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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 24, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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denying coverage to people with preexisting conditionss including children. this haa prompted major insurers to stop selling child only and under the new law, you can keep your child n your plan until he or she turns 26. but that doesn't apply to everyone. >> ii you have never been on you cannot now suddenly ecide this is for people that were covered as children that were dropped off when they reached a on but don't have a job that offfrs inssrance. >> consumers signing up for new health plans will notice more changes. theyywill have access to preventative services like screening, vaccines and counseling, and without having to pay out of poke. and coosumers should be prepared toopay higher premiums and prove dependents are family. insurers ill work harder to weed out ineligible individuals. americans that are currently
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insured through employers will not see changes until their plans renew januaar 1st. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition". ú% and it seems the majority of americans still re not thrilled with theenew law. new rasmussen poll showed 61 percent of voters favor a repeal of the new health care plan. 33 percent oppose a repeal. that's up eight points from one week ago. and it is the highest level of opposition measured since the bill passee back in may. also our question of the day. legislation be repealed. so far 700percent say yes. 30 percent say no. row shell wrote on facebook. i won't directly benefit but i am willing to try to make life eaay and fair to all americans. but pat writes. it should be replaced with a bill that reforms the health system.ú not a government take over. >> house republicans unveil their pledgg to america today.
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it is what they plan to do if they take control of congress in ú%vember. the pledge iicludes steps aimed at beefing uppnatiinal security. repealing health care legislation and reigning in government size and spending. republicans say they plan to do that by picking a hard cap on disdiscretionary spending and takkng weekly votes on spending. unlike the cootract with merica in 1994, republican leaders say they got the ideas from the people instead of giving them to the people. >> when republicans were in charge of congress we made our fair share of mistakks. i thhnk we haveedemonstrated over the last 20 months, that republicans have heard the american peeple. >> the pledge to america also includes help for small businesses, but democrats say that is hypocritical. 174 republicans later voted against small business lending bill. >> when it is timm for a photoop in a small business, republicans are there. but when it is time to actually help small businesses grow, we find thhm voting to outsource
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jobs overseas. >> well social conservatives were worried the issues they care about will be absent from the pledge. but made it in with only brief mention. a commitment to traaitional marriage, and opposition to using ttxpayer dollars to fundd3 abortions. -> stay withhfox 45 news for the latest information on the november elections. go tt click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section..3 >> therr is outrage tonighh over a city office with a $28,000 facelift. office renovated a year ago, when director david scott was head of the city's department of renovation included a customm3 glass desk and $$200 chair. ú%e $28,000 renovatton took place as city leaders made deep cuts to the city's budget. >> our men and women are forced to take furlough days, we don't get raises. and we are conntantly asked to
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give and give, and yet, we have money to do things like thhs. sheila dixon's cabinet resigned earlier this year. current mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said she knew nothing about this. >> 1 and a half billion dollars project to revitaliie the westside is another price tag hard to swallow uuing tough economic times. features new retail offices and houses. critics wonder however if it is cost efficient in a rough economy. >> right now we know that we have been in a budget deficit situation for a couple of years. aad that he trends do not look positive. so why would the ssate take a risk, of pushing our redit limit, to the max, on a project right now. >> but lieuteeant governor anthony brown said that it wwll revitalize state governmentt it is our duty tt hood our government accountable as always and help us out by joining our wasse watch. if you see goveenment waste, you can call our hotline,
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(410)662-1456. you can also go to and click on waste watch. >> no "i" phone ffr verizon. at least nnt any time soon. the company's ceoospoke to investors this week and said nothing about the popuuar apple cell phone. althoogh he hopes apple will3 allow them to sell the phone on theii new 4 g netwook. that network is not open or service yet. and will not be finished until late next year. >> starbucks is increasing the vente size ittms and it is hard to make rinks. the price, for regular coffee drinks, will hold steady for now. starbucks said it has to hike prices because the cost of coffee, sugar, cocoa are on the >> et bbue plans to install satellite broadband internet and tv on its fleet. has to be tested by the federal administration before they can roll it out on all the planes. hope it is approved by the twend
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of 2012. they currently have tv on its flights buttnot wifi. >> tomorrow night hundreds of teens will attend a fund raiser concert for emily kerstetter injured by a terrorist bbmb on a mission trip to ugandan. so far. had aadozen operations her parentt say emily will be in a wheelchair, of course when she has to leave the hospital so they have to build a ramp at their home immediately. astrooomical.ills have been as you can imagine. ramp alone will cost $10,000. >> to be stuck in the hospital beeause don'' have a ramp to get home. >> i hope for her to be home i would like to see her home. >> the fund raiser is held friday from 6:33 to 10:00 p.m. at our lady of perpetual help in ellicott city. >> 15th annual book festival is underway today. >> the mmyor and her very oon steve levine got the events goong in mount vernon.
