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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin, in "father knows best." - how many of these agendas does father need for his convention? - i don't know how many insurance men they're expecting, so i guess we'd better do the whole batch. with putting this whole thing on single-handedly? - he's not doing it all, but since the convention's here in springfield, he's the host, and you know him. (bud pounds on drum) he always wants to do the best job possible. - i guess being a perfectionist is all right, but sometimes i'm glad -- do you have to pound on those bean pots all day? - they're not bean pots, and i'm not pounding. - whatever it is, why don't you stop it and pitch in here and help? - i'm too busy right now, but i can tell you that you're doing that all wrong.
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go boom, boom, boom, boom. - good idea! why don't you show us how to do it? - oh, no! - go right ahead! i have to get [unintelligible) on the delegate badges anyway. (doorbell rings) - but, mom, i have to answer the door. - you're fine. i'll do it. - get to work. - well, fronk, how are you? - muy gracias, senora. - we haven't seen you at all lately. - i have been working in this big garden nursery, you see. - that's wonderful! - they have given me a vacation for one weeks. - that gives me a good chance to put your yard in first-class shape for free of charge! - that's very sweet of you, fronk, and our yard certainly needs it, but that wouldn't be much of a vacation. - it'd be first-class vacation. my boss, he say, "fronk, go have a good time," so the best good time i can have is to do something for the family of my buen amigo, the senor anderson. - fronk, fronk, fronk, where you been? hello, kathy, i was just telling your mother
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i'll help you! - fronk, that's wonderful of you, but you deserve a nicer vacation. why don't you take a trip, or go visit some of your family? - i have no place to take a trip to, no one to visit. - not anyone? - not anyone? - no, (speaks foreign language). i will start first thing (speaks foreign language) manana. is that okay? - all right, but we'll pay you. - oh, no, that would be like work. what are you trying to do, cheat me out of my vacation? (phone rings) telephone, it's father. - excuse me, fronk. these are busy days. we're having an insurance convention next weekend. - okay, see you manana; adios, (speaks foreign language). - (kathy offscreen) betty, did you know that fronk's all alone in the world, no family at all? isn't that awful? - (betty offscreen) gee, that's a shame. - (kathy offscreen) - oh, i feel so sorry for him.
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- (speaks foreign language), buenos dias. - fronk, how would you like to be adopted by our family? - (laughs) i pretty big size little baby for to adopt. i would not fit the cradle. - no, i'm serious, frank. you can't go through life with nobody. - do not be sad for me. when i see you sad, it makes me sad. i think about you not having any family or relatives - - look, (speaks foreign language), listen to me. i do have relativos. - you have? - si, nice big family of them, sisters, uncles, cousins. - but yesterday, you said you had nobody you could take a trip to visit. - that's true. you see, i cannot take a trip to visit nobody
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- in springfield? - si, now you feel better? - oh, yes, where do they live? - oh, nice big house, that way. - why don't you live with them? then you wouldn't be alone. - i do not want to poke in my nose. - do you go see them? - si, all the time! i can hardly get away from them. and it's "oh, tio fronk, this," and "oh, tio fronk, that." - who's tio? - me, that's word for "uncle," uncle fronk. - i no have picture. - you don't? i thought men always carried pictures of their children, and nieces, and nephews in their wallets so they could brag about them. - (laughs) i guess that's my trouble. i no have wallet. - listen, fronk, i want to give you a picture of us kids and i want you to give it to your family, and get me one of them in exchange, and be sure and do it, understand?
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that is importante, and good. - now, kathy, don't start making messes. i just don't have time this week to pick up after you. - i'll straighten up. i'm trying to find a picture of betty, bud and me so fronk can give it to his family. - his family? - yes, he's got lots of relatives. oh, here's the one i want. - he said he had no relatives. - what he meant is he didn't have any in any other town he could go visit. he says they live here. - they do? - he probably thought we didn't care, but i do! that's why i want a picture of them. if they're anything like fronk, they're the most wonderful people in the whole world! - don't loiter; hurry to school! - here it is. now you be sure and get me a picture of your family. see you later; bye.
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causing me more trouble than all the rest of the convention put together. - daddy, is fronk here yet this morning? - how should i know? - don't bother your father now. he has problems. - you said it. don't get too far from the phone today. i may need you. - i'll be here, and don't worry. - oh! (laughs) - oh! relax! - i'll be glad when daddy's through with this convention. he doesn't seem like himself! - he has a lot to do, and people keep letting him down.
