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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  August 1, 2012 12:30am-1:05am EDT

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s, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. gentle on wood. hard on germs. "there's just blood everywhere
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everywhere feisty and fighting back. back. why this senior citizen says she wasn't afraid to take on her attacker. hello, i'm jeff barnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert. a 75 yr old cockeysville woman says she had to bite an intruder that attacked her in her home. home. janice park is streaming live in cockeysville where police are still looking for the intruder. gwyn sirota says she first spotted the intruder here a spot right across from her home. the fight would go on in her home but gwyn who still goes to the gym three times a week put up a huge fight. sirota says she made a huge mistake when she left her door open monday morning when she went to walk her dog d2. when she came back home a young woman was waiting for her looking for money. but the 75 year old fought back starting all the way down the stairs even tho the attacker had a knife. today neighbors brought food and flowers
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"well i have a lot of back pain, but i think that's because i was doing gymnastics with this woman on the banister, kicked this lady, i bite her i did all i could do, all my self perservation techniques" 3 a... developing story... out of... north baltimore.../. baltimore... police... shoot and kill... a... man... inside a home home the... whole thing... unfolded about ... 4-30... this afternoon.../ in... this part... of... north weldon... place../.the... scene... was ástillá... blocked off... with.... police tape... when... we were there.../here's... what happened... just moments... before... we arrived...//. police... were... called... for... what átheyá,,, say... was.. .a... "family dispute"...// while... inside... one officer... called for help.. another fired after seeing a
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knife near the suspect. (guglielmi) "the officer who was being attacked did summons the other officer to assist him. that other officer fired at least one round to the suspect and he died as a result of those injuries."(ms. littles/neighbor) "i'm sure they could have handled it differently. they could have shot him somewhere else. he only had a knife, not a gun. it could have been a different " result." the officers... were not ...hurt police have released surveillince video of the man they say kidnapped cal ripken's mother last week week it shows a man in a baseball cap man walking into a glen burnie walmart last week, where sources say he used vi ripken's credit card to make a purchase.police believe he's the man who abducted ripken from her aberdeen home and held her for 24 hours last week. they're asking anyone who may have seen him to come forward. "iq: please if you saw him.... oq: please call us." us."
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police say they have followed up on more than 50 tips. a... tragedy... in southern maryland... today.../...police... say... a man... killed most... of his family../. then... killed himself himselfthe ... gruesome scene... unfolded in owings... calvert county.../ county.../broken blinds... are the... only indication... of... what happened ... inside this home.../ one ... of... several... homes ... in... that neighborhood...//police say... 32... year old... frank hayward ... killed his wife... and their ...2 year old ... daughter....//after... that,... he apparently tried... setting... his home ...on fire...//police... say, hayward ...then killed himself...///.one... neighbor says... the family... was having trouble. iql i said hey your houseoq: going through a rough patch patch hayward's... 12 year old son... was able to escape.../// but... he was burned... and...
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had cuts... on his neck.../. he's... in... critical condition... at... children's national medical center....//there... was apparently ...another adult... in... the home... who... escaped automatic license plate readers.. tonight why the a-c-l-u believes "tag-readers" could be an invasion of privacy. privacy. "tag-reader" cameras, which are usually mounted on patrol cars, scan every license plate on passing or parked vehicles and run the numbers through police data bases. baltimore county police call the "tag-readers" a very useful law enforcement tool that can, among other things, help find stolen cars. but the a-c-l-u says the data gathered is stored indefinitely.. and could potentially be an invasion of privacy. (rocah/aclu) "and the biggest problem here is that there has been no public discussion about this technology, no public discussion about its use in this way to compile vast data bases about our movem" movements." according to the a-c-l-u, the state has more
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than 320 license plate readers in use... .....and for now they say, there are no rules in place governing the use of those "tag-readers.." environmentalists... call... on lawmakers ... to... address... climate change .../ after... reports... of... extreme weather... in maryland..../ 3 it's... been ...almost a year... since... tropical storm irene... devastated... parts ...of the state,... leading... to record flooding...//.now, ... "environment maryland"... released a report... showing ... that ...extreme rain ...and snow storms... are... getting more powerful .../ and... happening... 55 percent ...more frequently... here... /// also... after... last month's derecho... storm.../ left ...hundreds of thousands... without power...../ lawmakers... are... calling on bge... and pepco... to... be... better prepared. "iq: they aren't prepared..... oq: grossly understaffed, grossly underprepared." underprepared."
