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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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someone would want to do something like this. >> investigators say matt jones and jessica piette were murdered in a home. they arrested gerald paul junior for murder and terra wilson for accessory after the fact. >> i hope they get what they deserve for doing what they done to both families. i mean no one should have to go through any tragedy like this. >> the families of matt and jessica say they knew the friends. >> you know it's worse when it's supposed to be someone you love and trust and they do something horrible like that. >> on friday terra wilson faced a judge. >> these are very serious allegations and she admits she did acknowledge and did conceal evidence to the murder. >> willwilson's lawyer tried to reduce the bond from $1 million
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>> they devastated our life, a young man's family's life, but they are putting their own families through something awful. >> wilson's parents refused to speak with us. >> i hope they can get to the bottom of why they done what they done. what could have been so bad that they would have went in there and took their lives like that. we can't comprehend. >> gerald paul junior will be in johnston county court next monday. cbs north carolina. >> matt jones was laid to rest today. a funeral date for jessica has not been set. several dozen people rally tonight in durham to save a teen from being deported. the march for the riverside high school student started at 4: 00 and ended at congress man gk butterfield's office and that's where we find amy cutler with more. amy? >> well sharon in the last five
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up to me and told me that acosta's stay has been denied. that means that he could be deported on sunday. that is what protestors are here trying to fight. they are gathered in front of congress man butter field's office in the last hour. we received that he had spoken with homeland security and white house staffers and asked that acosta not be deported sunday. he was in the country illegally and fled from honduras. the 19-year-old now detained by ice. the statement says the decision will be made today but protestors have been told ice would aform acosta directly. no information would come from this office. his girlfriend and advocate say it's been tough. >> it's been really hard every day. i worry about him every day. i'm always thinking about him. >> i'm disappointed that butterfield didn't put out the statement a lot earlier. he could have put it out as
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he's waited until 5:00 p.m. closing week of business right before he will be deported on sunday. >> again we are learning that a judge has denied a stay on acosta in this case. that means he could be deported on sunday. we are going to continue to follow this story closely and have more for you coming up tonight at 11. live in durham amy cutler, cbs north carolina. a sanford man is dead after crashing his atv into a police cruiser around 1:00 a.m. shelton mcclain was thrown from the atv and died at the scene. the deputy suffered non life threatening injuries. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. veterans concerned about their healthcare just wrapped up a town hall in fayetteville. this is the first time the va hosted one of these events earlier this year.
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larger facility is to cut down how long it takes to get care. veterans here have experienced some of the longest wait times in the country. >> the time it takes to get an appointment over the phone. ahead of you. >> we just need the truth. it's not being put out. it's not being answered. our voices are not being heard. >> how are the medical centers doing on bringing down wait times? we'll have that answer tonight after the game. speaking of the games you might want to check your brackets, more brackets busted today when michigan state lost to tennessee. >> a lot of brackets busted. meanwhile the tournament took a break today and used the day to rest up for tomorrow's game against providence. north carolina sports reporter todd gibson has more on how players spent the day. >> unc and providence hit the floor. the tarheels feeling very good about their win over florida
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they weren't out there for very long. this team gets rest, needs to hydrate and sleep. they played five sets of games this year on one day's rest. they are 9-1 in those games so unc not worried about being tired. >> it's not really nothing as far as eating wise. you still got to eat the same and definitely got to get your rest and get your body ready. >> our strength trainer goes through different routines of getting in the cold tub or doing stretching here and there and maybe an ache here and there he'll work on it for you. try to get a lot of sleep. >> plumlee got 23 points. the devils were able to survive. now duke faces a veteran yale squad. >> yale is older. they are not just good but they are good together. and that's the best way to be
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people on the court who have done it at a high level with you. and i think that's what the ivy league teams have shown. >> so that sets up a yale versus duke match up. cbs at 2:40 and providence versus north carolina 9:40 on tbs. that's the story here from pnc arena. back to you. >> thank you. as duke prepares for tomorrow's game a yale player could give a duke player problems in a different way. >> team coverage from providence. >> he's a man of many talents. yale's brandon cher everywhere took a year off last year to join the okay pella team. --acapela team. duke players wishing he never came back because he's a hand handful.
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voice duke may have trouble. after traveling the world he's back in the national spotlight ready to knock off duke in the second round. >> i like the free throw line to myself but that's pretty much it. other than that i always have a song in my head. >> he helped get off to an early lead back in november but he got in foul trouble and duke ended up pulling away. >> did you ever hear him singing on the court. >> no i didn't. he's like their enforcer. i don't think he can waste too much time singing. he has to beat people up and he did that. >> while sherrod hasn't had too much time to focus on singing this year his game will have to be in tune. >> it's march and anything can happen and we are looking to go in and compete and play hard and again being familiar with a team like that we know what we need to do and hopefully we can execute on saturday. >> they are not putting too much weight in the previous match up.
