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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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right now on cbs north carolina, the ncaa pulling championships out of our state over hb2. cbs north carolina's david will have the details. a vigil was held for shelby officer who died in the line of duty. we'll have reaction from his family and friends. an update o story we brought you yesterday. we'll tell you if charges have been filed for a man who shot a home intruder. thanks for waking up with us and watching cbs north carolina. allie will have a look at your morning commute, but first, storm team meteorologist alyssa here with a look at that weather. >> good morning, guys. we're starting off our morning dry, but for some of you, you are starting off quite foggy. let's take a look at our latest visibility map. now in durham, visibility at
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we make our way towards lee county. certainly going to slow you down there. around cumberland county, 3 miles. 5 in nearby clinton. 7 in dunn. a larm scale. this is a bigger issue south of the triangle. we'll keep an eye on these visibilities and let your honor if they get worse throughout the morning. 66 in raleigh. temperatures dropping about 3 degrees in the past hour. 70 in lillington. 71 in fateville. 82 at lunchtime. 87 our afternoon high a close look at who could see an isolated shower later today and when the warmest temperatures will be here this week coming up in ten minutes in your storm team forecast. nearly two months after the nba pulled the all star game out of charlotte due to the house bill 2, the ncaa is now following suit. they announced they are pulling seven championship events from north carolina. cbs north carolina's david joins us live from downtown raleigh with what kind of impact this will have on our state.
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responsible for cancelled concerts, conventions, as well as company expansions across the state. now, the ncaa has announced they are pulling 7 championship games from north carolina. here are the games that will be affected. the first and second round of the men's basketball tournament in greensboro. division 3 men's and women's tennis. division 1 lacrosse. all those events were sfoezed to be played in cary. they made the decision because they wanted to pro and respectable environment at tevents. the announcement follows the nba's decision to pull the all star game from charlotte. that was expected to have a hundred million dollar economic impact. the ncaa's decision now has democratic leaders and senate calling for a special session to repeal house bill 2. >> it seems like the alarm bell keeps ringing. >> i think standing by this law is the right thing to do because the privacy and safety of our college students matters.
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ncaa's announcement, we have yet to hear from governor mcrory about that decision. he is expected to speak here this morning. we'll be sure to provide you updates if he does make a comment on the decision. reporting live, cbs, north carolina. >> david, thank you. in the wake of this announcement regarding hb2, we've received several responses to this decision. >> that's right. duke, unc, nc state, and the unc system all expressing their said in part this. we are surprised and disappointed by the ncaa's decision and regret the impact it will have on north carolina's student athletes, coaches, athletic staffer, fan, and the north carolina communities previously chosen to host these championship events. >> bubba cunningham saying in part, quote, we are disappointed for the people of this dpraet state, the communities that are scheduled to play host to these championship events, and to the students who may be denied the opportunity to compete for
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state. >> and from duke university's kevin white saying in part we agree with the ncaa's decision cht our position has been clear on this matter, which is that will legislation is is discriminatory. >> nc state director of athletics also chiming in saying in part, quote, we certainly hope there will be resolution in the very nearfu equal opportunity and non-discrimination to anyone who works, lives, studies, visits, or participates in campus events, courses, programs, and services. acc commissioner john swaford also releasing a statement calling for a full repeal of house bill 2. we'll continue to stay on top of this major story. our coverage continues right now online at there, you will find our past stories on the controversial law. just scroll over the news tab and down to house bill 2.
