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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 21, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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engineerrng geneticalll engineered salmon. gilbert. ú% and i am jeff barnd. first of six people chargeddin the murdfor hire plot invooving a gas stationnowner is foundú guilty. -> they are live at the hees gas station wheee his wifeelured him to the death with the help of >> we are standing at the hess %-convicted coyle todayyd, jury he is the man that found the guuman to do the killing. coyle was found guilty of first-deeree murder and conspiracy to commit ffrst-degree murder in the march shooting death of william porter. our juuy took less than two hours to convicted coyle today. the jury got it wrong.elievesú he said the client is no different than several others
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that say they were approached by karla porter, to murder her husband and we felt that the ssate did not rove their case. obviously the ury felt otherwise. from herr..3 >> he was the individual that we proved thaa put karla porter in ú%uch with the gunman. >> coyle coull be sentenced to life in prison with a chance for parole. harris said he will ffle a motion for a new trial. meantime, five other people, including porterrs wife, karla, are waiting for their trials. in towssn. edition". >> this is the scene of breaking nees in south baltimooe. triple shooting at 8:00 at 10th and stole place, two shot in the stomach, one in the hip. ú%at word, all men in serious police are looking or the gun. >> this is the scene of a double
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shooting in east baltimore. hommwood avenue in east reston street. man shot in the stomach, woman shot in the leg. homicidd detectives were alerted. >> a baltimore woman is charged in the death of her unt. police say 33-year-old delana simmons killed mitchell fridaa at a home. police say she beat mitchell up with a club. the device used to lock and simmons called 911 and said she hurt her aunt. >> uutil police arrived the aunt was suffering from traumatic head wounds. p transported by med-acts to the injuries. charges, including first-degree murder. >> new tonight. baltimooe grand jury indicts a man on murder and hateecrime charres. germane holly is accused in the beating death of martin reyes. holly told police hh hhtes
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hispanics, after his arrest last month. police alsoosay holly is3 mentally unstable.ú >> first on fox tonight. a woman that was near the gunman at johns hopkins hospital last week sharessher story of survival. kathleen cairns r the vvsitor credits a higher for your all the help. >> when a guuman fired shoos on the eighth floor of johns hopkins hospital, deb mckeever was ddwn the hall. >> llud noise. door. >> she was with her mother-in-law, a patient. along with two therapists and a nurse. %-crrcked the door open.t, and then he shut the door and saiddthere is a ssooter in the hall. get down. >> immediately, he got down and put the chairs that we had in the room agaiist the door. quiet. >> deb dials 911.
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>> there is a shooting in the hall waa. >> it happened so fast. i was pretty much scared to death. i thought, possibly, we were going to -- somebody would shoot us. >> as swwt teams surrounded the building. >> i do believe that god was with us that day. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 ees "late edition". >> dr..cohen was shot in this incident. loved ones of dr. cohen tonight say hh is in good condition. >> and meanwhile, a coach for the ravens hhs legal problems tonight, asssstant offensive driving charges. state pollce say he was pulled saturday morning.ltway early last month, mmeeler was acquitted of d.u.i. and negligence driving in carroll county. >> a federal agency responsible for handing out millions in grants, is coming under fire. health administration, gaae $220,000 to the immigrant advocacyygroup ccsa de maryland,
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they say it is awarded to provide tracking and education programs from employers, and workers. but unlike years past, morr than half of the grants are goong to minority groups or groups that now some are wondering if the money is being used to play politics. >> it appears that these are going o smaller organizations, perhaps, with a little bit of a political angle involved. includdng day laborers, and domestic workers. none of which were covered two years ago. >> casa de maryland woold not agree to on camera inteeview ann working on how to spend the money. a quarter of the grants are going to laaor unions. >>well, ii is our duty to hold government accountable. you can help us do that by joining our foxx45 waste watch. if you see government waste call (410)662-1456. and you can also go to and click on waste watch.
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>> maryland's first slots maccine parllr set to opee next week in ecil county but it could be put on hold because of politicc. penn national is awaiting a decisson tonight for maryland's attorney general over its roll in the vvter referendum slots aú aruudel mills. penn national, which also owns hollywood casiio in chhrlessown, to block slots at arundel mills. >> the substantial amount of their revenue comes from maryland. surrounding counties.3 county, they continue to rake it virginia, and control the >> but penn national claims first amendment rights to be invvlved with this particular referendum. >> weel, the official start off3 autumn is going to be officially hot. it sounds like. >> yeeh, here is hief meteorologist vytas reid with a look at the sky watch forecast. what do you say?
