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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  October 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thank you for joining us tonight. >> we have the laterrest forecast track for hurricane matthew. it's shifted the storm north and hurricane warnings are being issued in north carolina. >> the eye of the storm is right near the georgia-florida line near jacksonville. >> it's been a long week with shifts in the track and shift in this our emotions. well, this morning there was a shift to changed our forecast. tonight at 5:00, there was a big change in the current conditions. that is for the first time in more than seven days, hurricane matthew is not a major hurricane. winds have dropped to 110 miles an hour, making it now a category 2 hurricane. remember, a major hurricane is category 3, 4 and 5. it is moving north at 12 miles an hour. as we look at the track from the past 24 hours, you can see
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never actually made landfall. the coast continues to get battered, as do georgia and south carolina coastings. the heavy rain shields extends to the north some 150 miles. for us today, we just got light rain from matthew. it's not until before sunrise tomorrow that the heavy rain arrives here, because the storm will continue to move north being off the around for us. there's the center line of the system. i'll put in the earlier track. there could have been a shift west toward georgia but not much for ughs. that shift this morning made us change our forecast. now 7 to 9 inches of rain, 7 to 9 in the sandhills. that is dangerous flooding potential, especially with winds of 50 miles an hour. so a serious event is on the
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i'll break down the satellite and radar hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. >> and this is a live look at south carolina just south of charleston. a curfew goes into effect there midnight tonight as the worst of hurricane matthew is expected along the coast of south carolina tonight. a hurricane warning is in effect for brunswick county and jonathan, how has the situation changed there in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: it's amazing the difference a day makes. yesterday we had some people preparing. people are boarding up windows and doorings. then we had the change in the track, now expecting significant rainfall and significant flooding in the area. i think the biggest change we
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wind. the biggest change is the mentality. it's pretty much empty. this is how it's been throughout the day. a lot of people who said they were going to try and ride this thing out have changed their minds. >> it's looking kind of deserted except you guys and a few people on the beach. >> reporter: it's not normally how you would find a beach on a friday afternoon. >> it's going to be unbelievable in another day. it's amazing what happens to inches of rain expected in area. >> they're talking up to 12 inches of rain coming in. >> don't be silly. if you feel like you're going to be in trouble, come here. >> reporter: the red cross opened up shelters at nearby high schools. >> anybody that doesn't feel safe, come here and we'll take care of them. >> everybody's like a little
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creepy right now, just getting ready for the storm. we have been getting alerts on our phone. the waves are amazing. they are already 7 or 8 feet from our back porch. so it's kind of fun and exciting but it's scary. >> reporter: the lazy turtle is usually a place to kick back and relax but today the open sign stays off. >> made our >> that there is going to stop some of the water from going in and flooding and ruining stuff inside? >> hoping for the best, yeah. hoping nothing floods out. >> reporter: for now, it's wait and watch. again, the biggest threat will be the rainfall and flooding that come with it. earlier when they were doing the live shots around noon today, the storm surge or the waves came all the way halfway up the beach.
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dunes in the high tide. another 6 to 8 inches, flooding throughout the area. ems, fire department and police say they are ready. they are warning people that it may be difficult to get to some homes with all the flooding, so people should keep a close eye as matthew continues to move closer to the coast. >> cumberland county declared a state of emergency for the second time in for the lower little river. robert richardson is live at a shelter that just opened its doors. >> reporter: south view high school opened its doors a few minutes ago and this shelter is available to evacuees from the coast and those in the area who may face flooding from their homes. >> the flooding will come.
