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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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- yes, sir. and jane wyatt, (children giggling) with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. margaret: for goodness sakes! where did all the books come from? kathy: the library. i'm going to read them so i can win an essay contest, and when i win guess whose guest i get to be the next week? margaret: well, i ... kathy: wrong. greer garson's. margaret: greer garson's? kathy: yes, sir. she's coming to springfield next week when her new movie plays here, rebel lady. it's about the civil war, and our history class is having an essay contest,
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margaret: now just wait a minute. don't get your hopes up too high. how do you know you'll be one of the winners? kathy: oh, i have to be. she's my very, very most favorite. i'm going to work on my essay day and night every evening. margaret: well, i still say don't build your hopes up too high. kathy: did you ever hear of belle boyd? margaret: who? kathy: belle boyd. she was a beautiful civil war spy, and that's who greer garson plays in the movie, and that's what the essay has to be about. margaret: about the spy? kathy: i think so, or the civil war, margaret: well, hadn't you better find out? kathy: haven't got time. i have all i can do just writing the essay. margaret: well, now, kathy. kathy: please, mommy, don't bother me now.
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kathy: oh, hi, daddy. say, will you type something for me? all i do is make mistakes. kathy: supposed to be. jim: the civil war, by kathy anderson. the civil war was where they fought between the north and the south. abraham lincoln's gettysburg address is from it. one famous general was stonewall jackson. he won a battle with information from a beautiful spy named belle boyd.
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is that all of it? kathy: not so hot? jim: well, not if you expect to win a contest with it. kathy: it's not long enough either. jim: you should do more reading, make a lot of notes, organize your material, and then start writing. kathy: okay. jim: yeah. kathy: i'm afraid. jim: why? you've written essays before. i meet greer garson i won't be able to think of a thing to say. jim: oh, i'm sure you'll think of something. tell her what grammar school you go to. kathy: oh, no. you don't talk to a queen about such little kid stuff. she would think i was a child. this has to be important, high class, grown-up talk.
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how do you do, miss garson? (daydream harp music) how do you do, miss greer garson? greer: how do you do, miss kathy anderson? kathy: i'm quite excellent. thank you, miss garson. greer: i am happy to hear that. won't you come in, miss anderson? kathy: thank you. i'd be highly impressed to do so. shall we sit down? kathy: let's do.
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kathy: i never eat any other kind. greer: me neither. kathy: mmm, they're divine. greer: aren't they though? kathy: indeed. tell me, what do you think about the world, miss garson? greer: well, i think there's a lot to be said about it, and by the way, miss anderson, what college are you attending now? kathy: oh, i'm not in college quite yet. but you look so grown up, and you have such intellectual praise especially for one so pretty. kathy: oh, really, i'm not any ... greer: oh, but you are. you are. hollywood would be interested in you. do tell me how do you get so intellectual? kathy: well, greer, i read a lot,
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greer: it all sounds so simple when you say it. i shall always remember you, kath because you are so brilliant. kathy: oh, thank you, but i'm not really bud: here, birdbrain. come on knucklehead, dinner's on. (audience laughter) kathy: boy, are you a let down. i thought you'd gone to sleep hours ago. why, you'll ruin your health staying up every night like this. kathy: i have to write on my essay. not much time left. margaret: there'll be time. now you go to sleep right now. kathy: isn't she beautiful? i bet she's the most beautiful woman in the whole civil war.
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get a message through to stonewall jackson. margaret: it seems to me it would have been better to have gone around some other way. now, sleep fast, angel. kathy: and they put her in prison three times. margaret: shh! close your eyes, go to sleep. betty: your mouth is right there. why don't you go back to bed where you belong? kathy: i'm not sleepy. feel fine. jim: you did a very good job on this essay, kathy. that belle boyd sounds like a fascinating spy. i'm proud of you. kathy: do you think i'll be one of the winners? jim: well, i'd say you have a good chance. margaret: well, now, don't bank too heavily on being a winner. i don't want you to be too disappointed if you do lose. kathy: oh, i can't lose. i just can't. betty: when are you going to find out? kathy: tonight.
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bud: what happened to young belle boyd, girl spy? did she lose the contest? betty: she doesn't know yet. she's waiting for the call. that's why she has the death grip on the phone bud: boy, she really gave her all for this one didn't she? (phone rings) bud: you answer it. (phone ringing) betty: hello. yes. yes, she's here, but she's asleep now. oh, that's wonderful. yes, yes, i'll tell her. oh, that's at what time? quarter to seven. well, don't worry. she'll be on time. as a matter of fact, she'll be way ahead of time. yes. okay, thank you, bye. bud: you're in, kid. margaret: thank goodness. betty: she made it!