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dave hurst cbs north carolina. >> as we've seen anything can happen in the tournament. when you watch you may not realize that a durham company actually plays a major role in what you see. beau minnick shows us the game technology. >> best time of the year. it's like christmas. >> for any sports fan it certainly would be a gift to have your job watch all the ncaa tournament games. >> when you love sports and numbers and stuff this is the best place to be. >> while it is fun the folks at durham based smt or sports media technology are working to make sure you see all the real- time statistics to watch the tournament games. >> when you are at home watching the tarheels play and you see bryce johnson has 16 points 9 rebounds and 8 blocked shots all of that information is being generated from an smt device. >> here's how it works. >> there is a spotter which is a person who gets lucky enough to sit court side and then there's an inputter who sits
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the spotter calls out the game to the input person. >> from there the statuses go to durham and from durham onto the networks in new york and atlanta and them to the air. >> so as the games are happening the company will get updated statuses from each of the tournament sites and that includes the numbers for the individual players. >> smt started almost 30 years ago and has grown to 250 employees. it's also gone global. >> it will give you live update for every single cricket game that is going on. for example we have a world cup going on in india and we are watching the feed for that. >> right now tis the season for busted brackets. >> it's really great to be able to be a part of the ncaa tournament in this way. >> in durham beau minnick cbs north carolina. >> i know i can't be the only one wondering how do you major in college in this to get that job.
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smt does work for a number of other sports. graphics for nfl games and nascar. >> scary moments at pnc arena yesterday when uva head coach tony suddenly collapsed attributed to dehydration and a local cardiologist says that's not surprising. bennett fell to the floor and later returned saying it was nothing serious but coaches have highly stressful jobs and during the ncaa tournament staying hydrated may not be the first thing on their minds. we talked to wake med cardiologists who said it's not surprising that the coach could pass out. >> when you stand up from a sitting or lying position it's normal for blood pressure to fall just a little bit but if you are dehydrated and your tank is low it's common for it to fall further. >> the doctor said some people are predeposed to passing out in stressful situations because of a disorder. if that were the case for this
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happened before. keep in mind cbs north carolina is your headquarters for all things march madness. read much more on line at all right there on the home page. syphilis cases are sky rocketing in wake county. >> next at 6 what health officials say is behind the disturbing trend. >> and after 12 days of temperatures well above normal big changes this weekend including changes about when the rain arrives. we'll update you on the forecast next.
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rescued animals a it's a shocking statussistic syphilis cases at an all time high in wake county. >> popular hook up apps could be to blame. this is the highest rate the county has seen in 15 years and more than 50% of those diagnosed also have h.i.v. these sites are leading to risky behavior. >> sometimes people lose track in their thoughts of the fact that h.i.v. is not the only disease they need to be considering. there are many stds being transmitted. >> hoping to curb the rise of education and prevention. >> sexual assault victims are coming out against the non discrimination ordinance
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owners for a new conference and would allow transgender people to use the restroom of the gender of which they identify. opponents say the ordinance would increase the risk of sexual violence in women's bathrooms. >> i'm not saying they are evil and predators but what i am saying is there are countless divent men who will pretend to be women in order to gain acutes success to the people they want to exploit. >> there's no evidence to support that claim. many are holding a special session to address the matter. should that happen it would cost the tax payer $42,000 a day. tonight nearly 400 cats and dogs, how adorable, have new homes tonight after being rescued from hoeg county. here's a look at the busy adoption center on nash street in sanford today an estimated 1,000 people waited in line to
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we told you about the raid back in january. two people charged with animal cruelty and more than 700 animals were rescued. the aspca has spent the past weeks nursing the pets back to health. >> they are animals. they can't help themselves. they depend on humans to look out for them. >> the aspca is waiving the adoption cost and has spayed or neutered each animal. 6. well the weekend is here, work week is over and let me congratulate you if you put in a solid 40 this week with the weather we had that's an outstanding job. great evening tonight. temperatures still in the low 70s as we look right in on the sun as it gets ready to set. about 7:30 is when it goes down these days. going to be a great night but this weekend not so much. here we are south of downtown shaw university. by the way you see all of the
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ready to start throwing out the yellow pollen in the next couple of weeks so one of the downfalls maybe the only one of spring time here in north carolina. our friends in south carolina are already getting it so we are not far behind. in the meantime temperatures around central north carolina from the low 70s to upper 60s from the triangle north to virginia with mid to low 70s still in the sand hills. as we take you hour by hour through tonight we slowly fall off to 63 at 8. it is going to get cooler once the sun goes down but keep it dry through the overnight and generally clear with the clouds not thickening up into the early morning hours. if you are up early tomorrow morning with garage sales, practice and errands to run it's going to start off in the low 50s. it's a one two punch this weekend. 12 days in a row with temperatures well above normal. there will not be a 13th or 14
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getting cold air from the north and moisture from the south west. we'd probably be talking about snow or ice or something in between a month ago but it is just a cold rain for us. let's talk about the clouds, rain and average temperature because they are going to drop as well as we head in through the weekend. we pick it up at midnight through tomorrow morning the clouds thicken up but rain still stays off to our south west. this is a change in the last 24 hours. at lunch time it looks like we will have scattered rain showers here and there as temperatures get stuck in the 50s through 4: 00 we keep rain in the area and actually get dry time after the sun goes down tomorrow night but through the overnight hours here we are at 3:00 a.m. notice rain returns and that rain will stick around through sunday morning so out the door to church, to the grocery store wet weather and temperatures don't get out of the 40s for most of us.