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>> beautiful day out thereú today. pleety of sunshhne. comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s, some lower 80s, south of us. but things will heat up as we go through the worr week. right now clear skies on h.d. radar.ú scan, and there is no3 precipitation out there. but that will change by wednesday night. it looks like we have currently 68 degrees downnown baltimore. 67 in d.c. comfortable 60 in hagerstown. mid 50s out there in western maryland. overnight tonight, we should drop down to 64 degrees. with clear skies. ú%will need them for the next couple of days. possibly arrive. much nneded rain. and then start to see the things as far as teeperatures are concerned, heat up quite a bit around the reggon. -how you how hot oming up in the seven-day forecass. >> aggressive kids with adhd possibly don't need other medications. hyperactivity disorder that actt aggressively are given -nti-psychotic drugs, in
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additionnto stimulants like rrtalin. but a new study said that sttmulants are enough if doseed ú%d taken properly. >> the fda weighs in on aú massachusetts commany's idea to sell a genetically enginnered fish. they say they altered atlantic salmon anddtotally safe. and environmentally sustainable. because it grows twice as fast as convennional salmon. critics call it franken fish, the fda is holling heaaings to decide whether to approve it. pay the bills day-to-day. it is real for them. bbt try telling that to the president. the questions he faced earlier today. >> still national ea shore, you cannot dig. >> cllan up in he gulf is good from the surface. seeing wwat lies beneath. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ]
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it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ >> some economists announce earrierrtoday that the reeession ended more ttan a year ago. but s we hear, president obama is busy defending his economic policies. >> president obama said thaa while the economy is moving in the right direction. the recovery remains too slow. and many americans would disagree with the declaration by a group of acadeeic economistt
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that the reeession ended in jun3 of last year. >> for the millions of people out of work. people that have seen their home values declinee people that are struggling to payythh bills day-to-day. >> during a townhall in washington, president compared the debate over the soon to expire bush tax cuts to choices voters ace in november.3 >> all we have said is that you ggt the tax breaks up too $250,000 a year. ú%ter that, if you make more get a tax break but only up to %->> republicans wants the cutso all bracket and so do some democratic lawmakers. >> these are democrats in ttght races, i imagine the number will grow. it could be more than 31. but that's enough to put the >> republicanssneed 10 seats in the house. to take control. and g.o.p. leaders say witt midterms, they are focused on
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tax uts and jobs. >> the economic policies of this administration, have failed. pushing the third year in a rowú of more than a trillion dollars deficit, aad the american peoplú are focused where they ought to be..3 >> after a democratic fund he plans rallies beforetonnght. republicans plan to rollout a packageeof economic priorities for the elections thursddy, in washington, craig boswell, fox 45 news. >> that brings s to the question of the day. do you think the recession is over??3 10 percent of yoo say yes. 90 percent say no. joseph writes on our website. we have been told this every month for a year. ask the people that unemployment and the people that still cannot get a job. >> and gennralnell writes on facebook. i have beennin a rrcession, all of my life. so i didn't really even notice. >> leaking oillwell is finally sealed in the gulf and beaches on the florida coast are clean
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iffyou don't look closely. federal government prohibits bp clean up crews from ding more and dan thhmas, from our sisttr station in pensacola found out >> he said come to a public beach. which is right here, right? >> yeah, but you ccnnot dill. >> i cannot dig? >> no, you cannot. >> okay. why is that? because you cannot dig in a national park. evennthough it is a public beach, open to the public, but still national sea shore and you cannot dig. >> the national park service now said that it is looking atú -hanging that rule, but won't make a decision for nother couple of weeks. >> firefightees in new york, battled a big fire under aamajor city bridge. lift bridge connects the bronxs in manhattan and carriee metro trains in and out of the city. they are nottsure hat started the fire. no word on how badly it is
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-amaged there. well, it looks like it will be a hot starttto autumm. >> go to chief meteorologist vytas reid, again, for a look at the sky watch forecast.ú vytas? >> we are wrappiig out summer and begiining fall. in the next few days here. -alking about cooler temperatures for the last couple of days. the road. hd skycam. -ooking at the inner harbour..3 relativvly quiet night doon there. 62. and winds out of the north-noothwest at five. and thaa's an indicator of the cooler temperatures coming ow down out of the nniggbor to the north. canada, sending us a fresh cool breeze. and humidity levels at %-so the temppratures, as you s, -orth in wilmington.ú at 57. and looking at 2 in baltimore. 60 in hagerstown. and oot there in winchester,,3 northerr virginia, 60. dc at 67 nd we saw warmer temmerattres in the mid to upper 80s to thh south of us. continue to see tte warmer air pushing up as we see high pressure move just off to the east. looking at the temperatures.
