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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  October 10, 2016 5:30am-5:42am EDT

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fr lanight's presidential debate. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for watching north carolina news. i'm russ bowen. this morning 8 people are dead, 5 more missing our state after hurricane tthew. >> and good morning, i'm stefan chase. we've got the latest on the veat traffic. first storm team meteorologist kristitcllhas your forecast. >>d morng, stefan and russ. it was a very messy weekend across the area. we had record rainfall spots across centralth carolina. outside this morning, things much calmer and we still have some flood issues going on. flood warnings actually continue for all the counties that you see highlighted on the map here. that is unti10:30 this evening. many roads are still flooded. he reams and creeks at their bankful or have overflowed their banks and we also havcloggestorm drains that are causing some of those high water problems on area roads. wedry. nothing popping up on the radar this morning. the next several days and stay
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n durh, 50 in raleigh. 52 degrees is your current temperature in fayetteville, and we can expect temperatures to stay in the 60s for highs this afternoon, 68 degrees sunny, breezy and dry. i'll let you know how long the sunshine sticks around coming up. thank you kriin. many school districts have wake, cumberland county, y. harnett, johnston nash rocky mount schools are a handful cled down for the day. you can find a complete list on our website. many of those hools are closed due to rampant power outages that are plaguing the state right now. >> right now hundreds of thousands are without power. ali warshavsky joins us live now in wake county with the latest on the efforts to get the poweback on, and they have a long road ahead ali. >> reporter: good morning russ, that's right, we're on colonial
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this neighborhood is serveby duke energy and they are not expected tget power restored for another six days. residents on this street along with over a half million others remain without power this morning. north carolina state emergency response team told us that number was around 770,000 right after the storm hit. duke energy representatives say although they have over 5800 crews on the ground and many on the way to help out, it will still be a while until power is substations that were flooded and we won't be able to safely work in some of those zones until the flooding has receded. as a result we expect this to be a multiday effort and in the hardest hit areas. the restoration won't likely be complete until into medical expense into next weekend. >> ali warshavsky cbs north carolina. >> thank you for that update. this morning an historic
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flooding. you may recall it was 17 years ago princeville was nearly wiped out by hurricane floyd and its flooding. it is the oldest town in our country to be founded pi african-americans. it carri a very hitch historic legacy. cbs north carolina's david grzybowski was there as deputies went door to door l people to clear out. >> 2200 people evacuated princeville last evening and some are preparing r even more >> emergency evacuations, please leave princeville. >>ire crews driving through the streets for a mandatory city evacuation. the ring of the tar river raising concerns for the city of princeville tonight resulting in a 7 p.m. curfew. officials say the river will continue to rise to nearly 36 feet by ely tuesday morning. at almost 35 feet, the tar river water reaches the base the princeville dike. >> we have a urfew that deputies will be out here moniring the situation to
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come back tomorrow and find our homes in the same shape it was before we left. >> residents made their way to two locations in tarboro like here at the martin millennial academy for shelter. >> just praying everything is good, just praying that basically everybody be safe and homes be safe. >> we've had milies coming in and out throughout t day. we have about 48 in this facility, over at our high school we e >> people the at the shlter are worried for the safety of their homes. they don't want to repeat what haened nearly 17 years ago with hurricane flo destroying the entire city. >> i think that everybody should get out pretty much. if you're not out by now, you need to get out and cometo a place. >> mayor bobby jones of princelle said him and his crew were going through the town lastnight to make sure everyone is out safe. in tarboro, david grzybowski
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voluntary evacuation order in goldsboro. a curfew is in effect right now fothe next 30 minutes through 6:00 this morning. and even though the weather from hurricane matthew ilong feing the storm effects. ll yesterday people were looking at the cape fair river in lillington, ich had flooded. the town had a lot of other problems. a tree crashedo wn hall, and the power was out forcing officers to direct tffic. people were hoping thy'd have enough gas just to home. >> i've been looking for gas for about or 15 minutes, and every station i go to the power's out. i'm dead on empty. >> afor the owner of that gas station, he says he's cells but also from his product spoiling due to power loss. >> our other big story today, hillary clinton and donald trump faced off that their second presintial debate.