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ay! - okay, fronk, where is it? - what did you say, (speaks foreign language)? - the photograph of your relatives, where is it? - the fotografia? they could not find one. - not one? - not in so short a time, but instead of the fotografia, they send you something else. look here, the maracas, and look here. - is this all for me? and look at this. this is (speaks foreign language). - these are wonderful, but gosh, i can't take presents from strangers. - since when are my relativos strangers? i know them well! besides, they would not like it if you did not take this. with a (speaks foreign language) in your hair, and a nice mantia,
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they're even nicer than i thought they'd be. you just have to, you understand? - well, i will try, if i can. (kathy shakes maracas) - fronk! you're late this morning, fronk. i've been waiting for you. re me, senorita boss. i had to stop and pick up the fertilizer and the peat moss. - all right, where is it, the picture? - the picture; let me see, the picture. si, the picture! - finally; oh, you got a wallet! - (frank speaks foreign language), us men all got wallets to carry pictures so we can brag on our relativos! what i have here, this is not a very good fotografia. it is better than nada. - oh, they got their picture in the paper!
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english so good. - oh, they're pretty, the quintero family. is that how you pronounce it? - almost - quintero family. - but that's not the same as your name. - well, this is my brother-in-law, this one, and this is his esposa. this is elaina, and this one is pablo. - where are the little ones you told me about? - they are too short for the camera, too low! -si, they dance like a bird. they dance, and they sing, and they play. they have very big talent. it runs in the family. - how come you didn't get any of that talent? - what do you mean, how come? let me show you something. i will show you how come. (speaks foreign language), look at this. - you play that? - like a bird.
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- that's very good. - si, gracias, but it is nothing. i have the voice of a frog. - oh, no, it's good, sing some more. - no, now it's time for work, and that i can do. - and you have to get to school, come on. - but first, look at fronk's family. - umm, how handsome. - si, gracias. - see you later, bye! - adios. (sings loudly) - mother, look what just arrived from the florist. father sent you a corsage to wear to the big banquet tonight. - oh, how nice! - with all the things father has on his mind, i didn't think he'd have time to be so thoughtful. - it's times like this that the word thoughtful really means something. - hi, honey.
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- mmm. - we ought to leave as soon as possible. i have to be there early tonight. - i'm ready. i just have to put on this dress as soon as i finish pressing it. oh, and thanks for the lovely corsage. - yeah. - did you finally get all your problems solved? - finally, but what headaches! first, it was that trouble with the caterers. then, the public address system went out. then, they delivered the programs to the wrong address. i tell you, this banquet is doomed. i'm almost afraid to go down there tonight. by the way, betty, would you wrap this up for me? - what's this? - it's just a gag. we're going to award it to one of the delegates tonight. - old baldy macdougall. wrap it up kind of silly. oh, i know, use old newspaper, but put a big bow on it, okay? - boy, father's certainly keyed up tonight. - well, it's understandable. this is a big undertaking, and so many things have gone wrong! - it'll soon be all over now. - my gosh, what' that old thing? - it's for the banquet tonight. say, would you run up and look in that box of old cistmas wrapping, d ifou can find some ribboand a big bow?
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- what? let me see that. - ey're famous; just listen tohis. "the quintero family, who recently completed a successful concert tour of the east, returned to springfield tonight for week's engagement at the orpheum theater." it was two weeks ago; we missed them. - oh, darn it. did you hear that, mommy? they're famous. - fronk's certainly modest about his family. he never mentioned a word about this. would you put away the ironing board for me, please? - he told me all about them.
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- mm. need any help? - no, i'm doing fine. (phone rings) we better step on it, though. i told george i'd meet him at the banquet hall a little before six. hello. oh, hi, george. what? oh, you're ribbing me. but this just couldn't happen! a hundred and four, huh?
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that is if i have any left. okay, george. - now what? - honey, you wouldn't believe this. the magician we hired for tonight is in bed with the flu. his temperature's a hundred and four! - oh, no! - daddy, have you seen [unintelligible]? - kathy, don't bother your father now. he's got trouble. - again? - that was our whole entertainment. now, we have nothing. - well, if you haven't got anything, then you just haven't. it's certainly not your fault that he got sick. - but it's on the program. they're expecting it! - kathy, please! - i just hate to go down there tonight and face them. - didn't you hear me? why don't you get fronk's relatives tontertain? - fronk's relatives? - say, maybe that is an idea! they're professional entertainers. - sure, look here. they sing and dance. - my gosh, i didn't know this. do you suppose i could still get them? - according to that article, they're back in town right now, and they finished their local engagement. - man, what a break that would be if i could get them!