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new information about a story that we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. durham police have not charged the person who shot and killed a teenage intruder in what police say was an early-morning home invasion in durham chl police say 16-year-old jalen thompson was wearing a mask when he tried to break into a unit at the south terrace at auburn apartments before 1:00 yesterday morning. authorities tell cbs north carolina that thompson and the man in the apartment exchanged gunfire. the man in the apartment was hit okay. the memorial was growing for the north carolina police officer who died after he was shot last week serving a search warrant. officer tim blackeen with the shelby died after he was shot over the weekend. he was serving a search warrant when police say he shot the officer and escaped. a vigil was held yesterday in his memory. alex from our affiliate in
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>> the uptown shelby square, a sea of blue, a community standing as one for fallen shelby officer tim brackeen. >> it was a great loss to lose him. he was a great guy. did a lot for the community. >> it was the community's turn to show their love for him. penny ramsey works with the shelby rescue squad and considered him family. >> it is losing a family member because we are so close. >> that was easy to see, men, women, children, together, the sudden death still sinking in for many. >> i don't think has sat in with a lot of us. it's a shock. we're all numb. >> they took a daddy from a little girl. they took a husband from a wife. you took a brother from a police family. this caused deep hurt. >> that pain may linger for a while here in cleveland county. >> there's something our community in our town is not used to have happen, and it's going to affect us tremendously.
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comrades and the power of prayer being used to uplift the officers. >> they put their lives oen the line for us so it's right that we support them back. >> but support won't bring back tim brackeen so these friends and family will cherish the memories. >> he was a good family man. he loved his family, especially his little girl and wife. >> he used to come over often and we'd wash his patrol car at our base. >> that car is getting a final cleaning and shower of love. being offered as a reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest. now, breaking overnight, firefighters in los angeles, california battled a huge fire in little tokyo last night. fires happened at a smoke shop there. smoke and flames could be seen pouring from a roof of a two-story building in a commercial area. so far, there's no word if there were any injuries. good morning.
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there if you are heading through the fayetteville area. you can see part of the 95 corridor in yellow means it's going to be hard to see. visibility low in some spots. extra time needed if you are traveling farther south of our area. if you are traveling through raleigh, roads look pretty good. 540 moving well taking you into durham. no incidents there. you can see our map showing all green on the roads, which means you are able to go the speed limit. a look at your drive times if heading west. nothing out of the ordinary on 440. 8 minutes there. >> all right. thanks. 5:08 is your time right now. a man is expected in court today on animal abuse charges. we are going to tell you what he's accused of doing. plus, a wild fire in
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. officials say evacuations for the gold run and hidden hill
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still in effect. this comes after a wild fire there. the fire is still only 5% contained, but crews worked overnight to establish a line around the flames. >> a calm night, a thousand people on the fire, 17 bulldozers, over a hundred fire engines. we got a lot of people out there last night, took advantage of the calmer conditions to make a lot of progress on building fire line. >> so far, no homes have been destroyed and no injuries reported, but, boy, do they need some rain out there. alyssa, i understand, we could see some rain here in our area. >> yeah. here today, but we'll have better rain chances later this week. in the meantime, let's start off with a live picture from shaw university. we are looking towards downtown raleigh. really nice start to our morning. for some of you, you are waking up to foggier conditions so know that could slow you down. there's that potential this morning, but there is no rain out there this morning so that will not be an issue out on the roadways. let's get to the current temperatures. now 62 in henderson and south hill. raleigh, though, 66. several degrees cooler than where we were yesterday morning
