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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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? ? my favorite part about being a dad is just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. you think about what life would be like for them, without you. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. through the doors, they greet you, they're smiling and i love the fact that they included me in the whole process and asked me what i wanted to do. it makes you feel like you're part of the family. rod came in with ah, pretty advanced cancer and i remember thinking, he's just like me, he's like my twin. we're almost the same age, the same height- he's much more athletic- but almost the same life circumstances as far as having kids and raising a family, he just happens to have cancer.
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mor, so that the surgeon could take it out. i feel like this was the right way for me, and the right treatment for me, and the right process for me to go through. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here, and that is something that they appreciate because we match the sense of urgency that they have. if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, start your treatment with a perts who only treat cancer, every stage, every day. at cancer treatment centers of america, it's not one thing we do, it's the only thing we do. call or visit for more information. it's a new normal for me right now, makes you appreciate the little things in life. every moment counts. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america.
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oh, lamont. so, this is home sweet home? yeah. it's kind of a house and a business all rolled into one. it has a certain air about it, you know? yeah. well, we spray it down every day. you know, i can tell a lot about a man just seeing where he lives. now, don't go jumpin' to no hasty judgments. no. you know the first time you came in the coffee shop and i waited on you? u could? sugar, i sure liked the way that you order. very decisive. like you knew what you wanted. yeah, uh, i wanted a fatburger. and now i want you, you little onion ring. so, i came to the conclusion that you was sweet. keep goin'. and sensitive. keep goin'. and masculine. keep goin'. and ready to settle down. stop.
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why? what's stoppin' you? my father. your father? yeah. my father doesn't think there's any woman in the world good enough for his only son. hey, but let's not talk about that now. sit on down here. i sure would like to meet your father. uh, well, i'm afraid that's impossible. see, he's in st. louis and ain't no telling when he'll be, you know, coming back. if he's in st. louis, he can't stop us from gettin' married. true. true. but, uh, there's somebody else that can. who? my godfather. your what? my godfather. yeah. see, he's stayin' here with me while my pop's away and he's a bigger tyrant than my pop. why, if he knew that i was even thinkin' about gettin' married, he'd cut me out of his will, kick me out of the house, and beat the hell out of me. so, in the meantime, why don't we just have some fun, you little barbie doll. wait--wait a minute, lamont, now. you know what you said about not gettin' any younger? yeah.
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i ain't gettin' no sleep. good goobly goo. do you know what time it is? uh, judy, this is grady wilson, the man i was tellin' you about. oh, hi, godfather. hi... what'd she call me? godfather. you know, you my godfather. you takin' care of me while pop's gone. right, godfather? what's wrong with your eye? she been... she been pokin' in there? uh, grady, look here, man. why don't you go back upstairs and go to bed? oh, if i--if i went up there and went to bed now, i would just lay there and stare at the ceiling. well, why don't you try shuttin' your eyes? if i shut my eyes, i couldn't see the ceilin'. and besides, i'm not sleepy now. so, you two just go on with whatever you were doin' and uh, i'll just sit here
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hey, grady. judy and i got things to talk about, man. privately. oh, well, you can talk private around me. mr. wilson, we were talkin' about gettin' married. oh? uh, yeah. and i was just telling judy how much you and pop were against it. not just for me, but that you and him would never, ever get married. oh, no. he ain't my type. [laughing] well, good-- good night, grady. you know, you got a lot of work to do around here tomorrow. what kind of work do you do around here, mr. wilson? what kind of work do i do? i do everything that i was put in charge of to do around here. you know, cooking, sewing, cleaning. just name it. do you know what you missin' around here? a woman's touch. right? well, that depends. if her hands ain't too cold. [laughing] i got another one off.
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to have a woman to do all those things? oh, yeah. but where you gonna find a woman like that? oh, they're around. you know what they say. for every man there's a woman, and for every woman there's a man. not at the bars i go to. well, good night, grady. hey, baby, is it all right if he gets some sleep now? well, i was just trying to get acquainted with your godfather. yeah, but the man is tired. you can tell that by lookin' at him. yeah. yeah. well, well, good night, now. i was only trying to get acquainted with her. [mumbling] [sighs] say, what did you two say you were gonna do while i was upstairs? we just gonna sit here and talk. you sure that's all you're gonna, now? just talk? just talk. oh, ok. good night, grady. ok. i'm going. i'm going, but just makes sure you just talk. that's all i want you to do down here. talk. t-a-l-k. you see what i mean? the man won't let me out of his sight for 2 minutes. mm-hmm. yeah. i see. but, lamont, why don't you leave him to me?
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to make up for. i mean, that old dude almost ruined our entire evening. mm-mmm. not really. now that all the interruptions are out of the way, where were we, you little fig newton? [giggling] i don't hear you two talking down here. well, now, let's see. what would it be? beans and beef, beans and pork, beans and franks, beans and beans. [knock on door] there. beans and beans. ok. ok. ok. all righty. beans and beans. high protein. that's what it is. beans, beans the musical fruit. oh, hi there, uh... judy. oh, yeah. uh, lamont's not here, but he should be back in a couple hours. oh, that's all right. i'm not just here to see lamont. i'm here to see you, too. uh, me? w-w-wait a minute.
