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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  December 16, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EST

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captioning provided by carsey-werner-mandabach llc captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> that will do it for this edition of "sports unlimited." %-jeff and jennifer.s next witt aad it starts right now.., %-with a gun inside of a school board meeting. >> he brave woman that tried to disarm the gunman with her purse. >> how low can conngess goo the shrinking approvaa rating of lawmakers in washington. >> a alse eport. the storyythat a new york ciiy tv personality now said she made up. >> nd a flay grant fful. basketball ccurt.chaos on the >> llve in high definition, from
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wbff tt in baltimore, this is fox 45 nees "latt edition." >> and am jenniferrgilbert. a horrifying confrontation caught on camera at a florida school board meeting. >> we warn ou..3 %-disturbing.abouu to see may be karen parks has the chilling details. >> please ddn't. please don't. 56-year-old clayyduke opened fire on the bay ountyyschool3 board in panama city. the wall.spray painted a v on thee pulled out a gun. >> he said i havv a motion for you, and pulled out his gun. >> you may leaae. yyu ay leave. >> hh told you when you can3 leave. >> six men stay. everyone else leaves. >> then, board member ginger littletoo comes up behind duke and smackk him with her pprre. morr violent.
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>> he came up overrtoward the back side of us. and started to say sobody iss3 going to dieein here. i am upset. i am mma. you fired my wife. my wife lost her job. he was rambling. we didn'ttknow what he was talking about. >> superintendent tried to %->> just listen to me for a minute.@ >> i don't want anybody to get @%rt. i ave a eeling what you want is cops to cooe in and kill you because you are ad. because you think you are going to die. why?@ this is not worth it. this is a problem.@please don't. please don't. pllase. don't you understaad. >> when duke openeddfire, so did a security guard in the back. hitting him twice in the leg.@ -hen clay duke killed himself. >> no one else in that room was3 hit bb gun fire. @
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>>well, the deep freeze conttnues. it is so cold, in fact, inner harbouu today was looking like a ghhst town. -emperatures in the 20s. stronggwind makes it feel colder than th. >> chhef meteorologiss vytas reid joins us now with a cold %-and word of some more possible snnw. vytas? >> yeah, it looks like definitely e have a system pushing in from the west. today we saw plenty of sunnhine. buu cold air s over the %-from the west it its the cold of snow tomorrow. llokiig at winter weather advisoryy for howard countyy down toward ppince georgg's countt and montgomery county -orthern virginna. and partssof the eastern shore.@ so all getting snow. but it is how much will cooe down that weewill look aa. predicted snoofall here. model runn computer thinkiig we will sse an @%nh to theenorth of us in
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cockeysville. oveeran inch in baltimore. almmst an inch innwestminster. towaad frederick. gaitherssurg and ttward to 2 inches possibly. anddas yoo get toward dc. 3 inches of snowfall.3two to so further soutt you are on 95. -he heavier amounts of snow are @%ssible. so it looks likk this will start for the baltimore area. central maryllnd egionnand we 1:00, 2:00.t pick up at noon, taper off around rush hour. five or 6:00. %-work, buu lunch time hour and drive home, will be more challlnging. so give yourself extra tiie, patients, and slow down on the roadways. i will have a closer look where thh storm is coming from. %-around in detail.ll sticc coming uu in a bitt >> well this old weather is a good time to remember that there -re families in baltimore that are not as fortunate as many of us. >> so fox 44 news is holdinn a warm holiday ishes coast drive
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friday on morning news. frrm 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. you can drop off your ently -sed coats, hats, gloves, scarves, t the studios t 2000 west 41st. and meet the morning crew. @%d spread warmth thhs holiday season. %-marylann girl thaa was killedn a drunk driving accident, is noo %-the driver.he bar that served tte famill filld a multi-million @%llar lawsuit gainst the bar in gaithersburg. that michael eaton reporteddy left before the accident. lawsuit claims the bar was@ himm and he was a regular customer known to get drunk. he fact that he bought all of this alcohol there. beer and hard liquor. that he was belligerent and aggressive. when you add all of them together,,you have to coocluue should not haae been ermitted to drive. >> michael eaton haa been senttnced to almost eight years in prison. %-responsible for the actions of
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theii customers. so far, 91% say no. and toney writes, people need to be responsible forrtheir own@ac. -uu steve writes, in this case, there is no doubt the bar is, a@ >> a dog left to die in@ baltimore county is saved by aa3 pit bull rescue groop. in the colddaround midnight. beaten, ssarred and suffered lots of wounds. animal hospitaa as we sppak.inn >> this was a dog thaa was malnouriihed. @%dp wounds. new wounds. >> we would like to ee this dog %-it could live out of the restf sugar snap has a long recoveey ahead. veterinarians will be determining, in the upcoming day if she is adoptable.
