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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. in this morning for russ. >> good morning. good morning to you. thanks a check on traffic. first storm team meteorologist has the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as well. we brought up tropical depression julia. here's what it look like. winds associated with this storm at 35 miles an hour. 35 miles an hour in some of that rape moving into the wilmington area this morning. not expecting any of that to reach central portions of north carolina. the reason we could be seeing a few showers is
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through. your current temperatures. 9 in wilmington. raleigh right now reporting 68 degrees. your forecast for the day ahead 83 at lunchtime. 86 our afternoon high. not as warm. just a small chance for a shower or storm. more on that cold front coming through and what it means for tomorrow's forecast. >> also back right you now to tropical -- dprawtion julia. >> the nation carolina coast. flash flood watch runs through this morning for parts of south carolina. forecasters say any rain could pose a risk of flooding in an area soaked by hermine less than two week ago. in georgia, a tropical storm remains in effect. it didn't stop fishermen and surfers. underring people to stay out of the water nsm case you're wondering surfing is still allowed.
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the boards are made of fiberglass they're boats. life guards will reevaluate the counties this morning. . >> and on the island julia left behind fallen trees no. reports of any injuries or homes being seriously dammed. >> right now in an amberly aryt for a missing little girl. they are search for stephanie lo pez castro. she was as polka dots. there is one suspected abductor on a motorcycle. he was last seen wearing a short black seef shirt. he was always wearing boots and a helmet. they disappeared after carolina beach road. take a look at the picture. have you seen her? if you have any information call nun. >> six people are dead and more than a hundred others injured after a passenger train collided with
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believe negligence on the part of the passenger train engineer may have caused the accident. it hit the freight train from behind. that freight train had stops so the driver could remove a man's body who had been crucialed to death. in politics now hillary clinton returns to the campaign tral today with events in north carolina and wab. this of a spending three days a the ho em l the campaign released a letter from her the candidate as healthy and fit is to serve. trump who boasted about his health during a taping of of the dr. oz is show is set to deliver another speech in new york today. beau will be at clinton's rally. that starts this amp at 3:45. 45. you'll have full coverage on the unc football player accused of raping another student is out on bond
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on weps. cbs north carolina's david hurst joins us now live with what's next into the information. he will not be playing in the team opener on saturday. he's faiging misdemeanor charges and may soon be facing felony charges as well. sophomore delaney robinson came forward. she claims artist raped her on thursday. the 21-year-old is facing dismeernl sexual battery and assault on a female charges. the orange county says ongoing as well. waiting -- >> our office will be involved and i hope to hear from misbranch. she's been reaching out on how
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felony investigation that's ongoing for a civilian to then get misdemeanor warrants in that same case. >> the fifs court appearance. he was not required to show up but his attorney was there ons his behalf and declined to speak about the case aft hearing was over. david hurst, cbs north carolina. the acc followed the ncaa's lead and pulled the championship games m north carolina. women's socker in cary. there's also seven other events being moved from north carolina. another republican lawmakers suggested repealing the law. senator rick gun said in part, i'm concerned about the impact hb2 is having on our state. >> the weekly air horn
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known. many of them wore referee jerseys in response to the moves by the ncaa and now the acc. >> outside organizations. they should be bullied into it by their citizens. plan it better and the anemia charge. the lawmakers shouldn't have put the state if this position. >> some business owners worry about the impact these cancellations by the ncaa -- recently opened a shop in cary. they'll lose 2 bnt 5 million because of all of the events canceled this book. republican state lawmakers criticize both organizations for their decisions. but craftsman says it's many evidence that the need to repeal house bill 2. >> opening a new front is not a pro business thing. >> following suit. using some standards they
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other states. >> car yoorks' mayor sent letters yesterday. encouraging them to keep cary in mind for future championships. our coverage continues right now on that's where you will find all of the reaction from universities and other officials. just look for the story right there on the home page. let get a check on traffic. hey, allie. >> good morning. it's 5:37 on this friday eve and i-40 aviation parkway. this i thinks are moving pretty well. no problems. we do have foggy condition out there.
