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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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statewide show generosity. wel get your weather and traffic but first, breg ne from israel. police in tel-aviv said a buding collapsedafter a crane collapd it. authorities thare sihurtand many trd. >> is in the northe area of tel-ava
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there. >> absolutely. thank you for watching. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm justin quesinberry. 're happy to be here, infor stefan chase. first, here's the weaer. it's cool with 50s around much of the area so a refreshing start and skies getting brighter ahead of sunrise this morning. that's at 6:50 so sunre is getting later and sunset rl the tower camera to east, skies are getting a smidge brighter this morning. our satellite and radar not showing any wet weather, no clouds to worry about, so we're dry and quiet. thing will stay that way not only through today but through this week, looking pretty good through the end of the week, even to the start of the week. right now we're sitting at 59 in raleigh, 59 also durham, 56 in hendn, roxboro, south hill, so ong the virginia
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an area of high pressure will continue to build over the next several da, anin weather willcontinue throug today and tomorrow. we'll be warm but not dealing with humidity until e mile of this week so expect mperates this morning, 63 at 8:00 a.m., 80 at lunchtim wa 6:00 p.m. i'll let you know exactlhow long the comfortable weather will last and when the 90s tu to the focast. s ali. >> good morng. 6:02. happy laboy. raleigh has no problems but down norside of 95 infield in and halifax, right at exit 154 and c 481 so heads up if you're taking 95 north, doing some traveling to any cookouts this afternoon. if you're heading -- an alternate route is u.s. 64 to 301 as you travel through rocky mount and head north.
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and fayetteville, 95 corridor looking well. taking you through drive times west to rtp, 540, u.s. 64, 24 minutes there from the guard in area to rtp, and on 540, u.s. 1 to rtp, 16 minutes so an easy commute on this monday morning. outside to i-40 at airport boulevard, so far things are moving well on 40 through raleigh. russ, justin? two men are in cumberland they beat a fayetteville businessman to death. lauren haviland has more on this. lauren? >> reporter: the fayetteville community is more at ease with these two arrests but continue to grief the loss of 52-year- old mike mansfield. police said the two suspects, hubert underwood ii and steven rosser are charged with first- degree murder. investigators said the victim, mike mansfield, and the two other men were at 301 wings just after midnight on sunday. when they left, they started
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beaten, suffered injuries, and left there unconscious and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. family and friends gathered for a prayer vigil outside mansfield's car wash, many battling tears. >> i think it's great that got two people in custody but on the other hand, it doesn't bring mike back, and mike will be missed tremendously by the community. >> reporter: he owned a car wash, a place up employing people trying to their feet it will be close today, but the family opens to open it back up tomorrow. both suspects are expected to have their first court appearance also tomorrow morning. back to you all. new this morning two correctional officer in california are still recovering from severe injuries after shooting at a jail. officials say he was waying to visit someone at the jail saturday when he started shooting. one correctional officer was shot in the neck and another was hit in the head.