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lawmakers... are also considering ways... to... reduce carbon pollution... . and... greenhouse gas emissions. a sinkhole is doing more than caving in a busy balitmooe street.fox45's paul gessler reports it's burning a hole in business owner's pockets. pockets. day six of monument street sink. sinking. "the whole street is collapsed." collapsed." "i was like, 'oh, god, here we go again,' because we had one two years ago right up here." here." "that's all they've been doing: talk, talk, talk..."plenty of foot traffic on monument. they're just all wearing hardhats. hardhats. "i dunno. it might collapse the whole street. who knows?" no cars allowed, obviously. anyone else trying to get through by foot is stopped. stopped. "you gonna have to go back up and go all the way around."it has salon owner tahach le waiting for customers. customers. "a lot of people don't know that we're still open."they are open-- albeit, through the back alley door. door. "nothing." reporter "empty." she's even had to lay off emplo. employees. "business now is slow, and then if you close like 2 days or 4 days, it's gonna affect your business."most businesses here are closed.some owners
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have stopped by to check on the progress, but decided not to open. open. "i'm hoping they're gonna fix it soon, because if i don't i'm gonna lose all that money and that's not right. that's not good." good." "the reason this sinkhole is here to begin with is the same reason it's taking workers so long to fix it: the aging infrastructure. the storm pipes under my feet are more than 100 years old." old." "our water system and our sanitary sewer system are just as old. so, we do have an infrastructure crisis on our hands."the hole is still caving in some spots, though sidewalks are safe for now. now. "the key is to stabalize the area, then we can begin to work on our plan."public works officials say it could take at least a week. week. "it's sad. a lot of businesses around here closed right now because of this sinkhole. we need people to open back up soon. if not, monument street ain't gonna be the same."the monument street sinkhole stares august in the eye-- with no end in sight. sight. "every business around here is closed. it's very bad. we lost a lot of money."paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. 3
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good day... for... swimmer ...michael phelps... who became ...the all-time... winningest... olympian. olympian. phelps.../ seen here... with other... u-s... athletes... won... a gold medal... anchoring the men's... 4-by-200-meter... freestyle relay...//. he... now has ...19 medals,.../ including... 15 gold,.../ two silver... and two bronze,.../ in... four olympic games. ((:07 he and his girlfriend... in the middle of the 5th inning... she was off getting beverages :20)) :20)) bad day... for greg in chicago .../ he's visibly upset ... when the billbaord flashes his proposal... and... his girlfriend erica... is no where to be found..../ she's... off... buying a brewsky.../when.. erica returns... greg doesn't say anything .../ so the commentators... and the camera ...follow along... / to... see if greg... will... still... pop
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the question. ((:49 she missed the scoreboard proposal... apparently said yes.)) yes.)) guess... alls well... that ends well...../ greg the answer he wanted. and a very good day for a hagerstown boy who got his bike back. someone stole ethan paugh's special tricycle last week.ethan has a medical condition that prevents him from riding standard of our viewers who saw the bike at a dundalk consignment shop reported it to police and now the bike has been returned. police say they are still looking for the theft. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 a scathing report on operation fast and furious... who republicans in congress blame for the scandal. coming up next 3
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congressional report -- is certainly áfuriousá -- on the
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now-infamous government gun- tracking program. william la jeunesse examines a scathing blame-filled indictment -- of an operation gone terribly wrong. wrong.) ((nat sot charles grassley(r)/iowa senator ))in washington if heads don't roll, nothing changes... republican lawmakers began assessing blame tuesday in operation fast and furious, singling out five top atf officials.accusing director ken melson of being aloof...deputy billy hoover of being derelict in his duties...assistant bill mcmahon of giving false congressional testimony ...head of operations mark chait of failing to supervise....and phoenix agent in charge bill newell of incompetence((nats bill newell))issa: are they lying or are you lying?newell: in this investigation, it is my opinion we didn' t let guns walk..newell's attorney has always thought the investigation was political. pelletier says: "it's a witch hunt about a false premise of guns walking. "the report also says the death of border patrol agent brian terry could have been prevented... claiming gun smuggler jaime avila lied about his address when he first purchased fast and furious weapons. that lie would have allowed the atf to stop or arrest him - 6 weeks
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before he bought the guns found at terry's murder.the report also criticizes atf for failing to arrest ring leader and former dea suspect manuel celis acosta, saying"if atf had bothered to conduct a thorough review of all the information contained in the dea wire intercepts, fast and furious might have concluded a year earlier than it did." when guns showed up at a mexican crime scene - rather than concern - u-s attorney denis burke wrote "wow- frickn' a. those are already across the border?"but most embarrassing - when atf learned its guns were used to kill the brother of a mexican state attorney general - an atf supervisor wanted to bury the information, saying "my thought, don't release it" grassley says: "if there isn't enough concern regarding a border patrol government agent being murdered than you can see there is less concern of the murders going on south of the border. "la jeunesse says: "the justice department claims the report distorts the facts - and repeats debunked
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conspiracy theories. the next report, still weeks away, focuses on the deputy attorney general and the final report on attorney general eric holder himself, and the obstruction of justice. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news." 3 3
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heated words from an aide to
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mitt romney.... what he said to reporters while cameras were rolling. "i really don't want to tell him about this because of the ncaa crap." 3 a trooper under investigation after a traffic stop involving a college football player... what he was caught doing on his dash cam.
