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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  September 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news on cbs north carolina. a 2-year-old girl from rocky mount is at the center of an amber alert. >> why won't he release his tax returns? because there's something he's hiding. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted -- as soon as she i will release. my tax returns. >> for the first time since becoming their party's nominee, clinton and trump meet on the national stage. >> complete coverage of the first of three presidential debate and preview of clinton's visit in raleigh. hello and good morning everyone. i'm russ bowen. thank you for watching. >> good morning, russ. good morning to you on this tuesday. i'm stefan chase. we will check morning news and traffic but first, alyssa corfont has the forecast.
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well. we're watching rain from the west and for some of you wet morning commute so showing you our radar this morning, scattered showers in orange and durham counties through person and grandville county, chatham, lee, moore counties. you can see the band moving in an easterly direction meaning wake county will see the rain, 95 corridor as well, and this is the beginning. scattered showers in the forecast throughout the day. as far as temperatures are fayetteville, 71 lillington, 68 raleigh and clayton. the forecast look like this 69 out the door, a few showers at 8:00 a.m., 76 at noon, and a high of 78. i'll let you know how long the wet weather will hang and in the storm team forecast. breaking news now. an amber alert for a missing rocky mount toddler. >> investigators are
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for 2-year-old neveah richardson. good morning, large. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. investigators confirmed the toddler was in her mother's car when it was allegedly stolen around midnight. take a look. this is 2-year-old nevaeh richardson last seen in a white t-shirt with a rainbow on the front. according to police, the toddler's mother was at a friend's house on national road in rocky mount when the car was stole inside. the stolen vehicle that the two could be in right now is a 2004 green mitsubishi endeavor endeavor. there's a "live, love, laugh" sticker on the back of it and a spare tire area. i can confirm that police say they have no idea whether the two are still in rocky mount at
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have been in contact they update throughout the morning. lauren haviland, cbs north carolina. >> thank you. very frightening thing. >> we hope she's found soon. >> absolutely. the first debate between clinton and trump is in the history books. >> they have been trading barbs more than a year now and met face-to-face as the polls shows them virtually tied. craig boll >> reporter: trump and clinton shook stand at the start of the debate but the fireworks started during a discussion about the economy. >> it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cuts, for the top percent of the people in this country that we've ever had. i call it trumped up trickle down. >> for 30 years you have been doing it and now you're just starting to think of solution -- >> well, actually. >> excuse me.
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controversial issue. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted,s as soon as she releases them, i will release, i will release my tax returns. >> it must be something really important, even terrible, he's trying to hide. >> reporter: at times attacks were personal. >> she doesn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina. i said she doesn't have the stamina. >> as soon as he travels to 112 peace deal, a cease-fire, or spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> reporter: clinton brought up that trump was sued by the justice department in 1973 for not renting apartments to african-american tenants. >> he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. >> we settled the suit with zero -- with no -- admission of
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is october 9. craig boswell, hempstead, new york. >> they agreed on restricting gun purchases for people on "do not fly" lists but differed on police tactic of stop and frisk. people across the area came together to witness one of the most anticipated night in political history. there was a watch party at the stun ma and grill and changed the marquee "the hour at hofstra." releasing his tax return and his response, he went after clinton releasing her e-mails. many hope he has been able to win over people who question his temperament to be president. >> just see him as the person because he has far more integrity than some people think. >> democrats held their parties
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trophy brewing company. and people are looking forward to clinton coming to our area today. supporters talked to us what she needs to do in the remaining weeks with the race in north carolina being incredibly close. she needs to be authentic and let people know better of who she actually is. >> the more -- it's really scary, the idea of a trump presidency just scares me to death. >> leaders of the state democratic party said th show the contrast related to families as well as national security. the nominees wasted no time hitting the campaign trail at the end of the debate. clinton will make a stop in the tar heel state, campaigning at a democratic party event in raleigh. doors open at 11:00 a.m. for the 1:00 p.m. event. she will discuss her plans for the economy. beau minnick will have live
4:37 am here's ali. good morning. >> it's 4:36 on this tuesday morning, very dark, not too many headlights. as we take you to the map, looks pretty good through raleigh, 440, 540, no accidents to report in durham and fayetteville, 95 corridor, local roads delay-free on this tuesday morning. if you're heading to the airport, no major delays if you're flyin orlando, chicago. check with your carrier first but you should arrive on time. i-40 clayton bypass what we're leaving you with a look at so pretty quiet on this tuesday morning. >> thanks, ali. >> currently 4:37. chap l hill investigators hope science can help solve a mystery. who may have killed a unc student years ago. in two minutes, a look at a
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baseball star killed in a boating accident. alyssa? well, guys, we're tracking rain and mild temperatures. it's 64 oxford and roxboro, 67 south hill. your forecast for the day ahead
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need any more proof than that? neutrogena. jose fernandez died in a boating acnt miami. investigators said drugs and alcohol do not appear to be been a factor. he came to the united states from cuba as a teenager and by 2013 was baseball's rookie of the year. it's not a great day out there at all. >> it certainly is not, russ. it looked like it would rain for the majority of the day. it did not fall. today, the rain will fall. 68, dry at the raleigh-durham international airport but the
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the rain in western portions of the viewing area and then rain in the mountains this morning. we'll have a closer look at home, not much reaching the ground which is good news. know that the rain will continue, scattered throughout the day but will be in our forecast so rain falling across person county, really just south and east of roxboro, spotty showers around hillsboro, west of chapel hill, and the majority of durham county, for the time be the dry side. 70 lillington and raeford, 66 sanford and siler city, while roxboro and sand hi, 67. i expect us to stay in the upper 60s through the morning drive, a few showers there, and we're looking at very scattered showers throughout the rest of the day, muggy conditions, lunchtime, 76, 78 our afternoon high, close to normal, back to 76 as the cloudy and wet conditions continue for the drive home.
