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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm don dahler. captioning funded by cbs it's friday, september 16th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." five years later, of the birther debate. hillary clinton trashes donald trump after he refuse to say president obama was born in the u.s. >> when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> but a late night statement from a trump staffer says what the candidate hasn't and so much more. strict orders for samsung customers. the new warning from the federal government for samsung galaxy note 7 owners.
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police in columbus, ohio. the city's top cop explains what police saw before they pulled the trigger. a scathing statement from u.s. soccer after megan rapinoe takes another knee this time while wearing the stars and stripes. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. donald trump's campaign says he now believes president obama was born in the united states, but trump hasn't officially signed on and "the washington post" interview, he wouldn't answer the question. hena daniels is here in new york with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meg. all eyes are on donald trump this morning to see whether he publicly denounces his long-held birth irbeliefs. his campaign put out a statement last night saying trump believes
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clinton isn't buying it and saying the republican candidate was wrong for trying to delegitimatize the country's first black president. the flip-flop on the birther issue came after hillary clinton blasted his refusal to denounce the idea when he was interviewed by "the washington post" wednesday. >> he was asked one more time, where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? >> reporter: hours later, trump's campaign released this statement, pointing the finger at clinton for raising the issue in 2008 when she was running against then candidate obama. the campaign then credited trump for helping resolve the matter, adding, having successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate when others could
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united states. clinton returned to the campaign trail in north carolina yesterday, calling trump out for criticizing a pastor in flint, michigan, who stopped him from getting political inside her church. >> he called her a nervous mess. that's not only insulting, it's dead wrong. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: after delivering remarks on his economic plan in new york, the republican nominee traveled to new hampshire and took clinton to task, recalling his supporters deplorable last week. >> hillary clinton slanteders you as deplorable and irredeemable. >> reporter: with less than two months to the election, a cbs news/"the new york times" poll has clinton and trump locked in a virtual tie. trump head to florida with a town hall. hillary clinton address the
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also in d.c. >> hena daniels in new york, thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk about the birth irissue and donald trump with dan senor, a senior adviser to paul ryan and mitt romney in the 2012 race for president. samsung will recall its galaxy note 7 phone that can lead to injury and property damage. marlie hall has our report. >>or galaxy note 7 phones because the batteries can explode or catch fire. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> i just wanted to post this and share what just happened to my note 7. >> reporter: samsung confirmed a few dozen instances of the
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doriiker's jeep caught fire after he left his new phone inside it to charge. >> that was the last thought in my head was a brand-new device, something as simple as a phone, is going to burn down my car. >> reporter: samsung tells cbs news the positive and negative sides of the battery came into contact with each other, causing the manufacturing problem. the company had voluntarily recalled the devices, a move the consumer product safety system blasted. >> anybody thinking a company going out on provide the best recall for that company and more importantly the consumer need more than to have their phone checked. >> reporter: consumers can get a full refund or a replacement phone. marlie haul, cbs news, new york. do not bring their note 7's on planes unless they keep them turned off and do not charge them during a flight. passengers must not put the note
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that could charge up the phone. a black man's family is calling for a fair and independent investigation. a vigil was held for tyree king yesterday. on wednesday night, king and another suspect were confronted in an alley. police say that is when king pulled out what was a bb gun appearance, it also had a laser light attached to it right underneath the barrel. our officers carry a gun that looks practically identical to this weapon. >> reporter: officer brian mason fired multiple times. king died at the hospital. the family of sandra bland, a woman who died last summer in a texas jail, says it's reached
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she was pulled over near houston last summer. the stop turned confrontational answer she was arrested and charged with harassing a public servant. three days later, she was found hung by a trash bag in her cell. >> these are things that needed to be in place prior to her death, but, for now, i think it's important that no other family has to go through this type of pain. >> the trooper who stopped bland a new york city detective is recovering after being hacked in the face by a suspect with a me meat cleaver. the suspect was upset about a parking violation and pulled the cleaver when confronted by officers. off-duty officer tackled him and cut in the face and police fired 18 shots at the man. police commissioner bratton said
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down the street waving a cleaver. despite that, the officers approached him, sought to take him in custody, during which time, one of them received a very significant injury to his face. >> the suspect was hit five or six times and listed in critical condition. on a side note, this is new york city police commissioner william bratton's last day on the job. he is retiring after 32 months to take a job in the private sector. the truce in is its fourth day in syria. the truce is holding for the most part. they are blaming the syrian government for preventing humanitarian aid from entering the city of aleppo and other high-need areas. elizabeth palmer reports from sea. syria. >> reporter: oh, yeah. ibrahim is showing me around what was his neighborhood.
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and russian bombers in a ferocious battle took it back from rebel fighters and this is what is left. in the background, as we spoke, the sounds of a boom. i just heard a big boom there. what was that? oh, it's coming from over there, he told me. but isn't there supposed to be a cease-fire? yes, it's those gunmen one last night, the shelling was nonstop. with nowhere to go, youssuf and his family have moved back in and they are now homing like hundreds of thousands others for united nations aid but it remains, so far, stalled in turkey. all armed groups and the syrian army have withdrawn from the costello road, the main highway into northern aleppo, and the russian military has secured it.
