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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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pow, pow, pow. he had no gun. >> as they engaged him, he is armed with a handgun. we found on scene as well. make some imminent threat to them and because of that, one of our officers fired. >> the chief says the man was armed with a gun. the family members say he was holding a book. a major investigation is now underway. >> hello and good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, everyone. we'll check meteorologist in just a moment. a massive protest throughout the city. >> so much -- some of the destruction as they smash a police suv. they took their protest and blocked it in both directions. officers in riot gear met the protesters. some of them used tear gas on crowd.
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hurt but they're all expected to be o.k.. >> right now, we want to update you on this breaking news. they are now calling for calm as they conduct the investigation into the deadly officer-involved shooting. we headed to charlotte as the protests turn violented. robert richardson arrived there earlier this morning. robert? >> reporter: well, i'm on old concord road and the apartment where the officer- involved shooting took and officers went to that scene around 4:00. that's when the shooting took place. they gathered last night here on old concord road and began to march their way down the road towards wt harris and even on to i-85. dozen of protesters got the northbound and southbound lanes of i-8 5 and shut down traffic around 1:30. closed for a couple of hours and police and more
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swat teams arrived to try and get those people off the road. they eventually were able to get the interstate clear. now, this all began around 4:00 tuesday afternoon when officers came to an apartment complex near unc charlotte's campus and they were trying to serve an arrest warrant and then they saw a man get out of a vehicle with a firearm, that's -- police say they saw the man carrying a firearm and then he got back in his vehicle. police that's when they approached the vehicle and saw the man get back out with the gun. they say he was considered a threat. officers fired shots killing 43- year-old keith scott who's african-american and police have said that it was a black officer who fired those deadly shots. this case is under investigation by the internal affairs bureau as police say they've recovered a gun but the family says the victim
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details about the shooting, the protests or any arrests. a dozen charlotte officers were hurt. several civilians and mayor jennifer roberts is calling on the community to be calm at this time as they investigate. reporting live in charlotte. cbs north carolina. well, our big story locally is rain and a whole lot of rain. a messy, messy rain. roads. let's take a live picture outside from international airport. it's a soggy start to our day. visibility is low. wind are picking up. combine these together it's a day you want to stay inside. you've got to power through. it's wednesday, folks. here's where the rain is falling across portions of wade county. across hope county as well.
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a high of only 76 degrees. 5:34 is your time right now. setting off bombs in new york and new jersey has officially been charged. in addition to terrorism charges, he's facing attempted murder charges from the gun battle that he got into with police right before the capture. police officers are the officers. officer betty shelby killing crutcher after he responded to a stalled suv. city officials have promised transparency in the case. >> trump made two stops in north carolina. he spoke in front of thousands hesm spoke for about 45 minutes and talked about jobs, trade deals. he called once again for building a wall and extreme vetting for immigrants.
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cities no. education, you get no jobs. you get shot walking down the street. honestly, places like afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities. if you don't know it, it's a small rural area. the population is just more than 60,000 in the whole county. it's the first time they can remember a presidential nominee visiting. state officials are investigating a growing of price gouging complaints with our gas issues. >> the attorney general's office is investigating a little more than 1100 complaints. the three subpoenas have been ordered. we don't know which one it is yet. governor mccrory says the gas line should start back to today but it will be a few days before things are back to normal. and drivers have been facing long waits and
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for days. this shell station at milbrook only had premium gas. they were limiting drivers to just 10 gallons each. the driver said it could be a week before they're back to normal. >> i got told you're going to make people mad. we would rather try to ration it out. >> i ran around town. four or five were all out of price gouging. that includes one in johnston county which has not been identified. gas stations in fayetteville are feeling effects. >> several stations have limited gas or none at all at this point . some are raising the prices. however the shortage has not effected all. employees have been busier than
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it usually isn't like this. we appreciate the business, you know? bring it on. now if you suspect price gouging you can report it by filing a complaint online. good morning. it's 5:37 on this wednesday. unfortunately we're off to a wet start on the reas. i-440 at u.s. 64. things are moving well in the background. we're going to have your wipers on as you head into work today. le here. this green where we have wet conditions in the rain is falling. so parts of 95 as you head through this area near nashville as well. redoak, that area if you -- we take you to durham. allow yourself some extra time. down into fayetteville. this morning. local roads are moving fine. if we give you a look at your drive time, nothing out of the ordinary even though we have that rain
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about 8 as well. let's take you outside. 5:38. near u.s. 1. wipers on. thanks. >> pretty messy out there. breaking news. a deadly officer-involved shooting has sparked dangerous protests overnight. >> people hit the streets smashing police vehicle. using tear gas on off i-85 in both directions. >> this all started yesterday afternoon when they shot keith scott after he got out of the car with a
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so we have rain, we have fog as well. and that's producing some low visibility. around 2 miles in raleigh. two and a half in durham.
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can't stress enough. those low beams if you run into cloudy conditions. planning your day ahead. wet and windy. 74 at noon. showers likely. 76 our afternoon high. another look at the rest of -- we continue to follow breaking news in charlotte. a deadly officer-involved shooting sparked violence in the street. a crew live there this morning. we'll have an update from i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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protesters took to the streets and met with officers in riot gear around 1:0 this morning. dozens blocked i-85 in both directions. they used tear gas throughout the night and morning. at least 18 police officers suffered injuries during the protests. they're all expected to be o.k.
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yesterday afternoon when officers were searching if ar person with an outstanding warrant. scott died at hospital. the police chief says they found the gun scott was holding. scott's family members say he did not have a gun but he was holding a book. a woman claiming to be his daughter said they used a taser and sh we will continue to update you on this situation as it unfolds. wake county school officials are reevaluating after an 11-year-old boy was hit by a car. he suffered a fractured left leg and lost a tooth after a car driven by a 16-year- old hit him. crews realize just how lucky he was. >> i'm not really frustrated because like, you know, it's another day of life.
