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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it's not safe for us to stay here so we have to leave. tracking hermine. the first hurricane to strike florida in more than a decade weakened into a tropical storm ain't' moving over the carolinas. >> roorntle night you what's next as it takes aim add mid- atlantic states. >> good morning and 6:00 a.m. i'm justin quesinberry and i'm beairshelle edme. hermine could still put a damper on weekend plans as it
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ying. kristen ketchell is taking track >> we'll go to coverage with a. j. things are different compared to the overnight hours. >> yes, a lot difference thankfully. on the oak pretty calm in comparison to what it was all week. we were all, to around mid night. it poured on and off, thunder and lightning, different conditions which left, as you may be to see behind me, some bad road conditions, this is in the a body of water that i'm standing in front of.
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it used to be a road. these are houses and rentals all along the coast. people are looking for beach front property on labor day. that being said, this is what brunswick county officials were people people about, specifically, a lot of water. we spoke to the mayor of island. she said expect about 45,000 people in town. the thing that officials warned about is driving through these waters. people here said that some were not listening. >> i would not drive through that water. it's rough stuff and you don't know what's in that water? >> reporter: that was mose ray. he lives over the street.
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says he sees lots of people moving in and out. today, as i mentioned, is a lot different. one thing that's a little strange that stuck around, it is a lot cooler. i just checked the temperatures here, in the mid-60s. a lot different. we'll be here through the rest of the morning keeping you up- to-date on the conditions on >> thanks, a. j., stay say. where a. j. is, we have seen conditions improving but that's not case for most of the north carolina coast, unfortunately. the heaviest stuff still off to our east and that's impacting the outer band pushing into virginia where you see the yellow and orange on the radar. that's getting messing. we had reports upward of five
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carolina coast. we have seen the same here. hermine, the center of circulation pushing offshore right now. still a very healthy tropical storm, 60 mile-per-hour winds, gusting to 70. it's pushed offshore a bit, moving to the east-northeast. it will continue to pick up a little bit of speed here throughout the day today. going to pick up speed as it exits north carolina and it moves over the open waters here. w atlantic over the next several days, causing issues for folks from maryland to delaware and all the way through parts of the new england area, so major ramifications for labor day plans here for a lot of folks up and down the eastern seaboard here. at this point, across central north carolina, where advisories continue until 8:00 a.m. you can see the areas high lated in brown there.
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-- issue for these folks. keep that in mind. as a. j. mentioned, it's caller this -- cooler this morning. in the 60s and through much of the morning before we see temperatures rising into the 70s. we'll get rid of some of that wet weather as we have throughout the day. tomorrow, a little warmer, much drier with a high temperature of 82 degrees. a lot of people left their beach plans or put them at least through last night and into this morning. many people heading out and about to continue with their labor day plans. we are checking in right now with cbs north carolina's ali worschesky. >> good morning. if you did postpone your plans to travel, you are in luck. we are on 40 east in johnson
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that overnight rain and it does continue to fall. so far, not been anything that has affected our visibility out here. one thing to keep in mind, hydroplaning, always, extremely dangerous when we do have wet roads but so far, extremely quiet at 6:05 this morning. so, again, if you are heading out to the beach and hoping to kind of enjoy your labor day after the storm, it does not look like it's going to be a we'll be out here all morning long monitoring the conditions out on the road. we'll let you know of any change, any slick spots that we find. >> touch. luckily, looks pretty smooth. but some people are waking up and finding major damage their homes. >> one resident had tropical
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road. >> i don't think that i have ever seen him jump that high before. we are all okay and everything. >> the homeowners tell us there is a hole through the roof and truss damage. rod pearson plans to throw a tarp. he hopes to make repairs in the next couple of days. we'll have more from lauren half land coming up in our next half as a reminder, this is a great time to download our weather app so you can keep track of the storms and how to keep your family safe. time now is 6:07. the race for the white house has plenty of campaign stops in the tar heel state next week. coming up, you'll hear when and where those candidates will be appearing. and several people had quite the square friday. up next, how a tree ended up causing a lot of problems on
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welcome back to north carolina. last night, some people
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narrowly missed injury after a tree fell on the highway. it happened around 9:15 at night as wind and rain was passing through moore county. this is one of several incidents in moore county where first responders were called to respond to downed power lines and fallen tree limbs. we had some trees uprooted. definitely a messy evening but conditions are improving a little bit at least this >> they are t although this mornings i in the add little bit of wind shifting my car. nothing terrible, as you saw ali reporting. >> and a lot of people put off their plans heading to the north carolina coast. so the drive should be okay, at least once the sun comes up here. let's take look outside. we still have some heavy rain falling. along the i-95 corridor. so we are seeing some those
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bailie, even down towards smithfield ills where we are seeing the heavy rain, downpours that may cause some spots, reduce visibility. so be careful. this is all part of tropical storm hermine which you can see the heavier showers now actually pushing out of north carolina and into parts of virginia and maryland right now. so we'll watch this closely. it is moving out to the northeast here. it will be out over open water soon ain't will stay over open water days. in its wake, we still have issues as far as the wind goes. wind advisory in effect for halifax county, edge comb for 15 to 20 miles per hour winds with gustings up to 45 possible. here is a look at the current wind gust now, 22 mile-per-hour gust in lewisburg, henderson, 24 miles per hour in raleigh 26 miles per hour in fayetteville. breezy morning here. temperatures in the 60s across the area.
