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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> is there another gorgeous day ahead for us? alyssa corfont will let us know. good morning. >> a look at your morning news and check on traffic before you head out on this wednesday. let's find out first about that forecast. good morning, alyssa. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as well. the good news is, as you mentioned, stefan, warmer temperatures are on the way. s we get the day started, clearer temperatures. 51 in durham and rocky mount is at 48. lillington is at 47. blue skies from start to finish today will be just a bit cool
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a.m. 68 at lunchtime is going to be breezy. gusts near 25 miles per hour. i'll let you know how long the 70s hang around for coming up. right now, let's get an early look at the traffic with kristin. >> good morning, everyone. off to a quiet start on the roads across the area. this is i-40 and reedy road. nothing major popping up on the traffic map, either. we have a ramp closure that will happen across the area tonight. today, though, we have the shoulder closures through project fortify. tonight, we'll have a ramp closure on lake wheeler road that closes at midnight to the i-40 westbound side.
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it's expected to reopen by 5:00 a.m. so if you are planning on traveling the late night hours, keep that in mind. i'll have more weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. breaking news in the terror in brussels. around 3:30 this morning, a belgian state broadcaster identified two of the attackers as brothers. >> last week, khalid's apartment was raided that led them to one of the suspects from a prior bombing. >> now the fbi is sending agents overseas to help belgian officials. >> yesterday's attacks killed 34 people and hurt 450 others including americans. isis has claimed responsibility. >> reporter: a massive manhunt
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suspect that remains at large. the attack came just days after sala abdeslam warned of more attacks. passengers ran in panic after a bomb exploded tuesday morning in the airport. a second blast followed. >> it's something that you kind of are shocked. >> reporter: belgian police say these are the suspects. it's believed the two men in black blew themselves up. there is a manhunt for the third suspect, the one in white wearing a hat. about an hour later, a bomb tore through a subway station that serves as european parliament. >> we received a big blast of air, and the train stopped. >> reporter: people scrambled through the dark tunnel to safety.
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been conducting raids here in brussels. investigators found an explosive device with nails, chemicals, and isis flag. americans are among injured including three missionaries from utah. one of the blasts at the airport knocked 37-year-old seb to the ground. the belgian businessman played college basketball in michigan. his father spoke to us on the phone. >> he saw people dead and people dying. i'm sure that will stay with him for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the belgian prime minister warns more attacks could be coming. he has called for three days of official mourning. a travel advisory has been issued for all of europe warning u.s. citizens to be vigilant. jonathan vigliotti.
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>> and there are warnings against copy cat attacks. durham based quintaub has h. several fly out of the area just moments before the attacks. >> early on in the day, we were able to post a story on our intranet, our internal web site that everyone has access to, to let folks know that everybody in the region was safe and accounted for. that puts people more at ease. >> our coverage of the attacks continues right now on you'll find all of the stories in a special section of our web site. just scroll over the news tab on the home page. aiming so stop at a new
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effect april 1st, and it has to do with which bathroom people should use. emma wright is live at the general assembly with more. emma? >> reporter: it has been really unpopular with some republican lawmakers who say they will do whatever they can to overturn it. according to it, anybody can use the bathroom with whatever gender they identify with. proponents say it will make everyone feel safer and more includes, but opponents say it will do just the opposite. >> we're getting calls from all over the state. my members are calling me. they are hearing from people back home. what they are hearing is that this is even odd that we're having to have this conversation. you know, there are certain things you learned in kippedder garten. one is, you know which bathroom to go in. >> some local lawmakers are
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speaker of the house are trying to pass ordinances that would prevent all cities from passing an ordinance like charlotte did in the future. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. reporting live in raleigh, i'm carolina. the time is now 4:37. still to come, the new information we just learned just hours ago about a crash, a deadly one, in wade county. >> plus this. >> you can't be scared your whole life. you've got to live your life, you know? if you stay at home scared, then they are winning.
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more sunshine out there and perhaps a warm-up? >> yeah.
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the 70s return later today. so it's going to feel nice. the sun doesn't rise until 7:13 this morning. before it rises, i expect to see the temperatures drop. then we'll see the temperatures climb a little quicker after 8:00. 53 by 9:00. here is a live picture at the raleigh-durham international airport. pretty clear skies for the most part. just milder temperatures than we were yesterday. 30s? we don't want to deal with that at this time of year. 42 in sanford. 47 in pinehurst and lillington. fayetteville is checking in at 49. we have more 50s, believe it or henderson. as you are planning your day, plenty of sunshine. 47 at 8:00 a.m. 68 by lunchtime.
