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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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at's where i got stuck. we have to get those bulbs back to him. i don't know how i'm gonna face him; i just haven't got the heart to tell him. besides, he'll be so upset he will never speak to us again. and after all the help he's been with dennis' garden. wait a minute. why do i have to tell him anything? you mean just hand him the bulbs and run? no, i'll wait till mr. wilson goes to bed tonight then i'll sneak over and replant the bulbs. that's a wonderful idea. then he'll never even know they were gone. it may not be as bad as we thought. i got to go plant mr. wilson's flowers back for him.
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mr. wilson: who's that? dennis: meow. mr. wilson: shoo. scat. mr. wilson: come on, get out of here. mr. wilson: scat. shoo. scat.
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this time. henry, you're drenched. wilson set my sinuses back 10 years. at least i got the dahlia problem settled. dennis, i found an extra crown you can use.
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must've got dennis some dahlia bulbs. hey, they look good too. i'll just stick 'em in for him.
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[music] i just don't understand it, merivale. i paid $25 a piece for those bulbs. yeah. that's very clever of you. my wife's never pays more than fifteen cents a pound. sweet potatoes. merivale: [laughs] dennis? i put the bulbs back, dad. you put them back? i put them back. you put what back where? well, dennis thought you planted sweet potatoes, so he took them out and replaced them with what he thought were better sweet potatoes. what? i came over and took out the sweet potatoes--
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i--then i actually put in the sweet potatoes, took the dahlia bulbs and put them in our service porch. who planted them in the little boy's garden? i did. to little dennis mitchell goes the blue ribbon for dahlias. thank you very much. lady? yes, dennis? is it okay if i give it to a friend of mine? well, it's yours to do with as you wish. thank you. hey, mr. wilson. he did a beautiful job. forgive us if we hurry on. we have 12 more ribbons to bestow. of course. goodbye. goodbye. thank you.
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uh-uh. you bought 'em and you planted them. well, just the same, i-- mrs. schooner: mr. wilson-- yes? to mr. george wilson for introducing in his garden the lushness of sweet potato vines for ground cover, blue ribbon for originality. oh, well, thank you. mr. wilson. thank you very much. oh, will you forgive us? we have 11 more ribbons to bestow. oh, well, yes, of course. goodbye. goodbye. and thanks again. dennis-- yeah, mr. wilson? how would you like me to take you for a ride in my wheelbarrow? oh, boy. come on. here comes the sweet potato special.
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[music] captioning performed by peoplesupport transcription & captioning [music] [music] hello, mr. wilson. oh, hello, dennis. what are you doing, mr. wilson, watering? i can't talk to you now, dennis. i'm trying to get through here. i'll help you get through so you could talk to me, okay?
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you'd get your watering done a lot faster if you'd use a hose, mr. wilson. i'm not watering, dennis. i'm spraying. i know it. but you ought to use a hose so you can squirt. i don't want the squirt. i'm using an insecticide. oh, i didn't know that. well, now you know. i've never seen those kids before. neither have i. kapow, kapow. wouldn't it be nice if they moved next door to you? gee, i haven't seen you since you used to live here, mr. burnley. oh, you remember me, do you? sure, i do. i remember you from when mrs. burnley used to hang out the wash. she made you wear that long, funny underwear with a door on it. oh, the curiosity of the young.
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sometimes when i get to feeling sorry for myself, i just think of his mother. she deserves flowers every day in the week. she sure does, boy. oh, did you sell the house yet? nope, the folks that just drove away loved it. the ones with the kids? that's right. but they say they can't afford it. oh, well, that's too bad. well, i guess you'll have to go back to renting it. no, no. i may have to come down on my price a little. a buyer for me, i'd gladly give you the five percent commission. well, i haven't had much experience selling real estate, but-- if i drum up somebody that'll buy your house, will you give me the five cents? gladly, dennis, gladly. i'll help you all i can, mr. burnley. well, thank you, dennis. and i'll see you later, wilson. oh, if you drum up a prospect to look at it, you know where the keys are. right, burnley. bye, mr. burnley.
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are we gonna finish up our spraying, mr. wilson? we're all finished, thank you. i'm going in the house. what are we gonna do in the house? not we, me. i'm going in where i can get some peace and quiet. now, why don't you go home and talk to your mother. okay. did you mean what you said about her deserving flowers every day in the week? well, i most certainly did. my mom just loves flowers. [music] i'm home. yes, dennis. how many times have i told you about slamming that door? did i slam them? yes, you did. excuse me, mom.
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oh, dennis. that was very sweet. you didn't get these from mr. wilson's yard? sure, it was his idea. are you sure? yes. he said you should have them every day in the week. i'll have to check into this. say, have you seen my drum any place? yes, it's up in your bedroom closet, why? i gotta drum up a customer. i gotta sell a house. [music] hello. hello, mr. wilson. this is alice mitchell. dennis tells me you've given him permission to pick some of your flowers. i certainly did not.
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ose flowers to go to seed. oh, you should see them. they're just beautiful. i'm looking at them this very minute, mr. wilson. oh, mrs. mitchell, how could you possibly see them from-- he picked five. i'm so sorry, mr. wilson. and dennis is going to be punished for telling me a falsehood. oh, he didn't lie. he just misunderstood. you see, i told him you deserved the flowers, thought he could pick them. well, i'll see to it that he never touches your flowers again even if i have to remind him several times a day. it's the least i can do. will we be seeing you this evening at the mclure's surprise anniversary party? we were not invited. oh, not that i care. i know what happened. ted milton organized the party, and he's never gotten over my dog beating his at the dog show. oh, that's too bad.