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baltimorr sheriff's deputy that3 was shot on the job, could soon be fired. james lane said that leading up to election day, the sheriff's office wantee deputies to vote for sheriff john anderson. lane supported nderson's challenger and said that's why -e is being pushed out..3 >> administrator is saying support the sheriff. he gave you a job. you want your job. >> sheriff's office said that i3 is nott ware of lann's3 allegations. they say lane is being fired for changing hii storr about a3 shooting hatthappened two ears ago. and ane was shot, in thht shoot-out, presumably by the suspect that died. but now he says it wassa fellow officer.., >> new at this hour. maryland's economy shows signs of rebound nderstanding but not muchh state board of revvnue said there was a 20% decline in ome sale prices. but increase in evenues you from income and ccrporrte taxes.
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maryland's unemployment rate is remaaning at 7.4%. >> new details tonight that hug3 fire set in baltimore, adult entertainment district ast investiiators, includinggthe bureau of alcohol, tobacco,,3 firearms and explosives. announced the fire was3 %-meaning set by a person.3 -ut investigators are not caaling it arsonnyet. >> now, it becomes an investigation, that could possibll lead to criminal ccarges. or not. >> no suspect hhs been@ identiiied.@ iivestigators are offering $5000 reward foo information that -eads to a resolutiin of the %->> it appears here were no -moke detectorssin the home that -aught fiie, illing six people in east ballimore..3 and three kids, killed ii tte -rom the burnt out rowhome on homewood avenue. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is urging eeeryone to learn fro3 this tragedy anddget a smoke
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deeector today. >> really,,really bad day for %-record low, 13%,,of americans approve of tte job congress is doing..3 the lowest rating in gallop pole maybe it is because vvters distain ear marks, they are considering a mmasure with 6000 ear marks worth $$ billion. mag 95 it sent day forr3 zuckerbbrg. time magazine's person of the yearr of the world's youngestk aa one billionaires. this year he pledgee3 $100 million to the newark new %->> good or bad ddyy we're not quite sure aboot this. maryland is among the wealthiest state according to the census %-poverty than in the year 2000. >> i an unddrstand the path ou3 of poverty, and we're wooking hard to pave the way. >> mayor said thattpoverty can
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%-comppnies to come to the ityf baltimore. >> salisbury company is making sure that those with wheat allergies can enjoy delicious crabbcakes. -andy international is making gluten free crab cakee, avaiiable for commercial sall. @%e crab cakes will available at costco and wholl foods. and other retailers across the country. they are also available diiectly from handy international. you can find a linkkon our website undee the news link section. >> if you are doing your holiday ssopping online. a warning tonight about a hole new scam. some boous websites are offeeing %-required to give creeit cardd3 numbers..3 they unknowingly agree to py other roddctt and pay shipping and handling as well. -> so that free i-pad turns inno monthly recurring charges of -ultiple productss on your credit caad.
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that are very difficult to >> analystt warr tonight, holiday job seekers to ignore all webbites askkng aappicantt %->> well share our happy holidays with uu. and you can watch our holiday @%ories, if you ish. and soodier greetings as well. you can send us your holiday photos for everrbodd to see. basketball game until one player surprising person the player attacked. >> a change o some carry oo rules for amtrak. the dangerous items, you can pack ii your bag age.
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>> thousands of drivees in college park caught speeding this month. and they are not happy about tte way the law is being enfooced. the ciiy began to post speed cameras, three wweks ago, in someecases with no warning. were ssnt out for $40 each. city leaders say it is about not monny. but some drivers take issue wit@ the placement f the camera and the lack offwarning. @%o ofhe cameras are situated alonggroads where the speed liiit dropssfrom 40 to 30 miles per hour. >> i have a friend and she got two tickets. -oming heee to ick up somebody. and eturn here.
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@%t two tickets. two tickets in the same day. >> well, the city plans to set@ up three more ccmeraa n the next few weeks. >> starting tonight. amtrak riders can bring guns and ammunition on their next trip. registered firearms and mmo wwll be allowed on trains that permit passengers to check anyone bringing a weapon aboard must register 24 hours before boarding. guns have to be unloaded, of %-approved ccntainer. an >> a tv weather woman in new %-not for forgetting the foorcat wrong but for lacking common and common decency. heidi jones, of wabc arrested cops that mmn triee to rape her while sheewas jogging ii central park. sympaahy, to counter some unknown seeback that she was
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experiencing in her personal life. now she is suspended from her that's a setback. >> a florida high school loses his cool and his common sense. photo high player,,masonhighlan3 on the court. all becaase massn had been ejected from the game. @% looo at hat. >> well, he ref refused too3 -ontinue to officcate the gamm afterthat, giving the other team a forfeit winn that he simply wanted to cheer he told her heewouud deliver the mail to her office naked to makk her laugh. she dared hhm. and he did it. december 4. wearing a smile. and got arrested and then admitted it was a bad idea. >> where was that? >> wisconsin.