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give yourself some extra time. we have a road closure there. we have all of detour information on your facebook page there. a live look outside now on i- 40. u.s. 70. we're at -- it's still not too busy. the time to get out there if you're head on i-540. >> a man accused of shooting and killing a police officer is awaiting extradition to north carolina. what the district attorney plans to do during th gunman. plus a injury now the second involving a hud trial
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a happy thursday or friday eve if you prefer. 540 right now on -- 540 as we start our day. 68 degrees. and we're starting to see a few more clouds. no fog though that will slow you down in the triangle. most of the fog is south of the triing an this morning. so around portions of harnick county. a half of a mile. three at any times -- less than a mile around:ton as well. be prepared for your morning drive. a bit longer if navigating around those areas. low beams if you're in that direction as well. 65 in siler city. remember yesterday the fayetteville area. low 60s. this morning the low 70s. 70 in clinton, goldsboro and rocky mount into the mid-60s. the sunrise officially happens around 6:58 this morning n. the meantime it's going to be pretty dark. bus stop is smp 67.
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will be the warmest of the next few. 82 tomorrow. 83 saturday and the next time should be by sunday afternoon. small rain chance oaf the weekend ahead. i'll el break down rain chances ahead. maggie this is an toacht prevent kids from being i a taliban plus a night poses for a picture with two young boys. it's not just
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an amber alert is in effect. >> authorities are searching for 6-year-old stephanie lopez castro. they believe a man on a motorcycle took the girl from an area off carolina beach road. you're asked to call 9-1-1 with any information. >> democratic presidential candidate returns to the
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and in washington, d.c. this after she spent three days at home recovering from pneumonia. cbs north carolina will be at clinton's rally. it starts today at 3:30. expects the rain to bring rain. >> shelby police officers are in rhode island to pick up the man accused of shooting and killing one of investigators say he killed officer tim brakee, in. he spent four days on the run until authorities tracked him down yesterday. he's expected to wave extradition. the district attorney plans to seek the death penalty. >> attorneys will begin presenting evidence in the 3-year-old case. 19-year-old israel vasquez are accused of killing
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they will not be seeking the death penalty because he was under 18. a 1-year-old facing murder charges today. police arrested him last month for a shooting that killed sebastian smith on north allen road in wake forest. the 26-year-old victim was founded in of hope office. >> the man police say attempted to rob will spend 15 years behind bars. a judge sentenced carpetter. one of the employees tried to stop him before he fired shots a injuring them. investigators in wayne county say a man ripped people off by pretending to be a firefighter and also collecting disoongses. investigators say 41-year-old
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to door. but never came back to complete the inspections glsms first respond frers other areas are stepping in to help after a private ambulance company went out of business. hundreds of people lost their jobs after johnston policewoman service closed unexpectedly last year. they are stepping in to help. powell tearing into donald trump and revealed hi the former secretary of the state labels him as a national disgrace and international pariah. much the criticism is directed at trump everything hrc touches she kind of screws up. an aid kirmed the e-mails were authentic. >> school officials in florida made this capture on campus take a look. a python showed up in a feald
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heminstead. nobody was wired. >> dressed up as a medieval knight. spent serve months in iraq. he dressed up and posed with the 9-year-old and 6-year-old jacob for a picture. they didn't know but when he took off his hmm, the boys were surprised to see their father standing there. >> he's been deployed four times since 2003 working intell in the middle east. those smiles there say it you can just watch those forever, right? >> i hike how the kids are shaking their hands like shocked. oh, wait. very sad. >> very cool. good forecast. >> yeah. we're too excited about that story to talk about the forecast. it's a good forecast. temperatures are going to be a bit cooler today. that's the good news. even cooler than normal and for the start of the week. if you're ready for a taste it will value just wait 24 lives. a live picture right now.
