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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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part of the d >> from fox 5 news, this is "good day wake-up". juliet: we are looking at 70 one, not a scorching day. quite beautiful to go on. great day for a beach party. great day for a beach party. mike has the details in his forecasts. >> want to collect more records from terrorists and less records from other people. are you supposed to know? i will tell you. let me tell you. senator -- >> major point. >> when you are sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air. robert: there was an exchange
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between chris christie and rand paul, chris christie talking tough during the presidential debate, that he was not the center of attention. complete recap of last night's event. juliet: going out on a limb. the number of deaths climbing out from legionnaire's disease, efforts are being stepped up to stop the cases from growing. there have been no where in the double digits as far as people have it. will the number grow? live report. robert: bill deblasio revealed his plan to deal with the homeless but it will not come cheap. juliet: i'm juliet huddy. robert: i am robert moses. ben simmoneau will join us from cleveland, 5:00 on the seventh day of august, thank you for joining us. juliet: a lot of us are waking up tired because we stayed up all the way. i watched clips this morning. you stayed up late.
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i got the cliffs notes version. juliet: it works for me. i needed to sleep. >> meteorologist: it is friday, time to get you going out the door. everyone is happy this friday. let's show you what we have. 54 degrees your temperature at monticello as well as sussex, 50 one at central park, 68 in newark, 66 in bridgeport. to the pitcher's dream mild, where we should be this time of year coming down a hair, see what the winds that doing generally from the north northeast which makes sense. area of low pressure to the south and it will head off shore and keep the lighter wind from the north coming through, keep temperatures down just a hair. this helps to show where the area of low pressure is. is near the mid-atlantic region and picked up a lot of cloud cover and light showers over central and southern sections of
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running on future cast yesterday and now is breaking up as cloud cover tends to thin out and doesn't look like much will be coming up from this point forward. high-pressure takeover and we will see a lot of sunshine after a few morning clouds, sunshine coming to you. 84 tomorrow, 83 sunday, perfect weekend and shower chances don't come until late monday night into tuesday. let's bring in ines rosales and see if we have anything that will slow you down. ines: a few problems, an accident investigation closing the sawmill or northbound by ruth 120, construction on long island, the law has reopened, exit 66, traffic moving fine westbound dandies down. let's go to the bqe, construction and an accident. all lanes closed on manhattan bound brooklyn bridge and an accident past atlantic avenue as you travel northbound towards
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the bridge, only one lane open and the moment, delays to the prospect, george washington bridge just reopened. construction clear away. the upper level was shutdown, the delay that is left, approaching the tolls you are okay, minor delays on the other side of the tolls you are dealing with slowdowns in down. lower-level the better our option, 495 towards the lincoln, same goes for the holland, trains running on or close. juliet: the top ten republican candidates took to the stage in the first prime-time presidential debate. robert: donald trump this joy at the center of the stage and not surprisingly was also the center of attention. ben simmoneau was there and tell us what happened on a very eventful night. >> raise your hand and power, raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> reporter: make no mistake, that first question was geared for the man in the middle, donald trump. he was the only candidate who
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not run as a third-party candidate if he is not lead gop pick. >> we want to win and we will win, but i want to win as the republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. >> he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. >> i have given him plenty of money. >> reporter: trump was led elephant in the room. >> you call when you don't like fat pigs, dogs, blobs and your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. what i say and oftentimes it is fun, it is kidding, we have a good time. what i say is what i say. and if you don't like it, i am sorry. i have been very nice to you though i could probably not be based on the way you have treated me. >> reporter: from have a lot of sound bites. >> we have a president who doesn't have a clue.
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center of every heated exchange. chris christie mocked senator rand paul for not supporting the nsa's mass collection of phone records. >> that is completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? how are you supposed to -- >> get a -- joy such suicide -- >> maker point. >> when you are sitting in the subway committee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you are responsible for protecting the lives of the american people what you need to do is make sure, make sure. >> here is your problem, governor. you fundamentally misunderstands the bill of rights. i don't trust president obama with our records. you gave him a big hug and if you give him a big hug again go right ahead. >> reporter: jeb bush was asked if the country should elect the third president bush.
