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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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- remember, sir. blot, don't rub. - [voiceover] robert young and jane wyatt (children laughing) with elinore donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin - [maurie] listen, now wait a minute, why don't we decide about saturday night? - all right, who's going with who? - well, betty's going with me -- - [maurie] what? - now wait a minute! - [maurie] what do you mean she's going with you, i asked her! - now listen, we can decide this tomorrow. - [grace] well, look, why don't we all plan to meet at my house? (everyone agreeing and talking over each other) - wait a minute, let the man through here, give him a little room, let him in, there ya go.
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(chuckling and laughing outside) (audience laughs) - [margaret] oh, thank goodness you're home. come and help me. quick, hurry! - why the extra bed here in betty's room? - [margaret] oh, we're having a house guest (chuckles) - sometimes betty gives me a large pain. - what's she done now? - when i came home, she was standing on the front steps with her fan club, the campus big wheels. just gave me the big brush. (high pitched voice) hurry, little man. - [margaret] get me the blankets up there, will ya? - [bud] boy, talk about having a large opinion of yourself. - oh, i think you're a little oversensitive. - greetings, your highnesty. - [betty] hello. hi, mother. - [margaret] did you lose something? - [betty] oh, i looking for that little jewel box of mine. tommy insisted that i take his class ring today and i'm sure i have at least five exactly like it. - only five class rings?
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her 995 get away? - oh, i'm simply losing my mind trying to decide who to go to the dance with saturday night, tommy, joel, maurie, each one insists i go with him. of course, ralph will expect me to -- what's the extra bed doing in my room? - oh, it took you quite a little while to notice. your cousin milly's coming to spend the week with us. - cousin milly? which cousin is that? - she's the daughter of your uncle wilbur and aunt ann, the ones that have the farm. - oh, those! (audience laughs) - egad, the peasants! u've never met any one of them. - oh, father's told us about his brother, wilbur, and the farm up in that forsaken place, practically in canada. what's the name of the town, jersey? - gurney. - oh, gurney. can you think of a cornier name for a town than gurney? (audience laughs) - what'd dad say the population was? 319 including cats, dogs, and gophers? - their farm is about 20 miles from town and it's quite nice as farms go up there i understand.
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s cousin milly? - she's almost betty's age. she's coming down to look over springfield junior college. we thought it'd be nice if she went to school down here. oh, milly can use these two top drawers and i've put some hangers in the closet. - but mother, isn't this asking just a little too much, giving me a roommate i've never seen before? some farm child from some backwoods gulch? - she's not a farm child. she's a girl just like you who happens to have been raised in the country. - [bud] well, cheer up, queenie. your country cousin to your countless admirers. (audience laughs) - grace, i don't know what i'm going to be doing from here on. my cousin is coming to stay with us. my cousin from gurney and don't ask me where it is. it's somewhere in the ragged end of the corn belt. no, it's not a he, it's a she.
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i'll talk to you later, bye. did you want me for something? - princess, will you do me a favor? - certainly. - despite of the fact that you feel so vastly superior to your cousin milly from the ragged end of the corn belt, i'm counting on you to introduce her to your friends. arrange dates for her and see that she has a good time while she's here. it all sounds very easy to you, father. just get dates for her. but it's not that simple. the boys are gonna want to know what she's like and you can't blame them. - i told you what she's like. she's a very nice girl. - oh, i know, father -- - betty. as a favor to me. - all right, i'll see that she has dates. i'll talk to the boys this afternoon.
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- i have nothing against cousins. i just want to see what she looks like before i sign up for any dates with her. anyway, i was taking you to the dance. - oh, i can go with you anytime. - not with these vultures always trying to beat my time. - i should think that one of you fellows would be gentleman enough to take her out, as a favor to me, no matter what she looks like. - well, look, is she blonde or brunette? - i don't know. - well, is she short, tall, thin, fat? - i told you, i don't know. all i know is that she arrives this afternoon r's daughter. - well, you've seen betty's father. he's not bad looking. - the date's not with her father. - listen, one of you fellows is taking cousin millicent to the dance tomorrow night. i don't care which one. you can decide that among yourself. - look, it was all settled, i was gonna take you. - [joel] look, boy, you're dreaming. i'm the only one here that has a date with betty tomorrow night. - joel, old boy, i asked her over a month ago. - oh yeah? - now wait a minute, tom, i was -- - all right, all right, let's adjourn
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- cowards? what about your boyfriend? why doesn't he escort the farm queen? - he gets hay fever. (audience laughs) - big joke. (audience laughs) - please? - tell you what. we'll come over ot your house tomorrow afternoon and we'll meet her. well, we'll see what she looks like and at least get over the first shock. then we'll flip a coin or something and see which one of us gets hooked, okay? - well, we'll see you at your house tomorrow then. - around two. - [joel] yeah. - [betty] oh, now don't look so abused. you're not going to be shot. - maybe after we meet your cousin, we'll wish we were. - the things we have to do for you. (girls giggling)
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- i thought i'd never get here. it seems like i've traveled halfway around the world. - five hours on the plane, you've covered quite a few miles. - well, you're here and that's all that matters. now, milly, a brand new set of cousins. (jim chuckles) this is kathy. - hello, kathy. - hi, what's new on the farm? - [bud] that's a dumb thing to say. - oh, that's all right. we have lots of new things on the farm, kathy, and tonight i'll tell you all about them.