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milton is just showing himself for the petty small-minded person that he is. but it'll be a cold day in hawaii before he's invited to my house again. we'll miss you, mr. wilson. and i'm going to talk to dennis about taking your flowers right away. goodbye.
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now, you stretch out and have a nice nap. i'm going over to helen scott's. oh, i remember her. what are you gonna see her about? she's going apartment hunting and she wants me along for company. oh, well, say hello to mr. scott for me. have a good time, martha. oh, boy, that feels good. [drum beating] what's that? house for sale. i don't believe it. house for sale. i believe it.
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dennis. hi, mr. wilson. will you please stop pounding that drum? something the matter, mr. wilson? yes, there's something the matter, come here. george, for heaven sakes, stop shouting at the boy. i had to shout to be heard. see, i have an idea. maybe i could talk him into cutting his drum open to see what makes the noise. george wilson, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. oh, i was only fooling. no, you weren't. dennis: you wanna talk to me, mr. wilson? yes, i do, dennis. don't step in the flowers. boy, that was close, wasn't it, mr. wilson? dennis, i'd like to buy your drum. i'll give you 50 cents for it. well, my grandpa gave it to me, so i can't sell it.
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dennis, what i'm trying to get you to do is stop beating it. i'm resting. oh, excuse me, mr. wilson. will you let me know when you're through so i can get back to selling the house again? mr. burnley needs that money pretty bad. [music] hey, mr. wilson. mr. wilson. what? wouldn't it be swell if somebody moved in that had kids for me and you to play with? [music] boy, that window sure breaks easy, doesn't it, mr. wilson? remember when my baseball went through it? now, see, what you've done?
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scotts are looking for a new apartment, huh? that's right. he's quite well off, isn't he? yes, but why do you ask? do they have any little children? no, they're our age. any grandchildren? no, they-- they're childless. they sound wonderful. wait till i change my clothes. well, what's this all about, where are you going? with you. i'm going to talk the scotts into buying a house. [music] hi, honey. oh, hello, dear. hi, dad. hi, son. what have you been up to today? well, i was drumming up customers for mr. burnley's house till' mr. wilson had to take his nap. and i do mean with a drum. well, i think in the interest of the good neighbor policy, we'd better put a stop to that. you're no gene krupper, you know.
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well, you'll just have to learn to have more faith in me. just because the scotts have agreed to come and look at the burnley house doesn't mean they're gonna buy it. you know, there was a reason why i sold more women's wear than anyone else in this state and that reason was salesmanship. yes, dear. don't you worry, when the scotts hear my pitch, they'll buy. [doorbell ringing] there they are now. [music] hi, mr. wilson. dennis, what are you doing here? my dad sent me over to apologize for all that drumming. i'm no gene krupper, you know. do i know. if i can't use my drum, i don't know how i'm gonna sell mr. burnley's house for him. you can just forget about that, dennis. it's all been taken care of.
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erybody heard your drum, but mrs. wilson found someone whh's interested in the house. really? yes. dennis, what are you going to be doing this afternoon? i don't know, is there some game you wanna play? no. here's 50 cents. why don't you go to the movie at the arcade? gee, thanks, mr. wilson. i'll go ask my mom. yes, you do that, and sit through the picture twice. i always do. well, that ends that. the next time that doorbell rings, it'll be our future neighbors.
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[music] hi, mr. ferris. come to fix mr. wilson's window again? i sure have, dennis. how did you do it this time? it wasn't me. it was good 'ol mr. wilson. me and him were right in the middle of talking when he felt this draft and slammed it.
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but i gotta go home and get permission about a movie. [doorbell ringing] [music] ah-ha. well, mr. scott. oh, hello, it's you, mr. ferris. well, i thought you'd send one of your workmen. i didn't want you to have to come over. well, it's saturday afternoon, you know, my boys had the day off. wilson. oh, that's something i'll argue all the way to the supreme court. hey, mom, is it okay if me and tommy go to the-- boy, do i want a piece of that cake. i'm sorry, dennis, this cake isn't for us. we're baking a cake in our very own kitchen for somebody else? that's right, it's for the mcclures. boy, that looks like good cake.
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because tonight's their anniversary and a lot of us are going to get together and give them a surprise party. say, that sounds like fun. i'll bring my bugle. oh, i'm sorry, dennis, this is a grown-up party. well, if everybody's going to a party except me and eat cake except me, can me and tommy go to the movie this afternoon? i suppose so. run on up and get my purse. i don't need your purse. good ol' mr. wilson is treating us. t that nice of him? i hope you remembered to thank him. sure, i did. i thanked him right in the door. now i gotta go see if tommy can go. so long, mom. goodbye, dennis. don't worry, mom. i'll have tommy thank him too. [music] [doorbell ringing] well, mr. and mrs. scott. i hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place. oh, no.
7:50 am
martha, it's the scotts, the great scotts. oh, well, i had to have my little joke. [music] tommy. hey, tommy. tommy. hi. hi, tommy. hi, mrs. anderson. hi, dennis. guess what good ol' mr. wilson did? he gave money for me and tommy to go to the movies. oh, i'm sorry, dennis, i know it's saturday, but tommy went to the movies with us just last night. i think that's enough movies for this weekend. how about if we only sit through it once? i'm sorry. no. well, we gotta do something. we got all this money to spend. i'm sure you'll think of something. how about me buying a bunch of stuff to eat and giving tommy a surprise party? that's a swell idea. oh, no, not in this house.
