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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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temperatures are in the 30s and 40s as a start this monday morning. we're also looking at pretty cloudy conditions, maybe a little bit of drizzle down toward the santos. this is quickly wrapping up and we are going to see the clouds break up let's after sunrise this morning. you will notice that as you are getting going. we're right around 40 rocky mount. be looked down on the sandhills, 42 fayetteville and clinton. 41 lillington. here's a look at your forecast for today, pretty cloudy outside this morning. a little bit of fog. 37 our temperature right around 8 am. it will be breezy around noon. not as chilly this afternoon is where we were yesterday. we have a high 54. within the low 50s as we head towards 6 o'clock this evening. tonight will be closer. -- colder.
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advisory . i will have the full details coming up in your complete team forecast. >>grab your jacket as you head out the door, we have no major issues to tell you about on the road. there is good news to start your monday. let's take a look at i 40 and aviation parkway. we're seeing traffic volumes moving just fine. we're seeing the traffic increasing but so far no reported major issues on your major thoroughfares around the triangle. we're seeing no major problems on 540, 440 and 40. they're all looking good across the area. we will be back with more weather and traffic updates coming up in just a few minutes. >>time right now is 502. we do have breaking news at this time out of durham to get to . this is just coming in to the cbs newsroom. we have learned a law- enforcement officer has been shot in durham. right now emergency crews are on the scene at west pettigrew street. we do have a newsgroup -- headed to the area.
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as soon as we get them. as we -- a right now we do know the officer was injured in the shooting. again this took place and 1011. durham. look for live reports -- durham . look for live reports later on. >>the man behind a crime scene in johnson county is in custody. the double murder suspect is due in court this morning. >>the bodies of matt jones and jessica [ indiscernible last name ] were found in home earlier this month. emma wright is outside of the johnson county courthouse with more on the case against paul and a woman accused of helping him after the crime. >> reporter: family say both of the victims say they knew the suspect and they want to know why there were killed. they say the suspect due in court today, gerald paul junior had helping killing the 2. there rested wilson and charged
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arrested wilson for us a 3 after-the-fact. wilson made her first court appearance -- accessory after the fact. wilson made her first quarter parents -- up court appearance on monday. families of both victims say they both leave behind young children. we will here for those families -- from those families coming up . >>today the woman accused of hitting for bicyclist in johnson county is also scheduled to appear in front of a judge. back in february deputy say the 50-year-old was traveling when she struck bicyclist from behind as she attempted to pass. either alcohol nor speed played a factor in the case. the bicyclists are in serious but not life-threatening injuries.
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who hit and killed a man. it happened friday night on putnam church road. authority say matthew phillips was lying in the road when he was run over. the highway patrol says the driver who hit him may not have even realized it. authorities are asking any dryers -- drivers who were in the area and think they may have hit an animal or object to please come forward. >>2 people are dead after a wrong way crash yesterday morning. a driver was traveling wrong way and i 95. both drivers were killed. no word if alcohol was a factor in the crash. >>to a group of parents, students, members of law enforcement to meet in cary 10 durham -- raleigh . the group is pushing back after charlotte
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transgender to use their own restrooms. a group of marines and members of the navy were on a week -- mission this weekend to pay tribute to a team of fallen servicemembers. they plan to complete a 770 mile march from florida. the group is honoring the 7 marines and for army national guardsmen who died after their black hawk helicopter crash on a training mission near the florida panhandle. the march is expected to end later today. >>now to an update on a story that was breaking last night at 11 o'clock.
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had to be evacuated after an explosion was reported here at least one manhole cover flew up into the air. >>there was a sense of urgency that came out of nowhere. we were all handling it well but we are very taken aback by it. >>thankfully there were no reports of any injuries. police believe the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction. >>is currently 5:06 in the morning. presidential hopefuls are once again a couple of hours from another primary. what is up for grabs and what's
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it is time to move on from last week because we know we had gorgeous weather then. >> now we're talking about a frost advisory. the advisory will be in place so make sure you take the necessary precautions. let's take a look at your drivetime forecast. son does arrive until 7:17 this morning. in the meantime, we are at 39 right now. -- sun doesn't arrive until 7:17 this morning. in the meantime we are at 39 right now. yesterday we talked off at 30 yesterday we talked off at 33 degrees -- 43 degrees. i do think we will be warmer than that. the ground may be wet. we saw drizzle and rain late in the day yesterday and into the overnight.