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upper 70s today. a cooler day for us. tropical storm hermine is moving to the northeast. if you are planning on heading to the beaches today, things are looking okay as we head into this afternoon. but scattered showers this morning will give way to mostly cloudy skies by lunchtime, 70 degrees at noon. 79 at 3:00. partly sunny and 77 at 6:00. all the detail also be coming up in your complete storm team forecast. >> 6:13 right now. af man is released released in durham. his conviction over turned. darryl howard reflects on his first day as a free man. and more on tropical storm
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thanks for starting your money us. the time right now is north carolina obtained a report on the officer-involved shooting. the 911 caller is terry's girl friend. 80 cars were stolen in august alone in the city. that's 30 more than the regular monthly average. now, they are reminding you to lock your car, hide your
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cars running unattended overnight, tropical storm hermine picked up speeds with wind gusts of up to 20 miles per hour here. the severe weather brought heavy rain to the carolinas there were injuries from a possible tornado. hermine's effects are being felt across our state with power lines going down the here is -- here is the latest look at duke state. about 20,000 people are without power. hermine will not ruin the national soccer tournament across the area. games will be shortened. indiana governor and republican vice-presidential mike pence has canceled his trip to fayetteville today due to the storm. pence was supposed to speak at the crown complex this
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any plan to reschedule but come tuesday, north carolina will once again be ground zero in the race for the white house. donald trump, tim kaine and former president bill clinton all set to be in the hard teal statement trump will hold a rally at the greenville convention center. tim kaine ills set to give a major national security speech in wilmington. he is then scheduled to be at a fundraiser and former president bill clinton is going to be discussing his wife's presidential candidacy in durham. new development this is morning in the ongoing legal pat will over house bill 2. a lawyer for the aclu representing two student and an employee of the unc system tells the associated press that case over house bill 2 is being pushed back from its november
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that stops university from enforcing the law. the durham county district attorney will not retry a man released from prison earlier this week after having his double murder conviction overturned. darryl howard was with his wife nanny yesterday when he got the news. he was convicted in 1995 of killing doris washington and her daughter, na shonda. hills attorney argued that the attorney general mike nyfong withheld evidence. >> this kind of stuff keeps happening. it was clear. the part that hurt me the most is they knew i didn't do it. they knew before they arrested me that i didn't do it. >> now that howard want be retried, it's not clear if durham police will reopen the case and pursue another suspect. back to the big story of the morning. and that is the weather and
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for us. >> looking at rainfall reports. we had a gusts over the outer banks. 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts, 13 inches of rain at cedar island. there has been significant wind and rain along much of the north carolina coast. we have had some significant rain of our own here over the past 24 hours. and it's still raining in some spots. this is a look at our satellite and radar right now. you can see some of the heavier showers right along the triangle and points to the west right now but still some showers and wind. a definite possibility today as far as rainfall goes, here is a look at the 24 hour totals. more than two inches of rain in many locations across the area, right around two inches in the triangle, 3.2 inches in moore county. over three inches in parts of cumberland county, parts of wayne county and the closer you get to the coast here, the heavier the rain was so well
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some higher amounts, as i just mentioned, right along the outer banks, up wards of six, seven inches of rain in several locations but we are seeing tropical storm hermine start to lift out to the northeast and it has now picked up speed moving at about 21 miles per hour. it will continue to pull out the area today. we'll be left with just a few spotty showers in its wake here as we head through the afternoon and into early this evening. we do have wind advisory effect for halifax county, edge comb county, wilson county. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. and when those wind advisories expire at 8:00, they'll still be breezy across the entire region. 22 mile-per-hour in lewisburg and help ter done. 26 miles per hour in rocky mount. also 26 miles per hour gusts in fayetteville. 30 mile-per-hour wind still gusting in goldsboro right now.
