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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 18, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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ice breakers. stay cool. what would a french girl do that an american girl would think is gross? it could be anything. they eat snails. maybe it's foot stuff. foot stuff? what would you do to a foot? i don't know, like... lick it or something. what is wrong with you? what are you, some kind of foot licker? no. i wouldn't lick. i would get licked. oh, god, why did i say that? captioned by the national captioning institute
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the ravens last year.
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now, hhre is jeff barnd and karen parks with the "late edition". ú% %->> fearrduring the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. hear more of the 911 calls. >> this is like the czar of all czars. >> new person appointed to build a consummr protection ageecy. >> dozens of cats found in crates, where investigators said they were being taken. >> and why youumay need a prescription to at this ice3 cream. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am karen parks. >> seven and jeff barnd. first tonight. breaking news out of west baltimore. city police were called to the scene of an assault, at north stricker street nnar pressman in a fight.3
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the aunt was taken to the hospital. where she was pponounced dead. it happened just before 8:00 this vening. and of ccurse we will have more informatiin when it is available on this breaking ssory. >> new look tonight at yesterday's shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> we're hearing of a vivid descriptiin of what it was like inside of the hospital. just a few doors down from where the gunman opened fire. myranda steehens joins us live from east baltimore with some of the 911 calls. myranda? >>well, karen and jeff, most of hospital. they were made just after 11:00 thursday morning. whenna visitor opened fire on a doctor. there was a range of emotions with the phone calls. but the most telling may be from a patient, who heard the gunshot right outside of her door. >> i am in room 877. my parents are at the door, shut tight. >> can you see if anyone is
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shot? >> no, but the nurses are out there, and they are saying get a stretcher fast and i hear stuff like that. >> and police released six of those 911 calls. but as you can imagine, there were liiely many, manyymore. we're live here tonight outside of johns hopkins hospital. myranda stephens, fox 45 news >> myranda, the doctor shot is ú% fair condition tonight? dr. cohen underwent surgery rom a shot to the stomach. he is an orthopedic surgeon there. and johns hopkins will not be releasing any more information. >> still quessions remain surrounding the gunman ttat opened fire at hopkins thursday. %-witness accounts to determine exactly what happened inside of police commissioner fred bealefield said this investigation does not end at room 873, where dr. david cchen was shot. a family member of the gunman saii paul pardus brought his mother to johns hopkins hospital
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in hopes of her health improving. could to get her well. because she had back problems, so he ttok her back and forth to johns hopkins hospital. to get her help. >> it really does come down to a questiin of his grief and the care of his mother. that really seems to be the central point of why this occurred. >> police say thhy are checking out a couple of addresses where pardus may have been sttying here in the city of baltimore. >> more news tonight about the shooter. he lived in his mother's home in alexandrra virginia. neighbors along kenmore street said they rarely saw the mother or son outside. but say it was clear hat the son was devottd to helping his they say he never discussed the difficulties. >> he was only one there for her. it was like a 24 hour job ith -im. when you saw him, he had her
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with, or he wassvisiting. he rarely stayed in the hhuse. the hospital was the highways home. ú% he did have a weapon permit but only in virginia not marylann. >> to watch more about the hopkins shooting go to and look for hot topics at the top of the >> baltimore's long time state's attorney concedes defeat today bernstein.e with atttrney he leads patriciaajessamy by nearly 1400 votes with absentee and provisional ballots to be tallied. patricia jessamy said she s focussng on aasmooth transition process. >> i am not one to dwell in the past. i am one for moving forward.3 and i just think that it is time to do that. >> atricia jessamy has been city state's attorney since >> three hours aater patricia jessamy's concession her -pponent spoke to hhs supporters. greg bernstein said his campaign
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backgrounds, who are ready for ú%ange. and he said publiccsafety transcends politics. >> let the results show that we attracted a broad base of support across the city. because people of all races, ages, and economic groups were ready for a change. >> bernstein has no opposition in november's general electiin. >> tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30. we askeddyou iffgreg bernstein will have an impact on reducing crime in baltimore? so far 53 percent say yes. 47 percent say no. on facebook, toney said, no, if they are afraid to report it and testify, then a new state's attorney means nothing. >> but arthur writes. %-baltimore around.ends to turn3 and bernstein have to say today. go to news. >> get the latest on the mid terrorism elections by going to
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our website 2010. >> three people are hurt, in a stabbing on board of a mta bus. before 3:00. along liberty heights avenue. after the incident the bus pulled over at mondoman maul, none of thh injuries is believed to be life threatening at this hour and they claim the stabbing victims may have been fighting among themselves. >> great september weather oot there today. absslutely beautiful. but the question is, how ong %-here with the firss look at e sky watcc forecast. hi emily. >> hi guys. nice weaahee out there for the next coople f days. needed rain in the forecast as well. watch ffr that. but we will see warm temperatures for the next couple of days. wwrmed up to the low 80s today. so a little above the avvrage oo 78 degrees. one thing we did not see much of, once the cold front passed is rain. as you can see. radar is dry. and will stay dry for the next several days. we have no rain in the immediately forecast.