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with attempted murder. the gang member spent 16 years in prison for sex offenses. for the second week in a row, a security scare at los angeles international airport. police pulled over a car at the terminal. it was reported stolen in louisiana. three were questioned and released, but a fourth person was arrested. officials said none of them put up a fight, but the situation caused quite a bit of confusion. people started pushing through the tsa screen area with some ending up on the tarmac. >> ts completely packed with people. they stopped everything. >> police had to round up everyone and make them restart the screening process. it took hours to get moving smoothly again. last week, people at the airport mistook several loud bangs for gunshot and caused chaos as hundredses of people ran away. north carolina is going to get a big dose of the political spotlight this week with several visits from both campaigns. it starts tomorrow when
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address on national security. he will attend a private fundraiser tomorrow in chapel hill. former president bill clinton will also campaign for his wife in durham tuesday. he is going to talk about the importance of voter refrigeration and access to early voting. donald trump is also making his way to the tar heel state with a visit to greenville. he's speak about immigration at the greenville convention center. and hillary clinton is planning a public stop in charlotte thursday. her camp looking ahead, officials with rdu are going to address wake county commissioners about proposed changes to land near lake crabtree. it's considering replacing the land with office space, hotel, and a quarry, but people who use the bike and walking trails are protesting that idea. officials with the airport say they're still in the public hearing process. law enforcement officers here and around the state are eating free this holiday
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steakhouse. it's participating in feed the force today. the idea was started by the owner of o'malley's pub off glenwood road in raleigh. he wanted to shed a light on how officers positively impact the community. >> we hope we don't need them but from time to time, we do, and it's important to honor that and let them know we appreciate it, especially now is the time where they seem important. >> since we first told you about this idea a few week ago, the number of participating restaurants jumped from 50 to 120. to find out which restaurants are participating, we have a list at good to see that. >> absolutely. they're selling shirts to raise money for an organization that helps families of fallen officers. >> really terrific. >> helping a lot of people there. 6:07 on your monday morning. how the city of london turned to art to remember one
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they didn't know what to do. people in the midwest were shaken awake by an earthquake over the week. why some scientists said this could have been avoided. d we're still waiting on that sunrise this morning but the live picture from raleigh- durham international airport looks great. i'll let you know how long the sunny skies will stick around and what is in store for i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind,
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how 'bout you?
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> welcome back. i'm justin quesinberry, alongside kristin ketchell. labor day seeps like it's going to be really nice, despite all the concerns we have about hermine and the impact. >> yeah, hermine will be an issue for folks in the northeast, parts of new england especially, but for us, hermine completely out of the picture. we had a beautiful day yesterday and today looking pretty nice as well, already off to a cool start here, 59- degree in raleigh, and here's a live look outside from our
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you can see the skies brighter ahead of that sunrise. our current satellite radar not showing any clouds or any wet weather this morning and this is how the pictures will look for the next several days so a stretch of dry weather and comfortable temperatures continuing at least through today it is 59 degrees right now in raleigh and durham, 56 in roxboro. the cool spot right now henderson coming in at 54 degrees. it is 60 wilmington, 58 continues to control our weather here, things are going to be looking good for us for at least the start of this week. that nice weather will continue with low humidity values but temperatures will be climbing over the next several days. so expect temperatures to warm up fairly quickly this morning here, 63 degrees at 8:00, high temperature today following to 83 by 6:00 p.m. thsunny skies are sticking veryc
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you can expect in yocompletetm >> thanks, kristin. a sports anchin poston got into a surprise wrestling match on air friday. >> do they know -- hold him tight. >> am! i am! >> tight enough, i guess. steve burton was leading a segmenwith a reptile expert but the alligator in his arms apparently got spook by a nearby crocodile. it started flailing and then in an attempt to escape burton's match for the anchor. burton held tight until someone could take over. well, take a look at this incredible video from maine. police said a driver lost control of his vehicle and took off, crashing right into a river -- i'm sorry, we don't have that video for you. but coming up -- after this -- okay. we do have that video now, i'm told. all right. let's go to commercial break. it's 6:12 right now. up next, a more
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newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifted north carolina's schools have been diverted into tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce.
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here, a look at big stories we are following this morning. several people are hurt after a building collapsed in tel-aviv, israel. rescue efforts are currently underway right now. north korea launched ballistic missiles, the second next as many weeks. and in fayetteville two men allegedly beat a early sunday morning. hillary clinton is about to start getting up close and personal with reporters. the candidate is under pressure to allow more access to the press so she's upgrading to a larger campaign plane and will let members of the media travel with her. before now, the end tourage had to travel on charter plane that followed her. clinton is gaining criticism for not holding a news conference after nine months.
