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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:27pm EST

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- no, no, honey, uncle wally. give him a big hug. - uncle wally. - uncle wally, very good, that's very cute. and jane wyatt in father knows best bud: oh, hi, nancy. nancy: hi, bud. bud: i was working on my car. what goes? nancy: well, i just came by to ask you something. you know about the high school picnic on saturday? bud: yeah. nancy: well, i'm on the student committee getting the whole thing together and we need another member. do you want to be on the committee? bud: what would i have to do?
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now, i'm not much for that committee stuff. nancy: have you ever been on a committee? bud: well, no, it didn't sound very good. it sounds kind of dumb, committee. nancy: it isn't dumb. all you think about is your old car. that's dumb! jim: bud? bud: you in there, dad? jim: in a way, yes, come here. i didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation but i couldn't help overhearing. ew. (audience laughs) margaret: who was at the door? bud: nancy crail. she wanted me to be on the committee for the class picnic. margaret: oh, good. bud: what would i do on a committee? all that stuff is greek to me. second emotions and all that. jim: now wait. this is something entirely different. a committee like this is just a bunch of kids getting together to organize a picnic. may i venture an opinion? bud: sure. jim: i think you should go to that meeting
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ter all, you're going to the picnic you can at least help plan it. bud: i've been to these meetings before when we were getting up dances and hayrides and stuff. those goofy girls, all they do is argue. "let's go here" "no, let's go there" "let's have deviled egg sandwiches" "oh, no, i hate deviled egg sandwiches" yak, yak, yak. nothing gets done, nothing ever happens. all you get out of it's an earache. jim: alright, so what they need is someone to take charge. don't sit around and grumble because nothing is being done. get in there and organize the group. bud: who, me? jim: why not? if you see they're floundering around, as you say they always do, then stand up and suggest that one person be elected to head the committee. let this person name someone to be in charge of the food, someone else in charge of entertainment. assign the jobs, then let them go to work. now that's being an executive. bud: i don't know, i was going to clean my spark plugs tomorrow afternoon. margaret: bud, you can clean your spark plugs any time.
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bud: okay, but i'll tell you right now it will be a big nothing. jim: don't let it be a big nothing. take the initiative. be a leader. bud: what should i do? stand up and say "i'm a leader!" they'll fall down laughing. margaret: just go to the meeting. bud: okay, i'll go. why does everybody have to be a leader?
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and i'll be the barrel. nancy: now stop it. we have to decide where we're going to have the picnic. boy in plaid: let's have it at the round house. no squares allowed. (laughter) blonde girl: that leaves you out. boy in dark shirt: hey, that's tellin' him, fat lady. nancy: oh, i give up, you big oafs. we are supposed to be the committee and the picnic is on saturday! boy in dark shirt: well, what do you want us to do? nancy: let's decide something. boy in dark shirt: well, whatever it is, i am for it. y: what do you say, bud? bud: what is there to say? you're not going to get any place. you're just yaking. blonde girl: well, suggest something. bud: well, seems to me, you ought to get organized. maybe elect somebody to be head of the committee. get the thing rolling. boy in plaid: (claps) i'm for that. nancy: that's the first sensible thing that's been said all afternoon. boy in dark shirt: hooray for old bud! boy in plaid: arise, big chief sensible! boy in light shirt: my man for president, honest bud anderson! bud: oh, no. group: yeah! boy in light shirt: all in favor of bud
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ht shirt: you're elected! boys: okay pres, what do we doing? give us the word, oh great leader. (? light, flowing music) margaret: well, what's wrong, bud? jim: something happen at school? bud: you sure got me in a mess. jim: i did? bud: telling me to get that committee organized, start it rolling. talk about a double cross. they made me the chairman of the whole picnic. jim: that's great, bud! you accepted, didn't you? bud: i had to. margaret: well, why the long face? bud: this is not for me. i don't want to be the big boss, tell everybody what to do. jim: why not, somebody has to be the boss? bud: i was scared stiff. they were calling me president, great leader, stuff like that. asking me what they should do. i was in trouble. margaret: what did you do? bud: well, i remembered what dad said
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jim: good boy! you started off just right. bud: i felt like a real goose, standing up there telling everybody what to do. why should i be giving the orders? they probably think i'm trying to be a big man, big wheel. everybody's going to hate me. margaret: they won't hate you, they'll admire you! bud: oh, yeah, sure. kathy: what's the matter? bud get in trouble? margaret: your brother is an executive. jim: he's been made chairman of the class picnic committee in charge of the whole thing. betty: well, what's going on here? kathy: bud's the president of his class picnic. he's a big bud. betty: you don't look very happy about it. bud: it wasn't my idea, i got shoved into it. (doorbell) jim: see who's at the door, will you kitten? bud: probably one of the guys on the committee, coming over to punch me in the nose. tell them i'm not at home. kathy: hi! nancy: hi, is bud home? kathy: sure, come on in.