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new england stttes. only 51 degrees in albany. ú%obaaly drop down to the upper3 40s potentially tonight. so the cooler air is slowly working the way down. look at the difference in temperatures. from cleveland at 59 to indianapolis at 78. 30 minutes ago, 80 degrees there. and some f that warm air builds in with the help of high pressure. here is what is goiig oo. mechanism of the atmosphere. here is what is happening. high pressuue is cllckwise, rotating air.3 so we have clockwise rotating air and also sinking air, from a lost to the surface. so what is happening is that we are not seeing much clouddcover associated with any moisturee3 here. dry. the air is coming frrm the north. ú% cooler conditionss but the high shifts east. anddthat will drag in the warmer temperatures. ú% in our forecast, that'' how you look ahead and say, we will summer is trying to hold on. that's good news, because we want to hold onto it as ong as ppssible. as far as oot there, clear skies for the next couple of days.ú chance for showers, building in
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asswe get down the road. toward wednesday night. best chance to get maybe a pop-up shower. or rumble of hunder. ú% ttmorrow it looks like plenty of ssnshine. 79 degrees. southerly wind at five to 10. so see the inds shifting out of the south. and temperatures really start to be noticeably warmer on wednesday. chance of showerr and thundersttrms. 30 percent chance. then we have 88 on thursday w sun. %-and thee we start to see the cooler temppratures back in plaú saturday. with a chance of some showwrs. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> the search is on for a baltimore ccty police say 17-year-old ross torres threatenee suicide. north baltimore. and she may be on her way to montgomery county. >> a boot gges down in a coree3 ray shan river, the rescue coming up. ú% after a four nterception ú% after a four nterception performance yesterday, how uch [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet absorbs and traps so much dirt
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>> a man with no arms and no legs, accooplishs an amazing
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physical challenge. >> this is incredible. this 42-year-old frenchman successfully swam the english channel saturday. now the man ost is arms and legs after n electrical accident back in 1994. he spent the past two years tracking. designed fliipers for him. it took him 13 hours to complete his swwm. >> well dramatic footage of a man rescued from a sinking boat. 56-year-old tried for hours to tow is boat to safety, in this croatian river and emergency crews had to bring out the helicopter. crews came doww and airlifttd him out.ú just in the nick of timee.3 >> ii the wake of yesterday's losses, cincinnati bengall, there are those innthe ravens nation that want to see changgs %-specifically, at quarterback. yes, there areethose that wwnt to send joe flacco to the bench3 he did not play very well, for
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%-his four interceptton are a and his quarterback rating of 23 percent a career low. on my raddo show today people were tting off on the starter. shot. but the problem is this is not baseball and joe flacco is not a starting piicher that could bee3 two different games. john harraugh is not worried about continuing to make number five his ssarter. >> nobody has a etter perspective on it than us in house. and we like our football team. we like our players. we are not ne bit concerned about our talent level in aay position. we know weecan winnwith the guys we have got. and we intend to. >> the nfl former vice-president for officiating said the officiils were wrong yesterday -or flagggng terrell suggs for rougging the uarterback. perrarrr works for fox, and said he can see why it was made. -ut incorrect. suggs did not violentty throw
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palmer down..3 >> maybe if it was a lesser quarterback. call does not get made. but i ammnot going to change the way i play. ú%ysical playerrand i was engaged. if i could do it again, i would. >> you play year ago a man pulleddup from hitting theú quarterback. and he is a hero. you finish thee lay like we are taught to do. we inish the play. terrell cannot stop mid air and pull up on carsoo after e has to get those two calls is sii points. you don't have to assume, if they call it. you don't have to make ittseem like i said this. it is six points. how many did we lose by??33 >> now to basebaal, and the sunday closed out the homestand. trip of the eason. grueling ninn game through boston aad tampa bayy they opeeed it up in style toniggt. ú%p of the seventh. o's with a 332 lead.
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scott rips the hang and slide3 tore right.%markakis scores fro. and orioles take the lead. and bottom of the 9th. one out. ú%ew at the plate.3 koji gets him chasinn the off next batter. var tech, koji makes the reddsox captain look like a rookie with that swiig. to end the game. koji picks up the 10th save. one.ú >> and buchholz is in game two tomorrow. >> it looks like
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new bounty extra soft. and try bounty napkins.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks ike we will see another beautiful one out there tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 79 degrees. warming more.7. ú%fshowers. and thursday aad friday. heaaing up. 88 thursday. 90 possibly by friday wwth the southwest.uilding in from the and front pushes through saturday..3 dropping things to the 80s. chance of showers. and sunday and monday. decent be and back in the range of where the temperatures should be. >> back to you. >> that will do it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. up next is how i met your mother. be sure tt tune in to morning news at 5:30 a.m..
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doctor have a great night. real ime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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