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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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explosion in new york city. >> they're empty. it's a tricky story this morning. a gas shortage is causing major problems for all of us. when we could see some relief. >> a lot of people are nervous, including me. >> good morning, everyone. i'm glad i gassed up last night. >> i'm still on "e." >> i may give you a ride. i'm russ bowen. >> let's find out about the forecast. good morning to you. as you start off this monday, something that could slow you into the driver into the office, it's rain. we know it can clog up the roads. chatham, wake, orange, durham,
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steady in nature but scattered enough to cause issues. very warm and muggy, mid-70s durham and raleigh, 74 sanford. your forecast for the day ahead calling for some fog and as you head out the door, 74 at 8:00 a.m., 79 at noon, 82 our afternoon high, big drop from yesterday. it does look like rain will stick around the next few days. i'll have the forecast in ten minutes. over to you guy. >> thank you, alyssa. authorities are questioning several people determine any possible connection between several incidents in new york and new jersey. >> an explosion in a busy neighborhood injured 29 people. authorities found an unexploded pressure cooker device blocks away and found suspicious device over in new jersey. an fbi spokesperson said agents stopped a suspicious vehicle. so far authorities have not charged anyone. one of five device in a backpack near a train station
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exploded while a robot tried to disarm it. the fbi is trying to disarm the others without them going off. there were no report of injuries. durham police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. >> officers responded to wadesboro street around 2:00 a.m. for a shooting call. they found a woman dead. right now investigators are is looking into suspects. we'll update the story throughout the morning on-air and at well, your morning commute fill up this morning. the reason, the gas shortage we're dealing with continues. >> a scary situation. robert richardson is in raleigh with details. >> reporter: pumps that circle k are covered up and we have seen a few people driving to the bp, which has some pumps
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a few people have been able to get gas. it's because of a pipeline break in alabama, a half hour south of birmingham. it transfers fuel from texas to the east coast. colonial pipeline said several thousand barrels spilled and the company had to shut it off. some were out of regular unleaded on friday, others out of premium. multiple people are not going to be picky. >> i'll take any type of so what are people supposed to do if you can't get gas and there's no public transportation, how is he going to get to school? my tank is full but i'm worried about him. >> more fuel trucks will be able to get on the road. gas in california is up 11 cents over the last week, way above the national average of
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per gallon and $2.19 while it lasts. robert richardson. >> while it lasts. that thanks a lot, robert. a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall is called an act of terrorism. >> reporter: armed with a knife and in a private security uniform, the attacker left nine people wounded in ming for safety and investigators trying to determine if it was carried by an i.s.i.s.-connected or inspired terrorist. >> we will try to find out what prompted this individual. >> reporter: he is called a soldier of the islamic state. he is described as a 20-year- old minnesota man. officials said he mentioned
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muslim before decide whether to attack. authorities are crediting an off-duty police officer for saving lives who shot killed the man as the attacker was coming at him. >> he, again, protected others from being injured and potential loss of life and clearly a hero. >> reporter: leaders of the somali-american community in minnesota have identified the attacker and said as far as they know, he never had a violent history. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. dozens are still recovering after a deadly bus crash near rockingham. it was driving college football player from rock hill, south carolina, to fayetteville for an afternoon game. the team bus was traveling on u.s. 74 when a tire blew out. the bus hit a guardrail in the median and sideswiped concrete bridge column.
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kirkpatrick died. three victims were from south carolina. one was from florida. kirkpatrick was the bus driver. >> you have to think in your mind, is this reality? we have tragedy daily but that's people you don't know and you hear this, someone you do know, personally, it hurts. >> the players were set to play university of 42 others on board the bus were treated for various injuries from minor to critical. troopers are still investigating the accident. good morning. it's 5:36. we have a live look at i-40 at reedy creek road. we have more people heading to work. if you're through the raleigh area, major highways and local roads haven't had incidents recently.
