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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  July 5, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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but this time, count all the way to ten. you got it, buddy. one. ten. captioned by the national captioning institute a fourthhof uly 3 tragedy .... as celebration -3 turns into heartbreak. 3- 3 "evvrryody was ccying." cryyng." 3 hear from the peoole who searched for a 6-year-ood &pdrowninn victim.. 3an rggment at a downtoon nightclub leads to a shoottng. & 3 "i say over and over gain guns." hy police don't -3 thinkkthey'll have a tough time finding theeshhoter. shooter. america's bird. bird."absolutely ubelievvable"
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-3 where people are getting a great view offthe noble & aryllnd. ann a good day foo & this real liff hercules... the super- human feat he pulled off and why ts nnt evennhis reatest accommlishment. 3 3 hello i'm jennifer 3 gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight.... we begin with breaking news ... violence eruuts owntown... following & fireworks at the inner harborr ... the latest victii... a foor year old child.... -& 3 melinda roeder is live .. at -3& the scene.... where the croods .. have made it difficull forr police to respond.... melinda? 3 early ttday a man
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3 was shot by aaformer neighbor at a owntown parking garagg..... garage..... it appened - at the garage on lombard and south calvert streets... police say a mannwas - shot in the chest.... aftte an on-going fiiht bbtween former neeghbors..... detectives recovered a weapon.... ann took several &ppeople into ustody.....for
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queetioning. they say the & shootiig wassánotá random.. ptill, or people who park ii this garage, it s surprising. 3 (brewster/downtown visitor) "i you hear somebody ggttinn &pshht, i meaa it'ssalways tragic... cause it's - somebody's son or family, whatever it ay be. but, -3&pppople aae stupid.. until they learn to change theirrown ways, iimeaa, it's allays goinn to happen, you knoww" know." 3 & 3 the victim is recovering from -3 surgery tooight at shock praumaa 3 and an elderly man is sttbbed.... in balttmore county... it happened about 8 tonightt.. inside a home aa stockwell aad wooocroft roads... in arney.annmal conttrl was also called to the 3least 10 ats insidd theehouse. no word on the victimm thisshour. 3 or motive. -3 33 pox45 ii helping yoo step uu and fight ack witt a new &ptool... caaled ""potcrimm."yyu can rack riminnl activity in yourrneighborhhoo ....and et tt ffx baltimore dot com and
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& click on ssot crimm in hot popics atttte ttp f the - screen.. 3 a holiday trip to saady point staae parkturrs deadly ffr a young chhld. calleed..aftera six--ear-old swimmeer formee a human chain & to ssarch for tte oy in the water. he wwa reccvvred a ffw minuteslatee...and ggven c.p.r. & buu the boy was prrnounceddead at a nearby hospitall &p((verett) "and you know, nobody wants to have a tragedy llke his on a holiday you know and it was very sad you kkow." been swimming in an un--- supervised area.his nameehaa & not yet been released. 3 before violence broke outtii the inner harbor thhre were fireworks.--- -----ireworkss---- ----firewwrks-----take look someeof the ffreworks display &pat the iiner harbor -- earliee thhs evening. 3incue: in means freedomoutcce: opportunities ttat
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3 we hhve haveincue: ffeeeom indeed outtue:: n the 3 ffurth of july julyfirewooks at tte inner 3 3 ffurth of july.... estiiitiis pere in full swing.... all arounn town.... oday -3 today 3 ---- baggpipps---- - i had the pleasure oo taking pprt in the towson parade ... ridinn in with my son michael. thousands procession of classsc cars... fiie engines... and floats.for many.... the highlight.... was - a musical pprformance by the baltimore marching rrvenss.. bands....thht took part in the others celebrated the holiddy --- wiih a hotdog eating connest. & the hot dog and the bun, everrthings gotta goo
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come on eat!" eat!"contestants 3 chowed downnin the catonsville &phebrew nationaa hot doo ating & contest during the catonsville paaaae.they hhd 10 minutes to up witt theebig winner ---- fiist tiim contestant and - steve corbin. "i feel deceet,,might go home, &ppet a smaal pizza, i ddo't know, somethinng you know a few beerss i won'' get thee16 - inch but maybe a 12 inch, so, and a few wings, we'll sse 3 thee cntest was sponsored by duesenberg's ccfe and grill. this is the rd yearrfor he 3 earlier we asked about your most offyou taking it easy ii at tte top of the list. &&plist. anddsusan writes n &ppacebook..."it's my & bbrthday... celebrating with - family and watthing tte 3 great day for some kids in seattle....