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ministries, an african-american church in detroit. the presidential candidate delivered a message focused on fixing the economic hardship in the african-american communities. the visit was part of its outreach to minority voters. he's trying to show he cares for all americans, not just white voters who usually populate rallieses. >> i'm here today to learn so we can, together, remedy injustice in any form and so that we economics so that the african- american community can benefit economically. >> not everyone was a fan of trump's visit. dozens gathered to protest the nominee. he has an uphill battle when it comes to african-americans. in michigan, he's only favored by 2% of the state's black voters. police in fayetteville are investigating a motorcycle accident this morning. investigators said 39-year-old melanie orr lost criminal and crashed saturday night on north
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rushed to cape fear valley medical center but later died from her injuries. authority in rocky mount ll a man's death suspicious. they said the body was found in a retaining pond on gateway boulevard. police said the death is suspicious because the pond is not in an area where people would usually walk around. but right now, they said don't -- they don't expect homicide. officials are not releasing the man's identity just yet. people in oklahoma are still trying to recover from a 5.6 magnitude earthquake and disposal may have caused it the quake hit the sooner state saturday morning and felt in six other states. oklahoma has seen a rapid increase in the number of earthquakes. some experts believe wastewater from fracking is causing the increase. it's a process for mining oil and gas but an oklahoma senator said the connection is being investigated. >> we're in an historic fault line. we know that in oklahoma but has not been active for a long time so they're trying to
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some related to the injection of wells and some not? are all related? no one has an idea. >> in response to saturday's way, oklahoma officials order the immediate shutdown after 37 disposal wells. 350 years after flames burned down london, flames are in the area. london 1666 isa of the burning festival, meant to commemorate the london at the time. only 60 were reported to have lost their lives but apparently over 80,000 people were made homeless and became refugees on the outskirts of london. >> unlike 350 years ago, crews are ready with hoses to put out the fire. one thing that did survive, the tower of london. >> interesting tidbit. >> the more you know.
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[ laughter ] hopefully i can provide some weather knowledge. >> we have a wonderful forecast. >> for you, russ, yes. today we have a great labor day forecast on the way. let's start off with a beautiful picture from chapel hill's top of the hill restaurant, looking toward the east, seeing the skies blowing glowing before the official sunrise at 6:50 so the sunrise getting later each showing any wet weather. we have some showers sitting way off the north carolina coast here. this is all remnants of what was once hermine, now posttropical, sitting northeast, so we're dry across central north carolina and thing will stay that way not only through today but into most of this week as well it is 59 degrees currently in raleigh and durham, cooler start to the morning outside, 56 in roxboro, 58 roanoke rapid and
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into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon but we're not dealing with humidity so by lunch, temperatures climbing to 80. 842:00 l t a high temperature of 86 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon and no eafor wet weather, looking great for our oupoint at 58 degrees keeps us come by on our comfort index scale so we won't be g wi that mugginess and r, least, for the next few days. some of big area ofgh pssure overhead today and tomorrow spells out a pleasant start to the week here, temperatures in e 80s today, near 90 tomorrow, but no humidity yet. by wednesday, thursday, and friday, temperatures heat up. we're still dry but some humidity will make a return, especially by thursday into friday.