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coming down and blue means ponding on the roadways so extra time needed. through durham, fayetteville, oath roads don't -- roads don't look too bad. you could be in for a wet commute. alyssa will have more details on that. looking at i-540, no wipers needed for that area of your commute. >> sounds good. thanks a lot. this conversation started, the word "repeal" is being spoken of seriously. what the governor's office says it will take to get house bill 2 repealed. and it's a big day for fans
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab
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trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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a man is expected in a wake county courtroom for killing his wife. this is a follow-up for a story we brought you as breaking news friday. her bo avenue. police spent 15 hours on scene. there's no word of a motive. >> the time is now 5:40 on this monday morning. . we're starting with mid-70s and are starting with some rain and patchy fog. take a look at our tower cam this morning. you can see the fog towards the street lights and will slow you down so plan accordingly on this monday morning. the radar showing areas south
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southwest of wake county we have to worry about wet weather. we have seen lightning associated with this system now moving out of the ashley heights area towards johnsonville in harnett county. also portions of orange county, hillsborough, chapel hill, and pittsboro seeing light rain and look at this, heavier rain approaching warrenton area, warren county certainly waking up to heavy rain. through fayetteville and pinehurst. we'll have more in about ten minutes. >> thank you. well, starting today, many will be able to find blue bell ice cream on store shelves. it's still warm enough, that's for sure. it had to shut down distribution centers due to listeria. they were found in a texas plant. the ice cream will go to stores across the state including
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it will reopen its raleigh facility and hire as well. almost 5:42 in the morning. a woman is expected in court after a neighbor discovered her mother in her freezer. the charge she faces. plus this. >> yeah, no, this isn't going to work. you need to get out of car. >> what do you mean? >> it's terrible.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth
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and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. durham police are on the scene of a deadly shooting. >> it happened on wadesboro street and where we find justin quesinberry who has more. justin? >> reporter: stefan, all of this is happening at the lynn haven apartments just off lynn road near u.s. 70 and as i step out of the way here, officers are still on scene. they arrived shortly after 2:00 a.m. and found a woman dead with a gunshot wound.
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18 years old. i have reached out to a spokesperson to find out information about suspects and don't have any answers on that but will bring you more information as we get it. police are asking for information from the public. if you know anything, there's a crimestoppers reward involved as well. we'll be here throughout to bring you updates. justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. >> justin, of putting her mother's corpse in a freezer is expected in court today. marcella lee was finally picked up thursday at carolina beach. lee disappeared this spring after selling the freezer to a neighbor. the neighbor found the body inside that freezer. she's accused of filing -- faying to file a report on the death. world leaders are in new
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protect the right of human refugee. there's extra security after the explosions over the weekend. it's the first time the governor could hold a special session to repeal house bill 2. here's the story. >> reporter: on football sunday as uptown chtt the charlotte chamber said time has run out on house bill 2. bob morgan. >> i think it's remarkable that for the first time since this conversation started the word "repeal" is being spoken of seriously in raleigh. >> reporter: the window opened last week when governor mccrory said he may call a special session to repeal hb 2 if charlotte city council acts first to repeal its
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this after another round of economic losses with the nba, ncaa, and now acc canceling postseason sporting events worth millions. the chamber's executive director said city and state leaders need to take this opportunity to talk. >> keep it clean. keep it efficient. speed is a key here. >> reporter: they made their pitch with hospitality and tourism leaders saying their fronne charlotte sports foundation says there's still hope to undo the acc pullout based on current conversations. >> it's been reassuring. wednesday was a really bad day. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday have been much better. >> reporter: but a state lawmaker who leads equality nc said city council should stand firm and doesn't agree with the chamber's full-court press. >> this conversation has
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with legislators in raleigh and pat mccrory. they're the only one who can repeal house bill 2. >> sharon smith reporting. charlotte leaders are set to meet at 5:00 this evening. be sure to stay with cbs north carolina for updates. members could vote on a fund for a minor league baseball park. the cumberland board of commissioners discuss the park and how the city will brand the cumberland county development corporation is heading the push to get the ball park built and town revitalized. construction is expected to start on the hope mills dam. crews are rebuilding after several years of issue. the work was delayed due to lack of permits and army corps of engineers turn that in. the committee is working to finalize the look and features