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the sand hills, that's 72 in fayetteville, 71 in reford, and pinehurst checking in at 70. we'll be in the upper 60s at 8 a.m., dry for the majority of the day, 82 at lunchtime. 87 our afternoon high. if anyone will see rain later today, it will be down around the sand hills, close to 6:00, we're dropping back to 85. i'll have more on when the warmest temperatures of the week will arrive coming up in your complete storm team forecast. 5:13. the fallout chair roger ailes continues after allegations of sexual
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durham police are investigating a homicide on east main street. that's in the downtown area. police received a report of a shooting around 7:00 last night. when they arrived, they found a man had been shot. a man is due in a cumberland county courtroom today, accused
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raping them. fayetteville police say jerm arcine clark picked up two women and proceeded to rape them. we expect governor pat mcrory to discuss the latest fallout from house bill 2. the ncaa is new pulling seven championship games out of the state. that includes the first two rounds of the men's basketball tournament. that was spoedz to be in greensboro this march. five states banned official travel to north carolina. a sat story out of tampa this morning. according 23-year-old jao found a -- the bullet pierced the vest killing mendez. a hole was found in the vest after the incident. right now, no charges have been filed. a cary man is expected in court today charged with animal cruelty. police say thomas byrd left his dog outdoors without water or shade for several hours. this happened back in july. no word on the dog's current
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nsa contractor ed snowden should return to the u.s. to face charges for leaking classified information about the government's warrantless surveillance program. snowden faces up to 30 years in prison. this comes as his supporters are pushing for a presidential pardon, and a new movie also coming out friday about the case. a white house spokesperson says snowden would be treated fairly and consistent with the law if he returns from asylum out of russia. officials say the name of roger ailes will soon bere university, and a gift of the school will also be returned as a result of the sexual harassment allegations. ailes denied the allegations. fox news parent 21st century fox settled a lawsuit with accuser gretchen carlson, paying her $20 million and also publicly apologizing. the next few months will be busy for samsung as it replaces 2.5 million branded smart phones
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the faa and airlines are now warning fliers not to use or charge the samsung galaxy note 7 on board aircraft because of a fire danger linked to its batteries. university assistant professor dan ste ingard studies batteries. he says the danger comes if they are overcharged or overheated. >> it's like causing a little fire cracker to go off within the battery, then if you have one fire cracker surrounded by many other fire crackers, and if a fire cracker goes off, it will trigger the other ones to >> on monday after the recall, samsung's stock had its biggest one-day price decline in the company's 28-year history, and we've somewhat seen throughout this week so many different incidents when you are talking about someone elderly or children playing with the phone, using the phone, out of nowhere, boom, it bursts. that's pretty scary. >> also, you know, the warning, i guess, that's been issued, as well, is not to check into your baggage, luggage if you are on a plane.
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talk about our forecast. nowhere near scary there. we are looking at a pretty nice day. 66 degrees right now chl this is a live picture from our tower camera. we are looking out to the east this morning. of course, it's still dark. sunrise doesn't happen until 6:57 this morning. we have to wait longer and longer these days. 67 right now in durham. 66 in roxboro. checking in around fayetteville, you are at 72. 71 in clinton. also 70 in pinehurst. good morning san ford. you are checking in at 65 and hour by hour for you today, 76 at 10 a.m. feeling really good this morning. maybe you are going out for that morning run. 82 at lunchtime today if you are hoping to exercise on your lunch hour. weather should cooperate nicely. we eventually climb to 87 this afternoon. you'll notice a very small chance for shower or two later today. that's mainly to include areas south of say even fayetteville. so extremely southern portions of our viewing area. that's because a stationary front is still lingering nearby.
