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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  September 4, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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the death of a teenager at a community pool. >> hermine brought severe weather causing damage -- areas that are affected and how a saturday is in the owe have a recap of the games right here in the triangle just ahead. first, let's go outside -- sunshine -- maybe bringing warmth -- 62 degrees right now. we are glad you are starting with us -- i'm justin quesinbey . >> a sneak peek of what we can
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yesterday dealing with heavy rain as hermine moved through. nowe are seeing sunny skies and cool temperatures -- a live picture from the country club in cary. >> isolated thunderstorms -- we are dry and things will stay that way today -- cold te 66 in fayetteville. >> the temperatures will climb into the low 80s this afternoon, mostly sunny all day. 64 degrees at 8:00 78 at lunchtime and a high of 82 at 3:00 this afternoon and temperatures fall to 79 at 6 pm. we will warm up with sunny skies that are here to stay -- a complete breakdown for the
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>> breaking news from fayetteville -- police are investigating a homicide that happened to the parking lot of the sports bar sometime after 12 deck 30 -- the business is on northeastern boulevard -- they tell us the victim got into an argument inside the bar and became violent. he was left unconscious -- the victim was pronounced dead at the medical center. authorities say the victim died in julie's to the us all. we will update this story throughout the morning of the newscast. >> breaking overnight in fayetteville police identified the person in a deadly motorcycle crash on north riley road near system drive. it happened around nine deck 30 is back after 39-year-old melanie or lost control and crashed. she was rushed to cape fear
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died. >> an investigation is ongoing. >> authorities are investigating the death of a 17- year-old found in a community pool. authorities say she was taken to the recalled to valley forge drive at 2:30 saturday afternoon the caller told that she had drowned or been electrocuted -- it happened after 9:00 yesterday -- the pool usually has a lifeguard but the neighbors spoke to us about how they were notified about the death. >> we were shocked. they don't know that much about it because the police -- i asked the sheriff that i talked to -- he said all he can say is that was an incident and he couldn't say anymore. >> the sheriff said they are awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine how the teenager died. results are expected monday. >> hermine left its mark on the coastal region.
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truck overturned on the alligator bridge. a wind gust of 116 miles an hour was recorded on the bridge earlier in the morning. >> in hatteras the national weather service confirmed and ef 1 tornado caused damage at it camping resort -- emerging -- emergency crews responded to the camping resort were several people were rushed to the hospital. none of the injuries were serious. the property damage was extensive. >> several mobile homes were leveled and two were blown off the foundation three >> across the state the storm brought rain and wind. the state of emergency for 33 counties -- this is to help during the response during and after the storm -- emergency officials say not many of the resources were used but some
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not as much is anticipated. >> central north carolina there was minor damage and yesterday before you the story out of holly springs were a tree fell onto a home and damaged siding and the proof. at one point there were more than 45,000 power outages reported in neighbor quickly restored but officials say the storm could make the rest of today weekend dangerous on the coast. >> we anticipate with currents up and down the coast of north carolina throughout the middle of next week. we don't want having problems -- i think it's probably okay to enjoy the beaches the rest of the weekend. >> the highway patrol reported the number of crashes friday night was about half of the normal average. >> the team was on the coast tracking hermine for days. how the rough weather affected oak island as thousand headed therefore labor day weekend.
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were ready for the weather. >> we tell you to evacuate, evacuate. if we stay you -- if we tell you to stay inside, do that. >> some business is took extra precautions and closed early. >> despite labor day weekend being the last real moneymaker for the season. >> we don't want to encourage people driving in this weather. >> the storm brought a lot of water flooding streets causing routes. >> manyhad waterfront property. >> 45,000 were expected to be at oak island for the holiday. the majority spent the first day in town behind closed doors because of the wind and rain and they found other methods of entertainment. >> some roughed the storm and got as much time outside as they could. >> we had the beach to ourselves. >> when hermine hit the coast that it was gone.