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what are you doing? collecting for something? what do you have in that box? girl scout cookies? uh-uh. it's your supper and i cooked it for you, sugar. i made you raised smoked pork butt with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts and for dessert-- are you ready? pineapple raisin pie. whoo whoo whoo! [laughing] whoo! let's take it to the kitchen. wow! how comes you went and did all of that? well, i got off from work early today and so i was able to do it. you know, when you told me how hard you worked around here, i figured it was the least that i could do. wow. that was really very nice of you. i was--i was just gettin' ready to open up a can of something. wh--but, i still don't understand. now, how come you did all of this? well, i like lamont, but i like you, too.
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, all right. now, why don't you let me get everything ready for when lamont comes home? and you give me this apron. whoo! ha ha ha. i want you to relax. this is--say, this-- that was really nice of you to go ahead and do all of that. oh, shoot. i enjoy it. it is good training for me. now, why don't you go out front in the living room and have a rest? or if you like, go upstairs ooh. uh, what do you think i need worse, the rest or the bath? oh, whatever you like. but you just go out there and let me take care of everything. ok. just one thing. can i have another whiff of that smoked pork butt? whoo whoo whoo.
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smoked... say, uh... yeah. wou--would you like to have a little wine with your smoked pork butt? judy: oh, that would be fine. ? i wanna tell you ? ? that i... ? hey, grady. hey, man. are you drinking my wine again? no, i haven't touched any of it yet. i'll bet you did. no, i haven't. honest. do you wanna smell my breath? please. say, what are you doing home so early for anyway? well, julio asked me to go bowling with him and i told him i would. well--well, wait a minute. uh, aren't you gonna eat any supper? nah. i'll grab a chili dog down at the bowling alley. yeah. well, she's gonna be awful disappointed. she who? hi, lamont. oh, hi, judy. what you doin' here? uh, she--she cooked our supper for us. go--go ahead. show him your smoked pork butt. uh, how come you cooked supper? oh, 'cause i wanted to. yeah. that was real nice of you and everything,
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t alone. grady don't have to eat alone. grady don't have to eat alone. not as long as i'm here. but it's not necessary. hush, lamont. shut up, lamont. mr. wilson, would you run on out to the kitchen to see if anything's burning? well, if you want me to run, i'll run. i thought you said he was rough. i told you to leave him to me. if he's the only thing standing in our way, i can see it now. you can see what now? a charge plate that says, "mrs. lamont sanford." uh, maybe i better stay here after all. oh, no, sugar. you just go on out and enjoy your bowlin' night. bye. it's not gonna work, judy. that's what you think. everything is fine out in the kitchen. good. are we gonna have our smoked pork butt now? oh, in a minute. but first, we gonna sit down here
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i want you to get nice and comfortable. you comfy now? yeah, i'm comfy. i'm hungry, too. say--say, that was really nice of you to take off in the evening to spend with an old man. you wanna know something? i like older men. you do? mm-hmm. they're so much more refined and experienced and wise. they are? mm-hmm. they really are, daddy. can i call you daddy, grady? if--yeah, you can call me granny or dadey or just anything. i want you to stop calling yourself a old man. you not such a old man. i'm not? mm-mmm, daddy. you still got it. now i'm gonna get your supper. oh, lord. maybe i still got it,
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ahh, she likes older men. [speaking spanish] yeah. i begin to understand. you do? yeah. you ask me if you got it. you got it. and she wants it. what? your social security. no, she don't want that. then she's crazy. what? no, she's not that either? i'm gonna tell you something. a woman wants either of 2 things-- either your money or your body. and you ain't got neither one. so, she's gotta be crazy. that's it. no, no, no. that's it, man. she's gotta be crazy. now, wait a minute. now, tell me--tell me what i should do. do you think i should tell lamont? sure. tell him. yeah. and then, act like a gentleman and show him that you are and step aside. show him? what else you gonna do? hey, what's happenin', ju? hey, lamont. i was wondering if you want to play
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you're on. great. i'll pick you up later on, bro. ok, bro. so long, mr. grady. nice talking to you. yeah. good-bye. and thanks a lot, holy moe. it's julio. julio. [speaking spanish] hey, what's for lunch, man? i'm starving. yeah, yeah. wait--wait a minute. can--can i talk to you before we eat? uh, sure. what's the matter? you got a problem? yeah. i-- i got a problem. well, what is it? tell me. now, uh, you know, uh, this is not gonna be easy, so--so have a little patience. can you? ok. and i'm gonna tell you this the best way that-- the best way that i can. go ahead. you know, i'd really rather not tell you this, but--but here it is. shoot. [stammers] i can't do it. [shouting] would you tell me all ready? ok. all right. wait a minute, now. uh... did you ever see a movie called mildred pierce
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ovie got to do with this? well, you'll see. i mean, now, sit down, now. get yourself together and let me tell you all about it. now see, here's what happened. in this movie, joan crawford marries zachary scott because he has this nice little smile and this great big car. and--and she also has a daughter ann blyth. now, after they get married, joan crawford's husband, zachary scott, starts foolin' around that's it. that's what? that's what you wanted to tell me? that's the problem? well, no. see, that was the example. you see, your girlfriend judy is zachary scott and you're joan crawford and i'm ann blyth. well... i'm glad i got that one out.
