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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. [ giggling ] ...with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin... bills, circulars, more bills. is that the best you can do for me, harry? it's from the principal of the school -- mr. sheffield. well, what do you know? what is it? just a little note from mr. sheffield advising me that kathy wrote the best thanksgiving poem of the fourth grade. kathy? say, she must be pretty good. that's a big class she's in -- 20 or 30 youngsters. oh, it's nothing, really. all in a lifetime, harry. oh, don't kid me, jim. i happen to be a father, too. so long, harry. see you tomorrow.
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"shall i compare thee with a summer's day? "thou art more lovely and more temperate. "rough winds do shake the darling buds of may, "and summer's lease hath all too short a date. "sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines, and often is his gold complexion dimmed..." "and every fair from fair sometime declines, by chance, or ever-changing course untrimmed."
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22, hike! kathy! yes, mommy? well, if you have to yell, yell softly. i'm developing my lungs. you're developing my nerves. what are you gonna do to get rid of me? i'm gonna send you to the store for some bread. can i get some raisins, too? raisins? i want to build up my muscles for the football season. okay, champ. oh, really, mother, aren't you a little old to be playing football? this belongs to kathy, not to me. when is she gonna start acting like a lady, anyway? apparently not till after the football season is over. [ telephone ringing ] i'll get it! every time that phone rings, you act as though someone's gonna run away with it. i'm sorry, mother. oh, signals -- 2, 4, 6, 8 -- margaret! jim!
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"who never to himself hath said, "'this is my own, my native land,' "whose heart within him ne'er hath burned, at home his footsteps he hath turned..." jim, are you coming down with a cold? nothing like that, my dear. and where is the little celebrity? who? kathleen! who else? she's down at the store buying raisins for her muscles. mother, that was the newspaper. they -- hello, father -- wanted to talk to kathy. there's nothing -- hello, betty -- surprising about that. they just probably want her predictions on the thanksgiving day football game. why, father, what are you doing home at this hour of the day? i come bearing news of import -- tidings of great merit. father, i just asked a simple question. an announcement of great magnitude! hi, dad. you home? what do you think i am -- an ice cube? bud, your father's not in the refrigerator. father, you haven't answered my question yet. i just thought i'd drop in unexpectedly
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claude messner's father dropped in unexpectedly one day and surprised everybody. oh? the painter was there, and they forgot to tell him. when he walked into the hall, the painter was painting over the door on a stepladder. boy, i guess everybody was surprised! jim, what is the surprise? well, kathleen wrote the prize-winning poem of her class, that's all. kathy?! mm-hmm. she didn't say anything about it. well, she's modest! kathy -- modest? won a contest. never mind, bud. he was the only boy at springfield high that could hold a peanut between his toes and turn a handspring at the same time without losing it. bud, we are discussing the subject of poetry, not claude messner's toes. your little sister has brought honor and fame to all of us, and this may be just the beginning. next will be short stories, then a novel. she'll be famous, recognized the world over. i can see it now --
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quiet, secluded. people will drive by, point to it, and say, "there lives kathleen louise anderson." well, what do you say to that? how soon do you think she can move out? you don't seem to realize that this is a memorable occasion. in fact, i think it calls for a celebration. i know. tomorrow being thanksgiving, instead of eating here, we'll have our thanksgiving dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. not eat here?! the littles are having a 15-pound turkey for their dinner. jim, i've already ordered ours. cancel it, margaret. we'll have a party with no fuss, no muss, and kathy will be our guest of honor. suppose they don't have turkey. it's thanksgiving. of course they'll have turkey. i suppose kathy would be very thrilled. kathy: mommy! she's home! stay where you are, kitten! now, remember, listen -- when kathy tells us about the poem,
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and surprised. sure, dad. you can count on me. come on. oh, welcome home, kathy! come on in, sweetheart. hello, kitten! oh, hi, funny face. hi, bud. i ain't done nothing to nobody. [ chuckles ] this is a poet? bud! kathy, haven't you got something to tell us? who's been squealing on me? [ chuckles ] " isn't becoming to someone in your capacity now. how about "snitch"? "sweet are the nights in careless slumber spent. the poor estate scorns fortune's angry frown." doesn't that remind you of something, sweetheart? uh-huh. you're mad about something. mad? kathleen, why don't you tell us about the poem you wrote at school?
