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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  September 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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north carolina news at 5:00 starts now. >> when they found, thanks to god. >> right now on cbs north carolina, a kidnapped little girl from the wilmington area is safe this morning after rescuers find her tied to a tree. plus this. is there any way you can get out of the building? >> i don't know without waking him, and i'm scared. >> a in ohio after a 911 call led to his arrest. >> and this. donald trump's campaign says he now believes president obama was born in the united states after hilary clinton blasted her republican rival for his past birther beliefs. i'm hannah daniels in new york. i'll have more on campaign 2016 coming up. a busy morning to get to. happy friday to you first.
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your morning commute, but first, storm team meteorologist alyssa with a look at that friday forecast. hopefully some sunshine there. >> certainly some sunshine and no wet weather out there this morning so certainly a good way to start off our friday. here is our satellite radar composite showing the dry conditions. no steady rainfalling. i will want to encourage you, though, to be on the lookout. you could see a little drizzle this morning, also cloudy skies early. let's get to those temperatures. 70s southward. 65 in henderson. 69 in durham and raleigh. 71 in lillington. looking at your forecast for the day ahead, 70. a little bit of that patchy drizzle early. 80 at lunchtime. lunchtime going to be great. maybe you are taking that lunch outdoors. nowhere near as warm this afternoon with a high of 84. can't rule out a stray shower at 6:00 this evening. i will have more on the weekend forecast ahead in just a little bit. right now, though, i'll send it back to you guys. >> all right. thank you.
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hospital today after she was abducted from her neighborhood near carolina beach and later found chained to a tree. >> disturbing story. cbs north carolina's david hurst joins us live in studio with who police say is responsible for this kidnapping. >> police have taken a 46-year-old sex offender into custody in connection with a kidnapping. douglas edwards is accused of abducting six-year-old stephny lopez castro while she was an amber alert instantly went out and 15 hours later a k-9 unit led police to her in a wooded area a few miles from her home. family members say she was chained to a tree but is doing okay. >> she's so happy, like, she's so happy to see the family and the friends so she don't say nothing about it. she just happy right now, and we -- we glad to see her. we are so happy to see her. >> and authorities say they do not believe edwards knew the girl. he is expected to be in court
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a new york man now charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping is due to appear in court today. gray was arrested after a woman he allegedly kidnapped called police dispatch from an abandoned home where she says she was being held. it was an 18-minute-long 911 call by the woman whispering for help. she was held three days against her will. police busted into the location and discovered the suspect sleeping, as well as the bodies of two other women. the woman who made that 911 call was found alive. >> this guy did this to her. it was -- and to these other women. he's a monster. >> it may take weeks for one of those bodies to be identified because it was badly decomposed. breaking news to get to right now. raleigh police are investigating after finding a body on new bern avenue near old melbourne road. police are not releasing any information right now, but we do have a news crew headed to the scene, and we'll bring you
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still no word on any charges after an accident caused by a car cutting off a bus in raleigh thursday. we brought that story to you as breaking news last night at 5:00. school officials say a car cut in front of the bus, which had 33 students on board. some of them had to go to the hospital to be checked out. parents had to pick remaining students up in a different lot. >> i'm glad that i was aware that he was fine before i actually arrived at the scene because the scene was -- it was just very that much response and the condition of the bus, et cetera. just seemed a little bit intimidating when i saw it, but thankful that everyone is okay. >> you can tell that mother still pretty shaken up. all students, though, are expected to be okay. the unc student who took her case public after she says she was raped by a football player and got a, quote, ineffective response from the university appeared on cnn last night saying her story is not a unique one.
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on campus. i'm not unique in my story. this happens all the time, and it's not a rarity so be involved. speak out, whether you are a victim or not, and just educate yourself. >> the player is facing charges in connection to the reported rape. he's been suspended from the team. students on campus say they plan to protest in some form at tomorrow's home opener. blue cross ordered to pay a nearly $4 million fine, this as a result of reached out to us about earlier this year. insurance commissioner wayne goodwin announced the $3.6 million fine yesterday, which the company agreed to pay in a settlement. blue cross cited technical issues for the glitches that led to billing problems and incorrect policy cancellations. in this morning's campaign 2016 coverage, will donald trump this morning publicly denounce his long-held obama birther beliefs? we are going to find out.