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rain chances to south carolina again today. southern pargss -- portions of north carolina can't be ruled out. keep this in mind, mainly dry, still on the warm side. tomorrow, though, we'll start to focus on our approach. that doesn't come into play until, say, thursday or friday of this week. in the meantime, we'll work on that future forecast. you can see the dry conditions through lunchtime today so no worries of any wet weather there. this is the latest update on this in-house model. you can see it keeping us dry through 6:00 this evening. overnight tonight, no morning as we head towards tomorrow afternoon, i also expect us to stay dry. nice mix of sun and clouds there. so the latest in the tropics, this is tropical storm ian. remember, it strengthened yesterday morning. winds right now at 45 miles per hour moving to the north-northeast about nine miles per hour. it's encountering a lot of sheer, which typically tears these storms apart cht not a lot of strengthening is expected through tomorrow, but then
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easily strengthen way out in the open atlantic. no threat to us. 87 our high today in raleigh. 86 in durham, and 89 in fayetteville. overnight tonight, they will fall to near 67 degrees calling it pretty pleasant for this time of year. rebound back to 88 on our wednesday, then thursday and friday, that next keld front i was talking about, that starts to come into play. we drop back to 8 #0 behind that front on friday and spoo the upcoming weekend, a small chance let's check in with allie. >> good morning. you mentioned we do have foggy conditions in some parts. taking a look at our map where you see this yellow, 87, 95 near the fayetteville area. you are going to need to fwif yourself extra time. we do have low visibility. if we take you back up into raleigh, no accidents to report to you. that's always good news. (5) 404-4040 moving well. from raleigh, if you are heading up into the durham area for work bright and early, no excuse not
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a look at westbound drive times on 540 to u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue 16 - there, heading on 440 to wade avenue about 8 and clayton bypass to u.s. 1 on 40 about 11 minutes. outside now, we'll take you and give you a view of i-40 at airport boulevard where there's a few cars out there, but, again, no delays, which is always good news at 5:21 in the morning. >> i still can't believe we are talking about holiday gifts. the different toys that we have to purchase. >> i started my christmas shopping just because i found that gift that i had to buy. >> she's so organized. >> no way. >> you know, i saw the gift, that it was, like, that screams that person. >> have you started decorating? >> oh, no. >> are you pulling it out of the garage yet? >> no. we haven't gone that far. >> i'm still trying to plan my costume. >> you never know. pumpkin spice latte is already out. next thing you know, so are the jinger bread men. coming up, you sometimes see
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television booth? we'll show you what happened next. then the schedules are out for this year's acc teams. jeff jones has everything you need to know. that's n there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. the first week of nfl season is in the books.
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the l.a. rams 28-0. niners running back tide rushed for a couple of touchdowns and gabbert for a touchdown. kickoff is at 1:00 on sunday. >> 28 -- >> rough game for at least the rams. football season just started but we're already talking basketball. >> some team have a tough season ahead of them. jeff jones has more in sports. >> well, guys, here we are in the middle of septemr, the sports world yesterday involves college hoops. the acc announced the basketball schedule and as you can probably tell, some people are getting very excited. now, we knew the particulars but we learned how tough schedules will be, especially near the end of the season. the tar heels may have the worst stretch. eight of their last ten games are against ncaa tournament
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and two with virginia. other highlights for the local team -- all three open at home against opponents they should beat easily and all three will have to wait until the calendar turns to 2017 before they can take on each other. if you're looking for the full schedules, you can find those on my facebook page, we'll have more local sports news for you this evening. tune in tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 when we look forward to soccer. i'm jeff jones and we'll see you then right here on cbs north carolina. >> all right, jeff, looking forward to it. we have seen bloopers on the field but yesterday it happened in the tv booth. >> -- during the mets game. >> trouble. road trip with this camera and i'm thrilled and this camera is so well. [ laughter ] no! >> well, that just happened. >> no, it didn't. >> during the mets game.
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he said that was not coming out of his paycheck and i would have said the same thing. time is 5:26. >> that's hilarious. >> coming up in the next half hour -- pulling seven championship events from north carolina because of house bill 237 when 237 -- 2. when we expect to hear from the governor. and we'll break down the forecast hour by hour with alyssa cor font.
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the ncaa pulling seven championships out of north carolina. the decision coming after house bill 2 became law. why we expect governor mccrory to comment on the move later today. and the search is on for the person durham police said shot people in two separate incidents.
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appears to be sticking around. who's headed to our area to recruit voters for hillary clinton. >> good tuesday morning and thank you for sticking with us on north carolina news. i'm beairshelle edme. >> good morning, beairshelle. thank you for joining us. i'm stefan chase. good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. yesterday morning we had a chance of a shower has been replaced with foggy conditions and rocky mount, visibility less than two mile and will need to slowdown around the corridor and visibility a half mile in sanford, 3-mile in durham, so it's really involving more of the viewing area so slow down if you run into foggy


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