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oh, that! [ chuckling ] "oh, that," indeed. oh, honey, we're so proud of you. and surprised. oh, kathy, you didn't! you didn't! i'm surprised! i'm surprised! my little sister! i'm surprised! i'm surprised! bud! you told me to be surprised. i didn't ask you to unravel. why didn't you tell us about it, dear? 'cause it's not much -- just an old poem. well, i think it's utterly fascinating. wasn't it hard? no. there, you see? comes naturally. real genius! are you gonna let us read it? well, if you want to.
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here it is. just think -- the original manuscript. it's a poem, daddy. it's more than that, kathy. this is a great moment -- that moment in an author's life when talent is recognized. it must have happened to emily bronte and william shakespeare, and now to you. tell me, kathleen, what gifts can i shower upon you? what prize can i lay at your feet? i want some football spikes on my shoes like bud's got. they don't cost much, daddy. i'll go up and get bud's shoes and show you what i mean. you hear what she said? what did you expect her to ask for -- the encyclopedia britannica?
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don't you want to hear kathy's poem? no, i'm awful tired from being so surprised. "thanksgiving day," by kathleen joy anderson. kathleen joy anderson? what's with that "joy" business? her name is louise, not joy. jim, she changed it some time ago. it's just a middle name. changed it? why? she didn't like the name louise. well, it's my mother's name, for my mother, it's good enough for her. dear, it's just a middle name. my grandmother and her mother were both named louise, and there's no reason why she should want to change it. and she's not going to change it. read the poem, father. you can fight over the name later. you read it. you're the actress in the family. and read it with feeling. "thanksgiving is a happy day for all the girls and boys. "it isn't just like christmas,
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"it isn't even like easter, when you get an easter bunny, "or even like your birthday, when your uncle sends you money." wait a minute. "sends her money?" she's 9 years old. he's never sent her a box top. jim anderson, i know you don't like him, but he's been very good to my sister. santa claus, the easter bunny, and now your brother-in-law -- what a combination. go ahead, betty. where was i? your uncle was sending us money. "it isn't like the fourth of july, "or deco-- decoration day, or summer vacation or halloween..." i thought this was a poem about thanksgiving. she'll get to it pretty soon. it's the only holiday she hasn't mentioned. mother, make father be quiet! i'll be quiet. where shall i start? start after the funny part where your uncle sends us money. "thanksgiving is a different day, "the day i like the best. "it's even better than sunday, "which is called the day of rest.
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"'cause that's the day when i get to eat the drumstick of a turkey." aww, you see? it's about thanksgiving. [ telephone rings ] oh, i'll get it. well... oh, she's only in the fourth grade, dear. what did you expect -- shakespeare? so i expected too much. that's the privilege of being a father. it's a very sweet poem. it's just that i expect a thanksgiving poem to be about thanksgiving, that's all. not about some money-squeezing, penny-pinching uncle -- ng to do with it, and you know it. what's bothering you? nothing's bothering me. jim, what is it? oh, it's just that i called practically everybody in town and bragged a little too much. father, that was the newspaper calling again, and they said the school thanksgiving program's going to be televised! televised? well, that's very nice. and they want kathy to recite her poem! this poem?! tomorrow at 2:30. you mean she has to read this -- this nonsense
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that's right. why? because it's the best poem in the fourth grade! oh, no. jim anderson, i've never seen you so unreasonable! well, i guess it's better than watching her play left end for notre dame. [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks. nice balloons, though! or no to more vacation days? janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. call now.
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what are you doing? moving out? i just thought i'd borrow your suitcase, that's all. i have to have something to carry the football letters in. they're gonna give them after the dinner, and -- take it back where you got it. well, it's not going to hurt anything. you have no right to take anything without asking first. well, you were busy. i tried to a while ago when you were shaving. i said, "dad?" and then you said you thought it would be wonderful for us to have thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant for a change. and then i said, "dad?" and you said, "it's about time margaret got a vacation from cooking." and i said, "dad?" and then you said -- bud? yes, sir? take the suitcase. and next time, ask me first. i tried to! i said, "dad" -- bud!