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trump believes president obama was born here in the u.s., but hilary clinton's campaign is not buying it. hannah daniels tells us more. >> trump's apparent flip-flop on the birther issue came after rival hilary clinton blasted his refusal to renounce the idea when he was interviewed by the washington post wednesday. >> he was asked one more time where was president obama born, and he still wouldn't say he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? >> hours later, trump's campaign released this statement, pointing the finger at clinton for raising the issue in 2008 when she was running against then-candidate obama. the campaign then credited trump for helping resolve the matter adding having successfully obtained president
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believes that president obama was born in the united states. clinton returned to the campaign trail in north carolina yesterday, calling trump out for criticizing a pastor in flint, michigan who stopped him from getting political inside her church. >> he called her a nervous mess. that's not only insulting, it's dead wrong. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> after delivering remarks on his economic plan in w republican nominee travels to new hampshire and took clinton to task for calling his supporters deplorable last week. >> hilary clinton slanders you as deplorable and ir redeemable. >> with less than two months to the election, a cbs news new york times poll has clinton and trump locked in a virtual tie. hannah daniels for cbs north carolina. >> following a news conference in dark knight this morning,
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town hall with haitian voters. good morning. it 50:08 on this friday. things are moving pretty well. through the raleigh area, it's opinion pretty quiet. 540, 440, you can see all green, which means no delays. if you are heading up into durham or heading durham into raleigh, durham freeway moving nicely and taking you down into fayetteville. not much to see roads are looking good. head's up about this detour, howell street to fort bragg fairgrounds is closed. 295 and to buetner road access control point is your way around this. if you are flying out today, no delays flying into these major airports, and if we take you back outside to i-540 at buffalo road, still pretty quiet start to your friday morning commute. >> all right. thanks a lot. 5:08 is your time on this friday morning. the money and the down under may have a new face on it.
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still to come, details on a petition to have hillary clinton and i donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11.
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that's how you solve problems and that's what
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. time is now 5:11 on this friday morning chl feels good to say that. certainly shaw university as we look towards downtown raleigh, and all is lit up nicely to start off our day. may want to watch out for. other than that, your morning drive should get off without any problems. here is our satellite radar composite showing that no steady rain is, in fact, falling. now, as far as the temperatures are concerned, 69 in durham, raleigh, and siler city. 70 in sanford and pinehurst. 72 in fayetteville. pretty mild down around the sand hills. we don't have any more of those low 60s that we've had the past few mornings, instead just in the mid 60s. roanoke rapids, good morning.
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i mentioned that drizzle. should be still around right around 8 a.m., dry, nice mix of sun and clouds at lunchtime. 80 there. 84 our afternoon high. nowhere near as warm as the past few days. i can't completely rule out a stray shower close to 6:00 where temperatures fall back to 81. there will also be a small chance for a shower or storm over the weekend ahead. i'll have those details coming up in your complete storm team forecast. >> all right. thanks a lot. right now, doctors at a hearing center in texas perform an amazingra the life of a teen, allowing her to not only hear her mom and her family for the first time but herself, as well. plus, millions of samsung phones are under recall after the discovery that batteries can explode. still ahead, what the company is
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top stories, breaking news right now. raleigh police are investigating
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>> this is a live look we are taking here. police are not releasing any other information right now. we will, of course, continue to update this story throughout the morning both on air and on our web site. that's fallen shelby police officer tim brackeen's funeral will be held today. he was shot and killed while serving a warrant. the suspected shooter, 23-year-old irving is awaiting extradition to north carolina from rhode island. governor pat mcrory will attend crews from chatham and wake counties responding to a fire at a business this morning around 2:00. firefighters battled flames off corinth road. no one was hurt. no word on what caused this fire. the consumer product safety commission is recalling samsung's galaxy note 7. the batteries in the device pose a fire hazard, and some samsung has received dozens of reports of damage and injury. cbs's marly hall reports.