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seeing some these trees coming down because of how wet the ground is. definitely use some caution as you're out and b we may have some limbs falling on to power lines and road this morning until early this afternoon. it's 65 degrees right now in raleigh. 66 in durham. clayton, 67. 66 in lillington. it's cooler outside this morning and, this afternoon, we can expect temperatures to top out just shy of 80 degrees for most temperature. chances of showers continuing it through about 10:00 this morning. as hermine's precipitation wraps around, we'll still see a small chance earn isolated shower as we continue through this evening as well but sky also generally clear out today. hermine starts to move to the northeast here. expect some clearing skies as we head through this afternoon into this evening but, again a small chance of an isolated shower lingering.
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so cooler and rest humid here but hermine lingers offshore of the mid-atlantic states. it will still cause issues for folks to the north through the end of the labor day weekend. here, we are staying dry. temperatures in the 90s by the end of the week. we have a chance of a few showers, especially east of i- 95. isolated showers lingering then we start to dry out overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. we'll get rain of those cloud with sunshine on the way. the latest on tropical storm hermine here. you can see that we have the center of circulation sitting on shore. it's booking to the east- northeast at 21 miles per hour. so, again, still going to be an issue for folks across the mid- atlantic here as we continue through the rest of the day today. of course, we have the tropical storm warnings in effect until
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expect high around 79 degrees today 82 to. 86 degrees for monday, up to 92 on wednesday, back in the low 90s on thursday and friday. of a we get through some of those showers that are out there right now, we'll be dry through the rest of this week. low humidity for the next few days but the heat and humidity are back by about wednesday. >> it was a little jolting when i stepped outside yesterday because it was so cool and again th things feel fall-like but we are back to our old ways by the end of the week. >> no. >> jinx. >> even after a 34-point win, nc state coach says he is disappointed by one thing. hear what coach is concerned about, next. and we have complete team coverage of tropical storm hermine as the sun will soon rise on the outer banks.
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welcome back. time right now is 6:27. we continue to track tropical storm hermine. right now, you are looking at a live look from kill devils hill. seems quiet out there. a lot of rain drops >> absolutely. a stormy day along the coast. we'll continue to bring you live coverage from the coast
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first, let's talk about sports. >> we sure do. no high school football but that's okay because we had plenty of college football to talk about. >> so, if you were around anyone yesterday who talked about anything other than the weather, chances are you heard these four words. how about the wolf pack? on thursday night, nc state just dominated william and mary. guys like matt days and played great because that's what they do. a pleasant surprise came from quarterback ryan finley, the transfer from boise state completed over 80% of his passes, threw two touchdowns. not bad for a guy had his first game with a new team. >> the thing that ely stressed, can you see it coming out in his play and that's what i wanted to see. the lights didn't faze him at all. which is great. >> i thought that my completion percentage was pretty good.