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wonder. wait a minute. if bud's gonna have dinner with the football team, how can he eat with us? i forgot to tell you. he said that as long as we were eating out, he'd like to have dinner with the team. oh. well, then there are just the four of us. the three of us. the littles asked betty to eat with them. oh? oh, she didn't think you'd mind as, uh, as long as we were eating out. oh, no. of course not. eating out. oh, i do, too. [ sighs ] quiet, isn't it? very. it does us good to get the kids out once in a while. it gives us a chance to, uh, relax and take things easy, read the papers. things. i know what you mean, dear. all that shouting and excitement, running up and down stairs,
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i suppose so. you standing over a hot stove all thanksgiving day... i never minded that, dear. basting the turkey... it was always sort of fun. good heavens, the program's started! man: thank you very much, deborah grady. that was very nice. [ applause ] our next winner is a young lady by the name of kathleen... kathleen joy -- no, i guess it's louise. kathleen louise anderson. miss anderson will read the poem that won her the competition in the fourth grade. oh, why don't they just do it and get it over with? don't be so impatient. you'd think she was henry wadsworth longfellow the way he's introducing her. ladies and gentlemen,
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[ applause ] she's only half on the screen! maybe she'll just read half the poem. jim, she looks scared. take a look at me. come on, little lady. now, read your poem, kathleen. thanksgiving is a happy day. go ahead. why doesn't she say something? go ahead, kathleen. you can't shut her up at home. i'm sure you can do it, kathleen. i don't like the way he's talking to her. after all, he doesn't have to force her. please, miss anderson, say something. i want my mommy and daddy. aww, my poor little baby. oh, jim, how awful.
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oh, the poor darling. miss anderson just remembered a previous engagement. in the meantime... where's my hat? i don't know where your hat is. [ marching band music plays ] no wonder she didn't know what to say, the way they scared her half to death! you'd think that announcer had better sense -- shouting at her! she's just a youngster. children have to be treated differently. jimmy durante would be upset on that program. he was practically screaming at her! jim, you don't have to go. why not? they're going to send her home from the studio in a studio car. oh. oh, i feel terrible. [ tv clicks off ] oh, kathy will be all right, dear. by the time she's working on her second drumstick, she'll have forgotten all about it. i'll get my coat, and we'll be all ready to leave the moment she arrives. margaret? yes, dear?
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i don't mind, dear. i know i promised you dinner, but, well, i'd just... rather eat here. i'm afraid there isn't anything to eat. i saw some hamburger in the icebox. hamburger on thanksgiving?! well, to be perfectly honest, it just doesn't seem like thanksgiving. it was always a -- a special sort of day to me, even when i was a boy, un. i know. we used to do that, too. in fact, there were so many of us, we had to eat in shifts. [ chuckles ] we used to play games after dinner. so did we. then we'd gather around the piano and sing. there is something different about thanksgiving. it's more than just a holiday. i think that's what kathy was trying to say in her poem, jim.
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she did say that, didn't she? she said, "thanksgiving is a happy day "for all the girls and boys. "it isn't just like christmas, "when your parents give you toys. "it isn't even like easter, when you get an easter bunny, or even like your birthday, when your uncle" -- will you, honey? i'll be, uh, reception committee for kathy.
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hello, kitten. hi, daddy. hello, darling. hi, mommy. oh, there, there, honey! what's an old poem, anyway? [ crying ] daddy didn't think it was any good! oh, kitten, that's not true! yes, it is! i heard him say it! listen to me, honey. you're right, i -- i didn't think it was too good. but i was wrong. you see, i -- i expected it to be perfect. let me tell you something that happened to me once when i was in school. i was asked to give my opinion of a poem. i said it was the worst thing i ever heard in my life.
