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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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starts right now. >> right now at 11, could it be a weekend washout? chief meteorologist, tracking the storm and how it will impact much of north carolina as we head into the holiday weekend. >> we start we are following breaking news. hillsboro road is closed at this summer after a pedestrian was hit and killed by an suv around 8:30 right off interstate 805 near the this stretch will remain closed as police continue their investigation. we do not have any information on the victim's identity. more breaking news. this time, a fatal accident shutting down highway 401 southbound. a bureau sent us this video and we do have a crew on scene working to get more information. we will keep you posted on both
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we put -- we start with another tropical threat. hermine will affect much of north carolina in a big way over the holiday weekend. west has the very latest coming in. we just don't work for the national hurricanes center, 2 minor changes. the big changes, tropical depression 9 became tropical storm hermine and there was a big shift which brought north carolina into play for weather from this tropical storm. the small changes tonight incurred -- involve current conditions. it has strengthened and winds are up to 60 miles an hour. it continues to move northeast taking up a little bit of speed at about 10 miles an hour. still a slow mover in the big scheme of things and that is bad news because florida has gotten a lot of bad rain and they have a lot more to come. as far as the track, there was
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big shift off to the west today. tonight, and over the last 6 hours, we have had a little shift back the other way. we have also had some strength running over the next 24 hours that now could strengthen this to a hurricane. as it heads toward land, around florida, sometime late tomorrow night. this would be the 1st hurricane strike for florida in 11 years. it is the state that gets hit th one in 11 years. this could be the 1st and then, they will have some weakening bringing plenty of moisture up to north carolina sometime very late on friday early into saturday. here is what that he looks like close up. here it is, moving from georgia to south carolina friday night at 8 o'clock and it will move across our state weakening into a depression by late saturday night here that straw in the center line. with the white line, i will put
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line -- excuse me. though it is a little bit to the east and i know it is a small nudge but if we add those up over the course of the next 24 hours, it would be significant to level forecast to nothing is -- significant to our forecast. a big impact over our rain in win situation of the next couple of days. tomorrow, warm and muggy to start off your we start in the low 70s and by 8 near 80 x 9 a.m. -- near 80 at 9 am. several school districts along the florida golf course -- gulf coast had already made the decision to close tomorrow. even though it is not expected to make landfall until friday morning the region which is prone to flooding could see up
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tornadoes and strong winds are also a concern and as wes mentioned, it is expected to move up the east coast and impact us by the weekend. the track has already changed significantly so be sure to download the cbs north carolina weather app where you can get notices for changes as they come in. it is free. or it in your app store found along the cumberland county road is the suspect believed to be involved in a weekend shooting. the body was found behind a home on andrus road just 2 blocks away from the home on what force drive where anthony mcneil, according to deputies, shot and killed his daughters grandfather and said he would kill himself for being arrested here deputies are working to
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durham man. michael highland joins us more with -- joins us with more. >> reporter: in the short-term, he wanted to see some of his relatives. but while locked up, he says he encourages other innocent people to keep fighting. >> reporter: they did not know what would happen today.>> crack crack -- [crying] >> reporter: the moment danny and narrow -- and darrell have worked to achieve is finally here. the judge overturned his double murder conviction. he had been found guilty in 1995 of strangling doris washington and their daughter, was shown to.