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scheduled for saturday. >> it was awesome -- it meant we would have some waves and that is good to compete on. >> hundreds of servers and families packed oak island beach for the annual labor day serve event that just missed the storm. >> vacationers were happy to get out of their hotels and start the weekend with good weather. >> in oak >> the zika virus is spreading two more areas -- later we have a look at a new report on the foreign countries that could be most at risk for an outbreak. >> an earthquake rocked oklahoma yesterday. coming up we will look at the damage and we will have a reaction from residents.
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it was like standing on water -- like if you are in the water bad -- constantly going up and down -- it went on for a minute per minute and a half and it stopped in the aftershocks kept going after that. >> now these residents have an account of yesterday's earthquake -- many are surveying the damage and
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artifacts were not from the displays and there were cracks showing in the wall found foundation of home built more than 100 years ago. >> closer to the epicenter geologists found land that slid down a hill. >> a lot of damage there -- people are trying to figure out if there are cracks in walls -- a 5.6 magnitude -- that's big for folks in oklahoma. >> absolutely -- i saw this happening on twitter -- the pioneer woman -- yesterday morning -- she was tweeting about a reporter from the station that used to procure -- a lot of people talking about that -- hopefully the damage isn't any worse than what we saw there -- >> and the damage -- they are surveying and cleaning up a little bit -- back here things
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live look from the golf course in raleigh -- the current temperature is 62 degrees -- cooler start to the morning. we've got a few sprinkles popping up in the radar off to the east along the northeastern north carolina coast. elsewhere things look good heading to the morning. 61 right now in the whisper -- a decent henderson and roxburgh and south hill. 63 in durham 62 in raleigh 66 in fayetteville. >> an area of the next several days leading to sunny skies and a dry shoe dish -- dry conditions and less humid air and hermine off to the northeast impacting folks in the mid-atlantic and portions of the northeast as a post tropical cyclone meaning it's no longer warm of the direct center. it has characteristics similar to a wintertime storm. >> temperatures warming up 78 at noon 80 to the high
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week. i will have the complete forecast coming up. >> thanks, kristin. still to come on the news. still to come on the news. >> a website aims dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy!
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good morning the time is 7:15 -- top stories -- authorities in central the so to say the remains of jacob wetterling
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1989 when he was 11 has been found. no one is in arrested. authorities name 53-year-old danny heinrich as a person of interest -- he denied involvement in the abduction. >> florida authorities say two people were killed when a plane flying south along the shoreline crashed into the atlantic. first responders found the plane and two of its occupants off the coast saturday morning. >> the wants hurricane hermine is regaining strength moving of the seaport -- hermine has caused to deaths and damaged properties and left hundreds of thousands without electricity from florida to virginia. it spawned a tomato on -- tornado one silent. they expect her to gain hurricane force today and we can into a tropical storm tuesday. >> i got off -- i wasn't crying
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fair in tennessee had a mishap but no one was injured. the officials say the bar released early as the ride was slowing down at the end do to operator error. the ride will stay closed the rest of the weekend. >> 2:thirds of american pharmacies should not sell tobacco and some smokers agree -- this can improve health awareness. smoking is the lea year. >> a new study suggest patients operated on at night are twice as likely to die as those undergoing surgery during regular business hours. >> according to researchers in canada, doctors examined surgical data gathered over five years and found that people who had surgery late in the day had a higher mortality route -- risk. >> zika virus in continues to
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committee said so much about the disease remains unknown including the convocations it causes. currently 72 countries and territories are infected by seek a. >> mother teresa has a new name -- she is the newest saint of the catholic church. pope francis canonized her on sunday -- she selflessly dedicated her life to the poor, sick and needy. officials say she's performed at lea life -- two individuals claim they were healed of tumors after praying to her. mother teresa was 87 when she died in 1997. >> if you hate trying to figure out what's for dinner -- a snapshot into my life -- it could be a scramble to try to find the ingredients. chapel hill man has a solution. >> he has created a website
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shopping and meal planning. >> why my happy plate is what's next. >> ryan keeps his pantry well- stocked. >> it wasn't always that way. >> we were spending way too much money on food and too much time at the grocery store and getting home from work and thinking about what we were going to eat. it was stressful. dinner was a stressful. >> he started to plan weekly meals ahead of time and shopping for the ingredients at simple schedule and worked into the meal planning website called my happy plate. >> this is where you set up how many people are in your family or how many people you want to cook for three >> then at the pooh-poohed preferences. >> i'm going to choose a vegetarian this week to eat lightly. >> ingredients they can't eat or just don't like.