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obably one of the greatest poets that ever lived. [ chuckles ] i never did live that down. then i guess you don't know too much about poetry, do you, daddy? not a thing. that's okay. i forgive you. bud: anybody home? hi, sis. hi, bud. bud, what are you doing home?! oh, i don't know. bunch of goofs sitting around, talking about football -- what good is that? what about your dinner with the team? guess i just wasn't hungry. wasn't hungry? you? i am now, though. betty: anybody home? hi, sis. hi. betty! have you had dinner? nope. jim: i thought you were going to tackle turkey with the littles. well, i was,
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kathy, you sit there. bud, pull up a chair. there's nothing like hamburgers for thanksgiving. oh, i'm starving. so am i. you know something? this is the happiest unhappy thanksgiving i've ever spent. [ light laughter ] i feel i'd like to say thanks in a rather special way. oh, lord, we give thee thanks from the depths of our humble hearts
5:29 pm
and the roof which covers our head. we thank thee for the privilege of living as free men in a country which respects our freedom and our personal rights to worship and think and speak as we choose. we thank thee for making us a family, for giving us sincerity and understanding. but most of all, dear lord, we thank thee for giving us a family may know -- the gift of love for one another. amen. amen. amen. amen. amen. -- captions by vitac ----
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[ dorothy ] mmm. this is nice. yes, it's the best part of the day. harold's in bed, and my business problems seem a million miles away. just the two of us sitting here, relaxing. it's perfect. alone in our own private world.
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boy, i love stuffing. that's the best part of the turkey. oh? i thought the leg was the best part. i guess they're both the best part. all depends whether you want to eat it with your fingers or a fork, huh? [ chuckles ]
5:34 pm
no, he's out of luck. turkey bones ain't good for dogs. [ phone rings ] mmm. never knew it to fail-- get in a bathtub or a turkey, and the phone rings. i'll keep putting in the stuffing. no, you go wash your hands first. [ ringing ] baxter residence. long distance for hazel burke? that's me. oh, hi, sis. happy thanksgiving. oh, thanks. i guess the family started to gather already, huh? mary there and the kids? no! his first step? oh, gosh. well, give them my love. i wish i could be there, but you know, i can't walk out on the baxters. okay, jenny, happy thanksgiving. hey, jenny, be sure and give my love to everybody. bye.
5:35 pm
i just got something in my eye for a minute. come on, sport, out of the way. hazel, have you seen my skate key? it was right here on the table. oh, for pete's sake. - you gonna have to unpack? - unpack? what do you think this is, a suitcase? - do you feel it? - no. now, i'm gonna have to take everything out. you know, skate keys ain't chestnuts. this table? - i'm positive. oh, here it is. [ phone rings ] excuse me, harold. somebody probably wants me to do my act on television. [ ringing ] baxter residence. oh, hi, miss burkett. happy thanksgiving. it's your aunt phyllis. happy thanksgiving to you too, hazel. i'm certainly looking forward to another one of your marvelous dinners.
5:36 pm
oh, and, hazel, uh, you stay on the phone, too, will you? this will concern you. oh, sure. okay, just a minute. mrs. b.! telephone! miss burkett! thank you, hazel. happy thanksgiving, phyllis. thanks, dear. same to you. uh, look, dorothy, bob's brother is here. could we possibly bring him along when we come to dinner? oh, i'm sure that'll be all right. oh, sure, it's all right, missy. i'll just peel another spud. i'm so furious with bob i could scream. he knows i can't stand that brother of his. oh, you remember tom-- the pompous one? well, he just dropped in out of the blue, and bob doesn't want to desert him on thanksgiving day. some day this is going to be. frankly, dorothy, i think this might be the last thanksgiving that bob and i are together.
5:37 pm
you give it a lot more thought. phyllis. phyllis, why don't you come over around 2:00? mother baxter will be here then. all right, phyllis. bye. george, phyllis and bob are at it again. oh, no, not on thanksgiving. oh, it's worse than ever. she's talking about leaving him. i don't know who i'd feel sorrier for, my sister or bob. and they're both such fine people. there. now, don't that look like a rosebud? it sure does. and don't it smell like one? it sure-- no, it doesn't. it smells like a radish. oh, what do you know-- i must've alakazoomed when i should have alakazamed. happy thanksgiving, hazel. harold. happy thanksgiving. uh, hazel, i was wondering if you could lend me five dollars till payday. oh, well, i was gonna-- oh, well, never mind. i can do it next month.