6:29 am
good thing. didn't force anything. >> next up for the wolf packs, the game against ecu next saturday at noon. >> and speaking of ecu, the pirates opened their season later this evening. if you scanned the north carolina sidelines and see a familiar face, don't be surprised. that's former duke assistant scottie montgomery. coach montgomery will be make his head coaching debut. he has been waiting for this moment for very long time, he says. >> as soon as you get the you think of certain aspects. that's going to be a monumental time. it's great to see them lead the team as a leered. we embrace it. >> the pirate play western carolina tonight at 6:00. while on the topic of season opener, can't forget about duke and north carolina. they will take on north carolina central tonight at 6:00 in one the most anticipated games in the nation involving unc. the tar heel also play georgia this evening in the georgia dome. well, guys, that's all the
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are morning but don't forget to check us out this evening. big day in sports. thanks a lot. jeff. coming up in the next half hour. >> we are live in holly springs. >> coming up on north carolina, tropical storm hermine did cause some damage right here in the triangle. i'm lauren haviland. coming up on north carolina,
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and coming up, we are along the coast talk about the effects that tropical storm hermine specifically had right here behind me on oak island. >> good morning. and thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:00. i'm beairshelle edme. >> and i'm justin quesinberry. glad you could start this saturday with us. hermine is the big story this morning. we'll head out to meteorologist kristin ketchell. >> we have some pirouettey high wind gusts as well. right now, we are still seeing rain falling across much of central north carolina. you can see that on the slight. the heaviest rain right along the i-95 corridor and points to the east. still seeing a few spotty
6:33 am
storm hermine continuing to work its way to the northeast right now. the heaviest rain across parts of the northern outer banks here and into virginia right now around the norfolk area. we'll keep a close eye on that as well as it continues to push into parts of the eastern shore of maryland as well. it is going to be a messy situation for folks to our north and northeast today. tropical storm hermine still winds of 60 miles per hour gusting to 70 as to the latest update but it picked up a little bit of speed moving to center. starting to weaken a little bit but may strengthen again as it enters open water in the next couple of days. it is not moving off to sea very fast. it will move off the coast as it heads through the next couple of days here. wind advisories have expired but we still do have winds gusting over 2 miles per hour. cooler start to our morning here, temperatures in the 60s.
6:34 am
afternoon and into this evening as well. we are going to keep a close eye on the situation here over the next couple of hours but things generally are going to dry out for us. we have storm team coverage across the triangle here. johnston county on the coast on oak island and also in holly springs. >> thanks, kristin part of the coast hit hard overnight as tropical storm with it. a. j. janavel has been watching the story. what changed overnight, a. j.? >> reporter: justin, luckily, it's not raining anymore as well. the wind has died down a little bit but if you guys earth kristin talking, it's in the 60s. it's like standing in front of the air conditioning with a cool 60s coming at you. not the best morning but if you look behind me, looks like it could be. also, if you look behind me,
6:35 am
waterfront property at the beach. unfortunately, this is not a lake. this is not a body water. this is beach drive right here on oak island. a lot of these people trying to get back and forth to their vacation spots on this labor day weekend. we are driving through it. and that is one thing that oak island town officials and brunswick county officials are not suggest. they say if you see flood like this, stay away from it. roll the dice. we didn't see anyone get in trouble. another cool thing that i want to point out after a miserable day of weather is these clouds that look like they're rolling away. i see what -- i don't know. it's been so long. i see what appears to be sunshine coming. that's one thing, justin and beairshelle, that a lot of people that i spoke to yesterday had their fingers crossed opening for for the rest of this labor day weekend.
6:36 am
it's going to be perfect tomorrow. i really think so. >> reporter: and again you hear people talking about the hope that their labor day weekend would entirely be ruined by -- would not entirely be ruined by this storm. looking over my shoulder -- i don't want to speak too soon but it looks like it's going to be nice. that's what t hoping for. the down still -- the town still has a lot of festivities planned for the day. a. j. janavel, north carolina. >> thank you, a. j. and our team coverage continues. we'll go to ali warshavsky live in the mobile tracker. good morning, ali. >> reporter: good morning.
6:37 am
not too much traffic but we are seeing rain. some gusty winds as well. so if you are planning on doing some traveling early this morning, you are going to be holding on tight to your steering wheel. visibility a little lower here. rain is falling, not too hard but it is creating some slick conditions for anyone trying to head to the beach a little bit sunshine. road conditions have not been that bad in terms of traffic. again, the main concern, if you are heading out the door early is the rain and wind gusts many i'm -- and i'm going to turn it over for storm coverage to lauren haviland who is in holly springs. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, holly. luckily, it's not raining here in holly springs but look at the damage that the tropical storm brought overnight.