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it also compiles aggressiveness. >> now when she shouts katie takes her phone. >> i just need one mushroom. >> she marks the items that she buys. >> the ingredients list organizes itself based on were in the grocery store the item is. that's a timesaver -- getting in and out quickly. >> with exactly what she needs for a weeks worth of dinner. newland cbs north carolina. >> the cost is $6.95 a month. >> i want to know when they deliver it and cook it for you. [laughter] >> that will be an upcoming version. >> to read more head over to the website -- -- click on the news tab.
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interested in this story? kristin. >> i need this -- a struggle every day trying to figure out what to go for tanner and i end up at the grocery store getting ingredients. >> and you always miss something. >> then you have to go back out -- i need that in my life. >> you can download it for 6:95. >> as far as the weather goes if you are cooking outside it looks like a great day picking outside. >> grilling, whatever your plans are -- the forecast is change from yesterday -- a live look from the university showing the skyline -- already sunny outside. a few high, thin clouds are popping up. the satellite radar shows a few isolated sprinkles here off to the east. is not going to be an issue today. l ay dry all the sunshine is not going anywhere. >> 62 degrees in raleigh -- 63
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the virginia border -- 66 in fayetteville, 62 in goldsboro and rocky mount. the temperatures will climb into the low 80s. i degree or two warmer than yesterday but the big differences we will see sunshine. looking at a high of 82 degrees this afternoon. beautiful stretch of whether coming our way. all thanks to this area of high pressure -- this will be the dominating force in the weather leading to mostly sunny skies, dry conditions and low humidity would tomorrow, -- today, monday and tuesday. it all starts today -- which was once hermine -- it's post tropical -- the system is causing issues for those in the mid-atlantic and it will stay off the mid-atlantic coast for the next several days. wednesday through friday the system of high pressure slides to the southeast and we are going to heat up but we are still dry -- a great end to the week -- temperatures a little
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>> saturday the high moves short to make room for the next cold front -- that will bring is the first small chance of rain for the entire week. we are trying for almost week. is the latest on post tropical cyclone hermine -- the center of circulation in the red circle -- 5 am advisory has winds of 65 miles an hour gusting to 75 miles an hour. recently: post tropical is because it's circulating -- it has high wind gusts at the core tropical system more like a northeastern that we see in the following winter. >> the system will stay offshore over the next several days and by friday people venture out into the open atlantic it would will no longer be an issue for the folks along the east coast. temperatures in the low to mid 80s -- 85 -- 84 at fort bragg
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degrees in goldsboro. 82 in cary chapel hill durham and probably 81 in henderson and roxborough 82 in siler city. >> tonight temperatures boston 61 clear and comfortable overnight and maybe you should get the air-conditioner -- tomorrow the low 60s warming up for 86 for labor day monday, 89 on tuesday after a start in the low to mid 60s. back into the 90s for the rest of the week. cold front moves in being chance for showers and also slightly cooler temperatures for the end of next weekend and the start of the following week. >> overall not a bad looking forecast with the temperatures in the 80s and low 90s -- we have dealt with 90s before. have dealt with 90s before. it's been much warmer
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plenty of gridiron action this weekend in the triangle -- tied it's and has the sptswrap. ning -- the first weekend of college football wamixed bag r the teams -- in atlanta make job returns from injuries
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fourth quarter -- the bulldogs over the heels -- that are news in durham -- daniel jones has a good game -- jones through two touchdown passes including to jonathan lloyd -- 49-6. >> cauti montgomery's first game -- nelson through five passes and threw for nearly 400 yards -- the fans were over western. >> finally shaw all -- the bears couldn't get anything going offensively -- 35-6 loss. >> todd gibson -- a look at the sports -- now back to you. >> dale earnhardt junior will miss the rest of the season due to concussion like symptoms.