7:51 am
say, that reminds me. it's probably not good anymore, but i hid a piece of birthday cake in your piano. oh, my goodness. come on, tommy. let's see if we can give freddy a surprise party. come on. okay. [music] boy, i sure don't understand why the mothers in this neighborhood don't want us to come in and give a surprise party. we gotta find some place to have it? how about eric mandle's house? yeah. i had fun the last time i was there. me and bob and phil and george went roller skating in their bathtub. was mrs. mandle mad? heck no. she just came upstairs to see what the noise was. what'd she say? she didn't say anything. she just started to laugh.
7:52 am
finally, mr. mandle had to call the doctor. we don't wanna take up your afternoon. shall we take a look at the house? oh, don't worry about the time. the matinee is just starting. matinee? oh, well, that's an expression i use. it means there's lots of time. hey, well, shall we take a look at it? why not? yes. e. oh, fine. maybe we'll be having a little party to welcome our new neighbors. [music] come on in, you guys. no, dennis, i'm washing the floor. okay. mom says to wait out there. hey, mom. dennis. how would you like all of us to come in the front door and give you something?
7:53 am
well, see that you don't, mr. wilson is very unhappy today. just on account of those flowers i picked? well, not only that. he's also unhappy because he wasn't invited to the mcclure's surprise party. really? boy, am i glad i came in to see you. see you later, mom. [music] giving a surprise party to mr. wilson was a swell idea. before the ice cream got so soft. i think good ol' mr. wilson likes his ice cream crisp. well, come on, let's go. first, maybe i'd better make sure we're welcome. you kids wait here and if it's okay,
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there's a lot of storage room in the attic too. i always like that. it gives her a place to keep her dressmakers form
7:56 am
tell me, are the taxes high in this area? oh, no. they're very low. that's why i moved here when i retired. but the streets and sewers are all in. hey, that's an advantage. you're moving into an area that's already built up. you miss all the special assessments. and i certainly like the neighborhood. it's so quiet. quiet's very important to mr. scott. hi, mrs. wilson. talk to you for a minute, please, mr. wilson? what a cute little boy. cute and quiet. this is mr. and mrs. scott, dennis. how do you do, mr. and mrs. scott? my, doesn't he have nice manners? usually i shake hands, but they're a little bit full of chocolate ice cream. oh, well, dennis, you come and sit with me and be nice and quiet. oh. did i put my knee in your stomach, mr. wilson? yes, you did, dennis, but it's all right.
7:57 am
am i welcome? oh, yes, dennis, you're welcome. excuse me for a minute, please. [music] i'm welcome. what was that all about, dennis? you'll see. did i do it again, mr. wilson? yes, you did, dennis. why did you call out the window? surprise. [music] thank you. oh, i'm just awfully sorry about that ice cream in your hat, mr. scott. oh, forget it. there's still a little in your hair, dear.
7:58 am
shall i have mr. burnley get in touch with you? i don't think so, mr. wilson. it's a lovely house but-- we don't think so. but if you like it, why not? as you know, mr. wilson, we like a lot of quiet. and while it's a great tribute to you the way these youngsters love you, giving you the surprise party and all, i don't think that we are quite up to all their youthful energy and excitement. but thanks for showing us through. goodbye. goodbye. [music] hey, mr. wilson. guess what? i sold mr. burnley's house for him. what's that? the man that owns the window fixing company. mr. ferris? sure. after he was here yesterday,
7:59 am
are you sure? here's the five cents commission. you wanna go share a soda with me? no, thank you. i wonder if he has any kids. i asked him and he said, "three and one on the way." oh no. and the one on the way is gonna be two of 'em. i'm surrounded. he sure is glad he's gonna be living next door to you 'cause you like kids and we like you. oh. [music] hey, mr. wilson, you broke your rake. why'd you break your rake, mr. wilson? was it too long, mr. wilson, huh, mr. wilson? you know what, mr. wilson? you look funny. oh.
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[applause] - [voiceover] robert young and jane wyatt (children laughing) with elinore donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin (audience laughs) - [margaret] wait a minute. - what did i do? - nothing, i want to know what's wrong with your hand. - oh, sorry! - there's nothing fatal. i just gouged it the other day.
8:01 am
my car. - what happened? burn, bruise, fracture? - oh, it's nothing, i just gouged it, that's all. - when did this happen? - a couple days ago, i got it changing a tire. - did you have a flat tire? - i told you, mom, i didn't do it on my car. i was driving back from hillsboro on the old road, i spotted this car pulled over to the side of the road with a flat tire. i could see the guy was in trouble so i stopped. he had a couple of kids with him, a boy about 10, a girl about my age. - [jim] (chuckles) so that's the reason you stopped. - [bud] no, it wasn't, it was just one of those things. looked like he didn't know much about changing tires. need some help? - i certainly do. say, how the dickens do you get a tire off one of these things? brand new car. by george, wouldn't you know it, the first time we drive out on a country road, 10 miles from the nearest phone, bang, out goes the tire. - [bud] yeah, well, they'll do that sometimes. would you hold this for me? - i'll hold it. - [boy] he asked me to hold it!
