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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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?? [ applause ] [ cheers ]
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>> i can't remember a night on the show where we've had so many major stars. and i mean that. and this young lady, uh, in the last few years, has become a major singing star, all over the world. >> one of the greatest. >> and, uh, this is her latest album, called "don't stop believing." and olivia opens, next wednesday, uh-- not "opens." her first television special will be shown, on abc. would you welcome olivia newton-john? [ applause ] ?? ? there's no need for you ? ? to tell me ? ? i can see the way ? ? you feel ? ? i just know ? ? without you saying ? ? what is a lie ? ? and what's real ? ? every face tells a story ? ? it's hard to hide a lie ?
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? and yours is saying goodbye ? ? something's goin' on ? ? and i know it ? ? you can't keep it from me ? ? your smile cannot hide ? ? what you feel inside ? ? and i don't like what i see ? ? every face tells a story ? ? it's hard to hide a lie ? ? every face tells a story ? ? and yours is saying goodbye ? ?? ? you're always ? ? telling stories ? ? you're always ? ? telling me lies ? ? you're always ? ? telling stories ? ??
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? no good living a lie ? ? you can pretend ? ? we're not gonna end ? ? but your eyes ? ? are sayin' good bye ? ? every face tells a story ? ? it's hard to hide a lie ? ? every face tells a story ? ? yours is saying good bye ? ? you're always ? ? telling stories ? ? you're always ? ? telling me lies ? ? you're always ? ? telling stories ? ?? ? tell me ? ? i got a right to know ? ? pour your little heart ? ? out to me baby ? ? you know you know ? ? i don't wanna let go ?
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? every face tells a story ? ? it's hard to hide a lie ? ? every face tells a story ? ? yours is saying good bye ? ? every face tells a story ? ? it's hard to hide a lie ? ? every face tells a story ? ?? [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> hello, olivia. how are ya, sweetie? >> hey, that's great.
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and not only do you sing great, but you photograph like eight million dollars. >> oh, thank you, very much. >> you really do. how are ya? you haven't been with us, for what, almost two years? year and a half? >> eighteen months, i think. about. >> that's about a year and a half. [ laughter ] i'm not very quick. >> these things take me a moment to-to-to put in perspective. uh-- >> always good at math. >> i was always-- yeah, great-- where ya been? touring? uh-- >> i just finished a television special, and that's taken off, the last-- >> that's the one that comes up, this-- uh, next wednesday. >> yes. and, um, i just completed a new album, and i'm just getting ready to go on tour. >> yeah. >> to japan, where, i think, >> ah, yes! david-- [ snapping ] [ laughter ] >> david speaks fluent japanese. >> i-- >> "hai." >> i've been accused of bad timing, before. [ laughter ] this is ridiculous! >> i'll tell ed. [ imitating japanese ] [ laughter ] >> hai. hai hai. >> hai. hai hai. [ imitating japanese ] >> no, most-most performers that have gone there, especially, uh, singers-- japanese fans are great, i hear. >> they're fantastic. >> they-they know the american artists. they have the records. >> they're very devoted fans. >> and they're great fans.
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they-- uh, johnny carson's the biggest thing in the country, in comedy. but do they know you, in, uh, japan? i'm not being s-- uh, sarcastic or-- do-do you know-- do they know you, in japan? >> i-i-i have a son there. >> are these toughies? i mean, i'm just asking. [ laughter ] >> yes, i have a-- i have a son living there. [ laughter ] of course they don't know me in japan. how would they know me in japan? >> i have two boys. two. the-- >> all right. >> when the war ended, went, "uh, oh, boy! we jews won it!" [ laughter ] >> don't listen to them. is com-- [ some laughter ] let's hear it for david. [ applause ] what i'm tryna bring out is comedy is so tough, at-- in european countries. >> yes. >> really? >> yes, it is. >> ah, hey, it's your show. you work -- [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't know. no, they don't know me, in japan. this is mad-- this is a mad night you're on. >> but that's good. >> have you ever met any of these people, before? david or-- >> yes. i've worked-- we worked together in, um, tahoe. and david and i've met,
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>> did you, really? >> for a friend of mine, yeah. >> did he give it to you? >> yes, in exchange for mine, he said. [ chuckling ] >> i woke up, the next morning, with a piece of paper on my bureau that said, "good luck. olivia j-- newton." [ chuckling ] >> "john newton." >> and i said, "oh, my god. i must hide it from my wife." unfortunately, it had no telephone number on it. >> that's a great story. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> this is kinda like self-defense. i-- don't let him-- don't let him bother you. don't let him bother you. you know-- this-- relax and take it easy. you're from australia, originally. right? >> yes. well, i was born in england, but i lived in australia for-- >> right. >> a very long time, actually. >> i wasn't gonna ask frank about the australian press. [ chuckling ] >> but, uh-- >> yeah, that-that-- >> there was a little-- >> that xx cause a broken leg. >> there was a little--
