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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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three separate deadly accidents in the area. what we learned about >> there will be no amnesty. >> if you thought donald trump was softening his approach, think again. the plan should he become president. that's right now on cbs north carolina. >> good morning. thanks for watching. >> we'll get to those big stories but first we have to get to the situation everyone's talking about right now.
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florida and soon on the north carolina coast. storm team meteorologist is tracking it for us. good morning there, alyssa. you've been busy. >> we have been busy. the traffic has changed drastically. right now the storm is located about 295 miles southwest of tampa, florida. still in the gulf of mexico and the latest updates continue to show that this could strengthen into a category one hurricane we'll been monitoring it closely. look at what we're dealing with at home. pretty clear skies. a little bit of fog. very similar to what we were dealing with yesterday. now as far as those temperatures are concerned, pretty mild as well. 72 in raleigh and wilmington. we have 69 right now in henderson. also still in the upper 60s around wayne county towards goldsboro. good morning. you're checking in at 74. your forecast for the day
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86 at lunchtime. 92 our afternoon high. we hit 95 yesterday. still hot and humid. cold front comes through later today. bringing the potential for scattered showers and storms. back to 87 heading towards 6:00 this evening. a closer check in 10 minutes. let's send it to allie. >> if you're traveling through raleigh area 540, 40 moving well. no accidents to report to you a fortify traffic shift overnight. it was postponed until tonight. from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. the open section of 40 west between rock quarry road while they move the lanes. your detour around this is centennial parkway. you can use tryon road to get on to 40 west as well.
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you. 95 moving well. flying out today, maybe somewhere for labor day weekend, looks like you'll be arriving a -- at the major airports on time. things are moving pretty well. while many of us are thrilled that football is back, tonight's game traffic could impact you. cbs north carolina reporter emma wright is live in raleig >> good morning. as most people know it isn't exactly an easy play to get in and out of. there's often a lot of traffic backups. the bet line. we're on 440 right now. it doesn't take too much from an event to really get the roads backed up for several miles in either direction but police are hoping police will hear
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they don't need to be out here. if you are headed to the game highway patrols says you should take some alternative routes. it is backed up on the 440 belt line. wade avenue and edwardsville road. anyone who plans on heading to the game should plan to arrive sooner rather than later. they open at 2:30. kickoff isn't until 7:30. they are places signs that tepid to be the congested warning drivers about the game and they might experience some delays. they hope people will listening. >> a lot of people that's going to be coming into this area and it's also going to be merging with our evening commuters. we're asking people if you're not going to be attending the game if at all possible, avoid this area. >> reporter: now if you are headed to tonight's
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implemented for the 2016-2017 season about what you can and can't bring into the stadium. coming up add 5:00 we'll walk you through some of those new rules. reporting live, i'm emma wright. cbs north carolina. >> pay attention to those signs. thanks. one person has died after a fiery crash in raleigh. this happened a couple of hours ago at i-40 and wade avenue. very few details. we'll continue to bring you woman is dead and a man is facing charges after a crash in garner. it happened at highway 401. a dump truck -- now been charged with misdemeanor death and unsafe movement. >> in a deadly accident in durham no. charges have been filed after an suv hit and killed a pedestrian
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the line and the driver stayed at the scene. no names have been released. we will build a great wall along the southern border and mexico will pay for the wall. >> there was no sign of a softer side. he claimed he told trump mexico wouldn't be footing trump stopped short of deporting all undocumented hsm e planned to get rid of those who commit crime and turned it into a knock on his own opponent. >> i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal
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evaded justice just like hillary clinton has evaded justice, okay? >> e federal government will have the right to choose who stays and goes. he said he would triple the number of officers. a durham murder sptd suspect is a free man this morning. back i found guilty of killing a woman and her daughter. it seemed open and shut at the time but years later his attorneys argued his attorney withheld evidence. yesterday those convictions were tossed but the da could decide to order a new trial. >> for something like this to happen, you have to
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>> for now the da is not appealing howard's release from prison. we'll let you know the moment they decide on if he will be tried again. >> time right now is 4:38. a durham family's giving their side of the story after their child is found dead. >> found her very week. when he pulled her out, her last breath was right there. >> their accounts of the actions leading up to >> the program that could impact hundreds of young adults every year when we come back. >> and very mild as we start off our thursday morning. temperatures right around 70 in smithfield and clinton. more on your forecast and what tropic storm hermine could mean for us coming up next. >> supposed to happen overnight post toned to
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once it goes over the panhandle can it strengthen again? >> it's going to stay over land. >> that's the good news. however it could have winds so this is going to be a big weather event for us. that -- during that time frame but good news is still looks like it's going to clear out just in time for the upcoming weekend. here we are at live picture from our tower camera. 72 degrees. it's pretty quiet as we look out over the belt line this morning. i want to show you the big picture. before we get to tropic storm hermine we have another cold front. that broken line of showers from northern portions
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kentucky. that's the cold front that i'm watching for today. that could bring us a few scattered showers late this afternoon into the evening hours. ahead of that front these temperatures are still going to be very warm, very muggy. 72 in durham and in raleigh. 72 in -- will wilmington. >> then we head into the afternoon with a high of 92. hot and humid. isolated storms first. starting to increase where we should be back around 87. more on the latest track on hermine in just a little bit. >> two days after some were shuttered over an anonymous threat. they reopened yesterday morning as did those in colorado and one in west virginia. another in west virginia and one in connecticut will reopen today after getting the all-clear. there's still no word on what the threat contained.
