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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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north carolina news at 4:30 starts now. hurricane hermine made land fall in florida overnight. once finished there, it's headed our way. >> a state of emergency has been declared in 33 koun tus. >> we are going to cover all that throughout the morning, but fi w storm team meteorologist. where is the storm right now? >> well, combies, the storm made land fall right awe long the panhandle. winds at 80 miles per hour. since then that, storm has continued to move northeast. should be crossing into georgia. you can kind of see the center of the rotation here. we'll get an update here within the next half hour of exactly where the storm is, but i want to move you up the coast. already, that rain starting to
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through charleston through columbia, south carolina. there's been from time to time tornado warnings. that threat should mainly stay along the coast. here around our area in central north carolina, most of us on the dry side, but those outer bands already making their self known across the portion of the sand hills. rain in fayetteville. most of the northern communities still on the dry side, but if you are not seeing the rain, you are likely going to wake up to a in raleigh. 72 lewisburg and durham. 70 in henderson and roanoke rapids. your forecast for the day ahead, it's going to be wet for us. 73, some patchy fog at 8 a.m. 76 at noon. rain likely. rain heavy at times. all in all around our viewing area between 2 and 5 inches of rain. 78, our afternoon high. ly let you know when the rain and wind will taper off. we'll have a look at all the
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ten minutes in your storm team forecast. well, storm preparations are underway right now from here to the coast for this storm. >> she is live in the mobile news tracker with the latest on this state of emergency. emma. >> it looks like we may be having issues getting that signal for emma. we'll try to get back to her as soon as possible to see how conditions look. in the meantime, let's check in with allie and see what we can expect today. folks are going to work. >> you know, i think that's good motivation to head into work if your law boar day plans are going to be a little rainy, at least you know if you are at work, you are not missing anything. taking you to our maps here, we have one breakdown out there already this morning. it is right here on corporate center drive. stalled car nc 54 chapel hill road. no major delays. travel to durham looks good. if we take you down through
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there on time. airport travel conditions, we are going to be watching these for you all morning long. so far, i just checked the rdu web site. if you are flying out, it looks like your flight should be arriving on time and american airlines and delta, as well, are offering to reum burs you for flights out of wilmington airport and heading south. more details on that coming up in our 5:00 hour. of course, if you can get are flying out of rdu on time. a live look outside now i-40 at rock quarry road at 4:33 this morning. so far so good on the roads. we'll be here throughout the morning to watch that change as that rain moves in. >> thanks so much. we've got good news, the signal is back up. we are going to get right back over to emma wright to see what's happening in the mobile news tracker. emma. >> well, the state emergency
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state started preparing for this hurricane yesterday. he says right now, of course, a lot of the focus is on the coastal cities and towns, but he says they are also looking here in raleigh where there could be some flooding if we do get that heavy rain they've been talking about. we are going to fif you a quick look at the roads. everything is dry. not too many people out at 4:30. the state emergency management director says they are staying in close contact with the national hurricane center and they've also reached out to other counties, especially ones on the coast, to find out what they need. the state says they have readied their emergency vehicles especially ones for swift water rescue and also encouraged local fire and rescue departments to do the same. the state's emergency operation center will be activated this afternoon and will be up and running throughout the storm. >> i would encourage people to stay off the roads primarily friday night.
