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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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police fired tear gas and dispersed the crowd. some kicked the canisters back. others took turns hurling water bottles, rocks and damaging squad cars. chaos erupt after he was shot and killed by police at this apartment complex yesterday afternoon. officers were there looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they encountered the 4 #-year-old getting out of looking for. >> as they engaged him, he is armed with a handgun that we found on scene as well. makes some imminent threat to them and because of that, one of our officers fired. >> this distraught woman who says she's the daughter live streamed the aftermath on facebook for more than an hour. she shared a different view of what happened.
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book. you run up on him because he's whrak. the >> the victim's sister also talked. >> he got a gun. he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow. >> the officer involved has been identified as vinson. an african-american on the force since 2014. he's been placed on administrative leave. cbs news. >> were involved. they are interviewing witnesses as part of the investigation. it was a really wet start this morning. wet on the roads and some rain above. >> all around today and throughout the afternoon hours. so here we are on the satellite radar exoz etment moving across portions of lee county. chat hamm county. they will continue to move across the area african american you aren't seeing any wet weather know it
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and clayton. 70 in louisburg. 69 in henderson. we'll make it to 74 by lunchtime. 76 our high. showers passing through throughout the day. the rest of your workweek forecast in just a little bit. >> the first in high point the second in -- a crowd of thousands of people in kenan svill he also talked about building a wall. america needs to come first. >> you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. their worse. oklahoma citily places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. >> it's small and rural. the population is just more than 60,000. residents say it's the first time they can remember
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officials are investigating a growing number of price tbowjing complaints. >> here's what we know right now. the attorney general general is investigating a little more than 1100 complaints of price gouging in north carolina. three subpoenas have been ordered. it's not been identified. governor pat mccrory say it is should start today. drivers have been facing long waits and higher prices which could last today. this only had premium gas when we stopped by yesterday. they were limiting drivers to 10 gallons. it could be a week before their back to normal. >> we would rather try to ration it out where everybody gets a little bit.
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all out of gas. >> they have received more than 100 complaints. they sent three subpoenas which has not been identified. tbas stations in fayetteville are also feeling the effects of the shortage. they have limited gas or none at all. some are raising the prices for the gas they do have. it hasn't affected every station. marathon says they are br >> it's busy here. we appreciate the business. you know? bring it on. >> if you suspect price gouging you can report by calling or filing a complaint online. we have all of that information at and good morning. well hopefully you have enough gas to get to work this morning because we do have rainy condition's that's not -- moving pretty well. we do have rain and those
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raleigh roads look good. a reports of -- but that's not really tieing things up. if you're flying this morning sphwiet the rainy weather flights at rdu are flying out on time without delay. outside at lake wheeler road. extra time needed today. the roads are going to be slick. >> all right. 4:37. w want to at shooting overnight and into the morning. >> people in the streets pretty upset. officers responded in riot gear using tear gas on crowd. at one point they blocked the road in both directions. >> police shot keith scott after he got out of his car with a gun. scott's family says he was holding a book. investigation is underway.
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you only get so like i guess you should be happy -- i should be happy to be alive. >> troopers charged 16-year-old with speeding and improper passing of the he's a student at rollsville high school. time is 4:40 right now on this wednesday morning. 7 # degrees as we do start off our day. you can see some moisture collecting on camera lens out at the airport. an cater that they've seen some rain and it's still raibing across portions of wake county across
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the steady rain this morning. rain fall ratesless than a -- but still, falling pretty steadily. it will continue to collect on roadways. across lee county down through areas of west of spring lake. wilmington waking up. if you're just rolling out of a bed you have a little while to go. i want to take it easy on your morning drive this morning. we're also looking at visibility we're at visibility of 2 miles. 4 around fayetteville and dunn. 6 in the rally area. 9 in durham. this is because of rain and some fog combining to make that morning commute a bit tricky. as you are planning your morning commute and your morning drive, your amp hours, wet and windy conditions this morning. 70 degrees at 8 a.m. showers likely at noon. 74 there and staying on school side.
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more on how long this wet weather will hang around for coming up in the complete storm team forecast. >> thank you. 4:42 in the morning. coming up in the next half hour. >> i'm robert richardson live in chart. police shot and killed an african-american man. there were some violent, narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record.
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down a little bit since the past few hours when there were some violent and destructive protest. right between unc charlotte and i-85. there's a bunch of apartment complexes over this hill and yesterday afternoon some police were serving an arrest warrant there. they saw a man get out of his car with a gun, get back in his car then get back out with the car with the gun and that's when officers shot the map who's within identified lamont scott. they organized in this area then blocked off this road. they started walking down this road. you see trash and a shoe left behind. the protests went to i-85 and began to get violent with people throwing bottle and glass. there's shards of glass up the road. they got on to i-85 and block trafficked in both
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were locked there. fires. very destructive scene. mayor has tweeted asking for the community to be calm at this time as police investigate what has happened. the internal affairs board will be looking into this shooting. the officer who shot the african-american man on tuesday is also african- american and he has been put on administrative leave. we're going to be working throughout the day to get more details on what happened an update you on air and in robert richardson. cbs north carolina(.)>> of course, we'll be checking in with robert throughout the morning. take a look at this photo. it was taken online. a fayetteville teacher on administrative leave after he step on the american flag and what he says was a lesson on the first amendment of free speech. he's a teacher. two kids immediately left the room. in an interview with cbs north carolina, francis says he questions the district's decision.
