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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  September 29, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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we will announce the winner on thursday night..3 here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition", >> e-mails ver job numbers. >> what the gooernor is saying about a possible covvr up. %->> an object, red glooing object, hoovering just above our ú%ont gate. >>the people providing new evidence about ufo's. whh we may be in for flooding too. >> and shockinn surprise. what was found bakeed in loaf of bread. >> live in high definition, from fox 45 news "late edition".
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hello again, i am jeff barnd. we have been seeing gray skies, and a lot of rain lately. >> it is about to get worse. vytas reid with the latest severe weather orecast. vytas? >> jennifer and jeff, definitely seen our share of rainfall over the last couple of days. in the ast 48 hours, an iich around balttmore. eastern shore, over 2 inches. and then in western maryland lookkng at an inch. so average about an inch to inch and a haaf in the area. ground saturated. like a sponge, you absorb it, and when you give it more, it runs offf thattwill happen with the next system. no activity out thereeright now. relatively quiet.3 allng frontal boundary sitting off to the east of us. we have the stationary front that the moisture rides on. moisture.lorida, look at the ahead of the tropicalú depression. joining us s we get down the road here. in fact, looking at how much we
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could possibly gee on the future scan. we could get nywhere from 2-to 4-inches potentially across the on top offthe 1-to 2-inches we have seen. so run into flooding conditions. tell you more about the track of this potential tropical storm coming our way in bit. >> the governor is defending he state's labor department after a gloomy jobs report is removed ffrm its own ebsite. jeff abell is standing by at the state office complex where the action has been unleashed a politicaa attack. jeff? >>well, that job report painted a grim picture when this department initially posted to its website. but within hours, the report was replaced by another report. which painted a far less gloomy picture. well that drew cries of a cover up from reppblican gubernatorial challenger bob ehrlich. today governor o'malley defended the department saying the initial posting was only a
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draft. -nddshould have never bben posted to the site. >> and in the campaign year, you know, there will be people that look at every iece of news to be twisted as some sort of doom or forbbding depending on the siie oo the camppign they are on.ú so if you have any more questions? >>well, today the governor insisted he knew nothing about any of this. until well after the action was taken. we're live at the state ffice complex, fox 45 newss >> okay jeff. latest information on the november 2 election. general election. 2010..3ú >> is there intelligent life out there? ú%rmerrair force personnel now admit they spotted ufo's years ago. they spotted ufo hoovering over nuclear silos anddweapons ssorage areas, starting in the 60s.3 >> white ulsateing light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance, with strange markings.
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>> an object, red glowing object, hoovering just above our front gate. >> officers say the military forced them to sign documents ú%rring them from talking. seriously, however. last week, the u.n. appointed an ambassador for alien affairs. >> now, on to our question of theeday. do you think the government covered up evidence of alien so far 62 percent say yes. 38 percent say no. tiffany writes on facebook..3 to think there is no intelligent life outside of eartt is ignorant. but john writes. the most important part of a ufo ii the unidentified part. just because they don't know what it is, does not mean t is an intelligent life form. >> arundel county police officer is celebrated tonight for saving the life of a 4-year-old girl..3 the call for elp ent out about 4:00 this morning, frrm this home on vena court in pasadena. police corporal luke wingler
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close by. he arrived t the home before paramedics. one minute aftee the call for help. and found the girl lying onnthe floor. >> she beggn toogasp several times. throughout the prrcess. as if she was trying to breathe. but it kept failing. and she kept stopping. >> wingler was able to revive the ccill just before paramedics arrived. 4-year-old brook is in stable3 condition tonight at the %-center.y of maryland mediial >> and elementary school student in baltimore claims she was punched in the face by an adult aideeon board of the school bus. it happened this morning near sharp leadenhall elementary. where the bus was waiting to unload students. 11-year-old girl said that she was leaning out the window when the aide told her to sit down. she did not. a fist fight broke out. and then i gottup in his face. and thhn he said you are going to et in my face, i will smack you. i told him if you smack me i will tell my mother and father.