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for the 1st time saying he has been innocent all along. >> i told them i did not do it and i fought it every step of the way. i tried to do it myself, at 1st and i realize i cannot do it myself so i had to find some help.>> reporter: the prosecutor is said to have withheld evidence of -- withheld evidence. and also, new points to another suspect. howard has been fighting for 21 years to get out of prison. a fight that he says too many other people are going through. >> as long as they keep riding, they will end up with the same result but you cannot give up. >> reporter: he says his wife never gave up on him. >> we're going to do things that we have not had a chance
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>> reporter: for now, the da is not repealing -- appealing the decision to release him. a tragic accident. the family of 3-year-old leslie ramirez is saying about their death. family address the media today, 2 days after she was found dead in the family minivan, left inside for at least 4 hours before her father found he daughter behind. >> [speaking foreign language] >> -->> translator: i forgot my daughter and a mother would not try to kill her children. donald trump taking center stage in a prime time beach tonight talking about his immigration plan hours after meeting with the president. greg house bill has more on the
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>>, trump told supporters he would triple number of deportation officers. >> i will create a new special deportation test -- task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminals, illegal immigrants, in america. we would use the best technology , including above and below ground sensors. >> earlier, trump crossed the border to be -- to meet with the mexican -- to meet with mexico's president. but later, making it clear that mexico would not a for the wall here >> reporter: hillary clinton pounced on the discrepancy. >> reporter: clinton called the trip a photo op that does not
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>> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it i putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships. >> reporter: clinton has been out of the public eye recently to focus on fundraising. 66% of americans have an unfavorable impression and trump is worst at 23% but trump is shown to be gaining ground on cbs news, the white house. today, this herb -- the supreme court rejected a request to stop the law meaning voters would not have to show id at the polls this november. >> everything that was bad about house bill 509 is off the table.>> reporter: she is senior attorney for 7 coalition of justice and has been
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commonly as the voter id law requiring voters to present id at the polls and cut back on the number of early voting days. rick says the law was about much more than voter id. >> it could lead to only one conclusion and that is that this law was motivated by an intent to discriminate on the basis of race against black voters and violated the constitution. >> reporter: republican leaders say that is not the case >> nobody believes more strongly in voting and having everybody had the chance to both the republican party here >> reporter: wednesday, the supreme court denied the request to temporarily keep the law and pace -- in place. robin hayes tells me that the law was common sense for voting. >> the citizens of north carolina have been cheated by this absolutely absurd ruling by the court. >> reporter: and the governor echoed the same message saying
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been denied a voting rights already granted to more than 30 other states to protect the integrity of one person, one vote through a common sense voter id law. reporting in raleigh, aj for cbs, north carolina. >> today, voter id will not be required at the polls this november. more early voting days are also back in place and the state has until october to appeal the court's decision. >> $50,000 in counterfeit clothes, handbags, shoes and police still need help with the case. suspect there are looking for and where they say this operation took place. >> the state's largest private ambulance company abruptly closing today leave -- leaving hundreds without a job. the latest on that coming up. >> popular breakfast treats
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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tomorrow morning on cbs north carolina -->> you have stopped. you have looked both ways and you are about this -- you are about to cross the street and your life changes forever. that is what happened. >> starting at or:30 on cbs north carolina. -- 4:30 on cbs north carolina. >> the state's largest private ambulance service has closed
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and this will impact much more than those who lost their jobs. group hug! >> reporter: they consoled one another and try to make the best of a bad situation. these employees were at the wade county location and many of them learning just this morning that this date's largest private ambulance service was closing meaning they were out of a job. johnston ambulance service serves 14 counties ac carolina. the owner saying the 45-year- old company had been struggling but increased regulations and trouble collecting from their customers added insult to injury. >> you go to talk with them about it and it is in the system that not had -- but has not gotten through yet. all kinds of excuses but i assume they are trying. it is just not there.
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going to be transported, who is going to be able to come and pick them up in time enough that they can get to where they need to go. >> reporter: her mother uses just often and that the emts went above and beyond. >> they were good. they were. >> reporter: just one of many facilities across the state that relies on their nonemergency transport and dialysis care. they were left scrambling today trying to find a new provider.>> reporter: the ambulance service has stepped johnson county, today, they received a license to operate. several jazz employees saying they have already received job offers from samaritans. >> we move some to johnson county and we will move more down there tomorrow to meet the needs, specifically. >> reporter: amy gardner, cbs, north carolina.
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selling counterfeit goods. clothes, shoes, pockets coming -- purses and hats. also new tonight, investigators in new jersey say a north carolina woman and young mother died in police custody. officials say the 21-year-old katie thomas of evelyn was in custody charged in possession of drug paraphernalia found unresponsive and not breathing while in custody and no word on how she died. a recall alert tonight for a popular dessert snack. recalling several brownies and muffins. the ones you see here. the variety 20: with the varieties may have uses a plastic at least one injury has been reported and they were delivered to the north carolina retailers over the past 2 weeks
