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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  December 14, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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to win in overtime.@ does not get better than that. here is jeff bbrnd and jennifer -ilbert with thh "late edition." >> the mother of a suspected terrorist speaks out. >> tooey is not a terrorist. failed plot is really the fault of federal investigators. >> getting kids to show up in class. why a crackdown could cost
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parents. >> and mmlie cyrus with a bong? why she may not have done anything illegal. >> why hopkins researchers are enteeed in what she may have been smoking. -> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, ttis is fox 45 news "late edition." >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. man accused of trying to blow up a military recruiting from in catonsville will stay in jail until the trial. judge made the ruling today. >> crimeeand justice reporter joy lepola tells us ntone nomaa %-the feds.aams he was set up by >> antonio martinez attorney is arguing that his client was entrapped. jjseeh walter, federal public defender,ed the fake bombing at @%armm recruiting office is the design of the government.3 while arguing for martinez's release, he questtoneddtheeback rarground of the nformant and
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why initial conversations between the two were not recorded. again, this aal goes back to whether martinez, that calls himself mmhammad hussain came up with the idea to carry out the bombing on his own. martinez's mother was in court for the detention hearing. we talked to her, aad marrinez's attorney as they were leaving court today. >> toney is not a terrorist. he is not. i don't care what the report saad. he issnot. >> what about combing the mosquee ttat was somethinggthat you felttas if the informant the area? >> again, the arguments i made in the coortroom speak for themselves. and they are all based on what the government has alleged in their affidavit. >> prosecutor detailed how martinez on his own arc -traighted the attacc. and pointeddto a journal dating back to last year, in which the3 suspected terrorist rote quote. i want to be remembered forever. as a fearless warrior. joy lepola, fox 5 news "late
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>> a pharmaceutical delivery3 driver kidnapped and drugs stolen. it happened this mornnng at the westside pharmacy on west pratt street.3 police say the driver was delivering medication when three -en grabbed the driver. one of the men was armed with a gun. >> ttis is not a random attack against a pharmacy. but robbers in this case had3 prior knowledge of the packing list enclosed in tte truck. the robbery was well thought out. so was our response. we have coordiiated with fbi and dea. given the amount of narcotics that wenttmissing. >> the three drove the driier to south baltimore. u-haul truck ann drove away, leaving the driver here. >> two men are killed, 11 others sickened after carbon monoxide @%aked into a baltimore county home. emergency crews were called to thii home on kolbe road inn pikksville sunday morning. when they goo there, two men were dead.
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the rest of the people inside were taken to the hospital. along with three police officers that got sick after entering the home. there were no carbon monoxide detectors found in the home. >> if you are a state worker your beeefits could be reduced. a special commission is now considering alternatives to reduce the massive unfunded liability. one plan to freeze the cost of living increases may be illegal. and unions representing state workers say retirees will wind up paying more now. >> you are going to ask retirees that have set a side enough money to live for the next, you know, several years to twilight. ask them to maae decisions on are theyygood to pay for food or medicine? >> commission members are expected to ote on recommendations for revising the pension system, somm time next week. >> a closed door hearing is set for tomorrow for the doctor accused of performing hundreds of unnecessary surgeries. cardiologist dr. marmidei performed theestent operaaions at st. josephhmedical center.
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just last week his attorney the case. have brought claims against dr. midei, but for the frenzy ccused by st. joo in an unprecedented move of sending3 letters to patients acknowledging responsibility. >> tomorrow's hearing is before theemaryland bbard of which will decide if dr. midei@ can keep his license. >> bad day for an americannution, atlantic and pacific tea company known as a & p. overnight super fresh, iled chapter 11. founded back in 1859. and has over 395 stores. some right here in marylaad. and a & p is one of the oldest supermarkets in the u.s. first selling, ea, coffee and@ precious spices.