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before the flooding comes. we are expecting 10 inches. >> city leaders hope the community realizes how serious this storm could be. they say all the water that's gone into the ground in the past ten days likely loosened tree roots. the school sent students home early to be sure they got home safe before the bad weather hits. >> we anticipate trees will come down and we are hoping they don't come down schools and block our roads. >> you must be prepared for power outages and high winds, high water. >> reporter: the school will check campuses on sunday to be sure they can have classes on monday. >> depending on what happens, we may have to open up more. we are prepared to react from
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rec center and smith rec center in fayetteville are also open. now they have kennels and cages set up for cats and dogs as well. robert richardson, cbs 2 north carolina. >> in anticipation of huge numbers of outage calls. duke energy is calling in dozens of employees from other divisions to manage the outage call center. they have been training them for the last few days and now their aim is to keep wait times to a minimum and get the outage reports into the system as quickly as possible. they believe the southeastern part to have the state will be the hardest hit. >> there are a couple ways that you can monitor your outage. you can go online and check the outage map. you can also register for notifications through text message.
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restoration efforts here. with the storm out of the caribbean, it's turned into a recovery effort in the bahamas an haiti. hurricane matthew made landfall in haiti as a category 4 and the death toll will rise. the southern part of haiti is all but cut off from humanitarian aid because of a collapsed bridge. one u.s. official the country's worst humanitarian disaster since the earthquake in 2010. hotels from georgia to south carolina are filling up? and more evacuees are finding their way into our area. tonight we'll catch up with people from georgia and south carolina now seeking shelter in johnston county. incredibly drunk and we were overreacting to a situation that didn't deserve
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today we heard more from friends of chandler kania. >> reporter: different side is soft him when he got into his car and drove drunk last year. >> i'd never seen him drunk in that he generally didn't get out of control when he did drink. >> reporter: kania crashed head- on into another car, killing three people. one of his frat brothers described how he tried to stop
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so he'd not get in his car. he picked me up and threw me to the ground. >> reporter: and there was an argument shortly before he got into his car that night. >> i was incredibly drunk. and we were overreacting to a situation that didn't deserve it. >> reporter: many of his friends that night were also drinking and underage at the time. they have been given immunity testimony. it's been a long week of tracking hurricane matthew. it will arrive here tomorrow. i'll tell you what to expect
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as hurricane matthew continues to take aim at the southeast, people as far away as georgi central north carolina to escape the hurricane's wrath. many residents of coastal georgia and the carolinas left their homes to travel to safety as hurricane matthew works its way up the southeast coast. some are traveling to central north carolina but others were not left with much of a choice. >> we looked at columbia because it was closer, and greenville and spartanburg areas. those were all full.
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>> the whole area is evacuated right now. >> reporter: most people we spoke with said they wanted to be safe, even if it meant traveling hundreds of miles away from their homes. >> and wes, we have seen a lot from haiti and the coast of florida. now the worst is yet to come for us. >> i think we are all tired of matthew at this news, bad news. today i wouldn't call it bad news but it got a little worse. our rain totals will go up and the wind is going to go up. we still have two days i would say before we can put this in our rearview mirror. we have light rain. it's been muggy out there today. that's a change. this is a tropical system
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from the center. that's how far this extends up the coast. it's light rain, not severe, not causing any flooding. after about 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. top, we'll start to see the heavy rain move in. it will rain heavy all day long tomorrow. tonight we have light scattered showers that will last until about 2:00 a.m. then from the south after 4:00 a.m., that's when the heavy rain moves in. we are locked in with ou that means temperatures won't move much. we're in the low 70s now and that's pretty much where it will stay tomorrow morning and all day tomorrow. the rain and wind are the focus. the national hurricane center continues to send the hurricane hunter aircraft out there. they are based out of macdill in tampa. they continue to fly through the eye collecting information for our forecast and for current conditions because it's