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this morning. they are still a lingering sprinkle of 2 -- or 2. other than that we are dry as we're starting off this monday morning. if you're driving around there may be a little drizzle and also some fog developing. will not be a crystal-clear morning commute but it will not slow you down too much. the low 40s down around the santos. is 41 in bloomington and clayton. 41 near the goldsboro area. as a planning today, 37 out the door. 54 is our afternoon high. we're releasing more sunshine today. keep in mind is still could be breezy at times. i will let you know when the 70s return for afternoon highs coming up in your complete tour -- storm team forecast. in texas, one family chose to ignore officials plea for them to evacuate their home. instead, they decided to seek
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they decided to live on the roof. the owner and his son spent saturday starting the cleanup process. holden says he lived in the neighborhood his entire life but just moved into that home. is furniture and appliances all were basically brand-new. he brought those and his family floods. >>every night we stayed up there it was beautiful skies. sky. we had the tv going, the barbecue pit going. >>yes, but you don't want to step there longer. when residents are allowed back, they need to take pictures of everything inside and outside of their home to help speed up the process of getting any type of assistance if they need it. 5:12 is your time on this monday. first work day of spring. imagine going to harvard debt- free.
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president obama will visit today with cuban leader role castro as he continues his historic visit. the president touchdown on sunday in havana. the president is the first us president -- sitting president to visit cuba and 88 years. a carry woman accused of shooting her father is scheduled to appear in court. it happened early saturday. police say 21-year-old angel bradford and her father got into a struggle when bradford shot him. she now faces a felony charge. >>also, a man facing felony murder charges will face a judge. police say gerald paul junior killed matt jones and jessica [ earlier this month. police have also accused wilson helping paul after the crime. donald trump pizza party
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delivering remarks at a pro- israel conference. voters in idaho caucus for democratic candidates. don champion has the latest from new york. >> donald trump goes to washington. donald trump will be in the nations capital today rallying party leaders behind him. >>if we bring our party together, we will win , we will win by numbers you have never seen before. he is set to meet with nearly 2 dozen republicans. is also scheduled to deliver a critical speech -- he is also scheduled to deliver a critical speech . denouncing his hate crime, a group of rabbis plan to walk out of his speech.
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convention hangs over donald trump had. >>you have to have a majority of delegates in order to be the nominee there's nothing magical about the number. favors to winning utah proves ted cruz can stop donald trump. we have trait -- straight path to secure the republican nomination before the convention. >> bernie sanders is counting on win out west -- wins out west to slow hillary clinton's momentum. >> when the voter turnout is high we went. when the burner -- voter turnout is low we lose. >>a team once your agency -- wants your feedback. they are trying to gain accredited status.
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meeting to offer their thoughts that is scheduled for 6 pm at city hall. >>construction will start today on the new roundabout at the intersection of carver and broad street. this area will be closed for more than a month. work should be complete by the beginning of may. >>tomorrow, medical providers away county will receive training for syphilis and hiv. health officials say they are seeing a 15 year high and syphilis cases. the keynote speaker will be doctor edward hook the 3rd, an internationally recognized expert on syphilis management from the university of alabama. >>the cost of a college education keeps getting steeper. nearly 70 percent of college graduates leave school with death. now students are finding alternative ways -- debt . now students are finding alternative ways to fund their college tuition. >>16-year-old michael farrington moved to the us from guatemala last year. his mother says he is already working hard to make sure he
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country and it is being noticed . >>part of what he studied in guatemala -- part of working hard they are was so he could come to the united states go to a college in the united states. >>hartford sent me an email inviting me to apply. i applied -- harvard sent me an email inviting me to apply. i applied and i got in. >>he will get college credit for several courses in the summer. >>i will take courses on macroeconomics and the american presidency. >>but, it has a big price tag. while waiting to hear back if you will give scholarship, his family turned to gofund me. >>that is the main way that we would be able to send michael to harvard. we really don't have the capacity to send him at the state. michael is just like more than 100,000 others on gofund me trying to come back the higher cost of higher education -- combat the higher cost of higher education.