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and good looking. - yeah. (audience laughs) - the last picture we have of bud he was still a little boy. - and this is betty. - betty. all the way down on the plane i was wondering what you'd be like. - hey, isn't that a coincidence? she was wondering -- - [betty] welcome to springfield. how was your trip, milly? - oh, it was so exciting. honestly, so much has happened today and i've seen so many new things i'm almost dizzy. and, uh, give her a chance to catch her breath. - sure, come on up. (playful music) - oh, here, let me give you a hand, dad. - thanks, old man. (audience laughs) - this is the dormitory such as it is.
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- well, thank you. - must be fun to live in the city. people all around you, so many places to go and things to see, don't you love it? - i don't know, i never thought about it. - springfield is so big. it's 10 times as big as norville. - norville is the county seat. it's 50 miles from gurney. we went down there on a 4h trip last year. do you know that's the farthest i've been from home in my whole life? - [betty] really? (telephone rings) - ever since i got on the airplane this morning i felt like i'd died and i've been flying around heaven all day. - [kathy] betty, telephone! - [betty] oh, i'll take it in the front bedroom.
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yes, she arrived. oh, say, can you hold the line just a second? we can talk now. well, i'm on the upstairs phone and the bedroom door was open. well, she's down the hall in my bedroom. e? - grace, you won't believe it. you simply won't believe it. - just answer me one question. is she competition? - competition? ha! i'll tell you how glamorous and sophisticated she is. this is the first time in her life she's been more than 50 miles from home (chuckles). i'll tell you, i've got a country cousin
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that springfield was the biggest town she'd ever seen in her life? - oh no, she must be a real simple soul. - oh, poor kid, her clothes are so corny. she probably bought them at the general store in gurney. - well, are you all settled? - oh, sure. say, is this outfit all right to wear around here? is it proper? - well, it's not only proper, i'd say it's terrific. - oh, i like you, uncle jim. (jim chuckles) - i have to see bud's car. (audience laughs) (jazz music) - milly, how nice you look. - thank you! can i help? - oh, there's nothing you can do really. and besides we have a rule for house guests. no work the first day. after that, look out! (jazz music) - oh, how modern everything is,
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to give you such a nice kitchen. - thank you, milly, that's one of the nicest compliments i've ever had. (jazz music) oh, what is bud doing to that radio? - well, it stands to reason that a girl that's been cooped up on a farm all her life is going to be awkward and out of place in the city. i feel sorry for the boys. i hate to think what's in store for them. (loud jazz music) betty? - [bud] turn up the radio, kathy. - [grace] betty?
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betty, where are you? hey! what's wrong? - [bud] say, cousin milly, you really shuffle up a storm! going to that dance tomorrow night, you'll be a smash! - betty! operator! hello? hello? the noise? why, that's cousin milly shuffling up a storm. (audience laughs) would you say no to a lot more money? [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks.
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to have a look at millie. - oh? - sort of a -- a preview before they decide which one is going to take her to the dance tonight. - [betty] oh, honestly, your brother's daughter. - what's milly done now? - i break my fool neck trying to get boys over here
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and is she interested? she isn't even dressed. - well, i saw her a few minutes ago, she was dressed. - father, it's going to be hard enough to get one of the boys to take her out. she doesn't have to make it worse by wearing those farm clothes. - why, i thought she was all right for saturday. - oh, mother. (doorbell rings) there are the boys. and where is miss alfalfa? (giggles) (audience laughs) - oh, that girl. some days i think she's an angel. the next i'd like to take her over etty] hello! (audience laughs) - where's your cousin? - oh, milly will be right down. come on in, boys. - [joel] on the level, what's she like? - now, fellas, you must understand that milly is a country girl. she's sweet, just as sweet as she can be. (audience laughs) well, she is and she's a lot of fun. - a lot of fun. - she might just as well have said milly was a typhoid carrier.
