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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[ music ] >> heeere's johnny! [ cheers and applause ] [ music ]
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thank you, that's very nice of you. if you don't settle down, we're gonna call immigration. [ laughter ] oh, you're in a good mood tonight-- did you have a nice thanksgiving? [ applause ] i believe you. that's the first time i've ever got a burping ovation. where's doc tonight, tom? >> he's elsewhere. i don't know. [ laughing ] >> why do i ask? anyway, i hope you don't mind leftover jokes in tinfoil. it's, uh-- in my house w call them "leftovers." we call them carson's giblet classics. [ laughter ] you want me to sing before manilow comes out here? [ cheers and applause ] anyway... yesterday was a day for turkeys. today is a day for ducks. have you seen it out here?
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a special show tonight. we have a-- this is really a star studded show we have tonight, and every star's a stud, by the way. [ cheers and applause ] did you know "the tonight show" is now in stereo? yeah, we're in stereo, and not only that, but tonight, tommy newsome will be colored in by computer. [ laughter ] did you have a good thanksgiving? ed overdid it as usual on thanksgiving. at 4 am this morning detectors in his house. [ laughter ] i, uh... i had a nice thanksgiving. i had a beverly hills turkey. you could->> you couldn't tell how old the bird was because it had its neck done. [ laughter ] ooh... [ booing ] and now, believe it or not, we are already in the christmas season. first big shopping day.
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what i do, i have a sign on the lawn that says, "see the display in front "of previous home." [ laughter ] [ applause ] anyway, they are already on television, christmas specials. the first one is tomorrow. it's gonna be the reagan family christmas, and it was taped at the ranch, and the high point i casper weinberger singing "walking in a nuclear "winterland." [ laughter ] remember, you young ladies, when you were a kid, you'd get a doll. it's like a rag doll? didn't have any moving parts. it was just a nice doll. they don't have those anymore. they got weird kinda dolls. did you see the new christmas joan collins doll? [ laughing ] it does not need batteries. it's always turned on. [ laughing ]
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they have the new rambo doll. you wind it up and it plays russian roulette with a charles bronson doll. and check out the trapper john, m.d. doll. you wind it up, and it cures the g.i. joe doll with a shot of penicillin. [ laughing ] if i coulda got the joke out, we coulda had something. there's a little show business news. how many of you have watched the show it's now on the air. [ applause ] the show was picked up for nine more episodes, and to celebrate hitchcock invited the cast and crew... [ laughter ] to forest lawn for a tent party. but the big news->> i guess the show is coming up this week? raymond burr is returning as perry mason in a television movie. now, raymond has been on
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he's gained a couple of pounds. in his new film, he's referred to as perry "the real "refrigerator" mason. [ applause ] in one scene, he's standing in front of the courthouse, and he's arrested for unlawful assembly. [ laughter ] did i read in the paper of somebody's birthday today, i don't believe? dick clark's birthday? >> yes. >> somebody said his sixtieth birthday? 'cause that can't be true, can it? >> 56. >> 56? even 56! he's got an 8 by 10 in the attic that's turning old somewhere. anyway, tonight we've got a lot of fine talent on this show. of course, mr. barry manilow is here. [ cheering ] no, hold on. listen, okay.
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chevy chase and dan aykroyd. [ cheering ] and... and last, but certainly not least, mr. david letterman. [ cheering ] david really didn't want to come out from new york, but he really couldn't pass up that $79 thanksgiving day fair. so anyway, thank you for coming. we of us, and we'll be right back. [ music ]
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rkets' agent now. call now. call this number by the deadline... and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you - without cost or obligation. call now. [ music ] >> okay, if you just joined us-- all right. my first guest... my first guest, of course, you all know. he's a super talent, very. sold over 50,000 records. uh, has one out titled, simply, "manilow." and as you probably know, he makes his acting debut in a tv film called "copacabana," which is based of course on his 1978 hit single. that's a movie featuring his music, which airs on, as i say another network, on december the third. would you welcome please, barry manilow.