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-- made last year for education campaigns. >>a lot of people say they really like it, what my goals are and how i am a faithful christian and how they like that i'm trying to serve god. >>in 18 days he has raised $1200 . he tells reaching his harvard goal will help make his american dreams come true. >>i really want my future to be an ivy league college and then perhaps get into politics and get a degree in law. >> michael's full payment of $11,500 is due to harvard by may. he is also waiting to hear back about several other scholarship opportunities that he has applied for. >>to talk about a guy who was so focused and determined.>> he has already gotten in and i'm sure he's going to raise all the funds. >>let's get to our forecast. something that may surprise you, those temperatures this morning, 30s and 40s.
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take a warm jacket as you head toward the door. dirty 9 degrees. -- 39 degrees. i want to show you our satellite radar composite. we are looking at cloudy skies this morning. a lingering shower across southern portions of cumberland county. other than that most of us are on the dry side. carrier temperatures, 39 raleigh durham. 37 henderson and roxborough . low 40s around the sandhills. let me walk you through your day hour by hour: we will be at 30 7 am. 10 am temperatures 41 degrees. 48 at noon. temperatures continue to climb. 54 is our afternoon high.
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return and the signs of improvement for what is ahead for the week. here we are at noon. we are looking at increasing sunshine. we will continue to see more sunshine throughout the afternoon. clear skies overnight tonight. this is what you need to pay attention to. this is making a very cold morning tomorrow morning. we're tracking a frost advisory that will go into effect tomorrow morning. in the meantime, let's look at this temperature trend. we climb about 10 degrees by tomorrow afternoon to 63. we continue that warm-up. we're back to 70 on thursday. 77 on friday but there is a chance for rain on friday morning. 57 in sanford and lillington, 58 fort bragg, 59 pinehurst for today.
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raleigh in cary . 53 entrance 11 -- durham. the frost advisory goes into effect at 4 am and continue through 9 am. in the triangle we will drop to write around 33 degrees. -- right around 30 degrees. tomorrow we will see the temperatures climb with our 63 -- right around 30 degrees. tomorrow we will see the temperatures climb with our 6310 i would 63 being our high. 77 thursday will be a chance for late a shower wrapping up friday morning and then easter we can, 65 saturday with chance for showers by easter sunday. just about 5:23 on this monday morning. i will send it over with a look at traffic. good morning everyone. let's take a look at what is going on outside for your morning drive. this is i-540 were traffic is moving smoothly at this early morning hours. no major problems to tell you about.
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you about -- that i want to make you aware of . our traffic map is showing a vehicle fire that was reported i-540 eastbound. expect some delays in that area . we're working to get more information. again, if you delays expected. also delays expected project fortify. the shoulder closed between exits to 93 and 301. -- 293 and 301. it is 5:23 in the morning. a teenager is scheduled to be deported in durham.
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coming up: we are continuing to follow breaking news out of durham were a durham police officer was shot. we're getting word that the officer sustained minor injuries and that the shooting happened at this -- the jail . a johnson county man accused of killing 2 people last week is scheduled to appear in court today. coming up, with the victims family members have to say.
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and it is not going away. we have the details of what is going to be a new frost advisory. you're going to get up this
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. we do have breaking news to get to. an officer is hurt and overnight shooting. a live report from the scene just ahead. >>new developments in a double murder in johnson county. also, a chilly morning but we're not through with it yet. we have more details on the frost advisory coming to the area. good morning, let's get you straight over to our storm team meteorologist it. >> we're talking about temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. they will drop into the low and mid 30s tomorrow morning. if you planted anything, take
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for the temperatures drop overnight. right now we are looking at cloudy skies with a sprinkler to toward cumberland county. other than that, for the most part, we are on the dry side. yesterday we saw some drizzles, -- drizzle, light rain later in the day which still have the roads wet this morning. sanford you are at 38. filer city checking in at 39 degrees. here's a look at your forecast today -- siler city checking in at 39 degrees. here's a look at your forecast today. it will be breezy at time -- times but plenty of sunshine. 54 our afternoon high today and then we are back to 62 by 4 pm. we will see more sunshine as the sunsets later today. more on your forecast and the


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