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moderators and udienc members. it did not take long for the sparks to start flying. weijia jiang reports from washington university in st. louis. >> hillary clinton and donald trump didn't mince words in their second debate getting right to the video released friday in which trump was heard using vulgar language abou women. >> i'm very embarrassed about it. i hate it. >> i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represen exactly who he is. >> trump then brought up sexual misconduct allegations made against clinton's husband former president bill clinton. >> he was impeached. he lost his license to practice law. he had to pay an850,000 fine to one of the women, paula jones who's so here tonight. >> i am reminded of what my friend michelle obama advised us all. when they go low, you go high. >> trump said if elected he'd appoint a special prosecutor to look into clinton's deleted e- mails.
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about your campaign and the way it's exploding. >> they also sparred over trump's taxes. >> people like donald who paid zero in taxes, that is wrong. >> did you use at $960 million loss to avoid paying federal income taxes. >> of course i do. of course i do, and so do all donors. onors or most of her >> the audience asked questions about more substantive issues including health care and an audience member aed what the candidates respect about each other. >>his hildren are incredibly able and devoted. >> she does fight hard and she doesn't quit s she doesn't give up. >> clinton and trump have e last matchup next week. weijia jiang, cbs news st. louis. a growing list of republan lter that tape, but the head of the dnc said they have lawyers prepared fight any state that
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its ballots. >> steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy remag environmentally friendly and minimizing job ss for fossil power plant worker >> so if you were on social media at all during or after the debate, you saw almost as much about that audience member as the candidates. for some reason kenneth bone took the internet by storm after asking one of the few questions that actually did s on policy last night. tweetsrange for calling from complimenting s mustache and outfit. >> senator tim kaine tweeting no question who won tonight, donald focused on hillary, hillary focused on the american people. >> meanwhile governor mike pence kept shorter congratulating donald trump on a bate win and saying he is proud stand with trump. taking a look at the traffic now, not a bad way to start on your monday morning. >> n too bad on many roads around the area. keep in mind we still have a
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dealing with from th impressive and record rainfall we experienced over the weekend. one accident here that we need to make your aware of this morning. this is in raleigh on independence place. use some caution if that is your direction of travel this morning. several closures here on i-95, definitely be careful, some in parts of johnston county and parts of fayette county as well. please, again, we've got a lot of these i-95 closures for several miles due to gh water still on the roads. also interstate 4 it is closed om exit 334 to exit 341. that's a 7-mile closure that you'll be dealing with as you head out of johnston county. have a safe drive to work. a mestic dispover the weekend en with the ing of two police ofcein california. >> hofriends and family remembered the officers and the latest ction of the third ofcer in hehootou
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that saw between 7 and 10 inchesof in. high w and road closed gns anba but there's one enager ange t 16-year-old za harrington age d from trying to css theroad. he was worried someone would drown in watert bdge becau theye in harm's way and i guess they just don't care about their own safety.
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found so we so bad th noeven aempt to crs emand others me driverstarted, stopped, d went back thway th came. anat one -- can't phasizthis enou, ounddon't y russ, those nes are not suggestions. they're therfor a reason. plse makreif you countethose roads, don't try to go around. we sti a lot of flooded roads crs the area, whic flood warnings for green til 10 we also d eams, d some clogged storm drains awe persist throughoutyour monday here. the good news is our sel and radar not showing any cloud cover or wweatr, so we're dry and we'll stay dry not only through today t rest of this week ahead. it's cool this mor, 50 ide
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in fayetteville. wi this area of hi presse sion overhead, we can expect sunny skies to continue, cooler and breezy conditions as well through the next several days actuall 68 our high temperature toy. by noon only t61. expe cles the area. warmer weather will return as we head into the middle t week. i'll have a complete kdn mo phones. the latest issues coming up hurricane matthew, first rede rescued heds
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5:46 now, top stories ight now. >> several school district sinesses rai damage and outa you can find a full list of those closingsn our website. >> also the seco of presidential dates wrapp up last night.