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but we have some in that extended forecast.3 so for tonnght. staying dry. 60 degrees for the overnight low w winds out of the northwest at3 five to 10 miles per hour. aad a warm up on the way. -nd when i say warm up, i mean back to summer like temperatures. i wiil have the details on that, and when we may see the rain >> maryland is getting a lot of3 stimulus money to help increase high speed internet connections across the state.ú maryland will get $115 million of stimulus money to increase it will be used to put down 1200 miles of fiber optic cable the new fiber will improve speeds, government offices and hospitals. stephanie rrwlings-blake said it may help the city's bid to gee baltimore. >> i annot think of how we would not be benefited by the fact that this is a significant, significant invessment, and google, who is looking to invest
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ovvr a billion dollars, that money would go further. >> and internet connectionssin homes willlnot see an immediate benefit from this. but businesses may able to use some of the new fast internet. ,3 >> just two seconds to turn off your cell phone. aaa is teaming up with 17 magazine, to encourageeteenagers their cell phones, before they start ddiving. and it only takes a 22nd ú%straction, to cause a fatal car accident. -> target it toward teens, disttacted driving impacts all of us. and we're focusing on teens and parents and making sure that they are involved. but urging everyone not just teens to pay attention to the task of drivingg and not be distracted while doing so. >> nationwide, more than 3500 teenagers die in automobile accidents each and everyyyear. many are caused by those types of distractions. >> first glenn beck had his restoring honor rally in
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washington, d.c.. noo comedy central's stewart and colbert are jumping on the rally bandwagon. stewart will hold a ralll in washington, d.c. called restore sandyyand colbert will hold one called the march to keep fear alive in washington, d.c.. both will be held october 30. ann for more information on these events go to, as always,/news links. >> next on the "late edition". progress in the rescue of the minors in chile. the things rescuers still need tt do to get them out. >> this is lining he czar of all czars. >> and the tactic president 
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heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >> long time maryland senator ú%ysses ccrrie pleads not guilty to corruption chhrres. currie enters a plea in a federal courtroom in baltimore this morning. the prince george's county democrat is accused of accepting almost aaquarter million dollars from theeshoppers food arehouse in exchange for his influence in annapolis. he was namee in an 18 count indictment earlier this month that included charges of bribery and mail fraud. 73-years-old. he has cancer. he as other serious health
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issues. and as anyone can well imagine, strain on him. >> the judge ordered currie to surrender his passport tor federal authorities. his trial is expected to take place next summer. >> wall street's critics praise obama earlierrtoday but he -aissd a lot of eyebrows, appointing a new consumer protection czar. some saying he is by passing the senate to make t happen. >> white house knows the old friend elizabeth warren is a liggtning rod but she will now be in charge of a powerful new government agency. president obama appointed this woman, harford professor elizabeth warren to take wall street to task. overseeing the creation of a new financial consumer protection agency, that will bb quote charged with enforcing the toughest financial protecttons in history. >> she is a dear friend of mine. somebody i have known since i was in aw school.
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and i have been in conversations with her. >> but llft out f this conversation, is the u.s. senate. whicc would normally have to confiim anyonn with this kind of power. -nd instead warren will be named a special adviser to the prrsident. meaning the senate will not have a say. and admission that she woull probably not survive a confirmation process. >> how will this affect americans families? >> critics from wall street players to republicann on capitol hill, all say her views are too extreme and she will be hurting the financial sector. others say she will effectively reign in abuse. buttrepublicans in the u.s. president's tactics. >> ttis is like the ccar of all czarss lets talk about process. the fact that this person, the process is being circumvented because the president knows that thii person could not be confirmedd i just find that to be abusive. >> the white house said the
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permmnent director will be named to replace warren. but no word on when that will happen. >> bp has started to ump cement into the welllin the gulf. the operation likely to be finished saturday. deep waterrhorizon well exploded and sank in april, of course, killing 11 and leaddng to the massive disaster offan oil spill. when the seal s complete, it will mean british petroleum can leave that site. >> finally some progress in trying to rescue the minors trapped half mile underground in chile. a bore hole has reached the men. this hole will eventually be he escape route. head engineer of the operation said this is progress, but much more work still needs to be done. %-6 weeks.ld take another 4 to the minors have been trapped since august 5. >> great weekend weather on the way. >> yeah meteorologgst emily gracey rejoins us with a look a3
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the sky watch forecast. emill? >> all right jeff. well gorgeous weather in ssore for u for the weekend and next as higg pressure sits on top of us. llve outsidd this evening. skycam shows clear conditions out there. and cool and comfortable conditions as well. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. and one of the warmer spots right now is downtown at 63. wind out of the nnrth at 7 milee with partly cloudd skies. we will be clearing as we ead into the overnight hours. looking outside across the area. clouds earlier today. but startiig to clear up. fewwclouds for along the mason dixon line. for the most paat they are clearing out this evening and plenty oo sunshine in the forecast for the weekend. and temperaturrs that will be slightly above average. very similar to where we sat for %-nowwwe are also watching the tropics, we have three systems, we have been watching. igor. the largest storm here. hurricane -- category 2 status that. will not be impacting our weather here in maryland. %-west of that.lia back to the also not impacting our weather.