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in by sunday to bring a small rain chance and other than that, we're dry, giving coastal areas a chance to clean up from flooding of hermine. speaking of hermine, the 5:00 a.m. advisory has the wind currently at 70 miles per hour and is 4 miles per hour shy of hurricane strength, 85 miles per hour off the coast of new new england to the northeast for the next couple of days and finally as we head into wednesday and thursday and friday, it's moving off the coast of nova scotia so we will
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nson, 85 d borrow, wilson, in rocky mount, and around the triangle, 86 degrees and in raleigh, 84 south hill, virginia. temperatures fall to 63, r, cool, and comfortable and 95s tomorrow and wednesday. we'll start in on thursday and 94 in the afternoon, low 90s friday, saturday, and sunday, next chance of rain until the end of the weekend on sunday. 6:22. ali has a look at the morning drive. >> good morning. we have a crash to let you know
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creedsville. lewisburg at i 540. nc 481 in halifax county, if you're traveling to a holiday cookout, you may wt to get off at rocky mount and 301 instead. durham, same thing through fayetteville moving well a drive times from durham on the freeway, very quick and 10 minutes. not a bad day d leaving you with a look at i-440, very quiet, 6:23. >> almost 6:in the morni. don't know the difference
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sometimes wine experts can smell and taste ingredients most of us can't. how it could lead to breakthrough for alzheimer's. >> rep developed an almost-superhuman sense of smell over the years. >> identifying the different aromatic or flavor nuance. >> reporter: he can detect almost any ingredient in a glasof wine. >> very floral. >> reporter: research shows that keen sense of smell has developed his brain. >> that has a lot more
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did studies on 13 sommelier and 13 nonexperts athey smelled wine and fruits. the experts could detect scents others could not but discovered part of their brain are bigger including those us exceptable to alzheimer's. >> including the parts of the brain are bigger are must vulnerable to parkinson's and alzhmer's suggests they may vesome degree of protection. >> reporter: deel sense of smell may be key in growing our brains to help prevent disease. >> definitely stog roses a lit to enjoy life. >> reporter: harley will toast to that. >> the best part. >> report kris martinez, las vegas. >> the people who participated the study ranged in age from their mid-20s to mid-60s. very interesting. >> yeah, definitely.
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breakthrough. >> absolutely. still ahead on cbs -- >> monday morning. >> we're not sure what day of the week it is. hermine leaves the coast but could linger after labor day. here's a live look outside. gorgeous sunrise that is coming up. a lot of orange coming up, really, really pretty.
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a tim and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. a building in tel-aviv has collapsed. >> at least many more people trapped. this is a developing story and we will stay on it throughout the morning and today at noon as well. in the meantime, good morning, everyone, thanks for being with us. i'm russ bow wednesday. >> i'm justin quesinberry.
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>> the sun is up and in a few minutes, youcan see skies getting brighter ahead of the sunrise abo 6:50 a.m. so things are goobing good for the ne several days, actually. get used to that because it wi be that way this week. 59 in gold borrow so a cooler start to our rning. the cold spot, 55 definitely a night where you d given the a/c a break. 62 fayetteville. we he high pressure that began building in towards the end of the weekend and will lead to a continuation of our nice weather. posttropical storm hermine f the mid-atlantic coast and not an issue over the next several days so expect temperatures to
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6:00. ali has a look at your traffic. good morning. we have a few trouble spots on labor day. this is a local oad crash. give yourself an extra minute or two. we have a breakdown at lewisburg road i-540 and luckily not many we have a lane blocked but get off at rocky mount and take 301 looks like it's being cleared. a nice, easy ride. from durham to rtp, if you have
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two men are in cumberland county jail without bond after beating a fayetteville man to death. >> good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. he did and the community is more at ease with the arrest and in shock over the loss of mike mansfield. investigators said mike were at 301 wings just after midnight sunday anfan fighting in the parking lot. he was left unconscious and pron dead at the hospital. friends and family gathered for a prayer vigil, trying to make
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>> i want forgiveness -- i'm struggling with that it's not a lie, and people ant to foe. >> he owned the car wash a block away from the crime scene. it wil closed but hopes to open it up tomorrow. the spects are expected to have their first court appearance. south korean officials said north koa ballistic missiles. they were fired towards the sea of japan. this is less than two weeks after the north fired from a submarine. that eered the air defense i. zone for the first time ever. the timing world because leaders from the world's 20 wealthiest 20 countries will be in china today. this year, president obama is trying to rea a deal about
6:35 am
regime's air attack on civilian and allow aid to reach people who are arving. president obama an china's president entered plans to reduce emissions plans. it's one of the edent's last opportunities to shape foreign policies. ? pope francis proclaimed mother teresa a saint. the nobel peace prize winner who dedicated her life to helping others is getting the honor less than 20 years because of her death. the pope said because of her teerness we will continue to call her mother teresa. hmine beginning to
6:36 am
the atlantic coast overnight while lurking dangerously off the east coast. this video shows the storm's forceful wind tossing a cabin. many beachgoers from virginia to the new jersey shore were forced to >> reporter: many pulled their boat in and othersprepared for the worst. >> i locked everything in the garage and packed a go bag and i'm ready. >> reporter: many beach remain closed over concerns hermine could trigger life-threatening rip curnttorm sandy fresh on residents' mind, authorities in parts of connecticut are preparedto open shelters if necessary.