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million samsung galaxy note 7 phones because the batteries can explode or catch fire. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> just wanted to post this and share what just happened to my note 7. >> samsung confirmed a few dozen instances of the problem. florida resident nathan's jeep caught fire after he left >> that's the last thought in my head is that a brand new device, something as simple as a phone, is going to burn down my, you know, car. >> samsung tells cbs news the positive and negative sides of the battery came into contact with each other, causing the manufacturing problem. the company had voluntarily recalled the devices, a move the consumer product safety commission blasted. >> anybody who thinks that a company going out on its own is going to provide the best recall
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importantly, for the consumer needs to have more than their phone checked. >> consumers can get a full refund or a replacement phone. marly hall, cbs news new york. about 20,000 australians have signed a petition calling for the late steve irwin to appear on currency in the country. irwin died in 2006 when a sting ray tail stabbed him in the heart. he was known as the crocodile hunter, a name that stuck with his face already appeared on australian currency once in 2009 with a series of dollar coins. well, houston center for hearing and speech has provided a 14-year-old with a first hearing -- first aid for hearing for the very first time. >> can you hear my voice now? yeah. what about mom's voice? >> can you hear my voice? >> yes. [ laughter ]
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mendoza hearing something beyond a muffle for the first time. she even heard her own voice, which she described as sounding like a robot. the video shared by the center for hearing and speech has since gone viral. the video was filmed the day her cochlear implant was activated. >> this goes through her and stimulates the auditory nerve to give her sound. >> breanna had profound hearing loss before the implant dating back to when she attended school at the center beginning at age 3. the center that has given her so much. what a sweet story and to see her reaction there. a beautiful, beautiful ending. >> her reaction was priceless certainly. let's switch gears. we'll take you to our forecast for today. it is now 5:18. temperature of 69 degrees. this is a live picture from our tower camera. you can see this morning it is pretty quiet. we can clearly see the ground because there's no fog out there. the only thing that you're maybe going to run into this morning is just a little bit of drizzle but it's so fine that we can't even detect it on our radar.
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durham, also sout towards siler city. pretty mild around the sand hills. 72 in fayetteville and rayford. 71 in clinton holding on to the upper 60s as we work our way through wayne and up towards rocky mount. we're at 68 in lieu wisberg. 66 in south hill and henderson. walk you through your day hour by hour. the morning hours may see a little extra cloud cover. again, that drizzle by 8 a.m. we should be at 70. 75 at 10 a.m. we are at 82 2:00 this afternoon. 84 our afternoon high. much, much cooler than where we have been the past few days. now, i can't completely rule out a stray shower, but i do expect most of us to stay dry as we head into the afternoon, but the reason i have that small chance for a shower is because we still have this stationary front. it's been hanging off to our south for the past few days, and that's actually what's keeping tropical storm julia off to our south, as well. we're ahead of that -- above that mainly. mix of sun and clouds, pretty dry conditions really can't
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now, as far as any timing is concerned for any showers that we could potentially see, sun and clouds at lunch #250i78. just a stray shower late this afternoon as we head into overnight tonight, the dry weather returns. for our saturday, we should start off on the dry side. now, i can't, again, rule out a shower or storm in the afternoon. this would be very hit or miss in nature. hard to predict exactly where those will develop, but i know there's some college games going on this weekend. just take that pancho with you to be on the safe side. ear tropical storm julia. also, tropical storm carl strengthened yesterday. this is going to move directly west across the open atlantic. this could become a consideration for us as we head into, say, the middle or later part of next workweek. we still have a lot of ground to cover before that would become a potential for us so we'll monitor it closely over the weekend. 84 our high today in raleigh. 86 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we are dropping back in the 60s.