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wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. now, would you mind telling me what this is all about? i just told you. you told me about mildred pierce. now i wanna know about grady wilson. well, you couldn't figure that out? figure it out! grady, i don't even know what you talkin' about. i'm talking about your girlfriend judy. she's got her sights set on me. she told me that i've still got it. and she likes older men. yeah. you see, when she came over the other night-- and--and she must have known that you were going out. and that's why she fixed supper, so that she could be alone with me. so that's her little game plan, huh? well, i should have known better than to leave a girlfriend of mine alone with you, grady wilson. wh-wh--you're not mad that i told you, are you? no, grady. if it was anybody else, i'd think she was just using you to get to me,
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u still got it... she's all yours, brother. oh, no. no, wait a minute. i couldn't do that-- take my best friend's only son's girl away. hey, don't you see, grady? she prefers you to me, man. look, i told her you were my godfather. now to her, you're a godfather image. to her, you're marlon brando. oh, i know that. but you see, uh, i'm steppin' aside. with humphrey bogart? is this another example? well, yeah. i mean, but this is a much better one. i mean, now listen to this. now see, in this one i'll be humphrey bogart and you'll be paul henreid. and i'll step aside so you can walk away in the fog with ingrid bergman. i can't allow you to do that, grady. now, wait a minute. what do you mean? i mean, i just think that's the best thing. we've got to do it that way.
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just think of that. 40 years older. and by the time she's 50, i'll be 90. and who knows if i'll still have it. the fact is, grady, i don't want her. you don't? no. i don't want a reject. well, you don't want her, and i don't want her. seems that way. oh, gee, i feel sorry for her. yeah. me, too. losing one of us was bad enough, but-- losing both. both: mmm, mmm, mmm. do you think that she might do something silly? like jump off a bridge? oh, i hope not. maybe she'll run away and join the wax. maybe. but there's one thing we gotta do, grady. we gotta tell her. yeah. we owe it to her to tell her. we owe her that much. [knock on door] if that's her now, we'll tell her. right. [knock on door] that's the least we can do.
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hi, lamont. hi, judy. hi, grady. have you had your lunch yet? i fixed you vienna franks and tomato sauce. you wanna smell? uh, no, thanks. i have a cold. oh, i'm sorry to hear that. uh, judy? uh, before you go into the kitchen, uh, i wanna talk at you for a minute. just--just give me the pot. come over here for a minute. sit down. make yourself comfortable. i'll just put this over here. uh, judy... there's something i think you should know. me? now, you tell her. no, i think you should tell her. somebody tell me. oh, well, ok. i'll tell her. uh, here--judy... did you ever see a movie called lawrence of arabia? [shouting] would you stop with the movies and tell her? ok. all righty. ok. i--i'll tell her. it's--j-j-j-judy,
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first, the good news. lamont is willin' to step aside so that i can marry you. and now the bad news. i can't marry you. i don't believe this. w-w-w-w--yeah. ye-ye-yeah, it's true. you see, his father, when he left, he put me in charge and he told me to look out after his only son. now--now, if i would leave and go off to get married now, so, this is really a bad time for me to get married. yeah. uh, and--and it's a bad time for me to get married 'cause it would i'd have to kick grady out on the street. and pop would never forgive me for that. right. so, see, actually, this is a bad time for either one of us to get married. either one of us. you know, maybe it's your sign. are you a scorpio? marriage? of all the conceited, egotistical things. a girl would have to be stone crazy to want either one of you chumps. you're a old fool.
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are happy together here, you can stay here for all i care. yeah. well, wait a minute. don't--don't you want your vienna franks and tomato sauce? no, you can have 'em.
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hey, grady. that was a good meal, man. i wanna thank you. hey, man. what you... what you doing with my stuff on? and my other stuff, too. well, i hope you don't mind me borrowing your marked-down jacket that you got at phil's fashion box. i hope you don't mind me asking you why you wearing it.
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you had with your girlfriend judy-- [coughs] it made me realize that i've still got it. and if i've still got it, i think i oughta flaunt it. so, what you gonna do, just flaunt it around the house in front of me? oh, no. i've invited a lady friend around. and you're going out. i mean, i hope you're not gonna sit around here and just watch us. grady, that's one sight i don't care to watch. hey, man. you know, but i thought of something funny. then we'd have the same situation all over again. oh, lord. i hope not. i don't think it'll happen. [knock on door] oh, hi there, uh, uh... dimples. hey. uh, this is the living room. and this is the sofa. this is my godson. he's cute.
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