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fast. we think people will be able to get to where they need to go pretty fairly early on saturday. but, you know, driving on the roads late at night when you're having heavy rains and gusty winds, that's not a good idea anyway. >> lots of people are concerned about the holiday travel combined with the rain from this hurricane. coming up in our next half hour at 5:00, we are from state highway patrol. reporting live in the mobile news tracker, i'm emma wright, cbs north carolina. >> okay. thank you. as a reminder, this is a great time to download our cbs north carolina weather app. do you have it? if not, you can stay up to date even if the power goes out so make sure you get it for your phones. in other news this morning, a man is in critical but stable condition after a shooting in durham. as of a couple hours ago, police
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custody. we'll let you know as soon as we get an update on the investigation. more information is expected to be released today about a deadly pileup in garner. this happened yesterday at the intersection of andora springs road. john bergman ran a red light causing a crash that left tyrone dead. we should get a copy of the accident report in just a few hours. we'll update you as soon as we receive it. child injured in what deputies are calling an accidental shooting. it happened last night not far from columbia. deputies saw the two sisters were shot inside a house. both parents were inside the home at the time. the father's hand was grazed by bullet as well. the two-year-old girl did die. the four-year-old girl is expected to survive. two north carolina men will walk free from prison today after their sentences were
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north carolina were both serving life in prison on drug convictions from the '90s. the two men make up several from our state who will see their sentences commuted over the next several months. for roughly five minutes, it appears next week would be a quiet one when it came to presidential visits, but it turns out that would not be the case. the visits begins tomorrow. that's in fayetteville where governor mike pence will hold a rally. tuesday, donald greenville while tim kaine heads to -- he's also expected to attend a private fundraiser in chapel hill, and on thursday, clinton will be in charlotte for a fundraiser there. so very, very busy here in north carolina, and we are some ways off from the election. >> yeah. it all starts saturday. >> that's right. all right. time right now is 4:37 on your friday morning. the former stanford student at the center of a sexual assault
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why he's getting off after serving only half of his six-month sentence. plus, colin kaepernick under fire, this time for something that happened three weeks ago. the photos that are drawing criticism from law enforcement in 15 minutes. temperatures are in the low 70s. pretty mild. 70 in roanoke rapids. but it's the rain that's moving in with what is still hurricane hermine. i'll have the details on that next. if you are heading out the
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. so you know, we are just looking at the radar, but we're already seeing some of those outer, outer, outer bands right here right now. >> yeah. they're falling across portions of the sand hills. we have a number of watches, warnings, advisories to get to
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but we have tropical storm warning in effect for all those counties shaded in orange. now, no one in our immediate viewing area is included in this, but you can see much of the coast is through the outer banks, through wilmington, surf city, all involved in that. tropical storm watch up towards elizabeth city. now, bringing you closer to our viewing area, we have a flash flood watch now in effect across the sand hills through sat morning. won't go into effect here in wake county until later today, but, again, 2 to 5 inches of so certainly low-lying areas will be the first to see some heavy rain collect, and then we'll start to see some of those more flood prone areas as well. we also have a wind advisory that will go into effect this afternoon. this mainly includes the sand hills. you can see hope, cumberland, samson and wayne counties included in that. wind gusts could top out between 35 and 45 miles per hour during that time frame. here they come through
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the big picture showing the bulk of this system down across southern portions of comba ga, northern portions coming up within the next half hour. i'll have a closer look at that in just a little bit. after just three months behind bars on sexual assault convictions for former stanford swimmer brock turner will walk out of jail a free man today. back in march, a jury found turner guilty of sexually assaulting a drunk and unconscious woman. the case made headlines at the time but really took on the world's attention when a judge's sentence of six m half of that as long as he maintained good behaviors and currently set to be released later today. it is currently 4:42 in the morning right now. round one of storms is over for hawaii. as for round two, it is looking rough this morning. what the islands are expecting to see this weekend, plus the pope is preparing to bestow one of the catholic church's highest