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he will have missed 18 races total but says he plans to be behind the wheel for the opening day in february. >> jeff gordon alex bowman will continue to share see to time for hendrick motorsports. the next race is tonight at 6:00. >> coming up in the next half hour -- we are in a global society and it's important for them to be exposed to this. >> how one school is using foreign which is to give their posted is a edge. posted is a edge. >> donald trump there's somethou that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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the news starts now. >> coming up a hotel shooting in chapel hill -- with the police are looking for a connection to the case. >> people thing in durham are voicing their opinions about policing in the bowl city -- we will tell you about what needs to be changed. >> vice presidential nominee trump is heading to the tar heel state -- what the plans to speak about just ahead be 62 degrees out there at seven deck 30 on september morning? looking live role -- the -- good morning to you -- tanks watching the news at 7:00. >> i'm bill reh and i'm justin quesinberry -- 62 degrees -- i was ready for that. >> i know -- take out the winter coats. >> maybe not for long, though. >> winter coats?
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>> it's fantastic outside rig now. >> the temperatures were in the 90s last week and they will be in the 90s once again this week so enj the cool temperatures -- a chance to get the air- conditioner is a break. >> right now 62 in raleigh -- a live look -- blue skies with sunshine and rate looking start to the day. satellite and radar shows isolated sparkles off to the northeast otherwise we are dry and the forecast is dry today. temperatures on the cooler site -- it feels great -- 63 in turn -- 39 in henderson -- 58 in prospero. 59 in south hill. a nice start to the morning. 66 current temperature in fayetteville -- the temperatures will climb into the low 80s with humidity not a factor just yet. it will feel comfortable this afternoon. >> leslie sunny skies with 78 degrees at noon 80 to the high
7:33 am
humidity at 6 pm. warmer weather is in the forecast -- i will be back with the details coming up. >> chris, thanks -- breaking news out of fayetteville -- police are investigating a homicide this happened in the parking lot of the sports bar. >> the business is called wings on northeasterboulevard -- the victim got into an altercation inside the bar that became aviolent fight outside. he was left unconscious. the victim died from injuries at a no information has been released. we will continue to bring you updates as they come to the newsroom. >> a man is expected to survive after being shot at a hotel in chapel hill -- officers world karl to the red roof inn at 3:30 a.m. at the durham orange county line. the victim was taken to the hospital. one guest said they heard shots
7:34 am
old benjamin muhlenberg and they have a warrant out for his arrest if you know where he might be or if you have information about the shooting call police. >> police in burlington have arrested a mother and her boyfriend after police say to put a child in a closed fire. >> the case was investigated friday. 25-year-old heather roland and r boyfriend are charged with assault on a child under the age of 12. the child with relatives. >> a group of people living in durham met to discuss ways to bring change to the community. members of durham blind -- beyond policing one more resources for a better quality of life. derek lewis reports. >> dozens that for durham beyond policing saturday. they want to make durham a better place to live.
7:35 am
harassed. because of race, caller, or agree. we don't just need police we need affordable housing. better resources. better jobs. >> the meeting was to listen and discuss how the change can come. >> assemblies like this are for us to hear each other experiences with policing and but we would want for our sitting in terms of safety. >> after the meeting the neighbors plan to bring about change. >> we have to take it to the big people -- city council, mayor, city managers. >> the disagreement with the police department's plan to build a new police headquarters. >> our tax dollars need to be invested back into the community, that the police headquarters, to keep an eye on black neighborhoods. >> a city would be one in which there are services and resources for all members of the community for the wages and housing with the air and accessible to people and in
7:36 am
their communities. and on the streets. >> in durham, derek lewis cbs north carolina. >> we reached out to the police but they to line -- declined to comment. >> yesterday donald trump traveled to detroit as a part of his outrage ever. he visited a church there and the first time trump is addressed and african-american audience since winning the nomination. >> he said he was there to learn and exchange as trump and clinton supporters clashed. >> hillary clinton -- >> she's a liar >> guess what -- are people are being killed. >> on friday the fbi released 58 pages of the investigation while she was secretary of state -- the cents show her memory was spotty when they showed are classified emails from a personal account -- who can plane show the s
7:37 am