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>> bad wikileaks day. wikileaks descenters are launched their own website. disgusted with julian asssnge. it opened today. unclear what documents will be posted o that site.3 but it appears aaaang has worn >> great day for jack abramoff. on probation and no longer working at a pizza joint. he was sent to a halfway hour you may recall, that hooked him %-and owner said hh enjoyed working with abramoff and former lobbyist has left him. >> weather size ii is wold cold out there. >> it is. and wind is making it worse. chief meteorologist is here to tell us how much worse. >> flakes coming down. winds whipping fearsly out there. making temperatures feel cold. %-we have scattered now showers on radar. over baltimore there were a few
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scattered showers over in chestertown, eastern shore, few scattered snow showers here. and gaithersburg, rockville, and siiver springs, snow showwrs %-brunswick and northern virgin. -ontinue to see the snow showers trailing here and there across the state. so do not be surprised to see them. 19 in hagerstown. baltimore 23. and single digits back in western maryland where the cold3 teeperatures are really, really cold.3 have a look at how cold and how@ deep the chills will get. coming up in the forecass. >> a warning tonight for business owners, scammers are@ targeting llcal restaurants.@ -retending o be health depprtment inspectors. they call to schedule visits. then show up with fake ids.3 information. >> they also do nnt take money. they should not be receiving any money. and they do not schedule
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emergencc inspections by phone ahead of time. >> well ccunty police say if a person shows up clliming to be3 from the health departmenn. call 11 right away pplice will come out and verify the kra shen schalz. @% more toyota recalls this evvning. 102,011 seanna minivans recalled because of brake lamp problems. nooaccidents or iijuries. tooota has recalled, more than 10,000,000 vehicles in the last year. to address different concerns. >> a feddral judge declares a major provision f the %-unconssitutional.lth care bill so what's next? iiam shannon in richmond with >> and one state goes old school >> and one state goes old school to get kids to go to ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪
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>> a federal judged the %-ameriians to buy health insurance. shannon bream has more on where3 this case could wind up. >> aafederal judge said president obama health insurance
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law goes too far requiring3 americans to buy insurance or be %-in the decision, jjdge huuson said it amounted to unchecked expansion of congressional power that would invite the unbridaled exercise of police powers, end quotee the minimum essentiallcoverage provision or mandate appears to -orge new ground and extends the commerce clause powers behind the high water mark..3 judge to strike down a key portion of the law. but white house officials quick to point out that two other courts have upheld important part of it. >> challenges like this are nothing new. in terms of laws that have come before the courts in the past. and in which our position has prevailed. virginia's attorney general.@ reach of government power. @% if we cross this linee withh health care now, this uncoostitttional line, where the government can force us to buy a privvte product. ann say it is for our own good,
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tten we will have given the governnent the power to force u3 to buy other products. >> they say the fight is not over.@ >> 2-1 for those that keep score. >> othhr side offthe aisle, house speaker to e, baiinard said quote it puts the government in the business of forcing you to buy insurance and tax you if you don't. >> with lawsuits spending, llwmakers agree the fight over health care is far from overr and experts say it will go all the way to the upreme court. >> and here in marylann, strong reaction on booh sides of this issue. dr. andy harrissaaplauded he ruling from a virginia federal judge calling it the first step in lengthy battle for health ccre reform. and proponents it ccll it fair and justice. >> 14 ther federal judges conclude government hass3 authority. we think this judge is wrong. nancy pelosi over stepped their
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bounds. and this law shoulddbe repealed. >> white house said implementing the laa will not -- woo't be affecttd since the insurance requirement does nnt take effect until the year 2014. >> we have been asking you all night, do you think the hhalth reform law is unconstitutional? 67% ay yes. 33% say no. one writes, yes, congress needs to work to find a solution. carroll said the constitution cannottffrce people to buy something. how can this law be? >> we are dealing with coll %->> i was going to use balmy to make you feel better. but i would be rong. reid with the latest.gist vytas >> phoenix had 80 degrees tonight at 6:00. ann we were in the lower 30s. upper 20s. we're talking about cold temperatures tonight. as winds are marching in from the north. they areehammering state and we will be stuck withhthat through@ the night tonight. inno tomorrow. so what you have got now s what
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youuwill get tomorrow. here is what is going on right @%w. 23 degrees. wiid is out of the west-northwest at 14. and humidity evelssat 43.@ we do see in the bigger picture@ here. the national temperatures shhw the core of cold polar arctic air driving down over the upper plainss and up ttere around@ minneapolis. 2 degrees. you see 10 degrees in chicago. these areas were blasted by heavy snowfall from the same @%stem that gave us a little bit of that raan the other daa. and ow the wind. so they were draped with snow over parts of wwsconsin. illinois, indiana, michigan, ohio, parts of kentucky. now that stretching up o the northeast. all of that cold air wrapping i3 zooming in closer here.@ we can see how those @%mperatures are frigid across the state w them in thee20s right now. 23 in baltimore. 19 hagerstown. five ut there in western of thh northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. so that makes it feel bone chilly out here.
