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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 17, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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almond joy and mounds. enjoy more. oh, fez, it was so nice of you to make dinner for us. yeah, this is amazing. well, food always tastes better when it's fresh. so what is this anyway? well, let's just say that the easter bunny came early this year, so i shot him. >> that stay tune for the "late editiin", and it starts right now. >> crime scene at johns hopkins hospital.
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>> a doctor shot. the suspect and a patient dead. side of the police car. >> what the shoot heard just before turning the gun on himseef. >> held captive in this apartment for almost a year. the brutal beatings and the sca3 kidnappers conninued for months. >> a 2-yeaa-old smoking pot. the relative accused of showing the girl how to do it. >> and a new weight-loss proceduree how it could help to shed poonds %-pain.d why it makes eating a >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. live at johns hopkins hospital in east baltimore. where a gunmannopened fire, and swat teems were called in. >> t happened late this morning, in the nelson uilding. complex. it ended with a doctor shot.
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the gunmmn's mother dead. and the gunman killing himself. >> jeff, we do know that doctor %-shot in the stomach. cohen. and was rushed into emerrency surgery. the good news tonight, he is expected to survive his injuries. cohen is a faculty orthopedic surgeon, did his residency in spinal reconstructive surgery at johns hopkins. now we don't know exactly how this dootor was involved in the but what we do know is that he was out of the hospital room today, talking with paul pardus. telling aul pardus about the condition of his mother, and apparently, according to hospital staff, talking about his mother being paralyzed. and, again, it was after that troubling news that this all started. around 11:11 this morning on the eighth floor of the nelson building here. paul pardus shot dr. cohen and barricaded himself in the mother's hospital room.
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hospital was immediately put on swat teams and fbi agents wasted no time to get into position,,on the ground and in the air. so i sat for an hour.cured. >> what thoughts were running through your head at that point? >> like he could tty to get in. i was actually kind of scared. >> everybody issscared. -he atieets were scaredd nobody knows what is going on. >> now, arouud 1:30. happened iiside of the hospital room. they found paul pardus shot in the head. he was dead on the floor. and they aaso foond his mother, with gunshot wound to her head. she was also deceased. they are calling this a %-hospital.ide inside of the they continue to investigate that. along with the investigation into the shooting of that doctor. the gunman involved in this
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including his real name, because there was a lot of confusion shed light on that.s here now to >> today was a day of chaos and confusion. police nitially said he and later learned that wassan alias and real name is paul warren parduu. pardus is 50-years-old. lives in -- or lived in arlington virginia and has a handgun permit also in viiginia. neighbors contacted in his neighborhood tell reporters pardus lived with his mother, ú%an davis, he loved her,,and 2 were very close. and appeared to be her sole caretaker. they do noted his mother and said that pardus did not want his 84-year-old mother to suffer. it is a sad story tonight. karen, thank you. just grateful that doctor though is expected to recover. good news. in all of this. now, the evacuation, all the police activity that was going
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on here just after 11:00 this mornnng. you can imagine the chaos and confusion that it caused here at this very busy medical institution. our kathleen cairns has more as people fear fodtheir lives this morning. >> trruble inside of johns hopkins hospital. >> 11:18 we got a page, shooter incident, it gave us the location and it said stay in your office. don't leave. >> there is a gunman, the hospital is in lockdown. >> go that way. >> the shootingghappened on the 8th floor. >> right now they say that he is locked in one of the rooms. >> some people are able to get ú%t. >> i thought it was a fire drill. >> others are stuck inside with the doors locked. >> this is crazy. i have to say. >> one talks toous by phone office.ú >> numerous unmarked police cars. i don't know, 20.
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friendsson eight. >> i cannot imagine how they are hopefully they evacuated the unit. >> with locks around the hospital barricaded by police. routine blood deliver is he wheeled ii a side entrance. >> we had to wait in the office. justtwait until the police told them that it was okay. we could come out that door. >> finally, there is word. >> i think, it is dooe. >> athleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". when it was discovered that gunman, paul pardus was dead by a self inflicted gunshot wound after he had also shot and killed his own mother. and again, dr. david cchen recovering tonight after being shot. a doccor at one of the finest medical institutions in the world, now being cared for byy3 his own colleagues tonight. jeff, back to you. >> good news about hat doctor. jennifer, thank you so much for
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the update from hopkins hospital at his time. >> ever since the shooting at virginia tech, johns hopkinsú policy. hopkins began to use text messaging to all essential personnel. that worked today. also thousands of wrist bands were given out to visitors, as for metal detectors, however. >> i aaso heard the questiin about magnatometers, only one or two institutions, that i am aware of, hospitals, that have them,,and they are not on the eastcoast. >> he misspoke ever so slightly but he as not far off. in fact, two eastcoast hospitals told fox 45 news tonight, they grady memorial hospital in atlanta, georgia, and the hospital at the university of3 pennsslvania in philadelphia. the is our question of should hospitals have metal ú%tectors at the entrances?