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be the goats? i mean, couldn't you find somebody else to take her out? somebody you hate? - she's not that bad. you're going to find that milly has a heart of gold. - why we ever let ourselves into this thing i'll never know. we should have our heads examined. - hello. sorry i didn't get dressed up, but i've been making over a dress for kathy and i didn't realize it was so late. boy, did i stick my finger. (audience laughs) - this is my cousin, milly anderson. - maurie. - hi. - joel malone. - hello. - and tommy davis. - hi, tommy. - hello. - this is milly's first time in springfield. - more than that, it's my first time in any big city. - do you consider springfield a big city? - oh, sure, compared to gurney it's a giant. - where's gurney? - [milly] it's about 20 miles from our farm. it's a real little town. you have to be careful driving through gurney
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which one's taking me to the dance? (audience laughs) - i don't know. - if i had my pick, i don't know which one i'd choose. (audience laughs) - no secrets with milly. - you have happy eyes and you're tall. i like tall boys. (audience laughs) i'd like to dance with you. (audience laughs) - i'll say. - i don't believe it. come on, dah dah dee dah dah dah dee dah dah dee dah dah dee. la da dee dah dah dah dum dee dah dah dah dum. you see? you're a wonderful dancer. (audience laughs) you're not as handsome as tommy,
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(tommy and maurie laugh) - him, intelligent? - that's the biggest laugh yet. - i'd like to go out with you. - milly! - what is it, kathy? - i'm stuck in the dress, help! - excuse me. i'm coming! don't rip it! - tell you what, i'm going to give you fellas a break. i'm going to take her to the dance tonight. - thank you, joel, you're very kind. e first one to ask me so -- - just a minute, betty, wait a second. joel, seems to me that on the way over here you said something about you'd rather be shot than take milly to the dance tonight. - well, so did you! - yeah, well, i changed my mind. - well, so did i! - she's going with joel, it's all settled. - okay. - tell milly i'll see her tonight. - i'll pick you up at eight. joel can come with me, we'll take my car.
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- oh, haven't i though? (door slams) (audience laughs) did you see what she did, right there in our living room under my very nose? my sweet little country cousin tried to steal my boyfriends. she's a little sneak, that's what she is! - well, now -- wouldn't you think betty would have more sense than that? out girls. relatives or no relatives, when there are boys involved, there's no such thing as friendly competition. - milly wasn't trying to compete for anything. she was only being pleasant and honest in her own way. it's no reason for betty to raise such a row. - maybe you better go upstairs and pour some oil on the troubled waters. - jealous females. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates.
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- mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? what's the trouble, princess? isn't the mirror giving you the right answer? - oh, don't be silly, father. do you expect me to be happy and smiling when i've just been stabbed in the back? - you weren't stabbed in the back. you feel is your conscience trying to tell you you've behaved like a spoiled child. you want to cure it? just admit to yourself that milly, the unsophisticated girl from the ragged edge of the corn belt, can teach you something. - like the use of crude flattery, pawing men? - no, like honesty. and a genuine interest in someone other than yourself.
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- well, if i have to be taught by some little clod from the -- (intense music) - [jim] excuse me. - i was taught always to speak my mind as long as it didn't hurt anybody. i guess that's wrong to city people. whatever i did to turn you against me, i didn't mean it. i don't blame you for being angry with me. you had privacy, this beautiful room all to yourself and then i barged in. it wasn't your idea, you didn't invite me.
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i wanted you to like me more than anyone else. oh, betty. - oh, milly, i'm sorry, i hate myself. - oh, i don't know. they haven't come out of betty's room since this afternoon. - say, what am i supposed to do with these? a guy from the flower shop just brought 'em. - corsages for milly and betty. oh, i hope they can use them. the boys'll be here any minute. - [kathy] i'll watch for 'em. - [betty] hi. - well, aren't you a vision? - you ain't seen nothin' yet. ladies and gentlemen and fellow andersons,
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y girl in the world, the pride of gurney, miss millicent anderson. (applauding and complimenting millie) - [kathy] oh, millie, you're gorgeous. - millie, you look lovely. - betty did it. it was all her idea. (car horn beeping) - [kathy] oh, the boys are here. - [margaret] oh, hurry up, girls! - [jim] here we go, come on. rful time and don't stay out too late now. oh, don't forget your corsages! - two more beautiful girls springfield has never seen. - how'd you get so pretty all of a sudden? - that's a fine question. - well, the answer's very simple. you learn something from everyone you meet. - yes. don't we though? (car horn beeping) come on, we have to go!
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(upbeat orchestral music) and jane wyatt (children giggling) with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. yeah, this really swims. - is that good? - good, it's pale green. who'd you say you got this from? - wes coglund, he's an old friend of mine. i don't believe you've ever met him. - is he that bachelor friend of yours? - yes, he won it in a raffle at a sportsmen's luncheon. he needs another gun like a hole in the head.


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