6:38 am
half, almost. take a look at this multiple foot tree which fell here. it fell on the siding and the roof of this door causing quite a bit of damage. the homeowner was watching the news trying to get an update on the tropical storm when the tree fell on to it. he and his wife were inside at the time. luckily, they are okay. i think it scared their dog, they said. with the rain and wind that we did see overnight and all these trees surrounding is not surprised this happened. >> always going to be worried about the rest of the trees. if you look around, we got nothing but trees around the house. but i think that one looks like it may have -- you know, the wind cause it just right and and toppled it. >> reporter: as you can see,
6:39 am
tarp so the rain does not get in. unfortunate licks he will be spending labor day to clean up this mess. if you have any mess, call us or send it to us on twitter. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> now, goldsboro was supposed to have one the highest damage. >> this is what it looked like were standing by monitoring the flood prone areas. one sheriff deputy said that the level is low but he had concerns. one neighbor shared his concerns. >> we had a pool in the backyard and it's starting to flood. so we are looking at it definitely, absolutely. >> any preventive step this is a you guys can take in. >> we put sand bags outside the pool to keep it from hopefully going over.
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very closely as reminder, this is a great time to download our cbs north carolina weather app. it will help you with up tot minute tracking. it can keep you out of harm's way. can you get it for free on i tune stores, app stores and google play and car break-ins on the rise. we have the stats an and new developments in the murder of a taxicab driver. what we found in the documents coming up. and tropical storm hermine causing some problems in part
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good morning. we are now joined by meteorologist kristin ketchell who has spent most of the evening tracking hermine. >> i know a lot of people who were
6:44 am
off. conditions improving throughout the day. we still have some rain falling across a huge portion the area, mostly along i-95 and points off to the east. that's where the heaviest rain is falling. this is thanks to tropical storm hermine as it tips to make its way to the northeast. the center of circulation is now pushing offshore, very elongated right now but working its way further out of the area. we'll gradually see conditions improving throughout the day today. we are still dealing with some winds miles per hour in rocky mount and even though our wind advisories have now expired, we are still looking at a breezy day for us today. cooler day, too. temperatures right now in the 60s at 65 in raleigh, 66 in durham, 68 degrees in fayetteville. tropical storm hermine is moving out of the area. the system of high pressure to the north will be building in. so sky also gradually clear and temperatures are looking nice here overt next several days.
6:45 am
even into this afternoon. generally drying out today. 79 degrees the high temperature. so barely even reaching 80 for most of us. and we'll see that trend of 80- degree temperatures continue this week. back with the complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> kristin, thank you. the time right now is 6:45. hurricane and tropical storm season is upon us and that's why authorities are making a big push for the one thing that you need to have in your home. what you should have in that
6:46 am
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
6:48 am
new information this morning in the murder of a raleigh taxicab driver. authority are requesting access to the facebook accounts of the two major suspects. jose dominguez was shod and killed back in february. right after the shooting, the suspect contact 27-year-old conrad patterson who also faces charges in the shooting. police believe that robbery was the motive late last night, cbs north carolina obtained the five-day involved shooting on da'quan drive. officer b. f. burrell some was shot in the different he is expected to be okay. and the 911 caller was terry's girlfriend. >> and there is more of the report police are warning you of a spike in car thefts.
6:49 am
alone in the bull city. the average is less than 50 cars per month. sore they are reminding you -- so they are reminding you to lock your cars and warn you against leaving them your honor attended. >> 30% of these vehicle thefts could have been prevented. there were keys left in the vehicle and cars left running. >> and hide your valuables left in the car. as many local me reminding all of us to dot dot -- do the same. >> i found out about the tools they want to us have this weekend. >> reporter: orange county first responders are warning us to be ready to go for tropical storm hermine or any hurricane. they want towbs prepared. many aren't. >> in 2009, the american red
6:50 am
they had emergency preparedness kits put together and ready to go. 78% of our population that responded said they would depend on someone else. >> kirby saunders with arrange county's emergency services tells me that those numbers were alarming then and recent surveys now still raise concerns. he is using september, national hurricane preparedness month as a reminder to families they need to be ready when something like tropical storm hermine comes to town, bringing with possible flash flooding. >> flash flooding is very possible, and rapidly thus the name. >> reporter: have a kit ready. >> at minimum, we should have a three-day supply of foot and water. other items in the can i of importance are ways to be informed, battery-operated radio, solar powered radio, somewhere to get informed, flashlight, first aid kit,
6:51 am
>> all of which could be life saving when severe weather strikes. in orange county, beairshelle edme, cbs north carolina. great advice there to always be prepared. now, this morning, we are seeing conditions improving across the area but keep in mind we still have some heavy rain falling in some spots. right along the i-95 corridor, we have the deep green colors here where precipitation is currently the heaviest but back across the triangle and points to the we precipitation. impressive numbers here. well over three inches across parts of cumberland county, wayne county, upwards of two inches in wilson county, parts of halifax county and nash county. more than 2 inches of rain has fallen. we've had a hot of rain in the last 24 hours, all things to tropical storm hermine continuing to push to the northeast.