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>> that's cold up there. it is chilly up theee.@ mayye it did make her laugh.@ >> lacks common sense for a lot of reasons. all right. get out of his quickly shall snow possibly on the way tomorrow..33 details. here is vytas with the >> freezing up there, delivering small packages.3 talking about what is going on.3 ittis getting really cold out there. toniggt. and we arr going to continue to see the temperaaures going n. as the moistuue comes in. in the form of snow. and it looks like we will see the snow ccming down tomorrow, after probably 11 or 12:00. down through the afternooo and evening. 25 degrees. clear kies.3 winds out f the west t seven. humidity levels at 52%. now looking at this cold air. just barreling down over tth great lakes into our neck of the wwods. we are seeing it in place as th3 stormmmoves in from the midwest. @% it pushes in. brings the moisture in to contact with the cold air. in the form oo snow as we see it
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push in. we will sse it draped across the as it as we head through tte afternoon ours. 25 in baltimorr. 24 dover.@ back in hagerstown. 19. tee in western maryland. and it ookk lke that cold air3 -ill continue to push in from thh wwst. and as we go through the ight.@ noo the winds have died downna3 bit. whichhii good news, compared to ttat strong gusty wind that we were stuck with for the llst couple of days. -t looks like winds are dying down. quiet ut there. aad then it is making way foo a nice qqiet snowfall to come down. but windchill factor is a problem. 11 ii hagerstown. that's what it feels like out there. two belowwzero in western marylaad.@%we have advisories fn portion of the ssate. and southeastern porrton of the state. folks in howard county. as well as prince george's county. montgomery and points sooth of @%at. %-because the snow will start to fall around 11:00.3 lunch time for us.@%12 r 1::0. and then into the evening rush
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houu. @% it could be a sllppy commute coming home. going to work should be okay. how much are we talking about? i am thinking traae to 1 inch ssate line innpennsylvania. one to two across the cennral portion, altimore, annapplis, back to ellicott ciiy and howard county. ann down toward dc, laurel, ddwn to around one to 3 inches, and northern virginia ne to 3 inches. so decent snowfall furtter south you go on the 95 corridor. clear skies tonight. 22 degrees. breezy conditions. for tomorrow, looking at the snow showers coming down in the afteenoon. ann evening.3 take your patience. @%d five-day forecast shows 37 friday. saturday there watching for 30% @%ancc forrthe storm to form. could go over the atlantic. so we will watch it to see how it plays out. and then clearing anddcoll temperatures for next week.
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>> topless acrobbts put onnthe performance of a lifetime. highhprofile audienceethat may not have felt very omfortable. -> the ravens turn foous to the
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>> aarobatic troupe of topless men performed for a audience. >> ggt this. they suuprised the pontiff when they took toothe stage and took off their shirts, hoisting each other one on top of the other. nuns loveed it but the pope was not as interesttd. >> that look is priceless. ravens have dooe one thingg3 consistently wwll. giving up fourth quarter leads. thii sunday was noo xception against houston. ravens blown a fourth quarter @%ad eighttmes this season. thankfully most of the time they ended in their favor. but it is ffustrating fans. 28-7 lead at the beeinning of the third quarter. they did something that was not done in 10 seasons. ggving up back-to-back scoring
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drives of 95 yards. -espite the inability to hold the lead, ravens are happy wheee they are at. >> those guys did not quit. defense diddnot back down. special teaas dii not back dwn t does not matter how far you are up in a game. thhy played the full game. we layed the full game. important thiig is winning. it doesn't matter how many lesion we have blown. at this poont. trying to et the next one. >> but the ravens don't have much time to fix what is not working. to prepare for their gamee3 against the reigning superbowl new orleans saints march into m & t sunday afternoon..3 offense ranked six in the nfl. despite missing two key running backs, thomas nd bush, for ost of the seaaon. they have averaged 25 points a game which could be a good test for the defense. despite the short practiie week, ravenssare looking forward to
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taking on the chaapp. >> i would say it is a motivating factor. you are playing the world champs. if you want to be the beet, you have to beat the best. we know they are a great team.@ weeknow they have accomplished a great thing last year. over the place. and obviously we are looking forward to playing them. >> everybbdy wants to win. so until there is a new champion, youuknow. you definitely, you know, you want to see how you measure up. against the team ttattwon the world championship. >> you can see the ravens take on the new orleans saints, sunday at 1:00, right here on fox 45. a battle oo 22nd lace teems, as the 10-3 saints try to keep ace with the falcons. ground on the steelers. gain saints and ravens suuday, 1:00, david reid named afc special
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teams player of the week. he had a return for the touchdown at the start of the second half. >> eepecting snowfall tooorrow.@ our next aa planner shows clear sskes tonighh and clouds gathering in the morning. morning commute should be dry ♪ every time it's so right ♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] when you have a softer bath tissue, you can enjoy going more... while still using less. introducing new charmin ultra soft.
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it looks like tomorrow, expect to see the snow shooers through the afternoon and partt of the evening. getting anywhere from an inch to 2 inches across the area. further south of us, anywherr from one to 3 inches dc area. @%en the snow clearssfriday. looking at 37 with sunshhne. %-and then we are watching this two tracks, one up the coast and we would get snow if it goes over the atlantic, it would miss us. so we have to watch it. -ot for sure what track it will take. 33 for sunday. that's game day. and monday, uesday, wednesday. we will sse temperatures in the 30s. mayb another snow burrt on tuesday of next week. back to you. >> vytas, thank yyu. that will do it for the "late edition." thank you for joining uu, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. thank yyu for tunin
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