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an investigation could have taken place in such a short time. especially in the time span of just a few hours. if you're going to be thorough, if we're going to be fair to the teacher and the students, i would like to know what kind of investigation had taken place. >> he has been placed on administrative leave. he tells us he's hired an attorney. the superintendent says there are other ways to teach the first amendment rights. >> the trial accused a couple is expected to last a couple more times. they kicked in the door to maria and jose mendoza's home. they were wrongly targeted during a gain dispute. he was found gl last year. the trial will likely last through the week if not even locker. the durham mother accused of leaving her 3-year-old daughter in a hot van is now indicted on manslaughter and felony child
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late august. the toddler leslie ramirez was found by her father after being left in a van for three hours. the mother is expected in court later this morning. a cary man accused of exposing himself is due in court today. he exposed himself at a bookstore. charges are from february, june and july. he's facing charges for exposing himself at six wade county. the 25-year-old also has similar charges from 2013, 2014. those are the charges he is expected to answer to later today. a potential act of terrorism. federal law enforcement says he stabbed ten people before being shot and killed by appear off-duty police officer on saturday.
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authorities believe he acted alone. a typhoon has caused serious -- and flooded buildings there. the storm left cars half inundated and watch at least one section of coastal road. five people suffered minor injuries. >> entertainment news. brad pitt released a staple. pleading with the media to stay away from children. she filed in los angeles. though they've been together for 12 years they only wed back in august 2014. they have six children and in a statement to people magazine pitt says i'm very saddened by this but what matters most now is the well being of our kids. 4:49 right now on this wednesday morning. 72 degrees.
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but we are seeing enough rain that will slow you down as you get are the to had odded door. some pretty steady rain across portions of durham county and at times heavier rain coming in across portions of lee, and even down into portions of hope county. you can see the yellow and oranges indicating some higher rainfall rates. closer to say .3 of an inch we can take a look there. even less about .1 of an inch to a quarter of an inch per hour. sliding you off to the north throughout portions of nash county and edgecomb county some pockets of some insteadier rain.
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a good chance of rain midday. that continues into the afternoon drive home. it's not going to washout. you will see the rain taper off and start again. but it is going to be rather gloomy day. the rain showers are here in the morning and here at lunchtime and continue scattered in nature as we head into the afternoon. we'll get a break briefly overnight. i say briefly because more rain is anticipated as we head throughout our thursday. again, not a washout but forecast. i think the drier day of this workweek is going to develop for friday. today could accumulate quickly because it's going to be steady at times. about an inch possible. a little more in the raleigh area. but a little more than an inch possible in durham. some smaller totals toward the southern pines area. your current temperatures. it's a mild morning. 72 in fayetteville. 70 in louisburg.
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henderson to start your day off. mid-70s in raleigh and durham. then overnight tonight we're going to fall to near 68. the rain tapering off briefly. as we head into the coming days you'll see the rain chances starting to back off a bit. as they back off, back to 82. fall officially starts tomorrow morning. the outlook of the weekend ahead looks like earned a drier few days and that's where we get saturday. dropping us to 78 with a small chance. no 70s are going to hang around as we head into early next week. another small chance for a few showers as we head towards next tuesday. 4:52 on this wednesday morning. here's allie. >> good morning, we have a wet commute this morning. i-40 is what we're showing you now. going to have those wipers on. going to give yourself extra time. we do have a crash out there
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raleigh. checked our traffic cameras. it doesn't tie things up but it's out. there your commute through durham no accidents to report to you there. moving well and if you take you from durham down through fayetteville. no problems to report there. back outside to i-40 at nc54 in durham where headlights are on and a couple of people out there already heading into work. >> thanks a lot. on your wednesday, if you need some extra money for the li it's hiring seasonal workers. later what you need to know to get on with it. >> before we go it break a live look at what's coming up next on cbs this morning. >> i'm o'donnel fighting super bugs and zika. in studio 57.
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hope county high school students after a gas leak forced them to go home early yesterday. according to news journal a gasoline -- a gas line was broagen. they could smell it. the kids were sent home as a precaution. all afterschool activities were deanled. south carolina has a new option for high school students who are not interested in going to college. it's it's for students in dees l or -- they get paid and class credit as well and even more hands on experience. it's the only program like it in the nation. i look it on the -- i go to school with it and see what they're doing. it's better for me. it's something fun for me to do it. >> they can get their certification as mechanics.
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always looking for good people to work with and right now the program's in only four bus shops but the state superintendent hopes to expand it statewide many >> macies will be hiring to help with the holiday shopping season. 20% discount next friday. it will host a national hiring day. >> it's 4:57 right now. breaking news in charlotte. we've been cove officer-involved shooting sparks massive protest throughout the night and into the morning. >> we have a crew on the ground there. coming up in the next half hour what the situation
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a deadly officer-involved shooting prompts a protest and violence from the streets. from smashed police cars to officer -- to an interstate blockoff. we are in charlotte this morning with what's happening right now. thanks for joining us. >> we're going to check in with our top story this morning. charlotte city officials are calling for calm this morning after a deadly officer- involved shooting sparks anger and frustration. as well as violent protests. >> this is an investigation now underway to find out what happened before keith scott was shot and killed. officer in riot gear used tear gas and at one point they blocked i-85 in both directions. more than dozen officers were hurt during the


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