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jim: stop acting like you committed a crime. they elected you to this job. now show them you can be an executive. betty: don't be a namby pamby. bud: i'd rather be a live namby pamby than a dead executive. margaret: now go on, bud. bud: get the first aid ready. (mysterious music) bud: oh, hi nancy. nancy: i just came by to ask your advice about the food for the picnic. now, barbara and i checked around and we can get boxed lunches for 50 cents a piece. is that okay? bud: 50 cents a piece for 300 kids, that's a bundle. why don't you have the girls bring sandwiches and the boys could chip in a quarter a piece for soft drinks and ice cream, stuff like that. nancy: oh, that's much better!
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e beat our brains out trying to figure out what to do and you solved the problem so easily. why, you're just the person we needed to get this committee organized. someone with drive and leadership. oh, those other boys are the biggest nothings. i know the picnic is going to be a sensational success with you running it, bud. bud: thanks a lot, nancy. nancy: everybody feels the same way. bye! jim: we eavesdropped a little on that conversation, bud. rgaret: that was good thinking. you saved the class 25 cents a person and it's going to be a lot more fun! jim: now, you're being an executive. (doorbell rings) bud: i'll get it. briggs: hello, bud. bud: oh, hi mr. briggs, come on in. briggs: no, thanks. i was on my way home from school and just stopped by to tell you
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ing this afternoon. bud: thanks. briggs: as the faculty advisor on this picnic project, i want to compliment you, bud, for stepping forward and taking charge. now that's the kind of initiative we like to see. bud: well, there was a job to be done, so somebody had to do it. briggs: you know, of course, everything has to be done by friday. that's the day after tomorrow. we'll have a meeting with all the committee members for the final report friday afternoon. bud: it will be all set. i've got everybody on the committee working. briggs: that's the ticket. i know you're going to bring it off in great style. bud: right. (confident music) bud: just a moment, my small friend. run out and get me the evening paper. i'll be in the kitchen. (audience laughing) margaret: who was at the door? bud: oh, mr. briggs, a teacher from school.
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bud: you know, a guy's got to face facts. i must be a natural executive, the way i got that committee rolling. kathy: what do you mean, run out and get you the paper? who's your slave yesterday? (telephone rings) bud: get that, will you? kathy: hello? blonde woman: may i speak to james anderson junior please? kathy: who? oh, you mean bud! just a minute. for you. blonde woman: mr. anderson? i'm calling from the springfield times. i'd like to get a story on the high school junior class picnic. bud: well, i assigned nancy crail and barbara shane to get food, dutch miller to line up the entertainment, frank dennis for transportation, and earl paige to arrange for the park,
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?4 dick harvey to get the refreshments. yes, it's going to be on saturday. blonde woman: you certainly seem to have it organized, mr. derson. thank you very much. itehat' alrigh goodb. th was the naper. planning to run a big story on me, i guess. say, dad, how old were you when you found out you were an executive? jim: i don't know. when it comes it will hit you just like that. incidentally, outside the house i am known as mr. anderson. jim: honey, are you sure that's our bud, the shrinking violet margaret: you wanted him to try his wings.
