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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> for my kids, firstly, i told them, can't do nothing about it, we'll pray. there's nothing else we can do. four people including a child are dead after a bus crashes in our state. plus the fbi is questioning five people in connection with an explosion in new >> hit three gas stations up and all of them empty. it's the story everyone is talking about, a gas shortage putting north carolina under a state of emergency. when could we possibly and finally see some relief? good morning. thank you for watching. i'm russ bowen. >> glad to have you back, by the way. >> thank you. had a week off. glad to be back. >> thank you for tuning in. aisle stefan chase.
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forecast from alyssa corfont. >> good morning to you guys. good morning at home. as we start off the work week, a few isolated showers across central north carolina, not producing much rain but that could be enough to slow you down if you're getting ready to head out the door. there's light but steady rain towards warren, halifax and franklin county so take your time. of course, these temperatures, these conditions making it milder because 70s in raleigh and durham and through wilmington. this morning, visible could be a concern out the door at 8:00 a.m., 74. we're up to 82 for an afternoon high, scattered shower, so keep the umbrella nearby. >> alyssa, thanks a lot. authorities are questioning several people as they try to determine any possible connection between several incidents in new york and new jersey. >> an explosion in a busy
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authorities found an unexploded pressure cooker device blocks away and discovered suspicious device over new jersey. an fbi spokesperson said agents stopped a suspicious vehicle. so far, authorities have not charged anyone. also break overnight, one of five devices found in a backpack near a train station in elizabeth, new jersey, exploded while a robot tried to disarm it. the fbi tries to disarm the ot there is no report of injury. and durham police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. >> officers responded at 2:00 a.m. for a shooting call and found a woman dead. there's no word on any suspects or arrests but will continue to update the story throughout the morning on-air and at well, your morning commute may be even longer if you need to fill up this morning. the reason, of course, a gas shortage continues. >> cbs north carolina's robert
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more money as well. robert? >> reporter: good morning, stefan. if you look at the bp on newburn, a lot of the pumps are covered up. they're out of diesel. they're out of premium and silver. we have seen some people come by, able to get unleaded. some of the pumps entirely closed. you see the bags over the pumps and tape around and across the street at the circle k, they have their pumps covered. the problem is a leak along the pipeline that supplies a lot of fuel to thousand barrels spilled out of one of their lines that runs from texas to the east coast. crews are working to fix that leak in helena, alabama, a half hour south of birmingham and the company said it should be repaired this week, be but customers stopping by this morning told me they hope it's a lot sooner. there's a predicted price increase from aaa of 15 to 20 cents per gallon. this weekend i saw it go from
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numbers from 2/19 to $2.29. the governor issued an executive order, along with southeast governors, in order to get more fuel trucks on the road to keep prices down. robert richardson, cbs north carolina. the fbi is calling a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall a potential act of terrorism. kenneth craig has the story. >> reporter: armed with a knife and dressed in a private security uniform, police said minnesota mall left nine people wound in his path. the ordeal sent shoppers at the st. cloud mall scrambling for safety and investigators trying to determine if it was carried out be by an i.s.i.s.-connected or inspired terrorist. >> we will try to sort of peel back the onion and figure out what motivated this individual. >> reporter: an islamic state- run agency called the attacker a soldier of the islamic state.
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minnesota man. he mentioned allah during the spree and asked people if they were muslim before deciding whether to attack. authorities are credi ing an off-duty police officer for saving lives who shot and killed the man as the attacker was coming at him. >> he, again, protected others from being injured and potentially loss of life, clearly a hero. >> reporter: authority have not publicly identified somali-american community said he never had a violent history. dozens of people are still recovering after a deadly bus crash near rockingham. it was driving college football players from rock hill, south carolina, to fayetteville for an offer game. the highway patrol said the team was traveling along u.s. 74 when a tire blew out. the bus hit a guardrail and
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column. 21-year-old dibson, 8-year-old hicks, 19-year-old hamilton and 43-year-old kirkpatrick died. three victims were from south carolina. one was from florida. kirkpatrick was the bus driver. >> you have a thinking in your mind like, is this reality? you know what i mean? and tragic -- a lot of tragedy daily but that's people you don't know, you know, and we hear something like this and somebody you do know personally, you know, the playings were set to play university of god's chosen. 42 others on board were treated for various injuries from minor to critical. troopers are still investigating how it all happened. well, parts of capital boulevard are open this morning after police received reports of a suspicious package at the greyhound staying. police found nothing dangerous. parts of the area were shut down for hours.