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betty: kathy, honey, you're a winner. margaret: let's let her sleep. she needs that more than anything. now where does she have to be at quarter to seven? betty: at the hotel in the floral room. they'll have cake and ice cream with greer garson. then they'll all go to the theater to see her movie, rebel lady. bud: boy, we'll she be living. margaret: come on, let's not disturb her. kathy: where's the phone? who's got the phone? betty: take it easy, kathy. you've already won. you're one of the winners. kathy: i am? bud: you have to be at the hotel at a quarter of seven. kathy: the hotel? margaret: oh, we'll put your new dress on, the one with the bows. my goodness you feel warm. kathy: yeah, sure. margaret: does this hurt? kathy: no. margaret: you'd better all dr. conrad. kathy: doctor, no! margaret: oh, no, no, no, no. now don't get upset. maybe it's just nothing at all. maybe you're just exhausted. call him, betty. bud: what do you think's wrong, mom? kathy: mommy, i can't be sick, not now. i can't. i'm well. i never felt better in my whole life. i feel wonderful. margaret: oh, of course, you do.
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poor baby. you certainly picked an awful time to break out with the measles didn't you? kathy: isn't it awesome? jim: yes, but everything happens for the best they say. here, i brought home a couple of games we can play later on. i think i can beat you too. kathy: daddy, what time is it? kathy: after six? daddy, would you get me some water? jim: well, you have some water right here. kathy: yes, i know, but it's warm, practically boiling. would you get me some cold? jim: i guess so. you look over those games,
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what's going, what are you doing out of bed? kathy: daddy, i just have to get down to the hotel. jim: not when the doctor told you to stay in bed. now come on, honey, back you go. kathy: but daddy you just don't understand. jim: oh, now, now, come on. margaret: kathy, what are you doing? jim: this young lady was just on her way to the hotel. margaret: now, you know you can't do that. kathy: but i'm supposed to be there. greer garson is expecting me. margaret: i called your teacher and explained the whole thing. well, you wouldn't want to give the measles kathy: i figure that's a chance they'd have to take. jim: you wouldn't wan to give your measles to greer garson, would you? kathy: oh, gosh, no. jim: all right, then. betty: what happened? margaret: oh, nothing. sweetheart, we understand how you feel, and if there was anything in the world we could do to get you to that hotel, you know we'd do it. betty: poor kid. jim: huh.
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kathy: you couldn't. betty: i'll take you to see greer garson's movie just as soon as you're well. kathy: it wouldn't be the same. nothing will ever be the same. my life is over. margaret: oh, kathy. kathy: nothing left to live for, nothing. bud: kathy, as soon as you get well, i'll teach you some new wrestling holds. kathy: don't want to wrestle. all i want to do is see greer garson. this is my only chance. and i won't even have her autograph. jim: well, we'll make this up to you somehow, kitten. don't worry. kathy: not even her autograph. that would be the least. daddy, would you get her autograph? jim: (chuckles) kathy: here, have her sign this. have her write something special like,
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it's not nice to bust in on her like that. kathy: please, daddy. jim: oh, she doesn't want a lot of people hounding her. kathy: please, daddy, this is all i ask. jim: well, i ... (audience laughter) jim: look, kathy, wouldn't you rather have a nice pretty new dress? kathy: i have a dress. jim: well, a little radio? bicycle? look, kathy. greer: there you are. there you are, dear. my, how many more do we have? thank you, but i really should be back in there with my guests, the little contest winners. dark-haired girl: what color eyes does gregory peck have? greer: they're brown, i think.
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thank you, miss garson. man in suit: can we hurry this up? it's about time for you and your guests to leave for the theater. greer: yes, yes, of course, i will. i'm afraid we'll have to sort of speed this up because we are unfortunately running out of time. girl in white blouse: thank you. greer: one more. there you are. there you are, darling. dark-haired girl: thank you. i wouldn't stand in line for ... i mean, i don't mean i'm not an admirer of yours because i am very much. greer: well, thank you, that is nice. jim: but this is for my little girl. greer: oh, yes. jim: kathy. she was supposed to be a guest of yours, a contest winner, you know, a school contest, but she got the measles. greer: oh, well, that really is too bad that i won't get to see her. jim: i tell you she's a heartbroken little girl. she never worked so hard on anything in her whole life.
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jim: and to her, you're the most marvelous person in the whole world. there she is flat on her back pretty well spotted, and positive that her life is a complete flop. greer: well, that really is a bad break, but isn't it a good thing that children get over these minor tragedies so easily? jim: not kathy. not when it's you that she's missing out on. if you'd write something on the picture, greer: i should say so, something very special. jim: thank you greer: kathy? jim: k. k-a-t-h-y, yes. margaret: oh, dear, there's no ink in the pen. jim: well, i usually carry one. greer: i'll try to borrow one. man in suit: it's time, miss garson. i'll try and borrow one. man in suit: i'm sorry, people. miss garson must go to the theater now. she'd like to stay and chat with all of you (girls shouting in dissapointment) but i'm sorry, girls. miss garson has to change her dress, and go to the theater with her guests. goodbye, and good luck. girl with braids: i told you we should have lined up right after school, but no you had to eat. girl with white collar: well, if that old man
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man in suit: i'm sorry girls. sir, miss garson has left. jim: oh, but, i, you see, i ... kathy: when in the dickens is daddy coming back? betty: i don't know. here, it's your turn. kathy: probably ran off with her. betty: do you want me to play this game with you, or don't you? kathy: what game? betty: oh, fine. here i spend my valuable time. daddy, daddy! did she sign my picture? margaret: well, how's my patient? kathy: i don't want any more medicine. margaret: don't think of it as medicine, just pretend it's nice, cool strawberry pop. kathy: i don't like strawberry pop. when is daddy coming back with my autograph? margaret: oh, any minute now. takes a little while to go down to the hotel and back. kathy: not this long. betty: i can just see father standing in line for an autograph. margaret: oh, come on now.