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has top publiihers, writerssand celebrity authors. festival runs through sunday september 266and attracts more admission is free. >> look at him he looks like he commanding behind the podium. whatever you call t beaatiful >> gorgeous. feels like summer out there. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us to tell us how hot it wiil be tomorrow. >> hot one. kicking off the week. temmeratures will be soaring higher than todaa. in the upper 80s. brushingg90. so the temperatures are suuposed but feels more like summer. ú%oking at the yes today. 87 degrees in baltimore. 93 in d.c. 97 in fredericksberg. those mid to upper 90s are shifting over the central portion of the state. that's whattwe willlfeel tomorrow. baltimore. 80 in d.c. 78 in fredericksberg. looking at 78 in hagerstown. temperaturessin the mid to upper 70s. clear skies. beautiful moon out there.
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74 starting us off for thh morning commute. witt sunshine. and right at lunch time, about 90 egrees. and it will continue to climb through the afternoon. i will have a detailed look at how long the heat sticks around in tte seven-day forecast..3 coming up. >> two girls fighting and all caught on tape. and posted then on "youtube". why one of the girl's parents is facing criminal charges. >> and nergy efficient street lights in a dog park. %-the lights and why t isuel abundant free. >> you said you wanted to play drees up. >> still ahead on the "late edition". ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology.
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heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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>> city police are investigating after a man is shot inneast baltimore. it happened at 10:00 this morning at north broadway and east oliver. foond the victim shot several times in the abdomen. he was ruuhed to hopkins where he later died. police hhve no suspects at this hour. nor a motive. >> police in balttmore county arrest a man that is responsible for a sexual assault and an attempted rape. they arrested lamont garrison. he is responsible for an attempted rape on fraaklin avenue in july. and a sex assault on monika place back in june. police initially arrested ú%rrison last week. while patrolling the area because he mmtched the suspect's
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description. >> the detectives came ddwn and interviewed him. but did not have enough, at the time, a week ago, to charge him with these. however, dna swabb were taken. and, in fact, they were confirmed by oor biology unit that he was, in faat, the one who committed the crimes. >> police are now looking t weather garrison is responsible near his home last month. %-detentton centtr without bond. accused of killing former city council membbr ken aaris want jurors to believe their clients are the victims of a flawed investigation. lead detective, investigating harris' killing spent most of toe today in court giving jurorú a play-by-play of how he handled the investigation. thhy argued police made mistakes. mishandled the investigation an3 evidence. including surveillance video captured at the scene. >> well, there was a picture on the -- one of the surveillance videos of a young lady.
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that in my opinion, was there. but even though the detecttve, primary detective drove all the way up to upstate new yorkú almost to canada to talk to somebody. never bothered to find out who the person was depictee in the video. >> mcganey, colllns, williamm, all charged with murder in the during the robbery, t the new september of 2008. >> well it was a very hot day today. it will be hotter tomorrow maybe. >> near 100 did i hear? go to chief mettorologist vytas reid with the latest. did i hear that, 100? >> some portions of the state. southern part. mid to upper 90s. anywhere from three to 4 degrees shy of 100. that actually happened today. here s what s happening out there right now. %-downtown baltimore. nice and quiet. beautiful sky. full moon. -4 degrees. winds are out of the east at seven. humidity levels are sitting at 82 percent. highs today across the state. ú% in baltimore. 93 in d.c.
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there is the 97-degree mark in fredericksberg. about 3 degrees shy of 100. looking at 96 inn3 charlottesville. so heat will build up out of the south riding up 95. ww will get some of that as the winds are maiily from the south thrrugh the day tomorrow. currently across the state. 74 baltimore. 78 in hagerstown. 80 in d.c. 72 n charrottesville. as the sunrisss and winds are from the ssuth. temperatures will continue to o %-as we get througg the day.3 %-looking to the north. that's the cooler spot up in boston at 62. 64 albany. stretch ack west. 82 in cleveland. so we are looking at some warm temperatures across parts of the midwwst. to the south. that will be drawn into our as the warm front cootinues to extend over parts of upstate nee york, ontario canada, northhrn pootions of michigan. firing off showers and storms for them. will have cold front that follows that. coming across the plains. that will sweep down across ouu region by saturdaa afternoon,
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that wiil start to really generate some cooling as we get through the week. so first paat of the weekend looking at clear kies friday. plenty of sunshinee warm front continues to push to the north. cold front behind that. that will continue to push in. ttat will give us a chance for that cooling as we get on saturday. and then into sunday. so mainly clear skies. 77 degrees.ú winds out of the southeast at five. then for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. aaound 95 or the high. and then it looks like on our five-day forecast. we drop to 85 on saturday. with the front pushing through. we will continue to cool into sunday. 72 degrees.shine. fabulous weekend for out activities. but nonetheless started off hot. with the weekend on saturday and sunday look fabulous. if you are going to the book festival orrgame. it looks ood. monday nd tuesday back in the 70s. where we should be thhs time of year. chance for rain will arrive possibly next week tuesday.