8:02 am
oh. - [bud] there, well, i guess you're all set now. - son, i can't tell you how much i appreciate you taking your time to help me. here, let me give you a little something. - no, no, that's okay. - what? oh, now you must let me give you something. here, take this five dollars, as a favor to me. thanks. (playful music) - i hope i can return the favor sometime, son. - that's how i gouged my thumb, changing this guy's tire. i didn't even notice it till i got home. - well, you must have been in a generous mood that day, turning down five dollars. - yeah, i thought about that later. i was kind of stupid, wasn't i? - oh no, you weren't. it doesn't hurt anyone to do a kindness
8:03 am
- [betty] mother! - i'm in the kitchen! - [betty] mother! mother! - what is it? - did my gray sweater set and that button trimmed skirt come back from the cleaners? - sweater set, you tore in here, i thought the men from mars were coming down the chimney. - to answer your question, yes, they came back. - well, father, i have a date this afternoon with alan wickett. - not really? - yes. - who's alan wickett? - oh, you heard me talk about alex wickett. you just don't listen. he's the most popular boy in the entire college. they were social leaders back there. listed in who's who! oh, you should see the car alan drives. and speaking of cars, will you please move that junkheap of yours out of the front driveway before alan gets here? i don't want him to see that awful thing or know that anyone in this family would drive such a mess. say, i have to take up the hem on that button trim skirt, will you help me?
8:04 am
- well, i guess you two have your orders. - (mimicking) move that horrible car! boy, one of these days she's gonna want a favor from me, just wait. (audience laughs) (jim chuckles) - where are you off to? - i think i'll disappear. betty may want the front of the house painted before alan wickett gets here. (audience laughs) - well, i'm ready, alan, i could leave any time now. t. one thirty? fine, i'll be waiting, bye. oh, there's such a difference in men, isn't there, mother? - yes, some are tall and thin, others are short and fat. - oh, now you know what i mean. alan's such a gentleman. he always knows exactly the right thing to say at the right time. his manners are perfect. he's so completely civilized.
8:05 am
- oh, i thought you were talking about me. (audience laughs) - alan's gonna take me to the tennis matches this afternoon. - well, how perfectly ripping. (audience laughs) - it's so refreshing to meet a boy like alan. he's perfect, absolutely perfect. he always looks like he just stepped out of a window of a london haberdashery. i've never seen him when he wasn't immaculately groomed, never one hair out of place. (bud sneezes) (audience laughs) - and to think that after meeting alan wickett, i have to claim this thing as my brother. (audience laughs) oh, isn't that horrible? - well, you couldn't honestly say he's a thing of beauty. - not beautiful, no, but with a certain earthy charm. kind of a petroleum savoir faire (chuckles). - it's a socket wrench, about so big.
8:06 am
- a fugitive from the tar pits. - we haven't seen the wrench, bud. did you look in the garage? - is that it? - oh, get away, don't come near me! (car horn beeping) - well, move your big feet! - there's alan! oh, can't you do something about him? - what's with her? - she'd like you to be a little more civilized. - i'll be home at 5:00. and will you please keep this thing out of the front yard when i come home? please? now don't forget. - fugitive from the tar pits. one of these days this thing is gonna get even with that thing. (audience laughs) (audience laughs) - your socket wrench.
8:07 am
8:08 am
8:09 am
- wasn't that a great game this afternoon? - oh, i thought it was just terrific. - [alan] oh, i did too. - [betty] that guy was so handsome if i may say so. - i saw him play last -- what's a matter? - [betty] look at that house -- - is that your brother? - yes, that's bud.
8:10 am
i've enjoyed every second of it. i know you're in a hurry to get home so i won't keep you. goodbye, i had a simply perfect time. - wait a second, betty, we want to meet your brother. i'm alan wickett, bud. - hi, nice to meet you. - sharon, this is bud. - hello. - hi. - haven't we met somewhere? - seems like i have seen you before. - were you at the art festival in paris last year? - the who? (audience laughs) - i know you're in a hurry to get home so we won't hold you a second longer. well, goodbye! - bye! - thanks again, goodbye! (audience laughs) oh, what i could do to you! (audience laughs) - oo, you better call bud.
8:11 am
- [betty] father! (door slams) - too late. (audience laughs) - well, my sea-going grandfather used to say, "batten down the hatches, "we're in for a blow." - [betty] father! - there's a hurricane coming. - [betty] father, do you know who was in the front yard -- father, do you know who was in the front yard waiting, just waiting for me to come home? - [jim] now wait. - in those awful clothes, standing on his head in the trash can? that! - betty, now it wasn't -- , driving up with alan and his sister, cultured, intelligent, sophisticated people and there he was, right in the front yard, looking like something out of the -- the lowest depths of humanity. - [jim] now, hold it. - now it wasn't enough that alan and sharon saw him, oh no, he had to come up to the car where they could get a good look at him. - [jim] hold it. - after i've been killing myself to make a good impression, here comes my brother, an ape, a greasy ape! - [jim] hold it!