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hermine has now been reduced to a tropical storm. it made land fall in florida as a hurricane overnight, the first time such a storm has come ashore there in 11 years. hard to believe. hermine is packing winds of up to 80 miles an hour. it's already left thousands without power from overnight. we'll have a full report on how it could impact north carolina in just about four minutes. an elderly man is facing charges in the pileup that left another man dead in garner. po springs road and timber drive. it's believed 73-year-old job bergman was driving under the influence when he ran a red light killing tyrone pugh. the second suspect in the so-called slenderman stabbing is set to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. the milwaukee journal sentinel reports the now 14-year-old girl
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and another girl repeatedly stabbed a classmate to appease a fictional character. the girl was left for dead but survived thanks to a passing cyclist. the other girl already entered the same not guilty plea. instead of sitting, coloin kaepernick dropped to one near during the national anthem last night. practice footage from last month shows the san francisco 49ers quarterback wearing socks that feature cartoon pigs dressed as police officers. the socks to protest rogue cops and as someone with police officers in his family, he says he respects law enforcement. he has vowed to protest during the national anthem until significant change is made regarding racial oppression in this country. frms during her life she was also called the saint -- this sunday the woman who dedicated her life to the poor will take on a different name. thousands will gather as pope
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for some, she has become just a name associated with kindness. for others, they felt she relied too much on faith and soo little on medicine. she remains a figure of controversy to this day. for many, especially catholics, her legacy can be summed up in this speech she gave during the 40th anniversary at the united nations. >> i have picked up from the streets hundred people, and by give k them to eat, by giving them a bed to sleep, i have red that the lonely, the unwanted is not so easy, and so then you and i must come forward and share the joy of loving, that we cannot give what we don't have. >> mother teresa died in 1997. since then, the catholic church attributed two miraculous healings to her. georgetown university is
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wrong by offering preferential treatment to the descendants of slaifs. in 1838, the school sold 272 slaves to pay down its debts. the descendants of those slaves will now get an extra look and added consideration should they apply to the prestigious school. some graduates say it's long overdue gesture. >> if somebody had written a check in 1838 that wiped out the university's debts, there's no doubt in my mind that buildings will be named after that person would be celebrated, and his descendants would have no problem whatsoever being admitted to georgetown, even down unto this day. >> it's believed those descendants number between 10 and 15,000. space x still trying to come to terms with a massive setback this morning. wow, take a look. a test firing for a rocket ends in a massive fire ball at cape canaveral in na fla. it was hauling $195 million
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expand internet access into africa. that rocket was designed to be used as part of a plan to transport people into space. as of right now, those flights are still set for next year, but it's unknown how the schedule will be impacted. well, after mostly dodging tropical storm madeline. hawaii is bracing for a second storm right behind it. as for madeline, it was mostly more bark than bite. >> it's been worse. stuff, and on the lower-lying areas, a friend lives down the road, and the rocks out in front of his property get moved around, big boulders sometimes. so this doesn't look that bad to me. >> several roads and a bridge that were closed because of flooding have already reopened, and all county and state services have resumed. on our coast, you know, desput the fact that it's been downgraded from a hurricane, it still has a lot of rain.
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amount of moisture is not going to -- >> this typically happens when the storm makes land fall. yeah, we see it weaken, but it still has winds at 70 miles an hour. keep in mind, a hurricane is 74. so really a very strong tropical storm still. it's moving to the north-northeast about 14 miles per hour chl on that track, it looks like it will move through eastern north carolina late tonight, first thing tomorrow morning. still around the outer banks as we head towards, say, tomorrow te it is going to weaken considerably as we head towards the rest of saturday and as we head towards sunday and early next week. but you can see right now, it's located over georgia. it's going to continue to move along the east coast. that's when it will bring us the most rain is late tonight into tomorrow morning. we are talking about heavy downpours, 2 to 5 inches of rain expected around central north carolina. so we'll get to that in a moment. i want to talk about all these watches and warnings still in
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orange. this pretty much goes upright to our viewing area, but mainly off to our east including newbern, the outer banks, wilmington, surf city. includes myrtle beach, south carolina, as well. we also have a flash flood watch. for some of you down around the sand hills, this has gone into effect. we'll continue through tomorrow morning. remember, we are going to see a significant amount of rain with this event, and we're also going to be dealing with very gusty winds. we are looking at this wind advi s saturday morning for these counties shaded in this light beige color. this includes the sand hills, includes hope, cumberland, samson, and wayne counties as we head into this afternoon. where is it raining already? the light rain is starting to move across portions of cumberland and samson county. steadier rains still off to our south. this system still bringing a lot of moisture with it. you can see it spinning up towards georgia. they are seeing those heavy