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so far 48 percent say yee. 52 percent say no. one viewer writes, thess doctors don't know what kind of people aae walkiig into these hospitals, so it could happen again f they don't get etal detectors. but bill writes. i should not haae to deal with metal detectors to enter a hospital because there are a few crazy people out there. >> new tonight now. involved in last week's string of robberies in college park. turner jaw is from silver %-suspects in the armed robberis along route one. police are still looking for the other two men involved. -> and baltimore city police arrest two men for stealing $$.5 million worth of precious metals. police say they were caught stealing shipping containers of nickel and chrome. the metals are used in steel production. >> a man on the run for nearly a week now is captured in washington state. paul palmer was caught with his girlfriend gina distefano.
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palmer escaped friday from central booking facing attempted murder charges from a auguut stabbing. diitefano is charged with harboring a fugittve tonight. >> the race for baltimore city state's attorney is still in limbo. tonight they are starting to count absentee bbllots. greg bern city has a slight leads over patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. patricia jessamy's crew sid thoosands may not have been counted. but suuporters of bernstein said it is time for patricia jessamy to concede. >> we would hhpe hat miss patricia jessamy would go ahead and concede. and recognize the nest ability of her loss. >> so many voters did not vote in this election. i think, had they done that, miss patricia jessamy probably november much better shape. >> counting of absentee and provisional ballots will not resume until next wednesday. and you can stay with fox 45
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news, of course, for all the latest information on the novemmer elections. go to 2010. >> we have much needed rain toniiht. with a look at the sky watch forecast. maybe it is happening now? >> yeah, we have some rain out there. most of the heaviest rain right now out toward hagerstown. but coming our wayyovernight. so don't be surprised to hear ú%mble of thunder in the next hour or two. but aftee that, it will quiet down. first wave dropped a nice amount of rain. first line caused severe storms up innnew york city. causing lots of damage there. midwest weather. and a line that comes through later on. zooming in the picture. not lot of activity. so things quiet down and gett3 ready for a fabulous weekend. i hope you have something planned outside because it is great to be outside. tell you about it in the seven-day forecast. coming up. >> a pot smoking 2-year-old.3
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how this video went public. and tte close family member accused of providing this joint. >> want to have somethhngg3 important coming up. >> a new weight-loss procedure helps patients lose ait quiccly. how the patch works and why it makes eating such a pain. >> and held captive in this apartment or nearly a year now. how police finally ound te ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable
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when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >> a woman is tortured anddheld captive for almost a year inside of a reisterstown aaaatment. myranda stephens has morr on what police call one of the most horrific cases they have seen in years. >> well, jeff,,police say the 22-year-old woman was beaten so badly thht part of her upper lip is missing. and she is now blind in one eye. policeehave now arrested kimberly king and her boyfriendú ú%rmane bay smith.
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they saa the couple tortured the woman and held her captive in the bathroom of their reisterstown apartment for nearly a year. while they stole her disability money. pooice say king initially told police that she found the woman in a pool of blood in baltimore city and took her to the hospital. but detectives later determined she made up the story. >> fortunately, on september the 9th, the victim was able to awake from her coma. %-investigators that she, in fa, had been held he falsely imprisoned in an apartment in reisterstown. >> police say the victim's one-year-old child and king's apartment, the entire time. but neighbors said they had no idea what was going on. king and bay smith are now being held without bail on charges of attempted murder, assault, and false imprisonment. the victim is in critical condition, but police say it is survive. that she may not
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myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> an ohio mother s charged with teaching her 2-year-old daughter how to smoke marijuana. thissdisturbing cell phone video shows the toddler holding a while she is coached by her mom in the background. the video taken back in august was brand for the state family services agency by a person who saw he incident, the mmoher tonight faces child endangerment ú%arges. if convicted, she could be facing 11 yyars in jail. >> a san antonio woman is facing animal cruelty charges tonight after shh was caught on tape beating her dog with a rake.ú in one clip the dog looks disoriented from the blows to the head. her neighbors security camera captured theebeatings and called police. animal control hasscustody of the two dogs in the house. a german shepherd and pug, both frightened as you can well understand.