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[ music ] there is somebody in this world somebody she was put on earth for me where can the love be see i'm no exception i need real affection what's life worth living for if not to give it all ooh so i'm reaching out i'm in search of love ooh you're everything
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i can't keep up no i'm reaching out i'm in search of love been on my own for long enough well i'm going crazy only you can save me from the tears and loneliness girl i must confess that day or nighttime there is no right time for a heart to be alone i just can't go on ooh so i'm reaching out i'm in search of love ooh you're everything
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i can't give up no i'm reaching out i'm in search of love been on my own for long enough [ music ] don't make me beg don't make me plead just go ahead and give me what i need set re can't you hear me calling out to you i'm reaching out i'm in search of love ooh you're everything that i'm dreaming of i can't give up no i'm reaching i'm searching i'm reaching out
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in search of love love love [ cheers and applause ] di >> thank you very much! you got a nice crowd here. [ cheers and applause ] >> someday i hope i get a reception like that on a monologue. that's dynamite stuff, really. >> thanks. >> i do wanna thank-- our lighting crew has been in since early this morning,
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and the stage crew setting up and everything. it looks wonderful on screen. >> it looks beautiful. >> and bobby did a beautiful job. thank you, guys, all of ya. that was well done. [ applause ] let me do this first. we'll be back. stay where you are. we'll be back. [ applause ]
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[ music ] >> okay, we are . okay. [ cheers and applause ] it's been about 14-15 months since you've been here. >> right. >> you were starting on tour. and two days ago-- >> no, two days ago we ended the tour, so that's why i came back. we couldn't figure out any more places to play, so we came back. >> you say tomorrow you're leaving for japan? >> yeah. well, i'm, yes, i'm leaving for japan tomorrow. i just have a little tail end of this tour. i'm just gonna do a couple tv shows. i just did a duet with one of the superstars in japan, one of the-- "in search of love,"
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in japan, it comes out as a duet with a man named hideki saijo, so i'm going to sing it with him. >> i'm surprised julio iglesias hasn't gotten to you yet. >> really? >> yeah, for a duet or something. >> who knows. >> let's talk about the television movie. it's interesting. i've read reviews. most of them have been very good, but you said that you thought that the critics, the television critics, were gonna trash it or something. >> nobody's more surprised than i am to read-- >> yeah. why did you feel that way? >> well, you know, i've-- they've sort of beat me up over the years, you know? pay attention to it, but i just sort of expected it. >> yeah. >> i sort of went, "okay, i'm ready. "come on." and, you know, i opened the papers, and they're really being real nice and very complimentary. well, the movie is great, but i didn't think that i would-- >> you cut the hair short. >> i cut the hair short for the movie. >> right. >> and i liked it. and i liked, so i let it-- [ cheers and applause ] >> this is, i think--
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many years. >> not like this. this one is specifically made for tv, and it's taken after those big hollywood extravaganzas like "singing in the rain," and "easter parade." but you know, the big miracle about this movie is we still did it in the time it takes to do a movie of the week, which is 22 days. >> yeah, people forget that. >> well, this was an amazing thing. this should have taken six months to a year, the kind of production numbers that are in this movie. >> i look forward to it. you've been-- you've been studying acting. yeah? >> yes, i've been studying acting. >> were you comfortable the first day you shot it? >> um... well, i was comfortable acting, i just-- it was just quite amazing. you're never prepared for the day they say, "action." >> yeah. >> and there are all the technicians around you, and extras, and they-- you're just-- you know, your heart is going that fast. but the first-- they don't do it in sequence. they don't film movies in sequence, which i always heard about. it sort of throws you,
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with lola, annette o'toole, and then the next day they shot me. i die at the end of the movie. [ audience yelling ] it's only a movie. so the hardest part was the first day and the second day. the first day was getting over the fright, and the second day was, um, was dying. i was dying all day tuesday. >> i know the feeling. [ laughter ] we all have those days. you wanna do this first? if you'd like. the number, or this. whatever you think. >> i don't know. you wanna get the commercial out of the way first? why don't we do that, and then you're gonna do something from-- you're gonna do something from the tv-- don't pay no attention to that man at all. i have no idea who he is. he's been sitting there for months, and i don't know who he is. we'll do this and then we'll come back and do the number from the picture. there we are.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> great. >> that's great. this, uh-- song you're gonna do is from the, uh-- >> is from "copacabana." >> it's from the tv movie, "copacabana." >> yeah, it's the song that, in the movie, tony, the character i play, he gets discovered. he gets his big break at the copacabana, and this is the song-- >> you play a kid from brooklyn? >> yeah. >> you better. >> yeah. >> it's all yours. [ cheers and applause ] [ music ] hey down there look at me now i'm flyin' high here i am heaven knows how
11:25 pm
guess i'm just a lucky guy sweet heaven i'm in love again sweet heaven i'm in love again you came along now what can i do i only wanna be with you sweet heaven here i go again i'm hooked from head one minute i'm so lonely and then oh sweet heaven hey babe now that i found you life's a song say babe where were you hiding i've been waiting so long
11:26 pm
so totally in love again i'll shout it everywhere i go i'll sing it on the radio i want the whole world to know sweet heaven i'm in love again [ music ] sweet heaven i'm in love again sweet heaven i'm in love again you came along now what can i do i only wanna be with you sweet heaven here i go again i'm hooked from head
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so lonely and then oh heaven hey babe now that i've found you life's a song say babe where were you hiding i've been waiting so long sweet heaven i'm in love again so totally in love again i'll shout it everywhere i go i'll sing it on the radio i want the whole world to know sweet heaven i'm in love
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>> okay. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] [ indistinct chatter ] >> great band, huh? [ cheers and applause ] >> you're right, that's-- yeah, you're right, that's right out of the old music-- >> that's it. >> which there's no business like. >> yeah, that's right. >> we'll do this, and then homer and jethro will join us. stay where you are. [ laughter ]
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[ music ] [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, before--
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and i want to take a minute before dan and chevy come out to plug something that i am involved with in a way, because my production company did it. on nbc this monday night, from 8 to 11, we did the john and yoko ono story, which is the story of john lennon and yoko ono. it's not so much the story, although there's a lot of great beatles music in it, it really has to do with their relationship, when they met in london, and their last 14 years together, and the actor who plays john lennon is remarkable. his name is mark mcgann, and some of the scenes, it is very eerie. really eerie. >> yeah, it is. the young lady who plays yoko is kim-- kim miyori. so, anyway, that's 8:00 on nbc monday night, and i-- we're kinda proud of it, so we hope you watch it. now, my next two guests, you all know. they were two of the original members of "saturday night live," and they're co starring in a new movie called "spies like us." they're here to unashamedly plug it. [ laughter ] it opens across the country, this country, on friday december the sixth. will you welcome in any order you like dan aykroyd and chevy chase.
