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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:24pm EST

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- [voiceover] robert young yatt with elenor donahue,illy grey and lauren chapin in father knows best. what's the big idea? - well, i have something very, very important to announce. - well, it bter be good. that's all i got to say. - you going to run for congress or something? (laughter) - no, now listen. i met new boy yeerda - ah, a boy. ve eitr love. or at least i hope he's going to be. itunate g ma uns name. - bu - rg
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- it's a very nice nam 's even better than bud. aughr) so in the , fure watch itst (laughte - well, now that that's seled, i think i better get dinne - no, now wait. i'm not through yet. - well, can't i hang up my hat? - no! (laughte now lien. burgess is coming over tonight at seven o'clock and he n stayntilight. - 't eight? will his mama let m st tt late - well's not a by. in fac he's old flow. - how much oer? - now, stop teasing her. thy's having friend over here tonight and i think that's fine and i'm glad she's meeting him here and not out on the street somewhere. (laughter) i'm for you, cath. - now, wait daddy. i haven't come to the imant part yet. u see, everything depends on tonight. (laughter) this is sort of a test for burgess. - well, don't put him in a spot like that. i'm sure we'll approve of him. oh, i'm not worried about you approving of him the test is to see i ros of you.
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- yes, so all of you try to be nice tonight, and poteand ltured. i know it's asking a lot, but please do it for my sake. this is very important to me. now i'm going up and get dressed. oh, and bud, be sure to comb your hair. (laughter) - how doou all le that i hate him already. - now, let's don'tudgehim b. i'm pretty sure that head nothingo do with tovaldea. after all, he's her first realoyfriend co on, lp me dne - oh, i'm intrigued. i can hardly wait to meet a boy with a name like burgess. (laughter) (quirky music) hi, buon irgess, - sure. oh, you' got a very riden, y. - thank you. ist paid for?
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cou just move i - oh, burg thi my father who is very refined. - do you do, rgess, old m? - w do y do, mr. anderson. what are tse? patconouelbows? (laughter) - oh, those aren't pes. atthe coe that way. he has a lot of her coats. quithe rea-off. gh i'd like to have a coat like that. whe do y buyhem? - well, i got this one atoldman's - - well, llo burgess. - wait until i introduce him. burgess, this is my ndful sister betty. (laughter) - how do you durgess? y, you sure are beautiful. aughter) - well, thank you. - beauty runs in our family. i'll say. - oh, and this is my -- my wonderful mother, very cultured. (laughter)
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ening. - bo beauty sure does run in this family. (laughter) - are you sure you're only a year older than cathy? - yeah, well actually only 10 months. - well, come on burgess. what do you want to do? - i don't know. - want to play bridge? - i don't know how to pbridge. - well, that's out i don't either. (laughter) well, why dot you play that game of yos where in ayou sp dial and move forward a couple of spaces? - mother, that's awfully juvenile. (laughter) - well, come on, we'll fi sometng. come on. hey, know what. i've got a microscope. you want to look at yeast cells through it. see it multiply? - sounds okay to me. - all right, i'll run up and get it. you wait he. burgess, this is my wonderful brother bud.
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what are you in, high school? - yeah. - i'll be in junior high next year. - bully for you. (laughter) (quirky music) (laughter) - burgess, why don't you sit down somewhere. - okay. wh are you reading, the sports page? yes,hat's wh'm reang. - that's my favorite part of the paper too. except for the comics. do you read the comics? - sometimes. - ol' dick tracy's a cool head. what do you do for a living? (laughter) - i sell insurance. - my dad travels. i don't know what for. it has something to do with airplane parts.
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- how mu money do you make? (laughr) - thy,ur up, urrid's waing. - about hoch do you make? - burgess, why don't you take a seat over there. you'll get tired standing. - na not m i'm strong. ghte au - yeah, well, maybe you ought to rest up for that long walk home. (laughter) - it's not far. just arounthe coer, two doors up, the yellow house. (lauter) - reading the paper, if i ever get the chance. - mine's taking old cloc apart and puing them back together again. it's quite interesting. - okay, i've got it. come on, burgess. - okaygood-bye mr. anderson. it was a quite an interesting talk. i'll be back later and we can have another one.