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operate. the full report on how they will make up what they're losing. that's happening in just about 15 minutes >> . looking ahead now. we could learn today if a teen charged in his grandfather's murder will be tried as an sult. a 15-year-old used a hatchet to kill 63-year-old last month. we'll continue to follow his case and update you as the story develops. >> the family of a durham child says it was all just a tragic negligence is truly without the proper knowledge of what the family is going through. >> now speaking through a translater the father told us he found the girl clinging to life on monday night. she had been there for at least four hours after the return from eating in a restaurant. >> he found her very weak. when he pulled her out her last breath was right there. they are still investigating the girl's death.
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have to show an id when they vote this november. governor pat mccrory asked to set aside another decision and restore this decision. that request was denied yesterday. it was a matter of common sense. those who opposed say the effects went far deeper. >> could lead to only one down one conclusion. the basis of race against black voteers and violated the constitution. >> nobody believes any more stronger in voting and having everybody have the chance to vote than the republican party. >> the state has until the end of october to appeal the decision. >> roll out a new program to give teens a second chance. north carolina is one of only
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oldses wsm e spoke with a local teen who was charged with a misdemeanor. she still has high hopes for her future but she's afraid employers won't be able to look past the bad spot on her job application. >> very scary. i could mess up everything. i'm trying to my best not to do anything. >> today a new misdemeanor program will be introduced for those teens with no adult criminal record t. gives them 90 days cumberland county are charged with misdemeanors each year. all roseville police will wear body cameras while on patrol. they received the money for the initiative through the governor's crime commission. a adds a degree of safety for
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anyone who wasn't filmed whether have it go through a judge. >> the state board of education is set to release the report card this morning. data for all schools in the state including charter schools. the 2014-2015 schools 70% scored a c or below. they saw the highest graduation rate at 86.1%. >> recalling several brownies and reports that they have plastic inside. they were delivered to north carolina stores within the past to weeks. one injury has been reported. >> the college ever charleston has banned fraternities from having local alcohol parties. just one day after the college was listed as one of the top party schools in the country.
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extreme intoxication. incoming freshman say the man almost seemed inevitable. >> growing up i've heard the class of 2016 or 2017 have been rowdy. this first beak and get that e- mail that's proof in the pudding. as of right now the ban isn't set in stone though. the school's president will come up with a permanent solution after a full review. >> a flash flood watch in hawa a in. hopefully you're not spending your labor day holiday out that way. >> it's low season. so it's not quite as crowded and that many vacationers there where as the north carolina beaches it's labor day and oh,
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carolina beaches friday night into saturday, looks a little wet. a lot wet. we'll be honest. >> but after that, sunday afternoon should be much nicer. yeah. the rain should be out of here by then. now new this morning we do have a flash flood watch. now this does not include anyone in our media viewing area. i do want to alert you. it does include portions of the north cana this flash flood watch will go into effect friday morning continue until saturday morning as we watch tropical storm hermine. pretty much half of south carolina. we're expecting this to be a pretty big rain event. so the latest on hermine. expected to strengthen today.
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the gulf coast of florida am category one hurricane as it crosses into georgia. it loses some of the characteristics becoming a tropical storm as it approaches our area late friday into saturday testimony moves up towards the new england area. a remnant low by monday evening. what does that mean for us. heavy rain and some wind. that doesn't arrive friday afternoon. 72 degrees. pretty quiet conditions at the international airport. and before we even get to the tropics we have a cold front that will come through today. this cold front up to our north is morning. very broken line of showers there. those showers and storms expected for us as we head to lates this afternoon into the evening. in the meantime it's a pretty mild and muggy start. 69 in henderson and roanoke rapids no. where near
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mornings. so hour by hour for you today. 82 at 10 a.m. 86 at lunchtime. we may go et to the -- get to 92. we're dry through lunchtime. after that scattered showers and storms for us. there is the cold front coming through today and that will head into overnight tonight. a few lingering showers. this a first ban of tropical storm hermine. they start to move in. the rain continues as we head to friday night. the oranges and red indicating heavy down tour into early saturday morning. saturday, 9 a.m. we're still dealing with heavy rain. should be moving out of here shortly after. 94 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we're going to drop to near 70. as we head into the seven-they forecast, 78 tomorrow
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saturday. drier for sunday and monday. monday still looking nice with a high of 86. 4:54 right now. let head things over to allie. >> i'm surprised to hear that number. unfortunately it's going be rainy. not something we have to deal with for the morning commute. a dry one. and right now nothing too bad out there. we do have overnight construction. it's going to happen tonight. they're doing -- it. 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. tomorrow morning 40 west between rock quarry road and saunders street. your detour and left on to -- southbound travelers can use tryon road. that's all for tonight. if you're heading into durham no issues to report to you there. and your drive times nothing
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already made a big impact in florida and it hasn't even made land fall yet. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. starting youur showed you is expected to curve its way up. storm team meteorologist has been tracking it for us. nonstop and another change i think i heard you over there saying. a lot of rain associated with this it's migrating closely sot


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