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well, the australian press has a reputation of being somewhat harsh, do they not? >> they can be, very, yeah. >> uh-- >> they've been pretty nice to me, recently, but, um, they really take a put shot a you. but they have been nice. >> now, why is that? is it just, uh-- is the nature of the press, there? >> i really don't know. uh, who knows why it is. but-- i don't wanna say anymore, 'cause they'll start, tomorrow. [ chuckling ] >> yeah. yeah, that's true. but now, you're-you're living here, most of the time? >> i live-- i've been living here, for only two years, now. >> yeah. is it-- is-- it's now summer, in australia. is it not? >> yes, it's getting very hot. christmas time is spent on the beach. you take your turkey and your chicken, ao >> yeah. >> having the snow. so. >> i mentioned your special's on, uh, this coming wednesday. who, uh, w-who do you have on? >> uh, my main guest is elliott gould, who's going to sing and dance and do all the things that people aren't really aware of, i think, that he does. >> yeah. >> he's fantastic. >> were you able to understand elliott gould? he's been on the show, and i admire him as an actor. sometimes i find, uh-- >> he was really fantastic to work with. he made it really easy for-- 'cause i haven't done terribly much, sort of, acting. well, we did a little-- >> right. >> things together. and he was really easy. and he's a very talented dancer and singer,
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>> have you ever done films? because-- such a photographic face. you ever done motion pictures, at all? >> i've done one-- terrible one, once. but i haven't done any since. >> "terrible one?" whaddya mean? >> i made a, um-- a film, about four years ago. we were supposed to be the new monkees, you know. and it was, uh, going to be a series of films. it was a science fiction musical-- >> ah. >> if you can imagine. [ laughter ] >> science fiction musical." >> it was like it sounds. [ chuckling ] >> every-every actor has made, uh-- i think david made a picture, once, called... "swamp fire?" [ laughter ] >> oh. >> is that possible? >> david, was that-- is that-- >> well, i have, uh, a glossary of-- [ chuckling ] bad films. >> "bonzo goes to college." >> he directed it. >> freddy de cordova directed "bonzo goes to college?" >> not to mention "yankee buccaneer." [ laughter ] and, i mean-- your producer almost ruined my career! [ laughter ] >> sorry i brought that up. well, you should. >> that's quite all right. i'm sorry i did the pictures. >> yeah. >> excuse me. >> it's okay. >> just not--
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[ laughter ] d-don has a bad angle. >> we'll be-- >> that's good, david. >> we have, uh-- [ laughter ] ray johnson will join us, in just a moment.
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?? [ cheers ] my next guest has, uh-- ha-- been with us several times, in the past. he's-he's about 50 years old-- ray johnson-- and he spent about 25 of those years in jail. and he wrote a book called "too dangerous to be at large,"
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and, right now, he's currently with the western behavioral research institute, running a crime-prevention program. we hope. [ laughter ] which, uh-- no, that's-- that is true. [ laughter ] would you welcome-- no, ray has a good sense of humor. uh, would you welcome ray johnson? [ applause ] [ music ] >> our program was, uh, recently, crime invention. [ chuckling ] t >> that's right, you should know all about this. [ laughter ] no, that's true. people always kind of-- there's a little, uh, gasp, when i mention you spent that time in prison, but i guess people are-- >> well, one has to pay, when he plays. >> yeah. did you read, in the paper, the other day, about what-- did that catch your interest? up at san quentin? >> the tunnel? >> yeah, they caught, uh, i guess three fellas that had pretty well almost finished the tunnel. they went about, what? fourteen feet? and it dug out and were almost out of the place? >> well-- >> did you-- did you spend time in san quentin? >> yeah. i was there.
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um, probably, they let them do it, you know, until they get close, and then they-- sort of an occupational sort of thing, that-- [ laughter ] >> are you telling me they knew about it before, and they-- >> i-i suspect. you know, there's very few things they-- they keep that quiet. and, uh, one of the things that-that, you know, for the three months they were diggin' the tunnel, they weren't causin' any other problems. [ laughter ] >> i ne-- i never looked at it that way, but-- >> well, i don't know that that's true. >> that's kind of a sad ending, though, to know that you're digging three months, aney know it, and, uh-- how-- >> well, you-- >> how close were they? they were almost, uh-- >> yeah, they had about, i think-- from what i read in the paper-- ten-t-- i thought it was kinda ironic they-they dug under the gas chamber. there's somethin' about that that i thought was kind of ironic, but-- it's-- >> you were in san quentin. you were also in folsom. >> at folsom. >> did you ever try to dig out, uh-- >> well, i escaped from folsom. >> that's right. you were the-- one of the few people who got out of folsom. >> yeah, i'm the only one that ever escaped, as a maximum-security prisoner. well, i went through a tunnel. but i let the state dig it for me.