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perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. common sense says cursing at reporters, wont win you any votes.... someone should tell that to the aide for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. romney. 3((nats)) ((nats)) reporters were shouting questions at romney as he left a war memorial site in poland. when one of them asked whether romney thought his gaffes had overshadwoed his foreign trip.... traveling press secretary rick gorka stepped in... telling them to kiss his expletive.romney has apparently answered only three questions from the press during his week-long trip overseas. here's a police officer... who needs a little more common sense...a state trooper in
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arkansas is in trouble...for apparently trying to help out an arkansas state football player... during a traffic stop.runningback michael dyer was pulled over for going 96 in a 70-mile-per-hour zone.the trooper also says he also found marijuana and a gun in the car dyer drove. here's some of the conversation... caught on tape... "i'm about to call coach up. i bet ya i can get his number pretty quick. i'm not against it either. maybe he can punish you instead of me punishing you." 3 the video lasts nearly an hour. some of the conversation is muted, and it appears someone turns off the camera for a while.the police department 3 3 "it's is a texas size beehive!!!!" 3 things go from bad to worse for a family living with 80 thousand bees .... what they
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found when they opened up their wall.
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a texas bee exterminator volunteered to help out a family plagued by bees. what... looked like... a minor problem... from the outside,.../ turned... out... to be... a... huge problem... on the inside. -sawing nats- nats-with... what ...we're guessing... became a very angry swarm - he... tore... into the side of
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the house... with a saw.../ and found... a... ten foot tall... hive... inside the wall.../. the... family... waited safely... inside.../ while... exterminators... vacuumed... as... many bees as possible...//. those bees... were delivered to a bee farm. 3 3 the ravens have some big holes to fill at linebacker.the guy they hope will bridge the gap coming up next in sports unlimited.
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that'll... do it for the late edition,... thanks so much for joining us. i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and im jennifer gilbert. up next is bruce cunningham, sports unlimited starts right now. there are those who will make the case that michael phelps is the greatest olympian ever...after what happened
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today...there is now documented proof...the baltimore bullet today became the games' alltime leader in me. medals... phelps tied the record this afternoon by getting a silver in the men's 200 meter butterfly...and then later today, picked up a gold as a member of the us 4x200 meter relay team...he passes larina latynina, a soviet gymnast, for the alltime lead with 19 career olympic medals... phelps' 15 gold medals are already an olympic record back home...ravens training camp grinds on out in owings, they got some news that was not a surprise, but certainly bad news nonethel. nonetheless.. 3 they learned that tight end dennis pitta will have to have surgery to repair a broken bone in his right hand...and they wasted no time..pitta went under the knife today and will likely miss the entir pre-season, but the good news is he's only expected to need 4-6 weeks recovery time, which means there's at least a chance he could be ready to go when the ravens open the season september 10th..pitta suffered the injury monday blocking on a running play... he emerged as a joe flacco
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favorite last season, catching 40 passes..three for touchdowns.. meanwhile...with terrell suggs injured and jarret johnson having left for free agency, there are two gaping holes to fill at linebacker...the ravens hope this guy will step into one of them...a second round pick in the 2009 draft, kruger has been running with the first team thus far in the jarret johnson spot, not the pass rushing spot that suggs occupied...a pretty fair rusher who had a c areer high 5 and a half sacks last year, kruger says it's a little different, but thus far, things are going well...
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the 4pm non-waiver trading deadline came and went, and the orioles did not make a deal..they had serious talks with the phillies about starter joe blanton, but couldn't get a deal done.. after today, trades can still be made, but playuers must pass through waivers first.. first.. tonight, chris tillman is struggling in the first inning against the yankees...he gives up five runs in the first inning...two of them on this massive shot from robinson cano...things looked bleak.. ..especially with mister nova on the mound for the yankees... but look, in the bottom of the second...they come back..omar quintania right back up the middle..matt wieters and then mark reynolds come in to was 5-3... ..later,same inning, bases loaded and chris davis muscles up on this shot to left- center...a grand slam...his 18th,,the orioles led 7-5... ....then in the 8th, they put the exclamtion point on it...nick markakis with the home run to right...his 10th, a two run shot and the birds score 11 na


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