>> her running te m ne ll be in rth carolina tuesday. campaign announced he will give a mar national security addrs in wilmington. speech is not open to the publ that we will have coverage of the event tuesday evening. >> thousands of students are getting back into the swing of things is the return to the classroom. schools looking for innovative ways to help prepare for the future. >> this week i went to middle school where the faculty is focused on the big picture with the kids will fit in and stand out -- they are using foreign i wish to brid the gap. >> [foreign language] -- they don't say hello in english but in arabic -- and these students are learni to count in chinese. this is one of a dozen schools using several federal stefan
7:38 am
born speakers like this -- an egyptian and another who is chinese. >> once they get to midd school we can expose them to more languages. it's critical that the students be exposed to the languages par >> these teachers sake learning a new uage tatime, pr. it take long before my patience was tested. >> hello to our new student --i >> beairshelle he uses repetition -- is key to learning how to happen everyday conversation in a foreign language. >> where you from? >> philadelphia. >> the studentare way more advanced and often they have an
7:39 am
them seven languages, they get it. >> a neurology professor found that when you are a child part he rain is responsible for unconsciously picking up language that makes it easy to learn a language at a young age. the sooner, the better. the pew research center found that europe is taking note of this -- most students start to learn one foreign language between 6-9 years old. >> chestnut middle school wants to give the mark. >> experience and education that they can use for a lifetime. >> i have to give kudos to the teachers that took a long time learning the language is. the principal for the school said she hopes more schools will follow suit to expand foreign language departments. >> coming up at 7:40.
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team -- 16 people at san francisco bay. why they needed the help and how they are doing now. >> president obama talks about russiarelations coming up we will hear from the president. >> outside preachers are off to a cool start -- 50s and 60s
7:41 am
newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we ft with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching aistants have been depleted.
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
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vent snacking. scouts -- the escaped injury when the catamaran flipped over -- the coast guard seat call at about 3:30 in the afternoon that saw the voters in the area near the aquatic park. crew responded to help bring police rescue the people taken and they were then taken to the hospital. when rescuers arrivehalf the kids were clinging to the boat and the adult a allthe scouts were wearing life jackets. some suffereminor cuts and bruisereat to hear they had unprotected cure and that
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issues with we dealing with in terms of severe weather with a tropical storm but that has moved past our area and headed to the east coast -- we are in for clear skies in terms of labor day weekend. >> fantastic. however for folks on the coasts surf is still an issue as hermine take this been -- across south carolina things looks good -- showing the probably skyline -- sky blue and clear and satellite and radar shows a few's biggest to the northeast. not an issue for us now -- we are going to stay dry all day and the sunshine is not going anywhere. 62 in raleigh -- 63 outside interim -- 64 in rayford to -- 61 in pinehurst and siler city and 66 fayetteville -- is the pressure builds over top of us expect sunny dry and less
7:45 am
especially starting today -- 82 degrees with sunny skies this afternoon. 64 degrees outside by 8:00. 78 degrees at noon and 82 by 3:00 falling to 79 at 6:00. we will see the nshine stick with us the next several days and hot weather in the forecast -- i will have the details coming up. >> thank you. the time is 7:45. starting with the tax refund for 2017 that may be delayed. an interview -- a preview of
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i'm hillary clinton and i proing the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar pans installed by the end of my first , to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition eate new high wa js.
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the irs wants to givtaxpayers a head it's up -- there might be a delay in your 2017 tax refund. for early fire filers claiming the earned income tax credit the agency said a new tax law requires it to hold the refunds until fe stepto eck for delay. >> president obama is in china for a summit with world leaders -- he was asked about the possibility of a deal with russia to stop the violence in syria. in response he said that although the us and russia have differences is difficult to see how to get to the next phase without some by an for the russians are reducing violence
7:49 am
crisis. >> to the extent that there are children and women and innocent civilians that can get food and medical supplies, get some relief from he constant terror bombings, that's worth the effort. >> i think it is prere to say that there is a clear there is a possibility, at least, for us to make progres on that front. >> the summit wraps up tomorrow. >> it wasn't that long ago that the jerry lewis telethon was as much a part of the holiday weekend as the summer. >> puts up with him now? >> he's 90 now even though he is moving slower. >> tracy smith caught up with him. >> how are you?
