record, 86. 87 in fayetteville. even if we don't hit records, we're almost 20 degrees above normal. that's the forecast tomorrow, and your wednesday starts off around 56. 62 at night. we'll do it with dry weather most of the day and mostly sunny skies most of the day. 84. as we get into the 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock hours, we'll have a weak front move through. the big weather story has been the storms.
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show you a sunset. this is from sunday. notice all the shadows down here. when you get these tall, tower ing towering storms. if you have our weather app, you can submit weather pictures from there. yesterday, you would have been getting those weather alerts. tracking temperatures as they continue to soar. high pressure in control most of the day. helping us with a wind out of the south. you'll notice that it's not going to last forever.
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later today. the warmest day in the seven- day forecast. it's going to get cold by the time we wrap up. here's how that's going to happen. we drop temperatures just a bit on thursday. dry but still above normal. this one, dry but continuing to drop our temperatures. this weekend, we also add some rain. tomorrow, most of the day, 20% chances come at the end of the day. 84 here at the capitol. 83 in durham and 86 in fayetteville. we go to 84. 74 for st. patrick's day. two number 1 seeds at pnc
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evening. by lunchtime, 68 on thursday. 74 by 3:00. staying dry with low 70s. still going to be warm but just not as warm as tomorrow. low 60s on saturday and 60 on sunday, which, oddly enough is the first day of spring. the showers saturday will come late in the day. showers on sunday will come watch out monday and tuesday morning, guys. we will start off in the 30s. so from sweating it out in shorts tomorrow to winter coats. i mean, we put ours away in my house. maybe that's what jingsed us, but it's going to be cold. >> it's pretty much your fault. >> we blame him for all the
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we have an update tonight on our investigation on opiate abuse. they issued new guidelines for doctors saying prescription painkillers should not be the first choice for treating body pains. addiction to painkillers has contributed to the spike in heroin use across the country. in north carolina, heroin overdose deaths have spiked in the past four years. >> heroin and oxycontin, percocet, they're basically the same thing. >> from chiefs to sheriffs, nobody i've talked to that's not concerned about heroin. >> you can watch our special report on what experts are calling a heroin epidemic on our website at
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national title. >> the latest from rhode island. >> reporter: the teams are starting arrive here as duke and uncw tip things off on thursday. today, it was all about taking things in. if any champions are familiar with the tournament, several players will be back this year. buffalo basketball team. >> everyone's excited. everyone wants to know who you're facing and what your practice schedule is like. everyone experiencing this. just to see their reactions on certain things. >> now, it's down to business
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uncw blocks away. all in anticipate of the match on thursday. following it every step of the day. stay with cbs, your home of north carolina news. we are your home for march madness. we'll have dave traveling with the blue devils. >> and reporter todd gibson. who they'll be playing after the matchup. >> what's coming up in sports. >> yeah. they've known for sometime who
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>> which team punched its most teams from the nca have had to plan their tournament. now, they know. florida gulf coast tangoed with a spot with the heels. demetrius throws the aliupe. the eagles advance to face the tar heels. thursday night, tar heels and florida gulf coast. should be a lot of points scored in that one.
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tournament going on. the wrestling tournament will be going on. nick will be wrestling in his own backyard. >> i'm a new york native too. i have a lot of friends and family coming down. just at madison square gardens. it's definitely big time, and that's something i look forward to. the carolina hurricanes are playing for next season. they head to our nation's capitol on super tuesday. tallies the overtime winner on super tuesday in our nation's capitol.
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if you tuned in late, here are the results.


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