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costello road. under the terms of the proposal, syrian soldiers, like the ones at the checkpoint behind me, would be pulled out and the u.n. trucks would be not only guaranteed safe passage but no one would be able to stop them until they reach their destination, but a blame game has stalled the whole process. the russians point the finger at u.s.-backed rebel groups, they say haven't pulled back. meanwhile, an exhausted and option but to wait. to block any attempt by the assad government to channel more aid into the areas it controls, the u.n. has made it clear the last time trucks will be sealed and only united nations officials get to decide who receives the contents. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, aleppo. coming up on the "morning news." anthem protest. a soccer star kneels again for
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? ? gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ? u.s. soccer star megan rapinoe has once again joined colin kaepernick's protest. this time she did it with her national team wearing red, white, and blue. the team took in ohio last night she took a knee before the september 4th match and locked harms with her teammates on september 11th. a statement from u.s. soccer rip ripped rapinoe's demonstration saying the following. to the morning newsstand now. "wall street journal" reports former house speaker john boehner has a new job.
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reynolds american board. reynolds is the second largest tobacco company in the u.s. boehner, who is known for smoking cigarettes, resigned last year after nearly a quarter century in the house. "the washington post" reports that filip president dutere denies the claims. jay z says the war on drugs is an epic fell. >> in 1996 when i was coming to age, ronald reagan doubled down on the war of drugs that had been started by richard nixon in 1971. >> the video offers a short history lesson on about the war on drugs and discusses the disparity between
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come on... r does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. those are some of the headlines here's a look at today's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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on the cbs "moneywatch," you may be too late to buy the new iphone. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, meg. oil prices rebound a bit sending energy stocks higher. tech companies also gained ground, led by apple. overall, the dow gained 177 points yesterday. the s&p rose 21. the nasdaq jumped 75. we are learning more about the breakup of auto maker tesla and mobile i which m advanced driver systems programs. mobile i ended its relationship with tesla back in july. they had partnered to develop sensor technology used in tesla's autopilot. according to a new report, mobilized chairman thought thes la was, quote, pushing the envelope in terms of safety with its autopilot. tesla says those comments are inaccurate. twitter has introduced a new feature for businesses that are running customer service accounts. the business can now indicate if it offers service on a new
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the businesses can also choose to display their hours of customer service. today is the official release of the iphone 7. and 7 plus. if you walk into an apple store, it is slim pickings. the more expensive iphone 7 plus is already sold out. so is the iphone 7 in jet black. you can still order all of the models online. you will have to wait. meg? >> all right. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks still ahead, preventing hot car tragedies. a push for new technology to is still in the back seat. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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each year, dozens of children die after being left in hot cars. now a group of lawmakers is working to change that. as mark albert reports, they want to force automakers to install technology that would sound an alarm. >> reporter: chase harrison died in 2008 when his dad forget to drop him at day care and went to work, leaving the toddler for hours in his hot car. now fath >> i considered myself guilty, guilty and full of shame and anger. i cry every day for chase. if there had been a simple chime to alert me of my son's presence, none of this would have happened. >> the families are the most motivating factor. >> reporter: on thursday, congressman tim ryan of ohio and two other lawmakers from both parties introduced the hot cars act which stands for helping overcome trauma for children alone in rear seats.
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drivers when a passenger remains in the back seat. >> these are really senseless deaths of young people that are just so tragic. i think we need to step up and fix it and fix it now. >> reporter: 29 children have already died this year after being left in a hot vehicle. on an 80-degree day, the temperature inside a closed car can reach between 130 and 172 degrees, according to the centers for disease control. general motors has already developed its own warning system which it will include year's arcadia model. congressman ryan hopes to pass the hot cars act before the end of the year. mark albert, cbs news, capitol hill. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a safety warning for tattoos. i'm meg offering.
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friends and family gathered here in new york city to celebrate the life of minutes" morley safer. >> reporter: morley wrote more than 900 stories with grace, style, and honesty. in 1987, he took us to a retirement home for opera singers. >> each person i spoke to here said they loved this place, but each one wondered what all of those untalented others were doing here. >> reporter: he was most produce of his investigation of the
4:26 am
texas man wrongly imprisoned for armed robbery. >> i consider myself a hostage in the house of injustice. >> we started to check it out, the more this story of conviction just smelled to high heaven. >> reporter: eyewitnesses agreed. is that the man who was held up the kentucky fried chicken? >> was that the man who held up kentucky fried chicken? >> no, sir. >> when "60 minut i wouldn't be here today had he not come down and take a snapshot of my experience. he saved my life. >> that was scott pelley reporting. another look at this morning's top stories now. columbus, ohio, police department say a young boy
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donald trump's campaign says he now believes president obama was born in the united states. but in a just published interview, trump said, "i'll answer that question at the right time." for many years trump was a vocal opponent of the birther movement saying the president was born outside of the u.s. and not eligible to become president. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," politics and late night talk >> some say late my comedy is more partisan than ever. plus, united states ambassador to the united states samantha power joins us in the studio. the risks of getting a tattoo with the risk of possible allergy infections. that is the "cbs morning news"
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north carolina news at 4:30 starts now. >> it's personal when this is in our community, and this kind of stuff doesn't normally happen. >> right now on cbs north carolina, after an amber alert, a little girl kidnapped here in north carolina is safe this morning thanks to a massive search chl now, the wilmington man accused of taking her is in court. >> it's a very emotional time for us right now, but i know i'm trying to deal with something i've never dealt with before. a 79-year-old man is set to head to court today after he called 911 and admitted to killing his wife and daughter. plus this. and i will never give up. i'll never walk away, no matter how tough the going gets. >> democratic presidential nominee, hilary clinton, is back


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