8:12 am
(telephone ringing) it was my fault. i asked him to go -- - excuse me, father. hello? oh, yes, alan. well, i had nothing planned for tomorrow night, why? - i know this is awfully short notice, but my folks just announced we're giving a dinner party. - a dinner party? at your house? sounds delightful. - of course, the whole thing depends on bud. is he free tomorrow night? ure, the party's being given for him. sharon finally remembered who he was and where she saw him. he's the one who changed a tire for dad when he was stuck out on the hillsboro road. - are you talking to betty anderson? let me speak to her. - just a minute. - hello, betty, this is alan's father. - oh, hello, mr. wickett. - well, i haven't met you, but i -- i know that wonderful brother of yours
8:13 am
and you come along too. (audience laughs) - thank you. - [mr. wickett] here's alan. - [alan] betty? is bud free tomorrow night? - oh, he'd better be! i mean, of course, i'm sure he will be. - [alan] good, we'll see you both about seven. - yes, fine, seven will be fine, bye. - [alan] goodbye. - what's this about bud and a dinner party? changed a tire or something for mr. wickett on the hillsboro road and sharon recognized him. - sure, bud was telling us about stopping to help someone and the man turned out to be mr. wickett (chuckles). well, that's one for the books. - that's one for the birds. (audience laughs) my first invitation to the wicketts and i have to tag along with bud. of all the disgusting situations.
8:14 am
(audience laughs) and for pete's sake, don't tell bud the party's for him. if he finds out i'm just hitchhiking on his invitation he'll refuse to go, just to be mean. oh, what a horrible brother! (audience laughs) - how are you betting? you think bud'll go? - you heard what betty said. i think bud'll go to the wicketts tomorrow night if she has to carry him piggyback. would you sa t [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks. nice balloons, though! or no to more vacation days? janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. call now. and don't forget the free tv app. get ultra-fast internet with
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8:16 am
why shouldn't you go? - maybe i just don't want to go. - now look at it this way, you'll be getting a free meal. that appeals to you, doesn't it? - [bud] i can get a free meal at home. - you're stubborn, plain stubborn. - say, why's it so important to you that i go to this dinner? why the big pitch? - because i don't want people to think that my brother's such a droop he's afraid to be seen in public.
8:17 am
you have an invitation. you should be so grateful just to be asked to their house. bud - well, i'm not grateful. - oh! - but i'll go. (audience laughs) - [jim] my gosh, she did it. - we shouldn't let her take advantage of him this way, it's not fair. - [jim] bud's not an infant. let's keep out of it and see what happens. - we're to be at the wicketts tomorrow evening at seven. you better start taking a bath right now. it'll take you till tomorrow night to get clean. - look, don't start giving me orders. and act like a human being. you're going to be civilized. - [bud] i'll be civilized. - that's a promise? and the first thing you're gonna do is learn some manners. - what's wrong with my manners? - oh, they're perfectly acceptable in your circle of greaseball friends, but not with people like the wicketts. - oh, she's carrying this too far. - [betty] if you think i'm gonna take you to their house and be embarrassed, you're wrong. - forget it, the deal's off. - no, it isn't, you promised.
8:18 am
. before tomorrow night i'm going to put you through basic training in how to be a gentleman. (audience laughs) now we're gonna practice making an entrance. - hmm? - i'll be mrs. wickett. go outside and come in, make your entrance. (playful music) ring the bell, stupid! (audience laughs) (doorbell rings) (audience laughs) how do you do, young man? won't you come in? (audience laughs)
8:19 am
- wickett. - wickett. - delighted to know you, bud. don't stand there all hunched over, they'll think you're sick. - i am. (audience laughs) what do i do now? - i'd like you meet one of the other members of our family, bud. elgard, dear, this is bud anderson, one of sharon's little friends. - who's elgard? ickett, alan and sharon's father. - oh. - well, say something, don't just stand there. - hi. - you don't greet these kind of people with hi! you say, "how do you do, sir? "this is indeed a pleasure." now try it. - how do you do, sir? this is indeed a pleasure. - likewise. - father! - (chuckling) i'm sorry.
8:20 am
this is leonie snodgrass, another member of the wickett household. leonie here has been cooking for us wicketts since the boston tea party. - you're a riot, father. - what did i get into? - i've been trying to teach this creature some manners and you think i get any help from anyone? no! - well, continue in the dining room, please. - ladies first. (audience laughs) - [betty] oh, and for heaven's sakes be careful at the table tomorrow night. s for me. - don't let this get under your skin, bud. you've seen betty take off on these tangents before. - yeah, but it's always me she jumps on. i'm always the slob. it makes me feel like i'm dirt. excuse me. - where are you going? - oh, i'm finished. you know, she's always been the big wheel, lording it over me.
8:21 am
then she better watch out. - my first chance to meet alan's folks and i have to go with bud. well, the party's for him, yes, it's for bud. (audience laughs) oh, he changed a tire or something for mr. wickett. now mr. wickett thinks bud is a genius. bud doesn't know the party's being given for him. if he found out, i'd be dead. i just told him he was kind of casually invited (giggles). oh, bud! what are you doing? - listening. (betty giggles) - [betty] well. so you know. - yeah. - what's going on here? - i just found out who's tire i changed on the old hillsboro road and who's going to be the guest of honor
8:22 am
- you -- you -- you should be ashamed eavesdropping. - i should be ashamed. after what you've done to me? (audience laughs) oh boy, am i gonna get even with you. i'm gonna remember every insult, every mean, crummy thing you've ever done to me and tomorrow night... (chuckles) - don't plan on getting your revenge by embarrassing me at the wicketts tomorrow night because i'm not going. e, you want me to tell mr. wickett how you treated your dear little brother? how you abused his favorite tire changer? you bet you're gonna go. (audience laughs) what's more, my little chickadee, between now and tomorrow night, i'm going to put you through basic training on how to do everything i tell you to do. - well, if you think -- - you ought to be upstairs on the double!