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and i just used it. [ laughter ] >> but you really feel that they probably-- now, will they get extra time, for something like that? >> oh, yeah, they'll get extra time. they're probably-- you know, i did five years in solitary, for-for escaping. and i would imagine they're-- >> but they didn't escape. >> w-well, i-- it's-- doesn't make any difference. if you try, they really get upset. i told you, once, i thought-- [ laughter ] escaping is the worst crime that you can commit in prison. killin' the warden's second. [ laughter ] of their se-- [ laughter ] you mean, they're so proud of their security, that-- >> they really-- they really get upset, when you escape. >> right. >> so, you spent an additional five years. >> well, i spent five years in solitary, for that. and then, uh-- then, about 10 more years, after that, to-- you know, trying to convince-- >> boy. >> yeah, i know-- trying to convince 'em that i was a good guy, and-- >> but, at-- when you were at folsom, you went through a-- was it a ventilator shaft or something like that? >> no, i went through
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built in the 1800s, and they had forgot it was there. and-and i, uh-- >> have they taken care of that, now? you know? >> oh, yeah. t-to this day, they have-- it's painted, uh, silver, and it's got big restriction marks on it, and if you step-step one foot on that grate, they'll kill ya. i mean, that-- you know. and i'm also in the department of corrections' manual. if i live forever, it'll be in the department of corrections' manual, as, you know, the classical escape-- what to watch for and all those-- >> did when you were out, right? >> yeah. i-- well, mostly r-- armed robbery. >> armed robbery. >> i mean-- but, you know. [ laughter ] >> i'm s-- i'm sorry. excuse me. >> i, uh-- >> no, no. now, don't you see? >> you know, i spread it out, a little bit. i mean, i-- >> yeah. you did-- now, today, everything is, like, electronics. they use all the sophisticated, uh, electronic detection gear. did you do anything like that, or did you just go in and say, "hi, there?" >> well, there was one robbery i pulled, and they had really good security, and i couldn't, you know, figure out how to get
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>> of course. [ laughter ] >> so, i finally had 'em ship me-- i had some friends, you know, that i worked with, at this time, and they shipped me there, in a packing crate. and-- >> whaddya mean? they shipped you? >> yeah. i had a-- you know, like it was merchandise, and that got me through everything. and i had 'em put all kinda "fragile" stickers and-and "this side up--" >> you went in in a box. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> "no hooks." you know, i didn't want 'em to kill me. >> yeah. >> you know how they handle freight. >> of course. >> and, uh-- so, they shipped me in, and, uh, then they wheeled me through all the securitnd then they went to open the box, and i said, "hi." [ laughter ] you know, "stick 'em up." and it was really kinda neat. [ laughter ] uh. [ applause ] >> how-how did they catch ya, on that one, now? >> to tell you the truth, they didn't catch me. the-- but, see, the statue of limitations is over. i only got caught three times, and, uh, uh, three times is more than enough. >> yeah. >> but-but that's all i got caught, was three times.
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no, i only admit to the things that i am absolutely certain they can't do anything to me about. >> right. >> i mean, you know, there's some things that i wouldn't talk about, because who knows. >> yeah. i don't-- i don't mean to put you on the spot, now, or embarrass you, but have you ever had the urge to, you know-- >> uh-- >> do-do something-- fall back and say, uh-- try the old packing case trick again, or anything like that? >> n-not the-- not the urge. uh, i think it's-- you know, it's kinda like an old prize fighter or something. you-- when you see something, you know. >> right. >> uh, i, uh-- [ laughter ] i-i don't think i'll ever-- you know, would ever do anything again, but i'm a looker. i-i look a lot, and, uh-- >> well, that's okay. >> and p-- and part of the-- part of the-- my work, now, is to-- is to look and try to find, uh, ways that, you know, i can help businesses not be robbed. so, in a sense, uh, i'm still looking, but for a different reason. >> right. have you got a new program going, now, at the, uh-- >> yeah, we're doing, uh, the robbery prevention program.
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all over the country, in the 7-eleven stores, and we're now beginning to work with other-other corporations-- uh, convenience stores, uh-- you know, retail outlets that are having a tremendous, uh, you know, robbery problem. and we-we have hope that this is going to help. it's already had a 30% reduction, nationally. and, uh, i am going into a thing, at the institute with kids. i'm really concerned about-- you know, like 13-, 14-, 15-year-old kids-- >> right. >> are just-- god, the violence are-- it's terrible. and so, we're gonna tr p and teach in school, uh, the cops and robbers game, that maybe, uh-- maybe some of these kids will choose a different alternative. >> stop it before it really gets started. >> yeah, before they get in, like i did and, you know. >> all right. >> to-- >> well, you're gonna stay cool. >> i hope so. >> we'll be right back. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] ray, i thank you, for being with us, again. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> olivia's special is this coming wednesday night-- >> that's right. >> on abc. i hope it's-- hope it's a smash, for you. >> thank you. so do i. >> david, in "two-minute warning," which is open, around the country. >> i'm on. >> look for don's show, "cpo sharkey--" which will be coming up, this-this season, in-- little later in the year. >> january, with aaron ruben, who produced it, and, uh-- ?? >> i hope it's a winner. >> and my mother, if i may say, in florida. stay well, baby! >> yeah, say hello to her. thank you. good night! [ applause ]
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[ ding! ] honey, i'd like some more coffee. sam! cute, huh? just mother's weird sense of humor. good morning, slave. endora, you're a one-woman invasion of privacy. well, my daughter works like a slave. i thought she might at least dress the part. you had your little joke, bad as it was, so, uh, you mind? [ ding! ] thank you. she never even knocks. all of a sudden, she's here, like the flu. watch it, dumbo.


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