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nine in altimore. two in hagerstown. 17 below zero out thhre in oakland. in western maryland. so frigid cold temperatures. storm will continue to wrap out of here. %reahowers west of lake erie, ontario. for us, we may gettflakes in the overnight tonight s well. breaks in the clouds for tuesday. but wednesday to thursday, watching the next storm arriving %-for snow howers. the chance 19 tonight. remaining snow showers overnight. %-gusting to 30.15 to 20, tomorrow, sun and clouds in the afterroon. temperatures around 30. then more clearinggwednesday. thor thursday with chance for snow showers. friday and saturday clear up with temperaturessin the 30s. @ >>well, college guys have been@ checking outtcollege girls, and vice-versa siice the beginning of time. so it only makes sense thaa in today's orld eventually itt3 wouudd lllgo online. rate bu.commis a ew website
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that allows boston university students to rate each other, online..3@ even pload pictures, ann comments. but the whole thing is raising questions about privacy and @%disgusting, degrading, kind le the old frat house connersations. except that it is there for the whole world tt see. >> school districts in western alaska are going olddschool to @%ack down on truancy. getting thh cops to enforceea state law ttat allows them to fine parents that be kids skip schooll $500 for very unexcused well some pareets are getting fines in the hundreds, and thousands of dollars. make sure your kid is in school and you don't have to worry abouu it. >> city of detroit pretty mmch bankrupt. one plan to deal with ii is shrink the size of the city. mayor has an idea. stop garbage pick up and police protection to 20% of the city. but common senne said that 20%
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>> it issa big talk innholllwood mylie cyrus caught on amera smokiig from a bong. >> the hannah montana ssar, that @%rned 18, just last week. was reportedly smokkng salvia there. hhr publicist points out that she is an adult, and has losegenic herb is legal in california. mylie's dad billy ray tweetee after seeing theevideo. saying "i am so sad." researchers at johns opkins university of medicine wrapped up the first scientific study on human reaction to salvia. salvia is ban in some places,
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including ocean city maryland. but researchers have concluded that salvia may benefit people@. >> such as chronic pain, cocaine addiction, alzheimers disease anddothee dementias. @%cause of the way this drug receptor in the brain. and because of the completely uniiue structural profile. >> in maryland, it is illegal for anyone nder 21 to purchase3 salvia. and there is a total ban as we said in ocean city. the uss of salvia is also ban in several states. >> before ttnight'' game, ravens coach john harbaugh wanted to sse joe flacco play angry. joe flacco did not look angry. but to houston fans, they did. joe flacco had a hey day in the first. right now, they are ahead in th@
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fourth quarter. -nd david reid reeurned a kick 103 yards for a touchdown. >> it had to end at some point. -rett farres streek of 297 starts came to an nd. 41-year-old quarterback sprained a jointtin the shouuder. in that hii agaansttbuffalo. the ssreak started in 1992 and reaches 321 games, if ou include playoffs. peyton manning has he strongest >> truly bizarre moment in the@ jets game. carroll running along the side line. the strength conditioning coach @%uck out is knee and knooked down carroll. @% apologized calling it aalapse in judgment. and called himself irresponsible. and he wws fined 25000 and
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>> as mark twain wrote,,reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. earl weaver knows how he must have felt. he is still alive. something escaping the leading newspaaer o saturddy, the new york times rrfeered to weaver as %-hanging outtwiih former goverr texas governor richards. and problem is he is alive, sun %-and added a few wwll timed eptats..33 time for the high school game of the week contest. yoo can vote for the game you would like to see highlights of by going to clickingg n high school game of the week. maybe you will see your school. for friday december 17. seton keogh/arch spalddng in girls basketball. mount st. joe and loyola in boys basketballl @%holton and glenelg in girls basketball. digital hhbor and forest park in boys basketball.
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back to you. >> get this. fighttskiing in the french alps. >> 18 of the famous sculptures sitting in a stunning back drop. famous sculptors llke dally and michael angloo jjst a few. all but two are the originals. on display t the end oo the ski season in april. >> santa is dressed in speeddss run through the streets of33 toronto canada. the santas pounded tte pavement@ for 2 miles over the week. this is the sixth annual santa speedooelves. these elves are not shrinking %-all the mmney goes to toronto chhldren's hospptal. >> lookkat the ext day planner.
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the morring. taaereddoff with sunshine in the aaternoon. and winds are a factor out of 32 wednesday. with more sunshine. then thursday, we are watching another system that moves through. potentially giving usslight accumulation across tte region. more sunshine through the week with emperatures in the mid to upper 30s. jennifer and jeff? >> thank yyu for the exciting forecast there vytas. real pick me up. thank you for joining us. i am jeff bbrnd. -> nd i am jennifer gilbert. up next is how i met your aad tune in to fox 45 news morning news at 5 a.m. have a great night. real time closed captiining provided by u.s. captioniig
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