8:23 am
the cat is out of the bag, and the worm has turned. - revenge, oh boy, sweet revenge. (audience laughs) you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you?.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
- i'm ready. - hey, mom, do i have to go to the party with this thing? this fugitive from the rag bag? (audience laughs) - here.
8:27 am
even though betty did give you a bad time, insulted you unmercifully, i'll admit, she kept it at home. she didn't embarrass you in front of people outside the family. keep that in mind tonight. - bye, mom, bye, dad, see you later. (audience laughs) ny more. bud, please don't embarrass me in front of the wicketts. - you're in no position to ask any favors. - all right, you sadistic -- hello! - bud anderson, oh come in, come in.
8:28 am
- it's nice to see you again, sir. mr. wickett, may i present my sister, betty? - how do you do, betty? - how do you do, mr. wicker, wickett. - well, come inside. mrs. wickett will be here in a moment. alan and sharon are around here some place. oh, i was so surprised when sharon told me it was bud who stopped on the highway -- - come here you little -- get up there and take your bath! - jamie, you get cleaned up! sharon, you leave him alone! (door slams) i have to apologize for my children. big sister, little brother, they can get into the darndest fights (chuckles). bud, how about you and betty? does she give you much trouble? (gentle music)
8:29 am
joy into her life either. we have the usual amount of fights, i guess, just average. - [jim] well, how'd it go? - [margaret] where's bud? - oh, he's putting the car away. - [jim] well, tell us, what happened? - bud was wonderful. he could have destroyed me, absolutely destroyed me if he'd wanted to, i was so proud of him i could have cried. - thank goodness. - i'm not surprised. after all, he is my son. (audience laughs) - his manners were perfect. he was simply an angel. - well, we're back with the family now we can pick up where we left off. get me a drink of water!
8:30 am
you just can't trust 'em! (audience laughs and applauds) (upbeat orchestral music) - [voiceover] robert young and jane wyatt (children laughing) with elinore donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. - [maurie] listen, now wait a minute, why don't we decide about saturday night? - all right, who's going with who? - well, betty's going with me -- - [maurie] what? - now wait a minute! - [maurie] what do you mean she's going with you, i asked her! - now listen, we can decide this tomorrow. - [grace] well, look, why don't we all plan to meet at my house? (everyone agreeing and talking over each other) - wait a minute, let the man through here, give him a little room, let him in, there ya go.
8:31 am
(chuckling and laughing outside) (audience laughs) - [margaret] oh, thank goodness you're home. come and help me. quick, hurry! - why the extra bed here in betty's room? - [margaret] oh, we're having a house guest (chuckles) - sometimes betty gives me a large pain. - what's she done now? - when i came home, she was standing on the front steps with her fan club, the campus big wheels. didn't even -- didn't even bother to introduce me, (high pitched voice) hurry, little man. - [margaret] get me the blankets up there, will ya? - [bud] boy, talk about having a large opinion of yourself. - oh, i think you're a little oversensitive. - greetings, your highnesty. - [betty] hello. hi, mother. - [margaret] did you lose something? - [betty] oh, i looking for that little jewel box of mine. tommy insisted that i take his class ring today and i'm sure i have at least five exactly like it. - only five class rings? and a thousand guys in the school?
8:32 am
to decide who to go to the dance with saturday night, tommy, joel, maurie, each one insists i go with him. of course, ralph will expect me to -- what's the extra bed doing in my room? - oh, it took you quite a little while to notice. your cousin milly's coming to spend the week with us. - cousin milly? which cousin is that? - she's the daughter of your uncle wilbur and aunt ann, the ones that have the farm. - oh, those! (audience laughs) - egad, the peasants! - why would you say, "oh, those"? you've never met any one of them. t his brother, wilbur, and the farm up in that forsaken place, practically in canada. what's the name of the town, jersey? - gurney. - oh, gurney. can you think of a cornier name for a town than gurney? (audience laughs) - what'd dad say the population was? 319 including cats, dogs, and gophers? - their farm is about 20 miles from town and it's quite nice as farms go up there i understand. they have electric lights. they raise wheat, corn, barley.
8:33 am
- she's almost betty's age. she's coming down to look over springfield junior college. we thought it'd be nice if she went to school down here. oh, milly can use these two top drawers and i've put some hangers in the closet. - but mother, isn't this asking just a little too much, giving me a roommate i've never seen before? some farm child from some backwoods gulch? - she's not a farm child. she's a girl just like you who happens to have been raised in the country. - [bud] well, cheer up, queenie. just think of the jolly times you'll have introducing (audience laughs) - grace, i don't know what i'm going to be doing from here on. my cousin is coming to stay with us. my cousin from gurney and don't ask me where it is. it's somewhere in the ragged end of the corn belt. no, it's not a he, it's a she. her name is millicent, isn't that the absolute end?