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it's 4:36 outside. things are moving well, not too many headlights, but let's take you to a vehicle fire six forks at stirbridge road. heads up. we have crews on scene of that. if you're heading through the raleigh area, it's good 540, 440, durham, no problems, and durham to fayetteville, 95 corridor moving pretty well. heading to the airport and flying out today for work or for plre will arrive at these major airports on time, no delays reported out of rdu. back outside at i-40 at south saunders street to the construction zone, pretty quiet start to your morning commute. >> thanks a lot for the update. 4:37. >> for the first time since this conversation started, the word "repeal" is being spoken of seriously in raleigh. later on cbs north carolina what the governor's office says
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a man is expected in a wake county courtroom after of killing his wife. police found the body near a furniture store off newburn avenue. there's no word of a motive. >> good monday morning to you. the time is 4:40. we're looking at a temperature of 76 degrees, hard to tell outside but very foggy. there's dreariness because some of you are deeing with wet conditions. right now the best chance of
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even southern portions of wake county getting in on light rain. we have steady rain in hope county, ashley lights, moore county into southern pines, light rain there. we sly to the north, orange county here, chapel hill, roxboro, warren county through lewisburg as well so take the umbrella with you, light but steady rain continuing to mid-70s durham through fayetteville, only 76 in raeford. as you make your plans for your day ahead, 74 at 8:00 a.m., patchy fog and rain could slow the morning drive in, 79, mostly cloudy at noon, scattered showers this afternoon with a high of only 82 so much cooler than where we were over the weekend. i will have more on the rest of the work week forecast including all the rain chances in about ten minutes.
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many in the viewing area will be able to find blue bell ice cream on store shelves. now, the company had to shut down its distribution centers across the country due to listeria in its texas plant. the ice cream will go back to stores including raleigh, durham, cary, fayetteville. blue bell plans to reopen the facility and is hiring. it's currently 4:42 in the morning. a local woman is expected in court after investigators discover her mother in freezer. in three minute, the charges she faces. that's next. >> what do you mean? >> it's terrible. what happened to make james corden kick jimmy kimmel out of
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in this morning's top stories, breaking overnight,
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that injured 29 people in manhattan saturday night as well as an unexploded pressure cooker. it was found with a pipe bomb in new jersey. the fbi pulled a suspicious car over and are questioning five people inside. durham police are on the scene of a deadly shooting at 2:00 a.m. they found a woman dead and don't have information on the gas stations throughout our area are on empty after a gas line rupture. there's no word when the supply will return to normal. colonial said it will need to build a bypass gas line. the goldsboro woman accused of putting her mother's corpse in a freezer will go to court. she was picked up thursday in carolina beach. police said lee disappeared last spring after selling the freezer to a neighbor. the neighbor discovered the
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report a death. world leaders are in new york city for the united nations general assembly. the document is aimed to have a more coordinated approach to protect the right of refugees and migrants. there's extra security after the explosion saturday night. charlotte city council will meet for the first time sin the governor's office said any session for house bill 2 would only come if there was a repeal. >> reporter: as uptown charlotte revel in a win, folks inside the charlotte chamber said time has run out on house bill 2. >> i think it's remarkable that for the first time since this conversation started the word "repeal" is being spoken of seriously in raleigh. >> reporter: the window opened
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session to repeal house bill 2 if charlotte city council first will repeal its nondiscrimination ordinance that expanded lgbt rights. this is after three sports organizations canceling events worth millions. city and state leaders need to take this opportunity to talk. >> keep keep it efficient. speed is a key here. >> reporter: they made their pitch with hospitality and tourism leaders saying their front-line workers suffer with each big cancellation and the charlotte sports foundation says there's still hope to undo the acc pull-out based on current conversations. >> it's been reassuring. wednesday was a really bad day. thursday through sunday have been better.