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[ applause ] [ indistinct chatter ] >> welcome. >> how are you? nice to see you. >> how are ya? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! we brought our fun bagda >> pay no attention to him. >> it is always nice to see in this cutthroat business called showbusiness there's no real competition. >> no, absolutely not. >> to see who gets to sit in this seat. and you won out. >> well, i'm a little taller. >> a little taller. >> well, here's this little problem, i didn't know whether to say chevy chase and dan aykroyd or dan aykroyd and chevy chase. now, i've seen ads for the picture. >> if you read right to left, i get first billing. [ laughter ] >> that's right. in a yiddish newspaper, you would be-- it would be great. >> yeah. >> in fact, the film is in yiddish. >> is it really?
11:33 pm
my name first. >> how did that work out? you are on the left-hand side now. >> i think it's just a reflection of-- >> the fact that i'm squatter. >> the fact that he's shorter, and i'm just a bigger name, i guess, really. >> well, we defer-- we defer to this man. after all, he got me started, and, uh-- >> no, it's-- what's this? >> that's, uh, mature padding. >> you know, i had to go through this recently with a film i'm doing with steve martin next. >> right. talk about this. >> go ahead, sir. >> in which-- in which my lawyer called me and said, "steve wants to have "first billing," and so they decided-- "steve will be here, "and you'll be above, "but on the right." and i said, "well, i don't care. "that's fine. it makes--" and my lawyer said, "well, look, if they don't care, "why don't we just put your "name there, and put his there?" and i realized lawyers do this, and before you know it, steve's gonna think that i asked for first billing, and i'm gonna think steve did. nobody ever does that. we never even talked about it.
11:34 pm
>> yeah. >> which i know you're familiar with. [ laughter ] >> i have lawyers-- i have lawyers living in the house full time downstairs on the intercom. >> i like to think that the title is the first billing, really, "spies like us." >> "spies like us," very good. sneaky, too, dan. [ laughter ] >> i like to, uh-- >> now, you guys work together. are you good friends? seriously. >> yeah, we really are. >> you see each other socially? >> this is a terrific man. well, he took care of me the whole-- the whole trip. we shot in the fjords of norway. ea camel breath, uh, morocco or wherever that was in the desert. [ laughter ] and he and donna, his wife, who's not a very nice looking girl-- [ laughter ] donna dixon. >> a regular ogre, too, i mean, yeah. >> they were like my parents because i didn't bring my family along. they're too young. they're very lovely people. >> your young daughter-- >> donna, come out here. [ laughter ] >> donna is in this movie, is she not? >> she sure is. donna is great in this movie. everybody will remember
11:35 pm
the series that was on with peter scolari and tom hanks, she was a comedian, very in her own right there. and she is wonderful in the film, and is, in fact, chevy's love interest, so i was away for coffee a lot during those scenes. >> but we didn't do anything, uh-- yeah. >> but i've kissed chevy, so i know it isn't anything too exciting. [ laughter ] don't fret their relationship. >> you told me before the show you weren't feeling up to par today. is that true? >> i just-- i'm better. i had a little too much-- a little tooh too much you're welcomes. >> just put this on. i don't wanna get any germs. what is this? >> i don't know. look, i brought the fun bag today. [ laughter ] >> i wanna ask-- i wanna ask you a question. have you guys seen the new "saturday night live?" >> yeah. >> yeah. >> actually, i did one of 'em. >> what did you think of it? >> i thought mine was great. [ laughter ] [ applause ] no, and i'll tell you something. in fact, it's been ten years,


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