6:52 am
speed this morning and will be racing out of the area. we'll gradually see the wet weather coming to an end here but the wind will stick around for at least a little while today, through this morning and into the afternoon. winds gusting to 24 hours in raleigh. 26 miles per hour in rocky mount and also in fayetteville. so a breezy morning. breezy early afternoon and a cooler day all around. temperatures right now in the 60s across the area. 65 degrees in raleigh. 66 in durham. 68 is your current temperature these temperatures will climb into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. the main threat this afternoon until about lunchtime. we'll still keep a chance for an isolated shower here this afternoon and into this evening. generally clearing skies here later today. hermine is moving to the northeast. we'll see clearing skies for your saturday, especially if you are planning on heading to the beach. skies clearing there as well. tomorrow, monday and tuesday, high pressure builds into the
6:53 am
80s, low to mid-80s, a comfortable forecast on the way here. but hermine continues to spin offshore on the atlantic coast. very, very slow to move through the area. so some problems for folks here during the holiday weekend. it will finally push off the shores of new england later in the week. and high pressure will be the dominant feature in our weather. with the excon we have showers continuing to push through the area here through about lunchtime. this afternoon and through this evening, a small chance of a few spotty showers at best. most of us will stay dry after the initial round of wet weather moving through about 10:00 this morning. tomorrow, dry all day, clouds lingering through early, making for a beautiful end to the holiday weekend and into monday. as for the 5:00 a.m.
6:54 am
hermine, 60 mile-per-hour winds gusting to 70. i mentioned it picked up speed moving to the east-northeast. forecast track has it staying offshore in the mid-atlantic for the next several days and offshore of new england here by thursday, continuing to push out over the open atlantic. so your forecast for today expect high temperatures right around 80 around the sand hills. rain early and clearing this afternoon. same story for the i-95 corridor with high temperatures in the upper 72 degrees in durham. temperatures tomorrow, back up 2082 degrees. still low humidity. we'll start tomorrow morning in the 60s. 86 degrees on monday. still in the 80s on tuesday. getting closer to 90 on tuesday. but we are still in the 60s during those morning hours, heating up for the end of this week. we are back into the low 90s wednesday, thursday and friday. >> 94, inching closer to mid- 90s.
6:55 am
of the day.
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cb. this morning saturday is coming up right cbs today weekend living long and prosper over the past 50 years.
6:57 am
show to cultural phenomenon. we'll take a look at the franchise's past and tell you where it's boldly going next. and college football kicks off this weekend. from bacon and lobster to bourbon and beer. we'll break down the fall festival. >> i'm drooling and james patterson and the dish. that's all a. this newscast. first, a final check of weather. >> still dealing with rain showers across the area right now, all thanks to tropical storm hermine as it lifts to the northeast. here his the current track. so, going to be an issue for folks in the mid-atlantic and even parts of new england as we continue through the end of this holiday weekend into the start of next week. temperatures a little cooler than normal overt next few
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love always, your future maid of honor." captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's september 3rd, 2016. saturday." tropical storm hermine charges up the atlantic coastline, leaving thousands without power and more in the path of danger. plus, hillary clinton under fire again after the fbi releases transcripts of their criminal investigation. preparations for a saint. over a hundred thousand people make a pilgrimage to honor mother teresa. kicking off college football. we will break down the teams and


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