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and that's when he pushed me, and i smacked him and then heú -it me. and i started to kick and trying to defend myself. >> school officials say the aide is not a schhol workkr. and has been suspended pending aa investigation. >> baltimore police can still arrest people for videotaping officers on public streets. monday a harford county judde thhoughout charggs against a bikers that videotaped his judge ruled police in publicper. have no reasonable expectation of privacy. baltimore police disagree. >> but as it stands today, if a baltimore city police officer that he feels is in violation of the law, we ncourage him to work closely with the baltimore statees attorney oofice and review the law to see if there is enough evidence for arrest. if there is, he has a ight to enforce the law. >> harford countyystate's attorney said this ruling creates several problems for police. >> a baltimore city police3
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officer is killed in a car crash. 61-year-old james fooler of catonsville died after crashing his truck in the state of pennsylvania last night. 31 year police veteraa. today police commissioner bealefield talked about the dedication to his job. >> a charles county worker is rescued after falling into a 30 feet well. this rescue operation was set uu in waldorf this morning. well was at a sewage pumping station. worker alert during the rescue. and expected to be okay. >> the iivasion of bedbugs has gotten so bad, some tenants are suing landlords. howard county couple forced to moveeout of their apartment commlex in ellicott city after unit was infected by bedbugs. bugs affected the 3-year-old daughter. the half million dollars suit claims the apartment manager's did nothing to correct the problem. >> when you have bedbugs in your bed. crawling into your bed at niggt. sucking blood when you are sleeping.3 and waking up with intense
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itching all over yyor body. it is very disturbing. you feel violated. >> so far, no comment on the suit ffom the apartment management. but bedbugs have become so wideú spread in balt northe city health epartment will hold the first in a series of public problem. >> on friday maryland will become the 8tt state in the -ation to require drivers to be hands free while talking on a cell phone and driving. the national safety council3 blames cell phones for 116 million crashes each year.3 but tte highway loss data institute said hhnds free is even more dangerous. since drivers esort to risky behaviors, to hide the phones, while they are driving. >> if you re driving, talking on a cell phone, the risk of you quadruples.ved in a crash, that'' whether you are hands free or holding the phone. >> starting ffiday, if you are caught with a hand-held cell phone while driving, yyu could
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be fined $40. >> amtrak unveils plaas for high speed rail along the eastcoast. $117 billion plan will take 30 years to complete. but by 2040 a trip from dc to new york city will drop from two hours, to just over 90 minutes. amtrak said the expansion plan will also allow it to accommodate almost 34,000,000 passengers a ear. >> you may soon bring mmre things in your carry-on bag age as ou ly. the tsa is looking to easing restriction on liquids. agency is better able to detect explosives in liquids. currently you are not allowed to carry more than 3 ounces of liquid on board of a aircraft. rule put in effect back in 2006. you may recall after a foiled plot to blow up airlineers over the atlantic ocean was revealed. >> one of baltimore's prominent building has a new name and tenant. former leg mason buildiig innthe %-transamerica tower.
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transamerica life iisurance will move 770 employees into the building. on the building that runsleaae through november of 20/20. >> yeah, this is the last headache i need for the day. it is terrible. >> i am going to give it a ssot. ú%ve it a go. keep on the gas. hopefully i will make it home. >> seveee wwather, across the natton. flooding in somm states. extreme heat in others. what could be heading our way, on the other side of the break. >> disgusting surprise, inside of a loaf of read. tell you exactly what this is, next, on the "late edition". >> singer gloria he is steffan kick f
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-> a major scare on one of theú kun's biggest college campuses ttday. sophomore at the university of texas austin, opened fire in the library and shot himself. no one else was shot. nor hurt. but police are trying to piece toggther hat happened. the school immediately locked down. >> i just got texx from my friends and everybody is waaning everybody in case you don't get the ut texts. %-alone, but working on figuring out what triggered the attack in the first place. >> former president jimmy carter back in the hospital. admitteddafter he became ill on a flight from atlanta to
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cleveland. spend the night for observation. cleveland to promote his new book. plans to resume the book tour tomorrow. with the stop in d.c. family members say carter is resting, and doing fine. >> severe weather around the country this week. >> on the westcoast, a massive heat wave scorching southern california. mercury climbing to a record bbeaking 113 ddgrees. in downtown los angeles. the hottest temperature recorded since 1877. >> in the state of wisconsin, it is indeed drenched and water log. residents watching a 100 20-year-old levee that is beginning to spring some leaks. and cculd breakdown entirely. ey evacuation orders handed out in the town of portage for hundreds of nearby homes. >> and a ea of floating cars, quickly turn into a see of flashing lights. as highway 17 in north carolina
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was ssut down because of the relentllss rain storms. the standing water and falliig rrin, is something that didn't sit well with drivers trying to get home during rush hour. >> and we have severe weather headed this way. come tomorrow night. >> how bad will it get? chief meteorologist vytas reid has the details. >> those pictures can become real here. heavy rainfalllinto play over the next ccuple of days. looking at the hd skycam. partly cloudy skies. 66 deerees, winds out of tte and humidity at 65 percent it see some changes coming our way, with the clouds gathering and some heavy rainfall moving out of the south. we have on the western edge of the chesapeake bay. coastal flood advisories, unnil 3 a.m. but we will probably see flood advisories, and flash flooo warnings, advisories and watches, issued across parts of virginia, marylann, in to parts of tte delmarva into tomorrow. as the system pushes up out of the south. seeing them n the carolinas. on the watches and warnings map here. what is going on right now over the atmosphere.