5:38 pm
my, isn't that a big turkey? no, it's just our usual size. with all the people you get here at thanksgiving, i'd think mrs. baxter would be out here helping you. oh, well, she wanted to come out, but i shooed her out. i don't like folks fussing around in my kitchen. i think you let people take advantage of you. oh, nobody takes advantage of me. what's the matter, you lose your skate key again? i bet i could go buy an ice cream cone. no, harold, i'm not gonna let you spoil your dinner. here you are. thanks, hazel. how many is gonna be over at the johnsons'? as far as i know, they'll be alone. i'm taking a cab over to my brother's. that's why i needed the $5.00. your brother's? well, yes. this is one time of the year when a person wants to be with their own flesh and blood. well, who's gonna cook the johnsons' dinner? well, mrs. johnson, i suppose, will have to do it. [ phoebe ] this is thursday, my regular day off, and i'm taking it. - oh, hello, mrs. baxter. - hello, phoebe.
5:39 pm
hazel, the turkey's all stuffed. all she has to do is put it in the oven. well, i'm not going to worry about the johnsons today. i'm going to be with my family. happy thanksgiving, everybody. happy thanksgiving, phoebe. hazel. hmm? did i thank you for giving up your day off? oh, sure you did, missy. i know how much you like to be with your family. we're her family. you're darn tootin'. now what can i do for you? i wondered if you thought we needed an extra leaf in the dining room table? rybody else's lap. i'll go get it. you have enough to do. george and i can handle a new leaf. oh, fine. 'cause in a couple of minutes, i think i ought to go over to the johnsons' and see how they're making out. you know, the thought of them cooking for themselves just about gives me the willies. i put your turkey in the oven. all you have to do is to baste it every half hour. and this list will tell you when to put on the vegetables.
5:40 pm
before i go, would you like to practice turning on the stove burners a couple more times? oh, i think i've got it now, hazel. after the potatoes have been cooking for a half hour, you test them with a fork. and when they're soft, just call me on the phone, and i'll come over and mash them for you and serve the rest of the stuff up, okay? i'm most grateful to you, hazel. oh, that's okay. call me if you get in any trouble. there's a maid. yes, splendid servant. always in attendance except on christmas eve when father would let them off for church. herbert, do you suppose we have a dictionary in the house? dictionary, harriet? yes, herbert. hazel said i must baste the turkey every half hour.
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and i'm gonna have a leg.
5:44 pm
i see it every thanksgiving-- people stuffing themselves as though they'll never eat again. tom, for heaven's sake, he's a little boy. phyllis. what part of the turkey are you gonna have, aunt phyllis? - well, i like white meat. - uncle bob? if hazel cooks it, i don't care what part i get. anything she cooks is always delicious. oh, go on. you have a fan, hazel. a fan? if i wasn't already married, i'd marry her tomorrow. oh, please, go on. hazel, you've become the female fatale of the baxter household. all getting me all flustered, everybody. i got to get out in the kitchen. how's your golf game, george? if i could use my slice on a leg of lamb, i could get a good job in a restaurant window. look, why don't you all go sit down in the living room? i'll be right with you. that's a very good idea. so how is it down at the bank, tom? i suppose i can't complain, george. i was recently promoted again, you know. i heard about that. congratulations. uh, bob. yes? i wish you'd stop criticizing my cooking in front of the family.
5:45 pm
you were talking about the way my standing rib roast turned out last night. all right, maybe i was. i don't make so much money that i can afford to have an expensive cut of meat burned to a cinder. well, you certainly don't. with everybody laughing and enjoying themselves, it just makes my heart feel good. you know what i mean, missy? of course i know, hazel. what are you doing out here anyway? you ought to be inside with others. well, i wondered if you needed any help. oh, you know me. a good meal is a work of art, just like a painting. and whether it's a painter or a cook, you got to do it solo. all right, michelangelo. i just wanted to help. well, you can help me later when i start serving things up. "baste-- to sew with long, loose stitches so as to keep the parts together until properly sewed." that's a curious procedure, isn't it?