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firss inddpendence day, as u-s citizens.12 kids under &pthe age of 122became citizens friiay.these kids, agee nine 3 citizens through their pareets & or adootion. - 3 "he's geeting his citizenship look at thhi assthe tart of a bright futtre" four of the kids came from thailand, two each ffoo yemen and india..., nn the otherr pakistan aad taiwaa. 3 bad day for fox nees.the fox political twwtter acccunt was 3&psomebodyysenntout sooe very -&pdisturbing tweets.they saidd things ike "barack obamm as &pjust passed."... and "e wish joe biden the est of luck as -3 our ew prrsiient of the uuited states."fox news ays & pccount has since been &prrstored.and big investigatton
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ps underway tonight. &p3 a good day for this reel life hercuues... at an airshow in michigan.....maak kirscc pullss a planeeweigging.... 150-ttouuaad pounds.he moved this iinnt thh first plane he's pullee... he actually holds the ecord for he -3larggst plane everrpulled .... aa205-thousand pound boeing 3& --- toss to vytas--- 3 &p
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a race... goes terribll boattloses control..... hat it crashed into....that left -33 3 i'm gonna ask you again have you had anything to drink 3 no. 3 a awmaker... stopped for -3 drivinggdrunk..... ho else was in the ccr ... ttht maae embaraasing.... 3 3 fourtt of july
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i'm just a piece of dust living at the corner of j and k spending too many nights alone at the spacebar.
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will love ever find me? ♪ ♪ oh yes! ♪ what about love?! ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. it picks up two times more dust than a feather duster using thousands of fluffy fibers to lock dust away. you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. 3 celebrations even reached troops overseas. -3 overseas.u-s marines serving &pin afghhnnstan ejoyed this inddpendence day by having a parbeque --- with steaks -- - hotdogs - and ake.thesee &ptroops were just happy tt get a little tastt of home. 33 "i'veehad quite a feew inddpendence days away fromm -3 home, from he statts and it &ptte things we enjoy as americans" -3 p3 3&&ppmeenwhiie.... back in dd-c.. preeident obamm.... honored military men and womee... thanking ttem during a ffurth pf uly barbecue aa the white
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house. 33 "this ddy is possible because of our seeviie and o, i celeerate it together asswell. god bless you and god blesss the united tates of ameeicann 3 everybodyy" 3 tte white house celebratiin & ... eeded with a spectacular 3 powerful llne f phunderrtorms did ssme maaor damaae in the nation's capitol yesterdaa. the storms duuped heevy rains on the - national all, causing people &pto run for cover. higg winds were strong enough thht theyytore this traffic light out of the grounddand dumped pt in theestreett outside tte ciiy, homes were estroyed against the driving rain and destructive windss 3 heavv rain... also led to this amazing rescue in lls vegas. firrfiggters happened o see a homeless man ccinginggto a pshopping cart.... surrounded by rising water. e was ppparently seeking helter &pfrom the heat when the storr
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-3 hit, yesterdaa. fireeighters looered theirrladder so they could get the man to safety. he wws takkn to thh hospittl as a recautiin.. 3 and several people are hurtt terribby closely.... one of the boats & in the ace.....looes control.... crashing iito a rescue boat...making a huge pplash. four people were & pulled fromm he wreckagg and takennto the hospital. some race feaaures hhdroplaaes vyiig for the indiana --3 governor's cup. p3 toss to vvtas 3 3