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portions of georgia. those have come to an end for the time being. that could be a threat that could continue up the coast of south carolina, possibly up our coast, as well. i don't think we'll see that big threat, though, here in central north carolina. so that's good news for us at least. your forecast for the day ahead, do not be caught without the umbrella. 73, some patchy fog at 8 a.m., 76 at noon. 78 our afternoon high. much, much cooler than where we were yesterday. 76 heading into the 6:00 hour. it's going to be one of those days that the rain is going to continue make sure you're allowing extra time to get to that destination safely. so 7 a.m., pretty steady rain falling around the sand hills. this continues to spread north ward at lufrmg time -- lunchtime we're still seeing the rain pick up in intensity and coverage. 6 p.m. dealing with heavy downpours at that point in time. this continues into the overnight and into first thing saturday morning, but you'll notice a lot of this starting to gravitate towards our northeast about 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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the clouds, though, are going to stick around. 78 our high in raleigh today. 77 in durham. 79 in fayetteville. tonight, we are dropping into the mid 60s. the rain, the wind still around. as we head into the next few days, there's morning showers saturday. we'll see significantly more sunshine for the rest of this holiday weekend. 82 on sunday. labor day still looking fantastic. 86 and wall-to-wall sunshine. 90s return by next wednesday. 4:53 right now. >> good morning. commute does not look now and beat the rain than wait because no delays. we do have a stalled car out there, but we are not seeing this really affect traffic near corporate center drive at nc 54 chapel hill road. travel through durham looks good. if you are planning on taking 85, the dot has issued an alert that expects major delays because of major roadwork going on as you head toward closer to virginia plus that rain from the storm. if you are heading through fayetteville, no problems to report to you there. if you are heading out to work,
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540, u.s. 64 going to take you only about 24 minutes there, taking 540 toll road, about 16 minutes overall not too bad of a ride into work bright and early on this friday morning. outside now the parkway east of u.s. 1 where not too many people are out there just yet. before we go to break, here is a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> coming up, star pedro pascal inside the series about the real a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients
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the city of fayetteville is still trying to work out a plan to pay for a minor league baseball stadium. yesterday, members of the city's baseball committee called the meeting and quickly went into closed session to talk about the potentially $35 million project. we are told they are looking at various ways to increases. >> trying to negotiate terms of a contract, an agreement. trying to find the money. you have certain conversations that we have to have behind the scenes while you're negotiating it. >> city council is scheduled to meet again next week and could get closer -- a closer look at the funding options under consideration. wal-mart is cutting 7,000 jobs while also promising to relocate those workers. the company says the cuts will come in the form of accounting
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those employees will be given the option of taking on another role at wal-mart. the company admits some of those new positions may pay less, though, but since others will get better opportunities out of the change. two of gene wilder's greatest films will be back in theaters this weekend as a tribute to the late actor. >> if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. >> some amc theaters will screen y factory and blazing saddles tomorrow and sunday. we checked. you can catch blazing saddles at the amc south point 17. as for willy wonka, regal is actually showing that one tomorrow at the north hills stadium 14. my parents' favorite. i mean, they would be cracking up watching blazing saddles. >> love that. 4:57 is your time right now. tropical storm hermine could have a huge impact on your holiday weekend plans. >> our team is tracking the storm and talking with first responders about what you need
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your guide to stay safe. all of that and much more in our
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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. >> we just bunker down, and we pray. >> you heard it. people in florida hunkering down as tropical storm her jb mine lashes the coast. hello and good morning. thanks for watching cbs north carolina. >> i'm russ. we'll hear more on how florida is dealing with therm second. alyssa, you've been busy with this thing for several days, not to mention the one before that, too. >> yeah. certainly been a busy week, guys. hopefully next week will bring calmer conditions for sure. right now, this storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm. this is typical when we see these storms roar ashore. it made land fall early this morning as a category 1 hurricane, winds at 80 miles per hour bringing drenching rain across the southern portions of


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