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sun will return in a few minutes. >> 4:42 in the morning. up next -- >> any time you have kids involved, it's harder. it's the unknown. a woman is accused of killing her own children. what investigators said she did that ended the manhunt for her and her children. >> i never felt this way till now. wow, what a brave little girl. in four minutes, the call for
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in this morning's top stories, breaking news. an amber alert is in effect for this missing rocky mount toddler. >> she was last seen in a white t-shirt with a rainbow in front of it. a man stole the woman's green
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little girl inside the suv. donald trump and hillary clinton wrapped up their first of three debates. it took place in hempstead, new york. for complete coverage, head to our website, hillary clinton will campaign at an event today at wake tech. doors open at 11:00 for the 1:00 event. she plans to discuss her plans for the economy. beau minnick will cover the stop with live updates on a disgruntled with old nazi emblems shot nine people randomly in a houston neighborhood. police said he had two weapons and more than 2500 rounds of live ammunition. he got into a shootout with police and he died. police have not identified the man but have been searching the condo of nathan desai where they found vintage military item and other guns. [ gunshots ]
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a burger king parking lot earlier this year has been cleared. 143 shots were fired after investigators said john coffee of warsaw pointed a fun at police. the district attorney said police responded to what was considered a threat. right now there are calls for resignation in the wake of the deadly officer-involved shooting in charlotte as protestors took over the city council meeting yesterday. [ indistinct yelling ] >> okay, we're going to have to recess because i cannot -- >> that whom you know now, addressing the crowd. protestors were seen in the streets for days. >> i'm disgusted with our leadership because y'all lack integrity, morals, and self respect and dignity. then what does that mean for the rest of the citizens? if you going to continue to kill us for protesting peacefully, if you going to continue to kill us because we're black, if you're going to
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reason, then why are you taking our taxes? give us or tax dollars back. >> many who did speak called for mayor roberts and the police chief to be fired after last week's shooting of keith scott. officials released portions of the dashcam and body cam video. more than 50 people of all ages spoke during the meeting. some are young children who say they are afraid to step outside their homes. >> i been born and raised in charlotte and i never felt this and i -- [ indistinct ] ] sobbing ] our father and mothers are killed and we can't even see them any more. >> that's right >> it's a shame we have to go to their graveyard and bury them and we have -- and we shown have kids.
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mothers. to be by our side. >> i do believe that girl will have an incredible future ahead of her. one person took the podium last night to support the police chief but he was quickly booed away from the microphone. the man shot inside a minivan died. police updated the charges against anthony neal to murder. he's already in custody. 23-year-old traval found inside at 8:15 friday morning. a second teenager was found not guilty of murder. 19-year-old israel vasquez was facing first-degree murder charges. they were ton intended victims. the jury found them guilty on unstolen weapon charges. chapel hill police have a composite sketch created using dna traces that they hope will
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the unc sophomore was found dead in her apartment four year ago. the snapshot tool uses dna results and police ask anyone who recognizes them to contact them. no one was arrested in this case. throughout the week, local golf courses are honoring arnold palmer. flacks are flying at half-staff to honor the king. palmer attended wake forest university colleges when he became the school's first-ever ncaa champion. the king. not a lot of golfing take place with the rain, alyssa. >> we're looking at rain today and tomorrow. shaw university, as we look towards downtown raleigh, you can see no rain falling yet. i think that will change eventually throughout the morning. find that umbrella if you haven't used it over the past few days. you will need it today. we have a few bands of rain across the state -- really, the
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portions of the viewing area and another more distinct band in the mountains. this will continue throughout the day. we're tracking a cold front into our area, sparking this wet weather so where is the rain falling? wake county, and the 95 corridor, most of the rain photograph tating to areas that woke up to rain yesterday -- person, orange county saw showers and it's falling south and east portions of granville county seeing light rain creedmore, you're a bit dry for now. 67 durham and roxboro, 66 siler city. lillington, good morning, you're around 70. there will be a small chance of rain throughout the morning. we're climb into the low 70s by 10:00, 76 at noon.