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in the middle of the kitchen? jim: good morning, kids. betty: good morning, father. kathy: good morning, daddy. bud: here's the story! plans for saturday's junior class picnic are speedily taking shape under the expert guidance of james anderson junior, who was chosen yesterday head the project by unanimous vote of the student committee. mr. anderson appointed et cetra, et cetra how do you like that? betty: who wrote the story, you? kathy: why do they call you mr.nderson? that's daddy's name! bud: because, my child, it happens to be my name, too when you speak of an executive, you always call him mister somebody. marget: would you do me a favor, mr. somebody? bud: certainly, what is it? margaret: carry out the garbage. bud: mom, don't you think i am a little above carrying garbage?
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kathy: what goes with him anyway? jim: oh, leave him alone. he's the top of the heap for the first time in his life. the altitude's made him dizzy. betty: dizzy? i can think of better words to describe it. one of them is obnoxious. kathy: he tries to boss me once more, i am going to cloud him. jim: hold your fire. after breakfast, i'll take him to one side and have a talk. bud: dad? jim: hmm like you come into the den after breakfast. jim: me? bud: i want to have a little talk with you. bud: a couple of things i want to talk over with you, dad. jim:ood, i'm gd u suggit, ested to be honest witu, bud, your mother and i feel that you've become a pretty big man since yesterday. bud: well, you're right, dad, have.
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't use this desk and stuff much. i was thinking if it was okay with you, i'd take it over. jim: what for? bud: well, i'm thinking of branching out. you know, other executive operations. running dances and picnics and stuff for people. just might develop a couple of business projects, too. general management kind. you see- you see, i know this is the line of work for me. i didn't realize it until just yesterday. it seems to come natural to me. i kind of have a knack for it. get that, would you, doll? betty: doll? betty: hello? yes, just a minute. it's for you, your majesty. it's frank, one of the slaves on your committee. bud: i can't talk to him now. tell him i'm in a meeting. you know, the great thing about being an executive is you don't have to break your back. other people do all the work for you.
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's on his own. he's his own boss. doesn't dend on anybody, doesn't need anybody. jim: now, wait, the people who are working for you- bud: you don't need them, dad. if they goof, you just let them go and get somebody else. jim: look, bud, no man is completely independent. no matter how big he may be, he still has to rely on other people. bud: ia guy has to rely on somebody else, bud: ia guy has to (telephone)ody else, bud: if that's for me, i'm conrence. he sayhe's in a conferen just aine. it's frank, says s t to talk to you. he doesn't care where you are. bud: excuse me, dad.
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hey, i've got bad news. bud: frank, i'm real busy right now. frank: well, this is important. i can't find any transportation for the picnic. bud: what do you mean? frank: just what i said. i called the springfield bus company and they just laughed at me. i'm not very good at this kind of stuff, bud. maybe you'd better get somebody else. bud: okay, frank, i'll get another guy. that's okay. skip it, i can get five guys for the job. see ya. bud: oh, no, everything'okay. jim: when do you have to make the final report to mr. briggs and the committee? bud: tomorrow, but i've got nothing to worry about. just get another guy, that's all. i can get plenty of guys. bud: there's nothing to it, claude. just get some busses to take the guys to the picnic. claude: who do i know that owns a bus? bud: there's plenty of busses in town. claude: yeah, but the city's using them. sorry, chief, you better find yourself
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dutch: hi, boss. bud: look, dutch, i'm in quite a spot on transportation. old frank goofed out on me. so how about you line up some busses when you get the entertainment set? dutch: what entertainment? i couldn't find anything? fire department band is all booked up saturday. bud: you mean you've got nothing? dutch: what else is there? you know, i tried. uys sure let me down! no entertainment, no transportation. barbara: i'll see you at the meeting tomorrow, alright? earl: okay, bye, barbara. bud: earl, are you all set with t park? earl: i couldn't find anybody at the park. just a couple of gardeners and they didn't know from nothing. i went over there. dutch: well, look, i've got to go to my locker. i'll see you later.