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3 an ohio lawmaker lacked ommon sense on a wholeelot of leeels. first, he made the missaae off & driving happened back ii april in indiinaa ut the ago, with the release of this embarassing dass caa video. state reeresentative bob mecclenborg's other big miitake???having a stripper in the car with him.he told the - cops sheewas just some girl he story. & 3& 3 we've been friends for a while and he called me. he was oot depressed aad wanted me to
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&pride with him. we weee supposed to go to burger kkng to get something to eat. where aar you guys coming fromm my carrs at shell and i tried tt gee im tt let me rive 3&pdrinking. 3 mecclenborg's blooo alocholl level was over the legaa limii....aad vvagra also turned up i the blood ttst..e - is a married fftherrof three, and a staunch conserrative & reeublican. out how many dogs were coosumed by the inner of he 3 contest... next ii sports,3
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33 ... violence eruptss downnown... following & firrwwrks at thh inner haabor p.. 3 3 melinda rooder is live the scene.... ith an update on our breaking news.
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3 3 .this is one grueling streech of tteir last 19 away from camden yardss the birds ooened &pup a three game series against the mighty rangerssin arlington...parr of a roiad trip hat wwll see them visit atlnta texas aad bootoo...all on the road.... 3 .top offthe 2nd...the fierce &pmark reynolds at the ppate...3 phomers in theelast 2 games... wwen your hot your hott..takes colby lewis deeppfor is 19th home rru of the year...he adddd another innthe 8th... orioles grrbba 2-0 lead.... &ppp 442...josh hamilton loses control f his bat and it goes plying...into the tands past the's so far away, & hamilton ddcides tt get 3&pretrieviin his lost lumber... thh fan appreciates his works... hamiiton singles into ceeter...and it's not long before he comes home....nexx
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man up...all-staa 3rd basemmnn adrran beltre...that ball didn't even have a chhnce... nails it to left for his -16th...texas up of the 5thh..o'' own 9--...nick &pmarkakis grrundd it to 2nd... glove flippto start tte douule play...everythhng going wroog for the birds....bottom of thee & 6th...josh haailttn noo having - the best nighttholding onno the bat...this time he allostt takes out beltrr in the & needd some more pine tar on that bat...they're able to laugh it helps when the o's have lost 6 of theii last 7....- 3 on the 4th of july, we thhnn of traditionallthinns... faaily, cookouts, firewwrks in thh eveenng...and innrecent yearr, we also thinkkof grown men ssuffing alarminggamounts of encased animaa by rrducts pnto their gullets..that'ss right,,thh naahans hoo dog eating competition at conny sllnd... p33&pjoey chestnutt, wwo is kind of competitiin won again...his 5th consecutive victory... known s jaws, chetnntt downed &&pp6 hots dogs in 10 minutes...7
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pess than his evenn record, but in his ords quote, i kept -3 messing up..cheettut said afterwaad that he planned on -3 drinkkng a lot of wattr and staying away from hot dogs for a ccuple days...well i ssould thinkkso.... 3 .he also recciies 100-housand dollars for the victory... only in america... back to you... 3 3 a closs encounter... with a & when divers got up closeeand 3&pfish in the sea.... 3 3 3& , ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light.
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3 3 ann finally tonight... a rare this.... bout three dozee snorkelers xperiencedda raree plose encounter wwth a whale shark -- the argest fishhin the occan. it was spotted ii west pplm beachhthe whale
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shark stuck around for about mind when snorkelers touched it. the swimmers are calling it... the experience of a lifetiie. 3 that'ssall for the late - eddtton...thanks for joining us. iim jennifee gilbeet.up next is "how i ettyour in to fox45 morning nees tommrrow -- sstrting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight.
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