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- yes,f cour. - heck, it's just around the corner, two ors upthe yellow house thank yofor a ve nice time odnight, mr. anderson. - [jgoodnight, bgess. - soon mrs. anderson. (crickets chirng) (soft music) - well, so long cath you have very attractive celst. - thank you.
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a very long phase. - he's okay, but your dad. - yes, what about him? - he -- boy, he's great. (laughter) i sure like him. ad a weice talk about newspapers and stuff. - oh yes, he the reads newspape all the time. he's very intellectual. (laughter) - i could tell that. - ll y come ai - oh, sure. i can come over all day saturday. ma lg. (quirky i can come over all day saturday. (laughter) - hello, burgess. - what are you doing?
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- we got a lot of weeds around our house. arou t (laughter) upye.cououse.we just moved in. maybe you shoulde me pulling some of those weeds? my mom hired a garder for tt. cat you affordardener? (laughter) - yes, i can afford a gardener, but i prefer to ts mylf. (laughter) - you got a od idea there. you sort of think things out, don't ya? - i try to think things out too. how old are you now? (laughter) - well, i've aged quite a bit in tle oheast codays. (laughter) hold it, burgess! you're pulling up the flowers. - come on, burgess. didn you get the rest of the stuff? - not yet. you'd better get it. i have to help your dad pull weeds. - no, no, no. you don't have to.
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, come on. u ca over here to playith me, rememb? - what a day this has been. - you know, i believe burgess is stuck on you. - yeah, he's sticky l ght. (lauter) yoknow i coun'ay tha fromlittle varmint? no matter where i was, all day long, there was burges aski me 12 milon peonal questions. i like was being shadowed by the fbi. (laughte oh, maybe i can get some work done now that he's gone. (door slams) - oh, how's big roe cong? - how should i know? i hardly g to see him. 's with daddy all the time. that's who he likes, you know? not me. (laughter) - i thought you wanted burgess to like father - sure, but daddy's over doing it. he's monopolizing burgess. (laughter) - now, don't blame father. this isn't his idea. - oh, no?
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hi, daddy isn't home yet, is he? - oh no, it's not time for him yet. - i know, but i thought he might have sneaked home early tonight so he could see burgess. - oh, is burgess with you? - i have him waiting outside. i wanna ask you something. may i have a birthday party for him? - oh, i think so. when's his birthday? - well, what night is it that daddy stays downtown for the chamber of commerce dinner? - wednesday, but what has that got to do with it? i don't want daddy here. - well now, that's not a very nice thing to say. - i don't care. i don't have any fun with burgess when daddy's home. i think i'm just an excuse so he can come over here and see daddy. (laughter) - oh, i'm sure that's not true. - well, i gotta find out for sure and the only way i can do that is to be alone with burgess and not have daddy here. so may i have the party wednesday? - i guess so.
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the party's all set. it'll be wednesday night. can you come? - sure, i'll be here. hi, mrs. anderson. - [margaret] hello, burgess. - is your dad home yet? - no he's not. - well, when does he get home? - not until very, very late. now, what do you want to do? - anything, except look through that microscope of yours. - well, whatever you do cathy, i want you to change into some play clothes. - okay, you wait here, burgess. i'll be right down. i'll read the paper. (quirky music)
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- burgess, don't you have a home of your own? - yes, sir. just around the corner, two doors up, the yellow house. - i know, i know. (laughter) - want you coat? - no, no. why should i possibly want my coat? (laughter) margaret, where's the newspaper? - oh, here it is. (laughter) i had it. - thank you. you home already? i knew it. i knew you'd start sneaking home early. come on, burgess. (laughter) - what did you say about the newspaper? - nothing. margaret, that kid -- (laughter) has got to go! - [secretary] which reminds me, the chamber of commerce dinner for tonight has been postponed until next week. - oh, good. okay, i'll get on this report right away. you better hold all calls
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- no, but there's a gentleman waiting to see you. a mr. vale? - vale? do i know any vale's? - he said he's a friend of yours and it's very important. - well, if it's important, send him in. but tell him i'm awfully busy. (laughter) you? - hi, mr. anderson. how's everything? (laughter) - are you mr. vale? - didn't you know that was my name? but i hardly expected you, but by now i should expect anything. (laughter) - my mother's at the dentist in this building, so i thought i'd drop in and we could talk. - yes, well, i'm awfully busy. - i can't stay long. not more than an hour. (laughter) boy, you've got a nice office here. i want to have one like this someday. - burgess? - how much insurance have you sold so far? (laughter)
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r) - you know, i've been thinking. i might want to go into this business someday. maybe i can start here? you ever take in a partner? - no! burgess, didn't you hear me tell you -- (laughter) dog gone it, burgess! what's the matter with you? don't you have any better sense then to come into a man's office while he's working, upsetting everything? from now on i think you'd better spend most of your time at that yellow house, ntense music) that little monster came into my life. - hello, excuse me. i'm mrs. vale, i'm looking for my son burgess. is he still here? - no, he's not. - oh, well he's probably waiting in the car. he wasn't any bother, was he?