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saturday afternoon, 85. 88 sunday. small rain or storm chances both afternoons. the best chance for rain right now looks to develop on monday with an afternoon high approaching 87. 5:21 right now. let me hand it over to allie. what's the latest on the roads? >> good morning. happy friday. you can see here on our traffic camera moving well. if we take you into raleigh, no accidents out there. hopefully stay that way throughout the morning. our maps only showing green, durham. 85 durham freeway. no incidents there. a nice, easy ride to start off your friday morning. a look at drive times heading north into raleigh on u.s. 1. 14 minutes there, about 16 if you are heading on 40 from 42 to downtown. back outside to the durham freeway at dmrovr road. you can see not too much to worry about at 5:21 on this friday. >> smooth travels.
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there was gridiron action for thursday night football. up next, we have a recap of the jets versus the bills. >> our jeff jones has this morning's sports wrap coming up. we are going to hear from cam
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the nshg jets took a 37-31 victory over the buffalo bills last night. the jets are now 1 and 1 bouncing back from a season-opening loss to cincinnati. the bills, on the other hand, are now 0 and 2. first loss came against baltimore last sunday. the game was the nfl's first streamed live on twitter as part of a $10 million plus deal reached back in april to deliver 10 thursday night games through a mobile app. >> you know, at least the bills fans were a little prepared. i know yesterday known for a streak of losing so sorry, guys. >> okay. >> hopefully a win is coming soon. >> maybe they are not too surprised. the panthers host their home game season opener this weekend. >> cam newton has a few things to say about the upcoming game. here is cbs north carolina's jeff yoenz with the sports rack. >> good morning. pan thers fans are two days a away from seeing their team take the field. that's right. cam newton and the panthers will
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sunday against san francisco. the panthers are 0 and 1 and coming off a game where their quarterback took huge shots to the head. those hits are a thing of the past if you ask newton. the only thing that matters now is winning and only winning. >> i worry about winning. that's it. winning. winning football games. that's why i'm here. i'm not here to, you know, worry about retirement plans. i'm not here to worry about pensions. i'm not here to worry about games. >> cam, one more time for us. what are you here to do? the panthers will kick things off with the 49ers on sunday at 1:00, and we'll be there. tune into the sunday sports wrap starting at 11:00 for highlights and reaction to that game. frms and don't forget about the blitz tonight starting at 11:00. that's when we'll break down the areas biggest high school football games. we'll hoo highlights and reaction all over the city. your best place is right here on
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thanks a lot. time right now is 5:26. coming up in our next half hour, breaking news in raleigh. lauren tells us more. >> raleigh police are investigating after a a body was found off newbern avenue. coming up on cbs north carolina, we'll have the very latest on this investigation. plus, we have a look at your morning forecast as well as what you can expect for the rest of the weekend. we'll break it down for you hour by hour. stick with us here on cbs north carolina. more local news, traffic, and that's all coming upright here. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. go for the gold. north carolina news at 530 toim time starts now. >> it's personal when this is in our community and this kind of stuff doesn't normally happen. >> right now on cbs north carolina, after an amber alert, a little girl kidnapped in north carolina is safe this morning thanks to a massive search. now, the wilmington man accused of taking her is set to answer
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>> it's a very emotional time for us right now, but i know i'm trying too deal with something that i've never dealt with before. >> a 79-year-old man is set to head to court today after spring lake police say he called 911 and admitted he killed his wife and daughter. plus this. >> and i will never give up. i'll never walk away no matter how tough the going gets. >> democratic presidential nominee hilary clinton is back on the campaign trail. what she addressed during her stop here in for watching north carolina news. >> good morning. happy friday. we're going to get to your morning news and a check on traffic before you head out. first, though, let's say good morning to storm team meteorologist. good morning alyssa. >> good morning to you, guys. good morning to you at home, as well. you could see a little bit of drizzle on that morning drive, but as you can see on our satellite and radar composite, that's too fine for our radar to detect.


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