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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:30am-5:57am EDT

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the nice weather. mething is going to happen. people furtr up the east coast are wang hermine. what they're expecting and what has been left behind in her path. breaking news. you're looking at live images. 20 people are missing after a building collapse in tel-aviv. we'll bring you the atest information that we're get into our newsroom. >> good morning, everyone. thanks or watching north carolina news. it's 5:30 a i'm russ bowen. >> i' we'll have a look at the traffic but first, stin ketchell is in for assa with the forecast. >>od morning, everyone. our labor day isoff to a coolertart, ny wake up to temperature in th50s sowe're off to a comfortable start t our day, clear skies from our camera at raeigh-durham international airport d nothing popping up on our tellite or radar which will be the case throughout the entire daytoday. temperatures, as i mentioned,
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will get on time, no delays, local roads have not
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downtown, 14 minutes there, 15 on 40 om 42 downtown, and 401 to 55 to downtown, 21 minutes there and i-40 and harrison avenue there are lot of headlights. people are going the speed limit. breaking news in israel. less than 30 minute ago, a building in tel-aviv clansed. we lost the live feed we were six people are hurt and about 20 people are missing. it's 12:30 in the afternoon and we will continue to follow the story and update throughout the morning. also break overnight, north korea fired three ballistic and launch is four days before the 68th anniversary of the founding after its government. that comes days after utah u.s.
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military drills. fayetteville police said two men beat another man to death. >> lauren what can you tell us? >> reporter: they're charged th fir degree murder, cuseof k mike ? suay rning. iiand sven rosser. derwood, the men were at 301 after midnight on sunday d when theleft, they fought in the parking lot. mansfield was beaten, suffered serious injuries, and left unconscious. he was pronounced at the hospital. family and friends gathered sund evening for a prayer l car wash. many battling tears. >> hes a wonderf lla and y someone would want to do that to him s just real.
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>> thanks, auren. autopsy results could determine how a teenagercounty. deputies responded to valley drivaround 2:30 saturday afternoon. ey fou the girls de inside a comniead. the 17-yeaolhadrowned s said th has a lifeguard but clear o as oduty saturday. right now durham poce are inveigate an ttinvasionndhoing onot t taken spital. at is point. >>a raleigh mi ar r juice not after dth in ack rd d ot homestreet onauust 18. yesterday, authorities arrested 20-yr-old jeffrey rinoso and
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get clure. >> someone er pps you i don't care what ppeu >>he's being heldwiout nd s fir cot twisting reds of miloff shore swimmers and surfers are urged to stay out of the water because of its dangerous governors all along the eastern seaboardrekeemergenc preparation and a tropical storm rning is in effect from new york's long island to massachusetts. >>rme s left north carolina but the damage reports are stl coming in from formers ions of dollars in crops e farmland makes up65,00 acres. counties received up to 14 inches of in during the past few days.
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crops were destroyed. the gornor visit the most affeed areas totalk to farms who said something must be done with drainage systems. >> we needetter cooperation from the government regarding more extreme eironmental policiesich is causing damage to the north carolina farmers, and that's inexcusable, especially when they know storms are coming. e damage is evaluate, the governor will look into emergency funding that would help farmers with loans. we heard from a passenger of the seas." beuse of what is left of d hermine. he said he's on the se with his wife and family. ns and get sick because of the ugh seas. the crew leftfrom new jersey ay and headed for rmuda. >>and you knowhe bescrops ve had out of terrell anhere? eet potatoes. real?
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soil. 'r there you go. >>now wknow. >> at least that's not up for a while. >> it's safe -- at leastfrom hermine. >> exactly. >> he time is 5:37. coming up later -- >> i think people recognized heas a living saint. >> yeah. >> when she was alive, they knew it. nearly two decades after her death, mother teresa is proclaimed a saint, but hear why pope francis sa she will still be referred "mother" teresa. >> i had to take double take. i am not seeing what i think i am seeing. >>yeyou're seeing an elk caught up in a tire swing. why the giant animal endedup being in the right place with the right peat the right time. ouidthis morning, we'roff to a cool start across the tar heel stay with temperatures in the lo sunny and comfortable ming up. s will contin
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and reaq?m the ratio of teachers to sten is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are sc. teachissistas have been depleted.
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>> good monday morning.
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conditioning off and gave at it break. it's are i have freshing outside. 56 henderson, 64 fayetteville. we have high pressure that began billing in this weekend and will stay put for today and tomorrow. hermine will not be a factor in the forecast. expect temperatures to crime, 63 at 8:00, 83 at afternoon, falling to 83 by 6:00 p.m. we'll let you know how long the conditions will last in your complete storm team forecast. the moore county sheriff's ofce is looking for a woman in taylor towne. christie willis was last seen on juniper lake road. officials conducted an air-to- ground search and said she was last seen in a black top and
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my baby, i owe to it honor him, so his mommy needed to say, happy birthday laney. you're in our hearts every day and every second of every other day. >> oh, the anguish there. for the first time since an alligator snatch the toddler from his father's arms, the boy's parents are speaking publicly. what they had to say to the group celebrating the birthday. . and at 6 months old, many kids are learning to hold up theiad ?? ??. ??
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?? ?? ??