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certainly increase as we head into the late afternoon hours and, remember, that's because this cold front i was talking about is approaching our area so this is still going to be the best rain chance of the week, pretty cloudy for us. those rain chance increase as we head into the afternoon so we'll talk about this and look at our future forecast. these isolated showers outside this morning will continue around lunchtime, not going to be a washout for your showers. we could wake up to a lingering shower. overall we could see more wet weather again tomorrow and then by thursday, friday, we are seeing considerably drier conditions. now, as far as your highs are concerned today upper 70s in raleigh and durham. these temperatures are normal this time of year, 82 around fayetteville into the afternoon hours. then tonight, we will drop back
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cloudy, mild, possibly a little fog tomorrow morning because the wind aren't going to be too strong throughout the overnight. you will notice we're around 76 wednesday and thursday, still a good chance of rain wednesday, rain chances tapering off thursday. still looks like friday could be the first completely dry day of the work week and as we head into the upcoming weekend, look at all that sunshine in the forecast, 75 saturday, 78 sunday, and as we head into early next week, we're the weekend as well will be quite comfortable, starting off our day in the upper 50s. 4:52. let's toss it to ali. certainly not a bad look out there. things are moving well, not much to complain about if you're on the roads, 540, 440 moving well, all green on our maps, meaning no delays so heads up with what is going on yesterday and today.
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road and we have some road work in groom between brentwood and carolyn for emergency sewer repairs through raleigh. otherwise the commute looks pretty good and won't start until 7:00 a.m. so if you're heading out the door, you shouldn't encounter problems. things are moving pretty well. before we go to break, here's what is coming up on "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose. sheryl sandbe companies to have level the companies to have level the playin we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has
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>> welcome back. two children are dead and their mothers are charged with their murders. an amber alert was liliana hernandez and rene pastor. she drove to the police station and told an officer she had two body in the car. both kids were found dead in the back seat. we don't know what the motive is. two little boy in texas are in the hospital this morning after being shot at a playground. investigators said 11-year-old oscar and his 6-year-old brother daniel were playing soccer when a fight broke out and were hit by stray bullets. a 15-year-old and 16-year-old were hit by gunfire. police are searching for
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millions of americans following the first presidential debate online instead of television, you were not alone. cnn reports at least 1.6 million people watched the youtube live stream. more than 1 million on the nbc live stream, and 210,000 via "the washington post." trump appeared to be sniffling quite a bit into the microphone and feigned attention and charity on social media, many al fore. trump said he had a defective mike and wonder if it was on purpose. a picture shows michelle obama embracing george w. push at the opening of the museum of african-american history and culture. president obama often mentioned the push family's kindness when
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daughter. >> they told them to slide down the bannisters occasionally and surround themselves with loyal friends. >> [ indistinct ] >> it's not unusual because it's an elite -- the elitist club of the united states, former presidents and their families. they tend to have some bond, regardless of politics. it's good to see that there. in they ar >> no doubt. >> 4:57. breaking news in rocky mount. a statewide amber alert for a missing toddler. take a look at the screen. we'll have a live report in the next half hour. also from taxes to jobs to foreign policy, the first presidential debate is now history. we'll take a look at the jabs donald trump and hillary clinton took at one another. a nasty day here and there, depending on where you are.
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breaking news. a rocky mount toddler is at the center of an amber alert. >> plus this. i'm jamie yuccas at hofstra university with reactions from the debate. and the candidates are not in raleigh, where hillary clinton is speaking today. good morning. i'm stefan chase. >> good morning. i'm russ bowen. ali warshavski will have a look at the commute but first, alyssa corfont shows us the rain we're expecting today. some is already falling in portions of the viewing area, the western portions so orange and durham county, person county, even granville county seeing light rain. you will notice around


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