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oh, no, he's just leaving! - well, stop him! (car engine roars) - fronk, fronk! wait, don't leave! oh, if this only works! fronk, fronk, will you do me a favor? will you turn that thing off? - si, senor. - that's better. now, will you do me a favor, a very big favor? - si, for you, senor, i will do anything. you are the best amigo i have in the whole world. - fine, fine. i need some entertainment for the banquet tonight, and i need it bad. do you think you could talk your relatives into furnishing the entertainment for me? - my, well, uh - - they'd get paid, of course. fronk, i'll be indebted to you for life. come on in and call them right now. - well, they no have telephone. they just moved. - don't tell me that. look, you drive over there as fast as you can. then, get to a phone and let me know what they say.
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t stake here! if i fail tonight, i'm a dead duck, so fronk, do your best. i'm depending on you. -go get 'em, fronk, you can do it! - i've got to finish dressing. i'll wait for your call! - senor! - why hasn't that fronk called? i'm running out of time! margaret, hurry, we have to leave! - he'll call, daddy, i know he will! - yes, but when? i can't wait much longer! - mother, you look wonderful. - thank you. (doorbell rings) hasn't fronk called yet? - hello. - fronk, why didn't you call? it would have saved time! - well, senor, i have something to tell you. - okay, but first, tell me about your relatives. will they do it? - that's what i have to tell you. i, uh, i don't even know them. - what, you don't know your own relatives? - they are not my relatives.
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- you see, (speaks foreign language) was so sad because i no have family, and so then one thing led to another - - we'd better go, honey. - senor - - here are the badges, dad. - oh, yeah; good night, kids. - we won't be awfully late. good night, fronk. i think i do a very bad thing. - i'm afraid so, fronk. - boy, you sure let dad down. - you see, (speaks foreign language) when you find out that i have a family,
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they are happy, too. everybody happy so i figured if things make people happy, then it must not be wrong. we have a saying. (speaks foreign language). but i see i have not pleased no one. worst of all, i have hurt the best friend i have in the world, senor anderson. [unintelligible], i have done a very bad thing. ? ?
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- now, to introduce the evening's entertainment, here's the man who's done such a monumental job in handling all the arrangements - i still don't quite know how to explain this thing! - just don't worry. it's not your fault the way things turned out. - thank you, i, uh, hope you've enjoyed your dinner tonight, and our two very excellent speakers
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i believe the usual expression is "due to circumstances over which" - (offscreen hissing) "over which we have no control" - (fronk guitar plays offscreen) - ? (lyrics) ay yi yi yi ? (frank sings spanish lyrics) gracias, senors, senoras. the senor anderson was right. due to circumstances over which you no have control, you are going to have to listen to me sing.
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the troubadour with the voice of the frog. (fronk plays spanish guitar music) senor, you had better go sit down or you'll be in the act! now, i would like to introduce my fine, pretty, and talented family! vamanos, (speaks foreign language). - family, but i thought he said he didn't have one. (frank plays spanish guitar music) (bud beats on drum) this is pablo, my great-grandfather. listo? (fronk and bud play spanish dance music)
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(kathy plays maracas) - and this is little (speaks foreign language). (group applauds)
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(fronk, bud, kathy play spanish music) - okay, espanoles, just tell me this. whose big fat idea was this anyway? - oh, no me, senor! tortilla, tamale, maraca, toledo. la cucaracha! - no, it wasn't me. i don't know who thought it up, but fronk was the one who taught us what to do. - what can i say, fronk? you saved my neck. - do not say nothing, senor. just forgive me. and thank you for the use of your family.
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- [voiceover] robert young and jane wyatt (kathy giggles) with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. would you press this blouse for me? - well, i can't tonight, but tomorrow-- - but i have to have it tomorrow. it's the only thing i have to wear. oh, i'd do it myself, but i have to go to the library to study for that exam next saturday. - is little old papa home yet? i need some typing done. - well, he's still out seeing his client, but don't wait for him to do it. saturday? you don't have exams on saturday. - this is that special one i have to take if i expect to go into teaching, a do or die one. so, will you? (margaret sighs)


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