5:46 pm
they didn't fall apart in my father's day. the dictionary must be wrong. i think i better call hazel. that's a good idea. although, i hope she doesn't get the impression that we can't take care of ourselves. [ phone rings ] [ rings ] baxter residence. oh, hi, miss johnson. how's everything going? oh, for pete's sake. no, no, that kind of basting is like on a dress, you know, before you use a sewing machine. oh, well, sure, it's a natural mistake. oh, well, the kind of basting i meant, you take a spoon-- you know what i mean, spoon? oh, yes, hazel. one uses them for stirring tea. that's right. and then, uh, you scoop up the juices from the bottom of the pan, you know,
5:47 pm
bye, miss johnson. hazel says there's someone at our front door, herbert. would you mind seeing who it is? oh, yes, dear. well, mother, happy thanksgiving. how are you? it's nice of you to ask. you never call me anymore. oh, mother, i talked to you the night before last. two minutes. that's not what i call a very good conversation. hello, phyllis. hello, mother. oh, my, you look wonderful. well, i've had a pain in my side for a week-- terrible pain. well, have you seen a doctor? no, not yet. i-- i may go next week. hi, miss baxter. boy, what a snazzy dress. snazzy. well, thank you, myrtle. mother, this is hazel. oh, yes. when george and phyllis were growing up, we had a cook called myrtle and i-- hi, grandma. well, there's my little angel.
5:48 pm
thank you, dorothy. you too. now, there must be something around here that i can do to help. oh, no. you come right in and you sit down. [ mrs. baxter ] oh, but i'd like to help, really. [ george ] now, mother, no work for you. you're a guest. now, come on in and join the others. come on. mr. b. yes, hazel? if your mother wants to help me, it's okay. well, that's very nice of you, hazel, very generous. well, i'd be glad to have her. but my mother's not gonna be working in a kitchen on thanksgiving. oh, for pete's sake. he just don't understand. and you know what else? next week, we're going to the mountains. no, i didn't know that. you never tell me anything anymore. [ george ] well, mother, we just decided last night. it's only for a few days, mother baxter. and i'm gonna learn to ski. mother and i are both gonna take lessons. well, enjoy him while you can, dorothy. they grow up awfully fast. [ george ] now, mother, don't start that one. oh, poor thing.
5:49 pm
i got to do something about this. [ harold ] it'll be fun in the mountains. - mrs. b., i quit! - hazel! i'm giving my notice. i'm getting out of here. hazel, you can't be serious. hazel, what's the matter? well, you just expect too much. all these people for dinner, and i don't get any help. i was helping you, hazel. i'm your right-hand man. yes, i know you are, harold, but what i need is grown-up help. i'm going nearly crazy out there. i need somebody that knows their way around a kitchen. dorothy, let me handle this. hazel, everything is going to be all right. all i know is that i need help. i'll come out and give you a hand. we'll straighten everything out. i was trying to make biscuits. you know, like you used to make. well, let's go in the kitchen. i'll show you how. you mean you got the recipe right in your head?
5:50 pm
hazel. hazel, just a minute. yeah, mr. b.? hazel burke, you're a fake. oh, now, mr. b., that's not a very nice thing to say. - and you're pretty smart. - okay. well, i just know i was swamped out there. oh, george, didn't mother brighten up? why, she looked just the way she used to look. she certainly did. it's a heck of a note, a woman her age having to help out in the kitchen. you should be out there. mr. burkett, you just don't understand. i understand. you can't cook. oh, he makes me so furious, i-- come on, it's thanksgiving. let's-- let's try and be happy and have fun, hmm? fun? he's going to do his card tricks later on. won't that be a never-to-be-forgotten thrill? phyllis, uh, can't you two get along at least for today? what's going on around here? the whole family's falling to pieces.