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en have nerve enough to ask her to sign the picture. kathy: boy, he better or i'll give him the ... water, water, water! margaret: you'd think you were dying the fuss you make. kathy: i am. you'd be too if the bottom had dropped out of your life. margaret: i doubt that's happened. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you?.
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i'm sorry to have been gone so long, but you see ... kahty: what did she say? how did she look? was she nice? what was she wearing? what all did she say? tell me everything. what did she sign on my picture? hey, where is the picture? haven't you got it? jim: well, to be honest somehow in the shuffle, the picture got lost, but ... kathy: lost? you lost it?
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jim: but this is much, much better. look! kathy: there's nothing in the whole world i want more than ... greer: hello, kathy. (audience laughter) you know what? i missed you at the reception. i said, "wait a minute, hold everything. "where's kathy?" they said, "why, she has the measles." and i guess they're right unless something's gone and filled your squirt gun with red ink. ve back! i don't want to give you the measles! greer: oh, you can't give them to me that easily. i've had them, three times. look, kathy, just because you had to miss the premier of the picture, i brought you a little souvenir. it's belle boyd's fan. kathy: oh, how wonderful. greer: you can use it to fan your fever dry. oh, you must be betty. betty: yes, how do you do? greer: how do you do? margaret: i'm the mother. it was wonderful of you to come.
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my husband must have been very persuasive. jim: i had nothing to do with it. it was all her idea. i merely followed her to the theater trying to get the picture back. margaret: well, it certainly was wonderful and generous of you. greer: oh, not at all when one has loyal fans such as this one, well, what would we be without them? you know, kathy, the reception just didn't seem right without you. kathy: really? greer: really. kathy: did you like my essay? greer: loved every word of it. greer: oh, yes, indeed it was. matter of fact, it was so intellectual that i could hardly understand part of it. kathy: oh, you should have understood it. it was about belle boyd, and that's who you play in the movie. hey, you're missing your movie. greer: well, i've seen it. kathy: oh, i wish i could have seen it. greer: oh, you will i hope. kathy: yes, but it wouldn't be the same as seeing it with you. tell me about it. greer: well, i ...
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through to stonewall jackson, and they put you in jail three times, and then they ... greer: but you know everything about it already. kathy: oh, no i don't. show me how you act in it. do some of it for me. greer: well, i wouldn't want you to inflict that on you. you're sick enough as it is. kathy: please. just give me a kind of a rough idea, would you? greer: well, it would be rough all right, to the picture living or dead will be purely accidental, and the rest of you better leave now because this is strictly for young adults. jim: oh, we wouldn't miss this for anything in the world. greer: well, you'll be sorry. please, no crunching of popcorn during the performance. all right, kathy, you ready? rebel lady. (playing patriotic music)
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then came the war. present, hut. (marching to cadence) (shooting) or any other prison. in fact, later on when she was captured at sea while she was trying to run the yankee blockade, the yankee officer in charge said to her, "hold down your flag, belle boyd. "you're under arrest." again? you'll be put in irons. one thing more, miss boyd, will you, will you marry me? marry you?
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(humming wedding song) the end. (applause) greer: there you are [unintelligible], but i do hope when you're well that you'll come and see the picture anyhow just to check, see if i left anything out. kathy: i will. greer: oh, good. you know, kathy, this has been the best part of my whole tour. kathy: me too. you're sure a good guy. greer: well, you're a good guy too. get well fast now, won't you? i wish i didn't have to leave. betty: wish you didn't either. margaret: i could make some coffee. greer: that sounds wonderful, but duty calls. thank you, thank you. farewell, general. kathy, you want any messages taken through the lines just let me know. goodbye.
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d. i'm sorry i had to leave you so soon after our wedding. (audience laughter) - [voiceover] robert young and jane wyatt. (children laughing) father knows best. - good morning, friends, romans, and countrymen. man am i hungry. my old texas grandfather used to say i could eat a horse and chase the rider. (laughs) (audience laughing) or as he also used to say, "i'm so hungry-- -shall we tell him? (audience laughing) - tell me what? is my head on backwards, my ears upside down? - we have no eggs for breakfast. - no eggs?


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