6:37 am
water on hand, supplies so residents catake a nic wa ed be. >> reporter: cis christie decled state of gency in cnts. >> i hope to not have to use the help but if i waited it would be too late. >> reporter: it will move out to seemidweek. hena daniels for cbs th carolina. >> hermine hit orida as a hurricane and blamed for innorth rolina. here and state leaders are ne asseg e damage. of dollarscro a
6:38 am
visited ctaswe need to look at environmental prperty that causes damage to the north carolina farm and is inexcusable when they know stms a coming. >> once the damage is evaluate, he'll look into emergency funds to look at farmers with loans. >> 6:38. the moment a scorned love thought she was get revenge on an ex-boyfriend, except there's one big problem. the first weekend of college football season is in already seen the best game of thyear. watch as the longhorn and fighting irish battle it out in double overtime. and outside thmorning, we are seeing the skies getting brighter ahof sun rise. we'll let you ow how long the
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?? ??
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it was 20 year ago today hurricane fran hit the state. 24 people died in noh carolina. winds were at 115 miles per hour, 10-inches of rain caused lots of flooding. virginia, west virginia, and maryland affected as it rode up the coast. more than 1.7 million lost bz power, costing our state $2.3 billion in damage. >> arguably the worshurricane ever to impact the state of north carolina. >> certainly the top if not at the top. >> absolutely. >> 20 years, hard to believe, but things are quiet. >> we like that. >> especially because we dealt with her mine fdainto saturday. coastal areas that have flooding will have a chance to
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in raleigh and as we look at the tower camera, we're eight or nine minute from sunrise and will see sunshe today and nothing to worry about as far as wet weather. we're looking pretty good as we continue throughout the day. most of us in the 50s to start the morning so a comfortably cool, refreshing start to the roanoke rapids right now2 fayetteville. we have this area of high ng to keep things dry s here and quiet for the next several days but at least we will have warmer temperatures but not a t of humidity so nice weather going to continue here. 67 at 8:00, degrees at lunchtime, warm and nice, 86 our high today, still sunny at
6:43 am
skies will stick around and 90s are back in your complete forecast. it was a rough finish at the nascar race. two were neck-in-neck. >> people in check gets into it. nemechek and custerer wrecking and spinning, coming to the line. >> that wasn't the end of it. duri the end the race, they were pinned ag wall. once the winner was decided, the driver, who would be in second place, was unhappy about the decision. he tackledthe winning driver. the two were quickly separated. football season ended with a bang, taking on the university of texas. the long horns were unranked
6:44 am
hard foughgame. the final was50-47. it's definitely over for a pair of loves in florida. police said a woman's reveng went up in smoke. an all- out manhunt in alexandria, virginia. the pool lifeguard is attacked
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>> wow. >> terrible mistake to ma there. >> terrible thing -- terrible g to do and a errible mistakcombined. >> she's made a new enemy in the process. >> and in re trouble, i'm sure. >> the boyfriend and so charges against her. >> um-hmm. > all right, so here we have calmed downquite a bit. >> we have. the weather looking nice. yesterday was beautiful, especially yterday evening. we finally got a break from the humid. . we had a break from the rain
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in. yeerday was nice. today will be greatoo. we'll start off nice. first, oh, a live look outside from the international airport -- skies are clear, currently 59 in raleigh. our satellite radar not showing any wet weather. we're dry and quiet thanks to a system of high pressure that began building in for the weekend, off the coast of north caroli to the northeast. we have showers at the very edgef the screen where those will stay so not an ise for us here over the next several 50s for many of us as we start the orningrefreshingly cool outside, 59 des in raleigh, also 59in durham and sigh lest solarist 62 fayetteville. temperatures will climb into the mid-to-upper 80s so very similar, a degreeor two warmer than yesterday. we go up 80 degrees at noon,