5:51 pm
hazel said every half hour. oh, good heavens! it's like an oven in there. - don't burn yourself, my dear. - uh, don't worry, herbert. i'll-- i'll use these padded gloves. isn't it lucky that phoebe left them in the kitchen? oh. i somehow have the impression... that you were basting the turkey not more than 10 minutes ago. but i was. it takes 20 minutes to baste a turkey. why should it take so long? it-it-it's the size of the spoon, herbert. hazel said i must use a teaspoon. now, if you'll hand it to me, i'll get started. i've tried and tried, but mr. b. says
5:52 pm
and another thing he says i miss on is gravy. oh? i've been hearing him rave about your gravy for years, so would you make that today too? oh, i'd be happy to. now i'm gonna watch now and just see what i can learn. [ chuckles ] hi. can you stand a sidewalk superintendent? oh, sure. i'll get the pan. bob has started his card tricks, and i couldn't take it. oh, you used to enjoy bob's card tricks. well, i also used to like hopscotch, but i've grown up. yes, you are grown up. you and george and-- oh, mother, don't get melancholy. [ chuckles ] i was just thinking of the time when missy married mr. george. remember how your mr. baxter used to enjoy family dinners? oh, yes. dad always loved it when the family got together. he was so sentimental. and what a sense of humor. remember that joke he was always telling?
5:53 pm
oh, my, how we used to laugh. why, i think he started telling that story when i was just a little girl. i wonder how many times you heard it, miss baxter? oh, i couldn't even guess. [ chuckles ] but you always laughed. i loved him. oh. i guess the card tricks are going on inside. why don't you go in and watch them? well, i-- no, i don't think so, hazel. mother, bob thinks i'm a terrible cook. - well, that's too bad. - are you? well, certainly not. oh, well, maybe. i guess i am. mother, why didn't you ever teach me how to cook? if you'll remember, you weren't very much interested. no. i-- i guess i just wanted to have fun.
5:54 pm
too late, hazel? oh, for pete's sake. who'd have the time to teach you? i have time, phyllis. i have lots of time, if you want to learn. oh, would you, mother? would you teach me how to really cook? i'd love to. i'll start right now. hazel will get you an apron. uh, let's make a date for tomorrow, mother. right now, i, uh-- i've got to go in and watch some old card tricks.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
hi. the potatoes cooked? yes, hazel, they seem very tender. i'm so proud of you, my dear. now that i've caught the hang of it, herbert, i'll cook dinner often. well, let's look at your turkey. i basted it religiously every half hour.
5:57 pm
you sure you cooked this for four hours? why, yes. except for the time it took to baste it. isn't it cooked? mr. johnson, if this bird hadn't stopped at the butcher's, it could fly right out of here. [ chattering ] herbert! herbert, i doubt if i could have managed anything quite like this. mr. b.! oh! whew! it's all thanks to mrs. baxter. i never could have done it without her. don't forget, dad, i want a leg. don't worry, son, i won't forget. mr. b. yes, hazel? don't you think it would be nice if somebody said grace? oh, yes. yes, of course. and i think you should say it. - me? me? - that's right. yes, hazel, you go ahead.
5:58 pm
dear lord-- come on, harold, bow your head. dear lord, we thank thee for the food we are about to receive... and for our good health, but most of all, because we've got each other... and this house is filled with love. amen. thank you, hazel. uh, bob, would you get that chair near the telephone? enjoy yourselves. hazel, come back here. oh, what's the matter, mr. b.? did i forget something? - you certainly did. you forgot a place setting. - i'll get it, george. - oh, i don't see where i-- - george, where do you want this? you can put it right there on my left. come on, hazel, sit down. for pete's sake.
5:59 pm
what part of the turkey are you gonna have, hazel? well, if nobody's got dibs on it already, i think i'll have the other leg. [ man ] this has been a screen gems film production
6:00 pm
gorgeous. [ clattering, glass breaking ] [ crash ] oh, uh, uh... aunt clara, why didn't you tell me you were coming? yeah, well, i-i-i didn't know. now, i was -- i was home in bed, asleep,


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