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around us. area of lowwpressure ttat is what helped to bring the rain over the last couple of days. seen anywhere from an inch, inch and a half to 2 inches or more on parts of the state. on the eastern shore. especially over toward salisbury with heevy raans. ground saturate around the mid-atlantic and much of the and see the system ush northeast. following behind it is the next system. timing it out. we look attthe future ssan. looking at tomorrow. to gather. we may start out with sunshine. but through the mid afternoon. seeing the cloud cover thickening up. and system building up by the afternoon. just south of us. around dc. real rain moves in lateein the and it will be a mainly wednesday night, overnight, to thursday morning, thursday3 %-so tropical depression moves p the eastern sea board of. and ii will be wrapping in plenty of rainfall. right now e could even get %-so could see tornado watches,
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mid afternoon to late afternoon wednesday. carrying through wednessay night to thursday. you get the spinning action with the area of low pressure, when it goes over the region. so watch for potential tornadic activity as it pushes north. quick moving storm. should be out of here fridaa. here is what it looks like. trop depression number 18..3 if it is a tropical storm it will be nicole. winds at 355 gusting to 46. sitting just downtown and over parts of cuba. the northern fringe of t over cuba. continue to track north ver the -outhern tip of florida. ú%%-is looking like from theack national hurricane center. makes the way over miami. then it makes landfall. just north carolina, southern on tuesday morning. but then by tuesday night. over us. the problem with that is we could see heavy rainfall across the region, in this area here. rain potentially. from 2-to 4-inches possibly in this region.
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as that storm pushes up. so what we are looking at tonight s mainly just clear conditions. pprtly cloudy to clear conditions. 59 degrees. cool night. tomorrow, see sun in the morning. cloudssgathering in the afternoon, evening. with rain picking up in pace through the late afternoon and evening. 74 is the temperature. look at the five-day forecast. heavy rain carrying through -ednesday night to thursday. the potential for someetornadic activity. that we have to watch. keep you posted if anything but worry about flooding3 ccncerns. %-cooler.ves us by friday. back to the 60s. and overniggt temppratures in thh lower 50s, upper 40s. >> oxxord england, stephen forest made sandwiches for his -ids in thh morning and found this. brown furry stuff on some of the it was a dead mouse. forest immediately called the bread company that slogan is the best of both.
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best of both what is the answer. they gave him 2000 euros for his troubles. >> to start with, i thought it was where it is mmxed up before it is put in the oven. then back across the kitchen, i looked into the bread. and i saw it had fur on it, and it didn't look like dough, certainly like, to start with, part of a mouse, or tail, part of a tail. >> forest is searchinn the inner of the toaster currently. the mouse's tail was missing. maybe it is in the toaster. no one was hurt. >> gloria estefan makes a break for it. why she had tt escape through the window of a box uite during a football game. >> steelers week. hear from head coach john 3q
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>> gloria estefan has a careerr3 and now she is adding escape artist to the list.
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>> she made a climbbout of a window. after getting locked inside of a suite at miamiisun life stadium there. to see the jets dolphins game sunday. a locksmmth, security guards, and a lot of firefighters all failed to get her out. so she reportedly kicked off the pumps, and climbed through the window to the suite next door. >> girl has to do what a girl3 has toss to do. >> lc scores another reality show. lauren conrad is teaming up with mtv for a show documenting her journey as sse launches a line of clothing and trying to build a house f fashion from the ground up. conrad previously starred in the and the hills. >> the ravens are taking the day off. it is their only one of theú week. but you can belleve all of that changes tomorrow. because it is steeler week. and we all know what that means. things will get very serious. especially for the refuel of the rivalry. without the big star roethlisberger, steelers are
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3-0. last week with batch at the ú%ntrols. bay team thought to be vastly surprised some people. the john harbaugh was not among them. -e reminds you he has been saying ll along steelers should >> this is darn good football team. they have a great defense. they have a great rrnning game. they have dangeeoos wide receivers. special teams are much improved. we are noo surprised that they we are playing the game. >> they play ball the way we desire to play. that's what makes the match up special. we have a great deal of respect for the outfit. they bring the best out in us. we love to play against them. regardless of what happened in the stadium you will know more about yourrelf after playing the ravens. >> you can expect more of the same from pittsburg. coach tomlin said batch will remain the starting quarterback. last week against the bucs he threw three touchdowns.
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and 3 interceptions all time against the ravens. this marks the roethlisberger suspension week. >> steelees are point and a half favorites. towson university will introduce - new athletic director. -addle is leaving the university of cincinnati whhre he was a senior associate ad. replacing hermann that resigned this summer. >> sad news from the racing world. real quiet. who almost won a triple crown. died at age 15. won the derby and preakness here in baltimore. -nd missed out on becoming the niped at the fiiish by victory gallop. he retired to stud. 0ed 15 stakes winner. he died at a farm outside of harrisberg. >> there is more. rachael alexander retired. philly, she beat all the boys in the 2009 preakness..3 the race that is year. including the haskell invitational and woodward. horse of the yyar in 2009, bred
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to occurlin that won in 2007 ann 2008. >> and she had 13 ins and 19 starts and earned lee andda half million dollars. 
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. we will start to see heavyy3 rainfall moving in. associated ith the tropical depression pushing out oo the south. two to four pposibly thrrugh wednesday night to thursday.
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and there could be some tornadic activity with that. so watch the attosphere closely. storm leaves us by friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures cool down and we have plenty of sunshine through the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> that will do ittfor thee"late edition". thank you for joining us. i am jeff barnd.
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