7:50 am
i'm tting ovnot walking. >> it's ugh. it's got to hard because you are a ical comedian. >> it's frustrating as hell. like my doctor said, dad would you have not to have made 90? >> no, i'm happy about it. >> he's less mobile but for jerry lewis not walking esn'me >> in his latest film he is a retired jazz artist coming to terms with his wife's passing. >> i never told you this but you breathe nicer than anyone i've ever known. >> why this movie?
7:51 am
material. >> in this role his facial expressions say itall. they always have. >> comedy legend jerry lewis -- at 50 and bloating -- the ultimate high. all starting at 9:00. >> getting the sunday morning off to a picture from the country club in cary. teeratures heating up throughout the day but overall off to a nice start to the morning. satellite and radar is showing a few light showers to the northeast out of the picture across central north carolina looking at a dry sunday. a dry stretch of weather through most of the week ahead. it's 62 right now kicking off the morning in raleigh -- 63 interim in clayton 61 in lewisburg.
7:52 am
fayetteville. >> the temperatures will climb into the low 80s this afternoon. ricky at a high of 82 degrees th some spots one or 2 degrees warmer or cooler but overall 82 is below average. a nice stretch of weather that begins this week. >> the system of high pressure that began building yesterday will stay put today through tuesday. that will lead to sunny skies and dry condis humidity what was once hermine is off the ast of the mid-atlantic through start of the week. extratropical ght now -- meang it doesn't have any tropical characteristics. no warm core but it is strong and it will cause issues for folks up and down the northeast. we will keep close eye on that for the start of the week.
7:53 am
high pressure srts slide to the south and east meaning wind turnsout of the south so we are heating up the drive for the middle and into the week. by saturday he next coalired arrives bringing is the only rain chance for the next several days ahead. here's the latest with the national hurricane cente- the 5 am advisory -- hermine is a strong storm -- 65 mile per hour winds gusting to 75 moving to the east northeast at 12 miles an hour. it hasslowed down and it will hang out for the next several days. you'll see that in the updated and thursd finally by friday will be over the open atlantic and will no longer cause issues for folks in new england and the mid-atlantic. this is worth watching over the next several days because the high surf is still an issue there. >> highs at 84 at fort bragg 84 in fayetteville and rayford 83 in lillington and down this
7:54 am
durham raleighnd cary -- tomorrow 86 -- labor day looking great after a start the 60s -- 89 tuesday -- tuesday morning in the 60s. to 90 by wednesday, 92 thursday. 94 ending the week friday. friday will be the warmest day with the next cold front arriving saturday bringing a small chance of showers with the temperature saturday the way with temperatures in the 80s. then we see the humidity return the into the week. >> nice to see this for labor day -- everyone was a little worried with hermine. >> is out now -- not an issue for the inland areas. >> it's still a storm surge.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it thout knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. [singing] >> i hate to interrupt singing -- gene wilder's films are back in theaters this weekend as a tribute. >> you can see willy wonka at
7:57 am
this evening. when the news broke it's so sad because you think about the kids -- your own childhood memories -- what great is that more will watch the movie and always want the golden ticket. >> i have a confession -- the nnel seen used to scare me as a d. i loved the movie it was a great movie. >> the forecast -- i will ase you later. >> a great forecast -- especially after the wet weather yesterday. >> we'll be ck wanother hour of the local news coming up and on healthwatch do campbell takes a look and explains a new study about heart disease. >> coming up at 8:00 how stress can lead to a deadly illness in young women. >> thank you for watching. we will be back with another
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beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. north carolina ntsow ignow de investatio aused the death of a teenager at a pool. >> hermine brought seve weher to - the areas that are affected. how a deadly campin the stands in durham -- i doubt in the sports recap coming up later. >> first, let's get you outside -- wrightsville beach -- is valid nice? we talked about hermine and the impact on the coast. he pretty nice. september 4, 2016. i you are starting sunday with us on justin quesinberry -- it


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