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but they are okay. >> and a california doctor is performing a weight-loss procedure being dubbed the miracle patch diet. the recovery is rapid, and people can lose 20, 30, sometimes 50 pounds. ú%ere is one catch however, it makes eating a pain. really..3 this patch is sewen onto the patient's tongue. >> i will actually apply a smmll mesh to the tongue and then suture it witt several stitches. >> it is uncomfortable. uncomfortable. >> yeah, weebet. so uncomfortable patients cannot eat solid foodd doctors describe a liquid diet and the procedure is reversible. just in case you get hunger ú%ins back again. >> little rain and temperatures cooling down. check back with chief meteorologist vvtas reid with the weekend forecast. >> one more wave of thunderstorms moving in as the front moves through. but firing up in the atmosphere. and we have ssronger thunderstorms out there west of
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hagerstown. activeelightning. and it looks like as we track the storm, the activity will continue to push off to the ú%st. and it looks like this is going to continue to push on along i-5 here. so heavy amounts of rainfall as we go through the next, about, here. back in motion, you can see the firrt wave of thunderstorms there is the line of thhnderstorms that are firing up right now. we have severe thunnerstorm warnings right now for allegany county. because this line picked up pace. you see te red right there. red indicating heavy thunderstorms zooming into hagerstown. you can see on i-70. heavy amounts of rainfall. gusty winds. usually thunderstorms warnings are issued when there is wind in excess of 50 miles per hour or more. gusting to 60. and also heavy amounts of rainfall. so watch this continue to head toward bbonsboro and thurmont. frederick, heavy rain within the next about five to 10 minutes. so looking at this activity. what will be going on for the next 45 minutes. we have from the national weather service severe
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thunnerstorm warning until 11:45 p.m. for frederick county. and washington counties. until 11:45. as the thunderstorms roll through. currently temperatures are 67 in baltiiore. 70 in ddc. 64 in hagerstown. bigger picture here. what is firing it up. continue to move through.ill area of low pressure that is over northern pennsylvania. that is helping to lift tte atmosphere, to create inntability out there to create the thunderstorms that ill move through. there is the low. the cold front, helping to wedge up the atmosphere. ii is firing off the thunderstorms ahead of it. that pushes off to the east. by tomorrow. %-with high in which will be bringing drying conditions for the next several days. and it looks like a relative quiet weather pattern as we go down the road. %-in the atlantic.oks like out not a quiet weather pattern. igor category 3 storm with winds at 1277miles per hourr and it will affect folks over in ú%rmuda. a danger for them. so keep an eye to the sky aas that tracks ovee bermuda. toward sunday that will cause lots of damage. the other two storms, will
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continue to head out to thee3 atlantic. well, the other one storm that is. which is following it. and that ii julia. hurriiane julia. five-day forecast shows 84 for friday. 83 saturday. more sunshine. sunday looking at beautiful sunshine and 83. and we have a beautiful week3 setting up for next week. >> big american idol news. the new panel of judges has been and we will tell you how you an auditioo without waiting in line like this. >> after a dominating perforrance on monday ight. how
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>> new season, new judges ann3 new way to audition for the show american idol. you will not have to wait in lines. this season. with "myspace" to take the audition online. contestants must be 15 too28. and submit a video for longer than 40 seconds. and those videos will be judged like the live auditions. and we will soon very soon know the replacements for simon,
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ellen, kara in one week. i told you it was very sooo. the replacement udges were chosen. ryan seacrest will make an announcement of the panel on wednesday. soon. ú >> ravens put in a second day of preparations for sunday's ame with the bengals and they did so coming off a big win over the ú%ts ii the opener. one the entire country got to see on monday fight football. coming off aahigh prooile win, is there a chance for a let down? so could the ravens walk into a trap game in cincinnati? ravens themselves do not seem to think so. >> no, i don't hink it is like that. not when you were swept by the bengals. we have got another week coming up this week. and the bengals are very quality opponent and we have to go have our game ready. celebrate it and do what you have to do with it.
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now it is over, move on. >> since the bengals are in the same division and play eaah other every year. they are familiar with paul brown stadium. but one more than the rest. i am talking about t.j. houshmandzadeh. who spent eight seasons with th3 bengals. to say tte least. going back to cinccnnati, is going to be weird this weekend. >> it will be different. kind of eager to see how the locker room looks. see if t is nice or whatever. but it would be different for sure. be different. i don't know ow i will feel. emotionally come to you however they mmy. you cannot really control them. but it will be very different to say the least. >> after sweeping three games from toronto a team they were week. orioles are taking the night off. back in action tomorrow night. opening up a series with the yankees at camden yards. birds go in having won nine of the last 11 and go in without a clear picture of the status of their young pitcher, matusz, hit
12:54 am
in the arm in the first inning of monday night and removed. and tomorrow he will thhow in the bullpen and then a decision reached. if he is good to go, he will start next week. by the way, since buc showalter took over, matusz haa a 5-1 record. >> thoughts time to announce the winner in the high school game of the week contest. for friday september 17. and you cast the votes and the winner is patterson versus southwestern in football..3 with 45 percent of the vote. %-nnght with kristen berset, for the highlights. and remember to vote eachhweek. log onto and click on high school game of the week. >> on rsus 28
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! >> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will see clouds breaking in the morning. and front pushes through, dropping few showers. thennit clears. 84 tomorrow. beautiful day. starting for aturday. gorgeous sunshine. 83. 83 sunday. repeat day. and then early parts of next week. clear skies. sunshine. and it looks like it will be a3 beautiful week ahead. back to you. sunshine 10 times quick. >> oh, we areeout of time or i would. you know me. that will do it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. watch fox 45 news tomorrow
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morning at 5 a.m. for the latest on the hopkins shooting that happened earlier this morning. until then take care. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning ♪
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