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jacket for your lunch hour. 76 our afternoon high. in the 70s hanging around for tomorrow and friday. i'll walk you through the timing of the showers coming up in your complete storm team forecast. the time is now 4:41. a college campus in rocky mount is dealing with the loss of four students. still to come, how classmates plan to honor the victim and new information we learned about the deadly crash.
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later, what the welcome back and good morning. time is 4:44. this morning's top stories. right now, the hunt continues for at least one of the suspects in yesterday's deadly terror attacks in belgium.
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conducting raids searching for a third man. a belgian state broadcaster identified the two attackers as brothers khalid and broheim. the raid of the brothers led to the capture of salah abdeslam. donald trump and hillary clinton waning bin, taking arizona's primary. trump picked up 58 delegates and clinton stands to gain at least 40 of the 75 delegates. state lawmakers head to raleigh for a special session dealing with the controversial charlotte nondiscrimination ordinance allowing those who are transgendered to use the rest room of the gender of which they identify. right now, the airports are stepping up security in light of the terror attacks in brussels. we head to rdu and discover things are running smoothly. united, delta, and american
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brussels for the next couple of days. officials say you should arrive to rdu about 90 minutes before your flight is set to leave. officials say they added more officers as a precaution. we checked with greyhound officials who say they have not added any additional security, but they are on alert. today, 21-year-old bobby bailey is expected in a cumberland county courtroom accused of kidnapping an nfl player. authorities say earl wolfe was visiting friends last month in rayford when police say several men with guns captured him and took him to hope mills. he was later safely released. he plays for the jacksonville having warsp. -- jaguars. near wake forest just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon, troopers say a dump truck rear ended a minivan causing a chain reaction.
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truck in front of it. that truck then struck a fourth vehicle. one man tells us exactly what he heard when it happened. >> all of a sudden, we heard two explosions that sounded like dynamite about two seconds apart. boom, boom. >> michelle bar low died. three other people were hurt. northbound lanes of capital boulevard were closed for about four hours as authorities there investigated. north carolina wesleyan is planning a memorial. this is a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning as breaking news. the four students killed were coming back from dinner when the wreck happened. the school is providing grief counselors.
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are warning about a spike in syphilis cases. last night, the health care providers in wake county came together to hear about the extent of the problem from 2001 to 2014. the syphilis rate more than doubled. experts call it a perfect storm. they point to the rise in dating apps as well as cuts to funding to public health. wake county used to have someone whose jobs what to focus on the syphilis issue. that's not the case anymore. >> when we lose positions, we lose capacity to actually do the intensive intervention and surveillance that we need to. >> reporter: what's especially concerning to the doctors we talked to is even though syphilis is treatable, it can lead people more susceptible to hiv. more than half of the people in wake county who have been diagnosed since the beginning
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another health alert. health officials are warning everyone who travels outside of the country about the mosquito- borne zika virus. >> our investigative team found out when it comes to keeping us safe, the stay hasn't put its money where its mouth is. we have a preview of tonight's special report. >> zika is spread from hume ton human. >> fever, muscle aches, red eyes and a rash. >> we have the mosquitoes here that can transmit the pathogens in all of the counties of north carolina. >> ready or not, they are coming. >> reporter: it lays its eggs in artificial containers in people's backyards, buckets, tarps, plant tarps, its. anywhere where a teaspoon of water may be. >> reporter: if you want to learn about mosquito-borne diseases, talk to stephanie
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>> it is scary to be bitten by mosquitoes these days. >> reporter: a peek inside the fridge in her lab will make you itch. >> we just got our zika virus in this week. >> reporter: right now, she's studying the asian tiger mosquito. they carry zika and other viruses. you might expect that the state is tracking the bugs, right? wrong. we asked the state health director. does the state have the resources to track mosquitoes? >> absolutely, we're putting that into place, jonathan. putting that into place, jonathan. >> reporter: putting that into place because right now it doesn't exist. >> definitely a big concern. tonight at 6:00, we'll show you the impact the cut funding has had and what the state's doing to fix the problem. spring is here. summer is on its way.
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we just had a frostbite temperature yesterday. this morning we're in the 50s. 51 degrees. here is a live picture from the tower camera. just a few cars outside as we start off early on this wednesday morning as we head into the afternoon. mid-70s are going to be back for us. right now on our satellite radar, not a lot going on. we're looking at pretty clear skies right along the virginia border. they are seeing a few extra clouds keeping temperatures around the 50s in roxboro and henderson. raleigh and durham both at 51. we head toward the sand hills, clearer skies and clearer temperatures. 47 in pinehurst. also 47 in lillington while rayford is checking in at 48 degrees. i want to walk you through your day, hour by hour. 8:00 a.m. temperature, 47 degrees. 58 at 10:00 samm. we climb about 10 degrees by noon. 68 there into the 70s boy 2:00. 76 our afternoon high.