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you are mr. anderson, aren't you? - i'm afraid so. - i feel as though i already know you. burgess talks about you all the time, but all the time. you've even replaced wyatt earp as his hero. (laughter) it's been wonderful the way you've taken the time to sit down and actually talk to the boy. i know that's what he misses at home. harry's on the road all the time. harry's my husband. and when they do it's almost comical. they're like two absolute perfect strangers. harry can no more think of anything to say to the boy. well, now, i know you're busy. i won'ta a moreyoime, but it's been nice finally meeting you. (somber music) thank you for what you've done for burgess.
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this birthday dinner in the den? the dining room is much nicer. - no, i want it here where we can be alone. (laughter) - but as long as your father's not gonna be home. - i don't want betty or bud hanging around either. i have to find out once and for all if burgess likes me for myself. it's now or never. oh no, daddy's home. i knew it! i knew he'd find out! oh, why did you have to come home? (laughter) - what was that all about? rthday party for burgess and she doesn't want to have you around because she's afraid that burgess likes you better than her. - oh, boy. the sad part about that is he won't be here. - what, why not? - burgess came to see me this afternoon while his mother was at the dentist in our building. i was pretty rough on him. i practically threw him out,
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so he's latched on to me as a substitute. - oh, so that explains it. - but now i've destroyed that for him. i've ruined things for cathy. after the way i treated him i know he won't show up tonight. (phone rings) - oh, i don't know. a birthday party is a pretty hard thing for a boy to resist. - hello? oh, hello burgess. you're not coming? well, can't you tell me why you're not? well, gosh you must have some reason. well, okay if you don't want to tell me. okay. bye. (somber music)
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(somber music) at are you doi? taking tk aps cloct or putting it ogetr? yot ni b of clocks here.
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how muchon do you makeoing this? - you can't make any money doing that. - well. you better get into another line of work then. did you ever consider going into the insurance business? - what are you doing, kidding me? to something someday. of course, being an insurance man isn't easy. some days you're under such pressure you hardly know what you're doing. you get upset, ball people out, throw them out of your office. then afterwards you feel ashamed.
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wished afterwards you hadn't? like say, call up a girl and tell her you didn't want to go someplace? when really you did. by the way, are you hungry? - yeah, sort of. - me too. i saw the most luscious looking birthday cake the funny thing, it had your name on i seemed like i saw some presents with your name on them too. you know, cathy would be the most brokenhearted girl in the world if she didn't have a chance to give those to you tonight. i tell you what, burg, you comb your hair.
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(clock winding (instrumenta'happy birthday' c) - boy, i bet this is the best birthday i ever had. - is it really? - yeah. and i was just looking at this cake. - is something wrong with it? a cake has an interesting teure. i was wondering how it would look magnified. athy (caughing) (laughter) - come here, cath. look at it through our microscope. - our microscope? oh, that sounds so good.
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(instrumental music) and jane wyatt (giggling) with elinor donahue, billie gray and lauren chapin in father knows best. -oh, father, i'm glad you're home. -oh, hello princess. -hello dear. -hi honey. -[betty] here i'll take this. -[kathy] daddy! -oh, thank you. -well, it must be allowance time. -i'd love you even it wasn't allowance time. (laughter) -here, i'll get your coat father. -oh, thank you. wait a minute, let me get the button. -hold on kit. -oh careful you don't tear it. that's it.


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