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good morning to you. 5:48 on this monday morning. yeah, we're start off the work week with rain and fog for some of you. this is a live picture from shaw university. this is the camera we typically see the nice skyline shot. we have dense fog for some of you and you're not seeing the fog -- maybe steadier rain. i want to start off across moore and hope counties where we see lightning. maybe you're wa area, moving northeast so johnsonville, harnett county, you would be the next to see this also lighter rain toward sanford this morning. look out for wet roads around pittsboro, steady rain there, and right up towards chapel hill up through 15 and hillsborough area. we slide more to the north and look at this, warren county south of warrenton, the
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franklin county. now, i mentioned dense fog. henderson, visibility at a mile, 2 miles durham, 1.5 miles fayetteville, less than a mile in roanoke rapids so please take your time as you get out the door. sunrise is not until after 7:00 and could be another issue if you're driving early. the fog is around through 8:00, 74 degrees, expect cloudy at lunchtime, scattered yesterday we hit 90 so this is a big drop from yesterday. 80 with cooler temperatures around 6:00 this evening. changes are thanks to a cold front to our west, taking its time across the state and the will hang to our east tomorrow, mean being increased chance of rain. yes, we certainly need the rain. you need to keep the umbrella to be prepared. 8:00 a.m., scattered shows
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gone until this evening. the rain will taper off tonight and will have a dry but cloudy start tuesday, afternoon showers returning tomorrow. not going to be as widespread as what i expect today. 72 right now roxboro, 71 henderson, and more of the mid- 70s in raleigh and fayetteville, 82 raleigh, 84 fayetteville. overnight tonight, we'll drop near 67 off, cloudy skies and fog, 83 tomorrow, good chance of rain. wednesday, 83. thursday,we officially welcome the start of fall, 82, lingering shower possible through friday, early outlook of the weekend shows drier conditions. 5:51. let's check in with ali for the commute. good morning, alyssa, i-40 at nc 54, reports a wreck is
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highway yet. we'll get more details as we get them. so far so good through raleigh, although it looks like reports of a crash here. if we can take this full, let me see if we can get immediate details. looks like it's in cary and if we bring this up here -- okay, i-40 at exit 290, nc 54, capitol hill roads, head up in that area. otherwise as alyssa mentioned, rain on the morning commute. we have some ponding blue. we'll have another check on traffic and crashes coming up. >> 5:52 in the morning. jimmy kimmel, we love him, the host of the emmy awards, has a major problem. he got kicked out of the man we love the most -- >> uh-oh. >> not just one but two cars. see what happened in three minutes. >> here is what is coming up. i'm norah o'donnell. the first woman and first
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studio 57. th six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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a unc employee's personal story stresses the importance of organ donation. in the past two years, one man was saved by a donors like jason ray, he would not be alive. ray was a student at umc and able to save four lives through organ donation after a car crash death in 2007. the foundation was started to raise organ donation awareness. >> wherever you sit, over 100,000 people in america are on the wait list for organs right now. >> to learn more about nelson's
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the stars came out in l.a. to celebrate their own last night. hbo's "game of thrones" -- love that show -- has become the most honored primetime series ever. "veep" repeated as comedy series. >> the emmy goes to julia louis dreyfuss. >> it was a big night for the star, winning best comedy sixth emmy as best comedy actress, fifth in a row -- >> and she looks amazing. >> she lost her father friday. mixed emotions, i'm sure. well, hey, james corden showed up with his beautiful wife before the show. he's well known for his carpool karaoke segments. sometimes we show them to you.
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? jitterbug ? >> come on. >> what? >> you have to sing in the car, jimmy. this is how it's done. ? >> corden tried to get jimmy to sing with him but this was a little different. [ singing high-pitched, off-key ] >> this isn't going to work. you need to get out of the car. >> what do you mean? >> it's terrible. get out. available car after he was booted, which happened to be driven by jeb bush. bush kicked kimmel out of his car, too, but don't worry, kimmel made to it the emmys and hosted the show for his second time. >> i would just stay in the car and sing and sing. >> jeb bush? >> hilarious. >> 5:57. the pain at the pump doesn't have anything to do with the gas prices. the issue -- there's no gas to
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durham police are on the scene of an overnight homicide investigation. we're live with the latest information. plus this. fear in new york city after an explosion sends more than two dozen people to the hospital. the latest overnight developments and details on several other and -- >> the pipeline burst and there's a shortage so i'm trying to fill up. there are issues in north carolina. find out what is being done to fix the problem and how long it could take. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:00 a.m. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we'll get to big stories but first, let's check weather. alyssa cor front knows all about it. good morning to you.


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