6:49 am
of humidity to wo about, either, so our dew point around 58 keeps us in the comfy category in our index scale so we'll dealwith heat and humidity in central north carolina this time of year where we have thheat, no humidity for the next coup high pressure here that will position itself over top of us through today d tomorrow that lead to a pleasant start to e week but as it starts to slide south d east a bit here, we
6:50 am
before it takes turn out to sea hereearly friday morning. it's ofe asof nova p a eye on because a lot beaches wi be impacted in the northeast and new elaover the next few days. 87 degreeswl be our high at fo bragg thiafternoon d also in fayetteville, 86 nn and wilmington, 86 also smithfield, 85 wilson and gold borrow, 84 rke rads, hill, virginia. temperatures tomorrow a little warmerhan today, 91 after a starin the 60s, 92 on t a few more but we're ng up the heat eek, and adding humidity thursday, 94 degrees, 92 on friday and saturday not too bad but the best chance of rain hold off until sunday. coming up on 6:51 now, let's
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knocout there too d on labor day, macon road, we hav an accident northbound side at cranesfield, no delays and a stalled car on lewig i-540, light traveled morning. this afternoon will be busy so there is no backups. on durham freeway, no problem through fayettevle and all is u.s. 64 to thenwood, 16 minutes anclayton bypass, not a bad ride d the camera is not working so i will send it back. >> we'll take it. p stories are coming up next but first, here's a ok at what is ahead on "cbs this
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herminthreatens to refeign strength. l hear from passengers a cruise moving through roseas. so we're n the jersey she. and nancy pe ll join us dio 7 and more on the fda's crackdown on antibacterial soaps and which ingredients to watch out for. and more on the nba player stepping away from the game to stand by his so are facing weeks before giving
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? ?? ?? there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking
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that go wherever you do. chee drs by the laughing cow. revent snacking. rescue efforts are underway in tel-aviv. a crane fell on a building. at least six people are hurt, and authorities are afraid more people are trapped.
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fayettevil mhubert underwood ii rosser are chard wi first- greer. vestigsa botn at mike mansfield ea sunday morni afte into a id restaurant. lice sd the two badly beat mansfield and left him unconsciou he was later pronounced dead atp al. onon ginan attpted home arrests. raleigh police are charging a 20-yearld man with murder in connection with a shooting death of a young father last mont police said jeffrey renoso killed 23-year-old laqu anderson. e body was is ard with felony possession of cocaine. he has bn arrested 16 times fohis la arrest. are cag a an's death
6:56 am
aretaining pond bobecause thnot in an area wod ound but today they n a spt in this homicide. officials are not releasing the eating r free his holida e s oue participang the fehethe idea was started e owner o'malley's enubavenue. ted to st to is going to ntue and outside this mningwe are seeingsome sunshe, this off this is a live look from shaw
6:57 am
we're talking to see a lot of sunshine over the next few days anghtemperatures are starting off school this morning,willbe much warmer than yesterday. 59 degrees our current temperatin and ayright now. it's 62 in fayetteville. spot henderson, 54 degrees this morning so ho about that? these temperature will be warming up fairly quickly, 86 degrees. our hightemperature this afternoon. back in the 90 it has rest f the week. we'll stay dry throu of the week, chance of a few showers as we head intthe upcoming weekend but keep in mind with returning at by making a come back as well so enjoy the nice weather while we've got it. ali? 6:57. a look at the clayton bypass -- >> wow. >> wow, right? no cars. but they're moving. we don't hava steadily line of traffic. it must be labor day. >> that looks like christmas out there. you never see -- even though saturday and sunday you don't --
6:58 am
hassle. thank you for being with us
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2016.ood morning.beh, welcome to "cbs this morning.? hermine threatensomeagain. storm that is s le a president oba fails to an


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