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you know, so like i guess you should be -- i should be happy to be alive. >> they charged jordan nobles with speeding and improper passing. he's a student at the high school. this photo right here has taken off online. a fayetteville teacher now on administrative leave after stepped on the american flag on what he says was a lesson on the first amendment. he's a teacher. two students left the room. in an carolina francis tells us he questions the district's decision. >> i'm not sure how thorough of an investigation could have taken place in such a short time. especially in the time span of just a few hours. if we're going to be thorough, if we're going to be fair to the student but to the teacher, myself, i would like to know what kind of investigation had taken place. francis tells us he's hired an attorneyful the supt there says there are other ways
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prosecutors say they kicked in the door to maria and jose mendoza's home. he was found guilty last year. vasquez's trial will likely last through the week if not longer. the durham mother accuse fd leaving her 3-year-old daughter in a hot van indicted on manslaughter charges. police say the toddler was found by her father. the mother is expected in court later this morning. >> accused of exposing himself in a handful of public places is due in court today. he exposed himself in front of a bookstore and kohls. the charges are from february,
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exposing himself in wake county. the 25-year-old also has similar charges from 2013 and 2015. those are the charges he's expected to answer to today. >> the fbi is calling last weekend's attack a potential act the terrorism. federal law enforcement say he stabbed ten people before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer saturday. they have not verified the claim by isis praising he was somalian. all victims are out of the hospital. authorities believe he acted alone. >> a typhoon has caused severe flooding in japan. heavy rain toppled utility poles. the storm left cars half inundated. brad pitt's released a staple on his divorce filing. pleading with the media to stay
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children for their protection. he filed the taxpayers in los angeles. they only wed back in august of 2014. they do have six children and in a staple to people magazine pitt says i'm very saddened by this but what matters most is the well- being of our children. very true. >> we wish them both the best. >> oh, yeah. i wish everybody else the best. it's a nasty, nasty day on the roads. >> it is nasty. hours and continue today. so go ahead and find that umbrella if you haven't seen it. a live picture from the international airport as we do start out our morning. it's breezy out there. wind gusts in the 20 miles an hour range. also foggy. so all of this coupled together really just not going to make the best case scenario for your morning drive. here's a look at our radar. we're looking at some pockets
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just south of louisburg this morning on and off again. very light showers in granville and vance county. orange, durham, wake county. some rain but the heaviest rain has been falling still across -- down through extreme eastern portions of moore condition and right through portions of hope county. these rain fall rates were anywhere from a karyt of an inch of rain per hour to closer to an inch of rain per hour. those rain showers are moving threat. 71 at 10 a.m. mid-70s right around 2:00 and staying in the mid-7 0z for the afternoon high. 76 degrees. this is cooler than normal. not really enjoyable cooler. all of the rain that we are anticipating but we needed the rain at the start of this week. by the weekend we'll need some sunshine back in our lives as well. here's the set up. we have these cold fronts off to the east and
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that's continue to push those rain showers into our area. that's bringing the cloudy skies. keep that umbrella nearby because these rain showers continue today and tomorrow as that front does not move any time soon. here we are at 8 a.m. this morning. scattered showers in our forecast. still around at lunchtime today. not going to be a washout. won't be nonstop rain but more hours of anything else. eng briefly some of the wet weather tapers off overnight for the start of thursday. don't be too old thursday amp we will see some more wet weather in our forecast. an update on the tropics. karl has been downgraded into a tropical depression. moving to the west at 14 miles per hour and look at. this at one appoint it was expected to strengthen to a hurricane.
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it could strengthen into a hurricane wind. 85 miles an hour. so the strength of that system changing drastically. no threat to land. 71 in durham. sanford good morning you're at 70. we'll be in the mid-70s for highs in raleigh and durham. remember, just not the prettiest day if you do have to have things done outside. i'd encourage you to wait until later today that's the best chance this week. our overnight rain. cloudy skies continue. 78 on our thursday. 80s return for friday. that's the best chance for sunshine. don't forget fall starts tomorrow. right around 10:21 in the morning. as highs soar into the upper 8 0z. sni accidents?
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take a look at what could be causing this accident. this green is where it's raining. through wake forest on u.s. 1. on 401. extra time needed. we do have perfect conditions out there to moving well. no accidents there. same thing through fayetteville. so watch out as you head out the door. i-540 is what we're giving you a look at now. not too many people out there just yet at 5:53 this morning. >> allie, thanks a lot. 5:53 is your time right now. if you need some extra money, macy's is hiring seasonal workers. later what you need to know to get in on the deal.
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morning. >> coming up fighting superbugs and zika. we'll be in studio 57.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations.
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o solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. a gas leak forced them to go home early yesterday am gas line was
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precaution. all afterschool activities were cancelled. >> macies will be hiring 83,000 people to help with the holiday shopping season. these people will work in macy and bloomingdale stores. they will get a 20% discount on merchandise. they will host a national hiring day. good to see. 5:57 in the morning. coming up, robert? >> reporter: in charlotte where protesters took to the streets and even i-85 blocking off traffic in response to an officer-involve shooting that killed a 43-year-old
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peopling are calling my phone saying he had a gun. he had no gun. >> conflicting stories and rising tensions in charlotte after a man is killed by police officers. >> a man is armed with a gun but his family says all he his is a stayed there well into the night. >> that's right. hello and good morning. >> good morning. we have several people following this story for you right now. robert richardson is in charlotte where those demonstrations have turned violent. >> live in studio with more on what officials have to say happenedded this morning and how the victim's family is responding. >> thank you. the shooting happen in a northeast charlotte apartment complex tuesday


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