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should stand firm and doesn't agree with the chamber's full- court press. >> this conversation has nothing to do with the city of charlotte and everything to do with legislators in raleigh and pat mccrory. they're the only one who can repeal house bill 2. >> again, that was sharon smith reporting. charlotte leaders are set to meet at 5:00 this evening. be sure to stay with cbs north carolina for updates. during the fayetteville city council could vote on a minor league park. council member and board of commissioners held a meeting to discuss the park and how the city would brand it. the newly-formed economic development corporation is heading the push to get the ballpark built and downtown revitalized. today construction is expected to start on the hope mills dam. crews are rebilling after several years of issues. it was delayed due to lack of
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needed to finish the construction is in and the dam should be done by the spring. the committee is working to finalize the look and features of that dam. >> the time is 4:49 on this monday morning, 76-degrees as we start off not so bad as we look from the raleigh-durham international airport. for some of you looking ominous already, cloudy sky cans be seen, but we're looking at more rain north and west of e wake county. southern wake county seeing light rain and there's lightning being detected with this area of heavy rain across hope and moore counties, right over the county line towards ashley heights, aberdeen, heavy rain at this point in the morning. we're sliding north and looking at roxboro, heavy rain as well. down towards chapel hill, east of hillsborough -- don't you
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moving in. sliding east, we have rain through warren county, franklin county towards lewisburg, up towards south hill. the heaviest rain is just to your south for the time being. let's get to temperatures. 70 henderson, 71 south hill, 73 lewisburg, mid-70s clayton and clinton, 76 in raeford. let me walk you through the day hour by hour. 74 out the door 8:00 a.m., small chance of rain, very similar to what we windshield wipe and umbrellas. some will see dry but gray skies. rain chance steadily increase throughout the day, close to 82 this afternoon, back to 80 as we head towards 6:00. so here's the setup. we have a cold front and will crawl across the state today, taking its good old time, bringing the chance of rain throughout the day. then it's going to pretty much hang as a stationary front off
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chance for rain. i know high pressure is not far off but not going to do much for us over the next few days. so here are those rain chances scattered throughout 7:00 a.m., continue through lunchtime into the afternoon hours, very limited sunshine, be if any at all. here we are at 6:00. the drive home could be slower because we're tracking shower and rumbles of thunder throughout day, although i'm not anticipating anything severe. tuesday, dry to start morning but in the afternoon, i believe there will bth more showers. highs for today low 80s in raleigh and durham, closer to 84 around fayetteville. overnight tonight, 67. again, showers tapering off. won't be surprised if we see a little fog for first thing tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon, again, scattered showers. those showers continue wednesday. fall begins officially on thursday. we should see a little more sunshine by thursday and friday.
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always a good idea to give yourself extra time. outside of i-440, newburn, you will not need your wipers yet or hopefully at all this morning. we have a car fire on six forks at stirbridge road. we have emergency crews working to clear that. if you're heading on 540, 440 and raleigh and durham, really moving well, really only that car fire on six orange county line, things are moving fine and i believe we're taking you to the outdoor camera. i-85, that's a good one to leave you with, not too much to see yet. >> not yet. thanks a lot. 4:52. a little fun this morning. jimmy kimmel has a major problem. he got kicked out of not just one but two cars taken to the awards show. see what happened in three minutes. here's a look at what is
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donation. in the past two years, he was diagnosed with an uncurable lung disease, came close to death and was saved by a lung transplant. the father of four said without donors like jason ray, he would not be alive. ray was able to save four lives through organ donation when a car hit and killed him in 2007. the foundation was created in his honor to raise awareness. >> as you hear this and sit wherever people in america are on the wait list, waiting for organs right now. >> so incredible. to learn more about nelson's story and jason ray foundation, head to families whose children were once in unc's critical care center reunited with their doctors and nurses. many of the former patients spent days and month in the hospital. workers at unc newborn critical
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the stars came out in l.a. to celebrate their own. "game of thrones" earned the top drama spot for the second consecutive year, the most honored prime time tv series ever. one of my favorite shows repeat as best comedy series. >> and the imyoumy goes to -- [ indistinct] >> a very big night comedy actress, her sixth emmy. it's fifth for her show. >> look at this good-looking couple. james corden showed up with his wife before the awarded show. corden hosts "the late show with game corden" on cbs north carolina and is well known for his carpool karaoke segment. ? jitterbug ?
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>> i don't, really -- >> there they go. [ indistinct ] sing with him during the ride to the show but this segment turned to be a little bit different than most. >> yeah, no, this isn't going to work. get out of the car. >> what do you mean? >> it's terrible. get out. >> i voted for beyonce. >> he got the boot. kimmel flagged down be driven by jeb bush? i love it. he kicked kimmel out of his car, too, but don't worry, yes, kimmel made to it the emmys and hosted the show for the second time and reviews pretty good. >> he did much better than the first time. almost 4:58. the pain at the pump does not have to do with gas prices. there's no gas to pump into your car most places. >> a scary situation. what prompted the shortage and
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right now on cbs north carolina, is your gas tank on empty? it could take a few days. why there are problems at the pumps this morning. >> plus this. several people have been taken into custody in connection with the bomb blast that rocked this chelsea neighborhood. i'm hena daniels with the latest on the investigation. >> good morning. thank you for tc morning. i'm stefan chase, alongside russ bowen, back off vacation. >> yeah, it's great to be back. >> good to see you. is your gas tank on "e?" i was nodding my head. >> i went early in the morning and was the only one there. >> good for you. ali warshavski will have a look at the commute and alyssa corfont is here with the forecast. it's muggy out there.


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