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currently conditions matter. winds are down for the first time in more than a week, below major hurricane status. winds are now 110 miles an hour and moving to the north. the pressure is also up a bit, telling us the hurricane is weakening a bit. the eye of the hurricane is about 500 miles from us and we are feeling effects from it. clouds, rain, tomorrow. the latest track, the changes at 5:00 involve current conditions weakening. the track didn't change that much. it's going to continue to parallel the georgia coast and south carolina coast as it weakens throughout the next 24 hours. it will be a category 1 hurricane as it gets closer to us tomorrow, and continue to weaken as it curves around. amazingly, this thing is going
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track for a tropical system. closer up, there's the eye of the hurricane. saturday afternoon at 2:00, between charleston and myrtle beach, this is coming as close as 20 miles from our southern beaches tomorrow night before it continues to move offshore then eventually weaken and move far away from us. start with the rain impacts. there's a lot of heavy rain out there pounding georgia and south carolina. it will continue to do that sandhills about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and spread up to the triangle and most of central north carolina about 9:00 a.m. then it's heavy rain all day. all day through the afternoon hours as well, into the early evening hours. that's a lot of rain coming out of the sky at us. by about 5:00 we'll start to see the system slowly pull
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some of us will still have rain at 10:00 friday night. by the time we get up sunday morning, not only will it be dry for most of us, but we have sunshine. we have a lot to look forward to sunday, not tomorrow. the winds will be stronger now. let's pick up the wind field map 2:00 a.m. saturday, when the tropical storm winds will reach the sandhills. you guys will start to see that about 7 or 8:00 winds. strong winds could get up to the triangle saturday afternoon but it will get ugly along our coastline. hurricane force winds saturday afternoon into saturday night anywhere from atlantic beach to ocean isle. bad news heading into saturday night. everyone starts to see relief after midnight, then the dangers winds will be out of here by lunchtime sunday. here is the end result.
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look at this. it's our final call about what we're going to see. the rainfall totals have gone up, and the flooding threat is more likely. dangerous winds could knock down trees. the farther south you go, the wetter it is going to be. we could see on average 2 to 6 inches. that's a lot of rain, especially after last week. so a wet and dangerous day tomorrow, clearing rapidly sunday. we have a great fall week next weekil and more importantly, the state fair starts next week. >> that's right. >> let's get through tomorrow safely because we have a lot to enjoy next week. and we have sports now with jeff jones. >> he's one of the best quarterbacks in college football and he happens to play for a local team.
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ahead. tonight on the cbs evening news, hurricane matthew roars ashore in northern florida. the flooding has already begun.
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other people were called to step up. other people were supposed to make plays and we just didn't. >> that was former panthers defensive back struggling to cover julio jones on sunday. today the team showed him the door. who would have thought cutting a defensive starter would only be the second biggest story out of practice today? for the third straight day, cam newton missed practice going through the nfl's concussion protocol. at this point it's very unlikely we'll see him take the field on monday but his head coach doesn't want to give too many details. >> he's in the protocol. that's all i know. i just told you he's in the protocol. he had a good day in the protocol. >> if anyone is wondering, i
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protocol. the panthers play the bucs monday at 8:30. the only topic more popular than the weather is this guy and his chances at winning one of those. mitch trubisky is that good. over the past three weeks he's recorded back to back to back 400-yard passing games and leads the nation in completion percentage and hasn't thrown a single interception all season long. could equal the heisman trophy in a few months. his head coach has seen that potential for a long time. >> mitch is doing what he's done since he's been here, really. think back to the times he went out on the field and played, pretty dang good in every one of those situations we put him in. now he's just making plays that
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tomorrow will go on as planned. also high school football, we have three games taking place tonight starting in about 30 minutes. we'll have highlights from those games assuming the weather holds up, later tonight. >> a little wet tonight. >> wish i would have bought stock in poncho companies. everyone needs them tonight and tomorrow. another look at the map, it reminds me of the snow maps we build in the winter.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: raging floodwaters, powerful winds, and a huge sigh of relief. a still-very-dangerous hurricane matthew heads up the atlantic coast. >> there is nothing safe about what's getting ready to happen. >> pelley: leaving hundref south florida is spared a direct hit, but the death toll in haiti soars. also tonight, a predebate bombshell-- recordings surface of a very vulgar donald trump. >> when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the ( bleep ). >> pelley: united states accuses russia of hacking, aimed


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