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bud: hi, mr. briggs. briggs: how's the picnic shang up? bud: oh, good, very good, yeah. briggs: that's the stuff. mr. armstead was asking me this morning how plans were coming for junior class picnic on saturday. i told him "bud anderson has full charge, "so you don't have to worry." how's that for cfidence? even the principal is relying on you. well, see you at the meeting tomorrow. bud: yeah, i'll see you, mr. briggs. bud (voiceover): get out of town, that's all you can do. you've got to go some place before tomorrow afternoon. the freight runs tomorrow, hop a freight! just start walking down the road. hitch a ride, maybe. you could thumb your way to canada. a guy could do that, thumb. bud: mom! margaret: i didn't know you were home.
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bud: i'm a dead goose. margaretwhat? betty: mother? margaret: i'm in bud's room. betty: hey, mother- well, what's wrong with th world's grtest executive? your empire coming unglued? margaret: what happened? bud: everything. all the guys i was counting on just about all walked out. ther! bud: i left schoolar trying to get the busses and get permission for the park. i couldn't find anybody. i talked to this guy, and he'd send me to that guy. i got nothing. jim: what is this, a board meeting? betty: bud's in trouble. jim: what happened? bud: the committee let me down. all but the girls and old dick harvey, who is taking care of the refreshments.
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margaret: well, you're not a completely dead goose. bud: no? we're going to have 1,000 sandwiches and 50 cases of pop, and no place to go with it. no busses, no transportation, no park. no nothing. and tomorrow, mr. briggs is going to expect everything to be done. i gotta disappear. i gotta go someplace. start a new life. ll never live this down, never. betty: well, don't leave town yet. until tomorrow afternoon. bud: wouldn't help if i had until next year. jim: well, let's see. you need a place to hold a picnic. well, here's a thought. i know milt jarvis, he's the park commissioner. bud: you do? jim: now, if you were to call city hall and tell them who you are and what you need, he might arrange something. bud: yeah, that might work. margaret: and for entertainment, why don't you call mr. clyde at the music store. maybe he'll donate a record player
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betty: and let all the kids bring their favorite records! bud: yeah, how about that? jim: and for transportation, what about the company that operates the school busses? i'll bet you they'd make a deal with you for 10 cents a person or something like that. bud: the school busses! why didn't i think of that? maybe i've got a chance! do you think we can do this? jim: i don't think we can, but you certainly can try. bud: yeah, you're right. this is my deal. i'll see about the school busses, talk to mr. clyde and see about the park...
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at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. we'll go to meadow glen park where the clyde music company is installing a record player and a public address system. the kids have been asked to bring their favorite records. the food and refreshments have been taken care of so i guess that's about it. thank you. (applause) nancy: i'd like to say something for the benefit of mr. briggs and the committee. what you may not know is that bud had very little help in putting this all together. dick harvey furnished the refreshments, bud: well, the real truth is i didn't do it all by myself. my mother and father and sister, well they did, well i couldn't have done it without them. my dad had told me before that there is nobody hardly who doesn't have to depend on somebody else. i had to learn that the hard way.
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(? father knows best theme music) and jane wyatt withlinor donae, bly gray a laun chapin - margaret. - yes, dear. - oh, come on down and meet an old friend of yours. come on. now, come on in fronk. - oh fronk, hello. well, it's so good to see you again. - senora. - my goodness, how many times i've wished you were still doing our gardening. no one can make things grow the way you can. - oh, fronk won't be available because he's taking on a big new project.


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