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you can take them back to the store for a full refund. >> we are not the only ones dealing with the tropical threat over the weekend. this is the satellite image of madeleine and lester on their way to hit hawaii. both are expected to affect the islands over the holiday weekend. lester remains a hurricane. people on the islands are not taking any risks. i am in the weather center with wes felenstein. west, you know that we keep tomorrow starts september. >> i think we are okay saying goodbye to august because it was another hot month. and it was just a few days ago that it was 99 degrees and that was our hottest day of the month. our coolest day, coolest morning, that was on the 24th. before degrees and we only get 3 inches of rain. that is about an inch and a half or an inch and a quarter below normal but we were made more than 7 inches above for
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having a good rain year but it was not a great rain month and a little bit of that has to do with the fact that we had 23 days in the 90s so goodbye august and hello september. we are also going to say hello to hermine here in north carolina. not a lot of rain. some showers on the coast. we will have a little bit of rain tomorrow as we wait on that cold front here, no hermine has taken the headlines today here but the cold front is still coming so for a while and tomorrow starts off at 71 degrees. we are up to 79 at 9 o'clock. 90 will be the high and we will be technically cooler than today but it will be hot and 20%-30% chance of showers and thunderstorms as the cold front has our way so let's switch gears and talk tropics. what exactly we have coming over the next couple of days because the big story earlier today was the shift and that shift in the track means that
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i don't want to say this weekend. but i'm talking, today's. friday, we will have impacts. the hurricane hunters are still out there working hard for us tonight and they have found a stronger tropical storm. wins were up to 60 miles an hour and moving a little bit master but still slow already bringing moisture to florida and that is what it is doing moisture and it is going to jump -- jump up and down the east coast over the next couple of days. will start with the computer models because that was the 1st hint that we got over the past 24 hours that there was going to be a shift and tonight, we're kind of scratching our heads a little bit gust like to watch the trends -- because we like to watch the trends but the cluster has become more spread out tonight and that relays uncertainty to us and
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why i want to wait another 24 hours because i think there is going to be more ships as we head into tomorrow. attract tonight, in case you missed it at the top of the newscast -- after a big shift west earlier today, there was a little nudge back to the east and another change. this could become a hurricane by tomorrow night before it makes landfall in the panhandle of florida and weakening to a tropical storm crossing the into virginia late saturday night so it will be over us late friday into early saturday and i showed this earlier. this is the centerline track from right now but there is where it was earlier today so it did shift a little bit to the east. for us, the wind situation has changed a little bit. and i want to pick it up late friday night when 40 mile an hour winds could be moving into the sandhills. moving into the triangle the early morning hours of saturday
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if that is the center, everything else is to the east and another couple of shifts to the east will change our forecast drastically. winds along the coast are 40 miles an hour and we should be clear by lunchtime but tomorrow, the cold front approaches as hermine approaches from the south. our wet day will be saturday and -- excuse me, friday. and it looks like it is going to happen the 2nd half of friday we clear out on saturday and the 2nd half of saturday as labor day look to be pleasant but tomorrow, the first day of said timber is still going to be hot. we're talking about a cold front and a tropical storm but it is still going to be hot tomorrow. and wednesday on friday. we drop to 80. we have 70s, believe it or not on saturday with morning rain before sunday and monday become sunny with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s before we warm up to the middle of next week. very busy.
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avenue. this area will be backed up tomorrow for nc state home opener prime time. kick off is that 7:30 and they -- at the tail end of rush hour but troopers say you can expect to see backups all around the arena starting as early as 2 o'clock. in addition to wayte avenue, expect delays around the ridge -- new ridge sports. >> i cannot believe people are concerned about traffic is time to get excited about football. our high school game of the week is a matchup between 2 powerhouse programs. and there is big news for the and there is big news for the east carolina
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will they or won't they? that has been the question so far about joining the big 12. that question was answered today and it is not the answer that pirate fans were looking for. this morning, the big 12 performed and they are no east carolina was one of about 20 schools looking to fill a 2 or 4 spot at the big 12. in a statement this morning, the ecu athletic director said this is not the decision we were hoping for and they did put forth their best effort and that means, at least for now, the pirates remain in the american club. this afternoon, the team announced they signed stevie brown.
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is best year was in 2012 when he finished 2nd in the entire league by hauling in a interceptions. >> in high school football, garner versus middle creek your class using, both teams made the playoffs and they had just 2 regular-season losses combined. in other words, i know it is only week number 3 but when the season is said and done, this could be our game of the year! don't just take my word for it took if you ask them, it is not just huge rivalry of all time.>> this is big and like lane one of the southeast conference games. alabama, auburn, type of deal. >> are you hyped up about that? because you should be. get highlights from that game and many, many more friday night right here on the blitz. stick with high school sports. taking to the soccer field tonight.
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help here 1-0. watch him go. 1st, a header, to tie the game up and moments later, that kick right there in the back of the net tying it up at half but it is not tied anymore. to get their 1st of the season and take this one, 4-3 in double overtime. >> i saved the best for last. yesty, visited a middle school in tallahassee while there middle linebacker spotted a child sitting all by himself. he joined the middle schooler who he found out was later photographed and went viral your you see, he has autism and tells his mother about the struggles of eating lunch alone almost every day but not on tuesday.
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he told his mother about his new friend and she took to social media saying "i am not sure what made this incredibly kind man share lunch with my son but i am happy to say that it will not soon be forgotten. is is one day that i did not have to worry that my sweet little boy ate lunch alone because he sat across from someone who is a hero in so many people's eyes." i will not ask people to change what kind of person he is. >> that is a beautiful moment
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