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least. look off to our south. certainly seeing some denser fog there. visibility is holding steady at half a mile in dunn. also less than a mile in clinton. that's certainly where it is the worst out this morning. three miles in portions of moore county. 5 miles throughout portions of hope county. take your time. if you're commuting around the sand hills. let's get to your current temperatures. not as comfortable. low 70s in ot and clinton. 64 in clayton. 63 in louisburg. that's not so bad. we'll be at 83 right there and 86 for an afternoon high. you are seeing a small chance for a shower. maybe a thundershower. not expecting anything severe
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t. will be moving across the area today. just bringing isolated storms. by no means will ever see the wet weather. i think mother of you will stay dry than seeing the wet weather. kind of hangs around and a chance for a shower or storm tomorrow. into the upcoming weekend. as far as is timing is concern we're looking at the coast this morning. that was still left of tropical depression you'll ya. some wet weather toward the wilmington area. not a lot of -- across th coast we should -- here in central d.c. we will stay dry through lunchtime. very -- then jennifer night tonight, dry weather returns. only briefly though because look what happens on friday am shower or storm in the afternoon. a lot of high school games going on tomorrow night. this wet weather should not impact them. just take a poncho to be on the safe side. talking about july ya. wind at 35 miles an hour.
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southeast of charleston. saw this on twitter. it's not going to be heart to track the storm because it's pretty much not going anywhere. wind add 5 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, 30 miles an hour by sunday, really going to continue off the coast of south carolina. bringing you closer to home. 88 then for a high in fayetteville. we head into overnigh tonight. drop to near 68 degrees. that's some good nutsenlet talk about the coming days. 82 for a friday and 83 on sunday. small chances for showers both days. continuing with that small chance sunday. but by sunday we should be back to 86. >> here's a check on your morning imheut. >> good morning. a look odd on the rock quur ri road. through that construction zone. we have a traffic light not
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street. we do have extremely foggy conditions. that's the yellow on your screen. so if you are taking 95, those roads visibility could be low. extra time needed. a look at your southbound drive times on u.s. 1 i-540 do downtown. 17 minutes south into raleigh and here's a better breakdown for you. 4 minutes from 540 to back outside now. an area that's still pretty quiet at 5:52 this morning. >> thank you. coming up check out this video. we'll tell you what it was and what pushed it around china. >> that's kind of scary. before we go to break, here's
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we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. brought strong winds, heavy rains, and caused major flooding too. it's the strongest since it packed winds stronger than 175 miles an hour. the storm was just way too much for one man on the motor bike. he quickly got back up and ran to safety. >> the winds from the typhoon made lots of folkings take a double -- >> made its way over cars and motor bikes. that were used during a festival. they knocked power out to more than 170,000 homes.
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morning to prevent kids from dying in hot vehicles. some u.s. representatives presented the bim t. would require automanufactures to allow features that alert drivers if a passenger remains. 9 children have tied after being left in vehicles. one of those deaths happened right here in during ram -- police charge maria with an involuntary manslaughter. >> expected in a wane county courtroom later this morning after goldsboro police say they found them passed out in the car. with a 3-year-old in the backseat. investigators say they found steven and christine in a car in the mcdonalds parking lot on wayne memorial drive tuesday. officers say they also di koafersed passengers of what appears to be heroin and
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ryan lochte during his debut defended their actions. lochte and three other swimmers drew criticism after admitted to fabricating -- they were charged and released. and chipper jones pulled down the number 10 in the braves outfield to reveal only 9 more games be were they move locations. the braves will move into the brand new suntrust park and begin preseaso he wore number 10er for his 19 her yearlong career before retiring in 2012. time check. it's 5:57. coming up. >> department of labor will be heading here to the state fairgrounds later on this afternoon. i'm lauren havlinn. what ride they'll be inspecting and why it's important to you. >> p issue candidate is back on
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the latest details as a unc football player is out on bond after allegations of rape. >> ride inspections at the state fairgrounds with less than a monoto go. what officials are doing to keep you safe. >> a pastor in michigan -- >> good morning and north carolina news. in this morning for russ. j gl good morning, >> we're going to get to your big stories in just a home. find out about the forecast from alyssa. good morning. >> good morning o you at home as well. starting off with a live picture from our tower camera over the belt line and waiting anxiously for that sunrise but we have almost an hour to go. that sunrise happens later and later now. be a will be before we star to


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