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>> this video of a fight betweee two high school girls was posted on "youtube", and it has lanned one of the girl's mothers in jail. she was caught on tape egging ú%ght on. >> come on baby, let's go. go. %-campus.the fight happened, off in a remote park area, in florida. dozens of classmates gathered around recording the fight with camera phones. and encouraging er 16-year-old ordering her not stop. april new commis harged with child abuse..3 police say some f the students involved could also face disciplinary action. >> all right. well one massachusetts man ets green at his area dog park. -t takes doggy dooo and turns it into uel to light the park. the poop converter consists of tww massive steel oil aatentions aatached to a treet lantern in
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cambridge. the doggy dodo is ropped into the machine with a ew turns of the handle microbes in the dodo give off mettane gas if he had through theetanks to the lap and >> methane is about 30 to 70 times more potent than could she docks so by burning it you are reducing it. some dogs can do number one against the lamp post. everyone makes out in the deal. proof that poop power is a lot of fun to say on the air. has broad appeal. >> you said you wanted to play dress up? >> up next on the "late edition". why sesameestreet decided to children's. >> this is the truth. noodoggy dodo here. sergio ken dam becomes a raven
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>> instead offteaching chillren to count. the folks at sesame street may count the number of complaints
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from parents. >> this after a video from an upcoming episode of the show featuring katy perry recently hit "youtube". >> ♪ >> video has gotten aboutt3 1,000,000 hits. the singer's duut ith elmo as supposed to air later in the year. sesame is pulling the segment because of the negatiie feedback. >> ravens have done a lot of waiting for kendall. this evening part of the wait is over. the teams top drrft pick, kendall has agreed to a contract.3 gets $320,000, pro rated downnto 282,000. on the way to baltimore to officially siin tomorrow. after he does he will be pllce placed oo the injury list. meaning he cannot play. but we knee that..3 he sufferrd skull fracture
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after falling down two flights of stairs this ssmmer. he hopes tooreturn neet season. but nothing is certain as of yet. meanwhile with kendall about to sign, the real focus at owen's mills is on the ppesenn. that means the browns this sunday. while the ravenn expect to win they want to improve in one turnovers.rea. believe it or not, aa weel as the defense has been playing they forced only one turnover, fumble. no interceptions at all. now that's obviously very %-and it is something they inted to address this sunday. >> always want to get turnovers. and especially in a season or a game when it is going back and forth. that's the job of the defense to try to get turnovers. and the biggest thing is any get make sure you get it. you cannot try to invent things or make plays o get turnovers. bbt when they come to you, you cannot squander opportunities.
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helping of senka wallace. ú%owns back-up quarterback probably will start because this guu jake, has the dreaded high ankle strain. they are nnt saying for sure. but he was spot at practice with a medical boot on the ankle. wallace started next week. >> and the ravens owner is in the nees. foreclosures magazine has published the annual list of the 400 wealthy people in the u.s. steve bisccotti took a fall in 230 a yyar ago, he fell to 308. shed no tears, foreclosures listed hii at 1.3 billion. with a b folks. >> now it is time for s o announce the winner in the high school game of the week contest. for friday september 24. you voted and the winner ii, with 80 percent of the vote. %-football.rsusswwodlawn in is the winner.ú game at 7:00 at woodlaan. as always, thank you for voting.
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>> and remember o tune in too3 "sports unlimited" tomorrow those highlights.
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>> it looks like we will see a %-95 degrees, with plenty of sunshine on saturday. loooing at 85. front pushes through and drops the temperatures doon a bit. by sunday back in the 70s.
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beautiful day for the game. with the browns and the ravens.ú looks llke 72 the high. 75 monday. tuesday, wednesday, watch for showers. maybe thunderstorms. for uesday and wednesday. but nonetheless fabulous temperatures back in the norraa realm of things for fall in the 70s. jennifer and jeff. >> great day for football sunday. 72 degrees. yeah. that will do it for the "late edition". thank ou for joininggus. i am eff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tune in tomorrow for morning news starting at 5 a.m. have a reat night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captionnng
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