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and then also now ddwngraded to a tropical storm is karl. wwich is still impacting parts of mexico. so three storms going on right now in the atlantic. none of them will be an issue for s here in maryland. fortunately. but certainny keep an eye on them as they do continue to churn up in the atlantic. high pressure, ttat's what is dominating our forecast for today. cold front pushed through last night..3 brought us hours. we did not get as much as we needed. we do need it quite aabit more weather to get out draft we have. maybe next week. ú%t not this weekend. the high prrssure is bringing us dry conditions, and then another cold front will push through, on sunday evening. when that happens, no rain is in store for us there. a change in the temperatures, and dropping back to our typical temperatures for thii time of year, which is highs in the upper 70s. %-overnight low.degrees for that at five to 10 miles per hour. anddthen a gorgeous day across the area for tomorrow. 82 degrees on thh eastern shore. with a northerly wind.
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and mostly sunny skies. and then right around 80. %-central marylanddwwth mostly sunny skies. slightly cooler than that back in western maryllnd with a high of 79. so great starr tt the weekend. great day to be outside. and that will continue on sunday as well. 82 degrees for the afternoon hiih. cold front comes through. you can see the dip in theú teeperatures for moodaa and tuesday. -ighs in the upper 70s. sunny and dry thougg. and then take a look at this. we jump on wednesday back to more summer like temperaturrs. with highs in the mid 80s. i will tell you how long the warmth will stick around and when we may see the wet weather coming up in thh seven-day forecast. >> next on the "late edition". why you will need a prescription to eat this ice cream. ú% n injured baltimorr raven find out if he will g env touch.
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! >> eating cat meat is no crime in chhna. but animal lovers in the citiesú are speaking out after they found this. cats on board of a truck south of beijing packed inside of crates. police rescued more than 100
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felines from suspected butchers, and police say now they are questioning several people. >> you won't find these ice creem flavors at aay store around here. a medical marijuana dispense rein california is selling pot infused ice cream.ú patients choose from flavors like banana, and triple3 chocolate brownie. hit. >> we have lot of people coming back for seconds. >> a pint sells for $15. but you can only get one if you are a card carrying patient. >> how can i follow the pot ice cream? after weeks of waiting, ravens got dissouraging news about sergio kendall. john harbaugh told the press today that kendall's chances of play thing season are slim. and second round draft pick fractured his skull after
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stairs before the opening o training camp. kendall came to baltimore of neurological and medical tests. ravens said they would restart contract talks with him and try to work out a deal that reflects his unique situation. >> now to sunday's game. the one thing the ravens' defense has been known for over the years is stopping the run. however, last year, the bengals ran all over the pprple and black,,and the main culprit was benson. the cincinnati running back in two meetings with the ravens he carried t 61 times. helping the bengals control the ball forralmost 30 more minutes than the rrvenn. so how do they stop him? be as patient as he is. >> we have to make sure we stay in our gaps to keep him contained. he is patient and stutters a lot %-zone team they have got.he
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really is, you know, kind of creative for him. the way they run that. as farras defensively, we have to, you know, ttack. >> to baseball, where the -rioles named britain minor league pitcher, of the yeaa and mahoney minor league player of the year. now to the game. impact in the east. hosting the 2nd place yankeess second. and he takes kevin millwood deep, left center. hello pitchers. in theebullpen. right in the bullpen. solo shot. his 4th. o's accidentally shot off fireworks after the homer. yankees up. and game tied at one. adams jones smacked right there. -randerssn can watcc it as it leaves the yard. his 19 home run. tying a career high. gives the birds the lead. top of the 9th. orioles lead. already with a homm run tonight a-rod rushes it to left.
12:56 am
thhee run shot. koji blows the second straight3 save to the yankees. and obviously upset. new york up. and yankees take game one in heartbreaking fashion for fans. >> cc sabathia will try to win the 20th game tomorrow against guthrie nd the o's.
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>> all right. it will be a beautiful week out there. lets hear it one more time. shall we. it is words the wwit..3 >> gorgeous. >> here is emily gracey with the ú%recast. >> hi guys. high temperatures in the low 80s. with a lot of unshine. cold front comes through on sunday night. and cools us off on monday and tuesday with highs in the upper and staying dry through the middle of the week. but warm up to 86 on ednesday. and then staying warm for thursday. cold front comes in at the end of the week and brings us a chance of chance of showers and much needed chance of showers. back to you. >> thank you emmly. >> that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. see you tomorrow night. up next is how ime


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