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this evening. again, not a cloud in the sky today as we head towards tomorrow. we'll start to see some changes. let's walk through our future forecast. today, not a lot going on. sunshine through lunchtime. sunshine throughout the afternoon. clear skies expected for that drive home. not a lot changes overnight tonight. now tomorrow, we're going to be watching a cold front approach from the west. ahead of that, we'll start to see more clouds, say, by lunchtime. most of the rain is still way back to our west at 5:30 tomorrow evening. most of that is going to arrive throughout the overnight hours. so with all of the sunshine around, you may not be surprised to see that temperatures will be climbing. so 76 our high today. 77 tomorrow. back to 70 on friday. remember that rain moves through thursday night into friday. we continue to see the temperatures drop for saturday. 65 and 69 towards sunday. average for this time of year, right around 66 degrees.
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really going to feel nice. 78 in rayford. 76 in goldsboro and smithfield. 76 in benson later today. around the triangle, also in the mid-70s around raleigh and durham hill near 75. overnight tonight, we'll stay in the low 50s. that's exactly where we are right now. we'll be dry and will be breezy throughout the overnight. today, though, winds could gust as high as 25 miles per hour this afternoon. rain arrives thursday evening into first thing friday morning. then we should be dry by friday afternoon. saturday looks dry. i'm not as impressed with the rain chances right now on easter. 69, still the chance for a few showers. better rain chances, though, as we head into early next week. that's the first look at your seven-day forecast here on your cbs north carolina news. let's send it to kristin with a check on traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we're off to a quiet start on the major thoroughfares in the area. let's take a live look outside at i-440 and u.s. 64.
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increasing just a bit, but overall, things are still moving smoothly. our traffic map showing a few very minor issues this morning. we have one accident in holly springs right now on sunset lake road. there is an accident on wes scott ridge drive. watch for that with the major roads around the triangle are looking okay right now. so 540 and 440 are looking okay. tonight, we'll have a ramp closure. the lake wheeler road ramp to i-40 westbound is going to be closed for repaving tonight. it closes at midnight and reopens tomorrow morning with no weather delays expected. they should be able to reopen by tomorrow. if you are traveling late tonight, you may want to find an alternate route. things are looking good across the area this morning. we'll have more weather and traffic updates coming up in a few minutes. before we go to break here, let's look at what's coming up on this this morning. i'm nora o'donnell.
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this morning, we are waiting for an update about the conditions of two kids involved in a crash in wake county. troopers say 63-year-old janelle brown died after her suv collided with a tractor- trailer.
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in the suv were taken away to med. and a deadly officer- involved shooting involving a hart net county deputy. the family attorney for john livingston says the d.a. will ask the grand jury to consider second degree murder charges against the deputy. he shot livingston three times during an altercation in november. witnesses say livingston was unarmed. the former sheriff says he stands behind the deputy and that he is a good employee. breaking overnight, president obama arrived in argentina for the first state visit by a u.s. president since 1997. air force one landed in buenos aires. he will be welcomed later in the morning by president morrissey at the historic pink presidential offices. >> three, two, one, ignition and liftoff. >> breaking overnight. a cargo ship carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of food, women,
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nasa is headed to the international space station. the restocking is needed following a string of failed deliveries. the gear includes a commercial quality 3d printer and experimental robotic grippers. the shipment is set to arrive on saturday. >> all right. hopefully it makes its mission. time right now 4:57. a manhunt under way in belgium
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 hello and good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina on this wednesday. i'm stefan chase. >> i'm in for russ bowen. lawmakers will come back for a special session concerning a controversial topic. >> kristin ketchell will have a look at the morning commute. first, though, alyssa corfont has the forecast. better, right?
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we're starting off in the 40s and 50s. we're not seeing a and keeping the temperatures off to the south towards the sand hills a little chillier. 47 in lillington. 44 in sanford. here in raleigh, we now dropped a degree to 50 degrees dropping a few more around the durham area at 49. rox borough and henderson still holding on to the 50s. here is a look at the forecast for today. not expecting a lot in the way of cloud cover for sure. gusts could be as strong as 25 miles per hour today. so certainly breezy. 68 at noon. 76 our high with the drying conditions and breezier conditions as well. i want you to avoid burning today. we're back to 73 by 6:00 p.m. another check on how long the 70s will last. right now, sending it to kristin with a check on traffic. >> great looking forecast out


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