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shore. urd to a storm at new york tmassachusetts. > both candates fo idt will visit state. hillary clton is planninga public campaign opthursday ha campaign calls a vo registraon event andonal trump will e in greenville, speaking at the convention center. > is week, law enforcemt agencies plan relea more information about the discover han remains belonging to a someone abdte11-year-old jacob wetterland of st. joseph, miota, in 1989. a suspect in his disappearanc led the fbi to remain. an autopsy revealed it was his remains. his ath brought about a bill to require state sex offender
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world resort. >> this weekend, people who didn't know lane graves celebrated the boy's third birthday. >> happy birthday, buddy. isyou >> reporter: they celebrated lane's first year in heaven and the time they spent together as a family. the family was on vacation hen lane, playing ithe sand along a lagoon, was grabbed by an alligar. faer tried to pry his son from it, but him into the water. he waslatefound dead. >> anyone that knows meknows don't liketo speak,but baby, i owe to it to honor him. so hisom needed to say, happy birthday, laneny. u are in our hearts today and every second of every other day. >> hundreds relblue balloons to honor the 2-ar- old and surround the graves
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>> we would not have been able to g thrgh the pain with this community, family, and friend we say thank you. >> two, e, release. >> reporter: they hoped he would see the baoon from heaven. >> lane and ella's daddy would say they love him up to the sky and wn to the grass so i say, lane, ella, we love you up to >> reporte the graves faly said they would not e after the incident and disney s made several changes including fencing signs. 37 disposal wells in n central oklahoma will be shut downafter a 5.6 magnitude quake there. an earthquake of 3.0 or higher has been linked to wastewater
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state. one couple credits the earthquake with making the mily bigger. a woman intulsa said she nt into labor. ainsley grace 6-pounds, 4 ounces. she, mom and dad are doing well. 20 years ago, 24 people in our state grade hurricane fran. it brought rain and flooding, as you can seein west virginia, maryland. 7million didn't have werpond cost $2.3 billion in damages. kristin, we were talking that was yesterday's delay, not today. >> absolutely and the worst hurricane to hit the state, ysed on flooding and death so 20 years, hard to believe. >> the only other one that came close i can remember is floyd which did a tremendous amount of flooding. >> unbelievable.
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thinkingabout it but things are quiet. things really ietening down this week so we expect to see sunshine to dry thins out over the next few days. here's a live picture to start our morning from shaw university showing the skyline fog, and other than showers, we have conditions across much of the eastern half of the country and southeast looking pretty good for your monday. temperature wise, a little cooler than we have been, 59 raleigh and durham, 57 in lewisburg and south hill, virginia and in clayton. it's 64 in fayetteville. temperatures will continue to
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so we can expect sunny skies as long as high pressure is in control which it will be through th week but will slide to our south and eaa bit so we're heating up and dry for the end of the week. the next chance of rain is sunday as the next cold front moves in so here's the latest on hermine, off the coast of w enland, 70-mile-per-hour
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north, 3 miles per hour and will be close to e ast before making its way finally out over the open atlantic by friday but hangs t for a few days, which wilcause some dangerous surf, rip curbs, and storm surge for the northeast. back home, nice conditions, 86 dunn and pinehurst, 86 in benson temperature around 86 in durham and rah. now, as we head into, 91 degrees, and on wednesday morning, 92. the humidity begins to come back, low s for your weekend, next chance of rain hold off unl sunday here's a look at themorning drive.
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raleigh d ill take you to where we have a crash i-95 north and the highway shut down at 154. a good detour right now from rocky mount and and durham looks pretty good through fayeeville and a nice if you're traveling on this lar day weekend, no dels being reported and a live look at i-5 at buffalo road, not too much to see out there. >> that's good. aaa carolina said more than 1 million took to the road this time around ny will travel home today. enjoying lower gas prices.
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but tending looks like a ufc fight. why e driver was so mad at the other. and here's what is coming up later on cbs this morning. >> reporter: i'm josh elliot. house mirity leader nancy pelosi will join us in studio 57 with her view of the
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>> she gave of herself and she gave her life to help the poor. an estimated 120,000 people witnessed pope francis proclaim mother teresa a saint. the nobel peace e winner who dedicated her life to helping others received the honor less than two decades after her death. the pope acowledged her for defending human life, the unborn, abandoned, and the discarded. the pontiff sa becae of her
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the caring place in cary that helps t homeless get back on r ft will hold the race for home at the amphitheater in cary. the feats open at 6:30. the race starts at 8:00. proceeds go the caring place. this is the ninth annual event with a 10k, 5k,and fun mile. we're waiting to find t if a baby from wake forest will have the record fo water skiing. the dad is a professl yesterday from falls lake. auburn is 6 months old and 10 days. that's 17 days younger thathe child who currently hold the record. >> unbelievable. >> unreal. this is, too. an elk in arizona caught in a bind but stumble into the right yard. >> it somehow got a tire swing in its antlers. debra butler saw the guy wandered around the yard. she happens to be a
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>> whoo-hoo! and i went up to him, i cut i d he was free, and it was amazing. >> butler said it was a lo and daunting task. she had to talk the elk through the process and has en given the name the elk whisperer. >> nemechek velittle bump. cust hanging on. nemechek g
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storm is expect to do and e impact-already had there's nothing like trying somethnew. especially when it comes to snacking with theaughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover.
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statewide show generosity. wel get your weather and traffic but first, breg ne from israel. police in tel-aviv said a buding collapsedafter a crane collapd it. authorities thare sihurtand many trd. >> is in the northe area of tel-ava


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