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californ. the suspect is now in custody and accused of opeire on e ficers during a domestic e 7 nightmare continues ts morning. samsunelectronics temporarily suspended its oducti source. reacemnote 7 soon after the gy te hit stores in august,ome reported that their cell es were catching fi. samsung offialrelled the phones la month blaming faulty bterial said they would phones. e 7s for other smart back to our covag
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ey got some help from th eensboro fire department. they helpepeop trapped assist medical patients with transport to clinics an hospits. rst responders say people out sight eing made it harder for them to help get thgsrmal. >> you're ttg in the way of ic you're getting in the wayof emergency responders. easetay at he.thats ca helpublic safetyis point in tim
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in rocky m city leaders are urging folks stay inside their homes and only geonthe ads ifbsolutely necessary. whoulooking at right now stony creeks overflowing from the rain it receivedover the weekend. f the tar river it is expected to begin receding r thisorning. >>good morning, evyone, we are off to a quiet start to our y,such awelcomed area d trrine matthew rainfall totals. some spots upwards of foot rain, man 14 inches in fayettevle around 15 inches in goldsboro. hope mills over 14 inas well. cumbland county one of hardest hit areas. even out a little to the east of the triangle, rockymot mo tha10 inches. parts of nash couy, parts of edgecombe county definitely feelinreffects of matthew's wrath this rning.
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we do have floodings that will continue for the counties highlitein gen her that is until 10:30 this r ads e to the th still full and a lot of our storm drains still clogged. wee no wet weather on the radar hereanthat's going to be the case h most of this week here. right now it's0 degrees outside inraleig 49 i, those teeratures only todabing into the upr sunshine all da. wel hit high 8 degrs. wilbe bezy this afteoon, butot quite as breezy as stery. so the wind isstbit. e loinat highs in the 60tay and tomorrow. nowednesdathursd
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that high presstem that's overhead now s to slidoff tohe northeast a bit. a ldront mes in, and e thou st that will cool us off a bit for the end of the weand into the weekend. a new area of high pressur takes place. expect highs across the sandhills today in the upper 69 at fort bragg and lillington and sanford. , 67 in smitield, benson and goldsboro. 66 in and roxboro. 67 indurham, louisburg and chapel hill, 68 in cary ask raleigh. tonight another cool one across the area, 43 degreesclear skies, defitely cool temperatures overnight, but those winds calm dn. as we head into our day tomorrow, expect temratures similar to today, degrees our high temperature tomorrow, 73degrees as we head into your day on wednesy. north carolina state fair officially starts on thursday, and it lks like a great day for the state fair, 76 degrees
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sunny for frid and saturday, lo high temperature of 72 degrees. . let's get a check on that morninive he. we do have a lot of issues this morni. that is cause of some of the flooding that we're still dealinwith. however, one accident popping up on the map here, this in raleigh,at hargett st. watcfor delays in!- that eared. l road closures on 95 around benson. the road's closed at exit 81. th is the exit for i-40. where ose twintersect we ha a closure going on there. orthbod the road watcfoth. m exit also a closon i-40 here. that's fexy 55. which is the exit 341.
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closures, some slow going definitely possible as you head east of the triangle. u.s. 64 is closed from exit 478 to exit 487. use utio water. we also have some of these closures going on. please use caution and take yourime tting into work this morning. driving ork todayou might th d 5:54 in the mo >> the tal a u student acd of dving drunk and killing three people including a little girl continues today. we will take a look at who will coming up later. charlie's wide ranging interview with supreme
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fe's bleachae mome needrox bleach. governor mrory is attar on the state cri lab. well, we know roy cooper d we know the problems he discovered e came attorney general. roy found a backlog of over 5,000 a test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but he cleared the backlog. and roy cooper helped us solve over 2,000 crimes
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japan's largest active volcano mount oso erupted this morning. it s thelargest eruption since 1980. the volcanic ash rose early 11,000 meters spot sky. mount oso is locatedin the isnd the trial of chanerania whe unk and kill three pele incdinga 6-year- old girl ontinues in an orange county courtroom today. last week the victims several of kania's friends and a includes a fraternity brother who tried to tackle kania to stop hifrom getting in his car. shaw is expected to wrap up hi testimony today. we'll also heaom one of the managers of he's not here. it's a bar kania visitethat night. we'll have the latest from the trial at noon and in our evening newscast as well. governor pat mccrory will tour flooded areas of cumberland county. 's expected to begin his trip
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north carolina news at starts now. >> and what we've d is what we've known th water and at we've warned is the power of wacan kill . >> hurricane matthew has come and go, t the damage left behi will li be anue you the latest on how the storm ffecti peoe across our area, the southeast and th bbean. news. orning eryone,tnk i'm russ bowen. >> and gongi'm ef chase. weg toget right over secotin in ju ane matt 19 people ino, geora, the r heel state


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