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that hasn't changed but what's going to grab everyone's attention sunday is the fact it's not going to get out of the 40s for most everyone. here we go, going through the weekend in the early morning hours in the low 50s with dry weather tomorrow. it's the last full day of winter and it's going to feel like winter temperatures in the 50s and ramp up those rain chances from lunch time through the afternoon. dry time saturday night but then a wet start to sunday and again stuck in the 40s most of the day. we have clouds and we dry it out as we get into the latter part of the day. spring officially arrives shortly after midnight. so the last day of winter will feel more like it with a high of 59 tomorrow, even colder on sunday then we start to rebound to 54 monday, 61 tuesday. but watch out monday and tuesday morning. not only for you and the kids because it's going to be cold but also your plants. frost and freeze warnings and
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make sure you check in with kristen and bill this weekend. they'll keep an eye on that for you but next week thursday and friday back into the 70s. >> nice. >> hearing frost again it just doesn't seem right. >> what is that word? better than the s word. >> i agree with you on that. >> good point. >> a homeless man is bringing
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next at 6 how a raleigh man is letting his sound of hope ring through the streets. >> jonathan rodriguez caught up with him to get his emotional
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share with others. >> among the noise of passing cars on capital boulevard if you listen carefully you hear another sound. >> i saw kenny g play it when i was younger and i told myself i was going to play it. i was like i'm going to play that. >> standing on the sidewalk with only a saxophone brad smith plays from the heart. >> i don't want anybody to think i want praise. i want god to get every bit of the glory he can get. >> his cardboard sign gives you his current situation. he was laid off and is raising his family in a hotel. >> babe just open up the case and see what happens. >> it's a talent he's been perfecting since high school. his band teacher kept him focused. >> a lot of times i wanted to give up. he said there's something in you. you got to keep going.
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>> he kept going playing at nc central where his band director kept him inspired. >> he taught me discipline and dedication and he's pushed me to take care of my family and use all of those things. >> for brad this is more than just music. >> even though i'm in my situation i don't wear my situation. i give god the glory because he's the one that's going to bring me out. >> this is his sound of hope. >> listen to god and let him take you where you need to go. it's hard because sometimes you feel like you should be certain places and feel like you should have certain things but it's all about the journey that gets you there. you just got to listen. you just listen and everything else falls into place. >> certainly giving us something sweet to listen to. in raleigh jonathan rodriguez cbs north carolina. >> his message is even more beautiful than the sounds he's making with the saxophone. >> he has a lot of determination and no doubt of
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capital bo goodbye to the really nice temperatures we saw all week. >> for now right? >> i would like to meet the people who are looking forward to this weekend's weather because after what we just had better. this weekend it will get colder
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we do have 70s [gunfire] >> pelley: a four-month manhunt ended today in a hail of gunfire and the capture of the last surviving terrorist from the massacre in paris. also tonight, the american who joined isis then escaped with his life. panama city beach last year and this year. where did the spring breakers go? we'll show you. and remember jmac? >> it's hot as a pistol. >> pelley: steve hartman catches up with number 52 ten years later. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the tweet today from a belgian government minister said it all, "we got him." the most wanted fugitive in the paris terrorist attacks is in


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