8:34 am
did you want me for something? - princess, will you do me a favor? - certainly. - despite of the fact that you feel so vastly superior to your cousin milly from the ragged end of the corn belt, i'm counting on you to introduce her to your friends. arrange dates for her and see that she has a good time while she's here. am i coming through? - oh, but it all sounds very easy to you, father. but it's not that simple. the boys are gonna want to know what she's like and you can't blame them. - i told you what she's like. she's a very nice girl. - oh, i know, father -- - betty. as a favor to me. - all right, i'll see that she has dates. i'll talk to the boys this afternoon. - thank you, princess.
8:35 am
i just want to see what she looks like before i sign up for any dates with her. anyway, i was taking you to the dance. - oh, i can go with you anytime. - not with these vultures always trying to beat my time. - i should think that one of you fellows would be gentleman enough to take her out, as a favor to me, no matter what she looks like. - well, look, is she blonde or brunette? - i don't know. - well, is she short, tall, thin, fat? - i told you, i don't know. all i know is that she arrives this afternoon and that she's my father's brother's daughter. father. he's not bad looking. - the date's not with her father. - listen, one of you fellows is taking cousin millicent to the dance tomorrow night. i don't care which one. you can decide that among yourself. - look, it was all settled, i was gonna take you. - [joel] look, boy, you're dreaming. i'm the only one here that has a date with betty tomorrow night. - joel, old boy, i asked her over a month ago. - oh yeah? - now wait a minute, tom, i was -- - all right, all right, let's adjourn the betty anderson fan club. which one of you cowards is going to take
8:36 am
what about your boyfriend? why doesn't he escort the farm queen? - he gets hay fever. (audience laughs) - big joke. (audience laughs) - please? - tell you what. we'll come over ot your house tomorrow afternoon and we'll meet her. well, we'll see what she looks like and at least get over the first shock. then we'll flip a coin or something and see which one of us gets hooked, okay? you at your house tomorrow then. - around two. - [joel] yeah. - [betty] oh, now don't look so abused. you're not going to be shot. - maybe after we meet your cousin, we'll wish we were. - the things we have to do for you. (girls giggling)
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
it seems like i've traveled halfway around the world. - five hours on the plane, you've covered quite a few miles. - well, you're here and that's all that matters. now, milly, a brand new set of cousins. (jim chuckles) this is kathy. - hello, kathy. - hi, what's new on the farm? - [bud] that's a dumb thing to say. - oh, that's all right. we have lots of new things on the farm, kathy, and tonight i'll tell you all about them. - and this is bud. - bud. - [bud] hi, cousin. yeah. (audience laughs) - the last picture we have of bud he was still a little boy. - and this is betty. - betty. all the way down on the plane i was wondering what you'd be like. - hey, isn't that a coincidence? she was wondering -- - [betty] welcome to springfield. how was your trip, milly? - oh, it was so exciting. honestly, so much has happened today
8:40 am
and, uh, give her a chance to catch her breath. - sure, come on up. (playful music) - oh, here, let me give you a hand, dad. - thanks, old man. (audience laughs) - this is the dormitory such as it is. (gentle music) - well, thank you. - must be fun to live in the city. people all around you, so many places to go and things to see, don't you love it? - i don't know, i never thought about it. - springfield is so big. it's 10 times as big as norville.
8:41 am
norville is the county seat. it's 50 miles from gurney. we went down there on a 4h trip last year. do you know that's the farthest i've been from home in my whole life? - [betty] really? (telephone rings) - ever since i got on the airplane this morning i felt like i'd died and i've been flying around heaven all day. - [kathy] betty, telephone! - [betty] oh, i'll take it in the front bedroom. excuse me just a minute. (gentle music) yes, she arrived. oh, say, can you hold the line just a second? we can talk now. well, i'm on the upstairs phone and the bedroom door was open. well, she's down the hall in my bedroom.
8:42 am
ieve it. you simply won't believe it. - just answer me one question. is she competition? - competition? ha! i'll tell you how glamorous and sophisticated she is. this is the first time in her life she's been more than 50 miles from home (chuckles). i'll tell you, i've got a country cousin with a capital k, duh (giggles)! can you imagine, she came right up and told me she'd ever seen in her life? - oh no, she must be a real simple soul. - oh, poor kid, her clothes are so corny. she probably bought them at the general store in gurney. - well, are you all settled? - oh, sure. say, is this outfit all right to wear around here? is it proper? - well, it's not only proper, i'd say it's terrific. - oh, i like you, uncle jim. (jim chuckles) - where to?
8:43 am
(jazz music) - milly, how nice you look. - thank you! can i help? - oh, there's nothing you can do really. and besides we have a rule for house guests. no work the first day. after that, look out! (jazz music) - oh, how modern everything is, just like the pictures in the magazines. uncle jim must love you a lot ive you such a nice kitchen. - thank you, milly, that's one of the nicest compliments i've ever had. (jazz music) oh, what is bud doing to that radio? - well, it stands to reason that a girl that's been cooped up on a farm all her life is going to be awkward and out of place in the city. i feel sorry for the boys. i hate to think what's in store for them. (loud jazz music)
8:44 am
- [bud] turn up the radio, kathy. - [grace] betty? hey, betty! y! what's wrong? - [bud] say, cousin milly, you really shuffle up a storm! going to that dance tomorrow night, you'll be a smash! - betty! operator! hello? hello?
8:45 am
shuffling up a storm.
8:46 am
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rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
8:48 am
to have a look at millie. - oh? - sort of a -- a preview before they decide which one is going to take her to the dance tonight. - [betty] oh, honestly, your brother's daughter. - what's milly done now? - i break my fool neck trying to get boys over here and not just ordinary boys either but my boyfriends, the pick of the crop so she can have a date tonight she isn't even dressed. - well, i saw her a few minutes ago, she was dressed. - father, it's going to be hard enough to get one of the boys to take her out. she doesn't have to make it worse by wearing those farm clothes. - why, i thought she was all right for saturday. - oh, mother. (doorbell rings) there are the boys. and where is miss alfalfa? (giggles) (audience laughs) - oh, that girl. some days i think she's an angel. the next i'd like to take her over
8:49 am
(audience laughs) - where's your cousin? - oh, milly will be right down. come on in, boys. - [joel] on the level, what's she like? - now, fellas, you must understand that milly is a country girl. she's sweet, just as sweet as she can be. (audience laughs) well, she is and she's a lot of fun. - a lot of fun. - she might just as well have said milly was a typhoid carrier. (audience laughs) - [maurie] but why do we have to be the goats? somebody you hate? - she's not that bad. you're going to find that milly has a heart of gold. - why we ever let ourselves into this thing i'll never know. we should have our heads examined. - hello. sorry i didn't get dressed up, but i've been making over a dress for kathy and i didn't realize it was so late. boy, did i stick my finger. (audience laughs)
8:50 am
- maurie. - hi. - joel malone. - hello. - and tommy davis. - hi, tommy. - hello. - this is milly's first time in springfield. - more than that, it's my first time in any big city. - do you consider springfield a big city? - oh, sure, compared to gurney it's a giant. - where's gurney? - [milly] it's about 20 miles from our farm. it's a real little town. you have to be careful driving through gurney because if you blink your eyes you'll miss it. (audience laughs) (audience laughs) - i don't know. - if i had my pick, i don't know which one i'd choose. (audience laughs) - no secrets with milly. - you have happy eyes and you're tall. i like tall boys. (audience laughs) i'd like to dance with you. (audience laughs)
8:51 am
come on, dah dah dee dah dah dah dee dah dah dee dah dah dee. la da dee dah dah dah dum dee dah dah dah dum. you see? you're a wonderful dancer. (audience laughs) you're not as handsome as tommy, but you're nice looking. maybe you're the intelligent type. (tommy and maurie laugh) - that's the biggest laugh yet. - i'd like to go out with you. - milly! - what is it, kathy? - i'm stuck in the dress, help! - excuse me. i'm coming! don't rip it! - tell you what, i'm going to give you fellas a break. i'm going to take her to the dance tonight. - thank you, joel, you're very kind.
8:52 am
ute, betty, wait a second. joel, seems to me that on the way over here you said something about you'd rather be shot than take milly to the dance tonight. - well, so did you! - yeah, well, i changed my mind. - well, so did i! - she's going with joel, it's all settled. - okay. - tell milly i'll see her tonight. - i'll pick you up at eight. joel can come with me, we'll take my car. - well, that'll be just dandy. though? (door slams) (audience laughs) did you see what she did, right there in our living room under my very nose? my sweet little country cousin tried to steal my boyfriends. she's a little sneak, that's what she is! - well, now --
8:53 am
when there are boys involved, there's no such thing as friendly competition. - milly wasn't trying to compete for anything. she was only being pleasant and honest in her own way. it's no reason for betty to raise such a row. - maybe you better go upstairs and pour some oil on the troubled waters. - jealous females. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
8:54 am
o worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you?.
8:55 am
- mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? what's the trouble, princess? isn't the mirror giving you the right answer? - oh, don't be silly, father. do you expect me to be happy and smiling when i've just been stabbed in the back?
8:56 am
tell you you've behaved like a spoiled child. you want to cure it? just admit to yourself that milly, the unsophisticated girl from the ragged edge of the corn belt, can teach you something. - like the use of crude flattery, pawing men? - no, like honesty. and a genuine interest in someone other than yourself. always remember, in this life, you can learn something from everyone you meet. some little clod from the -- (intense music) - [jim] excuse me. - i was taught always to speak my mind as long as it didn't hurt anybody.
8:57 am
whatever i did to turn you against me, i didn't mean it. i don't blame you for being angry with me. you had privacy, this beautiful room all to yourself and then i barged in. it wasn't your idea, you didn't invite me. (gentle music) i wanted you to like me more than anyone else. oh, betty.
8:58 am
- oh, i don't know. they haven't come out of betty's room since this afternoon. - say, what am i supposed to do with these? a guy from the flower shop just brought 'em. - corsages for milly and betty. oh, i hope they can use them. the boys'll be here any minute. - [kathy] i'll watch for 'em. - [betty] hi. - well, aren't you a vision? - you ain't seen nothin' yet. ladies and gentlemen and fellow andersons, it is my pleasure to present the most beautiful illicent anderson. (applauding and complimenting millie) - [kathy] oh, millie, you're gorgeous. - millie, you look lovely. - betty did it. it was all her idea. (car horn beeping) - [kathy] oh, the boys are here. - [margaret] oh, hurry up, girls! - [jim] here we go, come on.
8:59 am
oh, don't forget your corsages! - two more beautiful girls springfield has never seen. - how'd you get so pretty all of a sudden? - that's a fine question. - well, the answer's very simple. you learn something from everyone you meet. - yes. don't we though? (car horn beeping) come on, we have to go! - goodbye, have fun! - bye! - women, everything's always a big production.
9:00 am
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