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>> i am proud of my dad and my brother. in florida they call me jeb because iron did. >> reporter: chris wallace pressed donald trump on his business habits, pointing out atlantic city casinos have gone for multiple bankruptcies. he says he only took advantage of the laws available to everyone. >> i had the good sense to leave atlantic city which by the way caesar's just went bankrupt. every company chris can tell you, virtually in atlantic city, went bankrupt. >> reporter: earlier the seven republicans who did not qualify for the prime-time debate took the same stage and even though he wasn't present they also former hewlett-packard head carly fiorina who many say performed very well tried linking him to the clintons. >> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before i jumped in the race. any of you get a phone call from bill clinton? i didn't. maybe because i hadn't given money to the foundation or donated to his wife's senate campaign. >> reporter: whoever ends of the
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this stage inside this very arena where the republicans are 2016. in cleveland next summer. that is the story from cleveland. back to you. robert: reaction is coming in fast and furious this morning. juliet: reaction to the themselves. everybody has an opinion on what went on last night, all sorts of circus like qualities. liz joins us from the newsroom with what is being said. >> reporter: good morning. hash tag gop debate is attending topic on twitter all through last night and continues to be this morning. let's go for the reaction, fernando saying trump is a disrespectful, he was attacking instead of debating. this from kirstie alley, she writes opening gop already wild, i love it. as soon as the lights went on, the tweets rolled on in.
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who was the winner of the first republican presidential debate? here is what voters had tuesday. >> mike huckabee. i like walker. because he stated specifically what he was going to do on domestic and foreign policy. >> trump disappointed you this evening? >> it was donald trump who triggered the most reaction on social media. katie choric asked what the ratings interest would be at the lie gop debate, wasn't participating. celebrity apprentice contestant tweeted watching the gop could debate feels like being back in the board room. three seasons with from, two years with clinton, and unique perspective. and asked about his comments toward women. >> you call with the new don't like fat pigs, dogs, blobs and disgusting animals.
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>> only rosie o'donnell. >> try explaining that to your kids. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina note was the clear winner, montel williams tweeted two candidates ready for prime time. perry and carly fiorina, others belong at kids tables. hillary clinton tweeted this out shortly after the debate wrapped up. you are proud of and never to be on team hillary, she says vote for her and then mention hillary was in los angeles last night west. kim kardashian tweeting out she got herselfy, they were at a campaign event held at the home of scott, the manager of justin bieber and a arianna grande. this picture getting thousands of read tweets and favorites. back to you. robert: during that debate there was big news from new york's
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nuclear deal, that ends weeks of speculation and makes him one of the most prominent democrats to oppose the policy. juliet: he believes the risk is too great for iran to use the agreement for what he described as nefarious goals. new york representative eliot engel has come out against the deal with republicans unanimously opposing the policy support from democrats obviously is crucial. whitehouse says it has been in regular contact with chuck schumer and other jewish democrats this weekend confident they will eventually support the agreement. we shall see. robert: plenty more "good day wake-up" coming. juliet: mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: only a few clouds around this morning and most of that over central and southern sections of new jersey. everyone else looking at mostly day. we start with central park, 71 degrees.
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robert: the number of deaths from legionnaire's disease is growing. >> we were hearing the other day, we were reporting experts were saying the number was going to be dwindling but concern about that, ten people died from the disease and those who are sick now stands at 100, triple digits, stays he joins us live with more. good morning. >> this is the largest outbreak of legionnaires' disease the city has ever seen and the number expected to continue to rise for the next couple days because the incubation period for this disease is ten days and have identified all sources of the bacteria and clean that up there could be cases out there and a lot of concern. bill deblasio announced a plan
5:16 am
towers in an effort to make sure this outbreak did not spread further. >> this is the largest outbreak we have seen in new york city and our thoughts are with the ten family's of people who lost their lives. >> reporter: as the number of legionnaires' cases continues to climb, 100 people sickened, ten of died, city and state authorities are ramping up efforts to stop the spread of the disease. the bacteria which went in hailed causes the new money like disease in some has been identified in the water of five cooling towers atop buildings in the south bronx. >> we remain confident the source of these current cases has been remediator. >> bill deblasio has ordered testing of every water cooling tower in the city over the next two weeks. >> any building does have one of these cooling towers will be
5:17 am
subject to the disorder, the order instructs the owners or managers to test and disinfect their cooling tower within the next 14 days. failure to comply with the commissioner's order is a misdemeanor. >> of mortgage could face a challenge in enforcement in the they don't know where every cooling towers or how many there are citywide. current estimates put the number around 2500 according to the health commissioner. most around larger or industrial or a commercial building, the healthy part one will offer free testing between now and october. >> kerri for everybody. >> they need to find a solution quick. >> in the south bronx where the disease has been concentrated anxiety remains high. >> a lot of concern especially for our children and elderly people will >> reporter: ramirez saying he is confident in the city's evers. >> today the department of health in one of my facilities
5:18 am
towers in my building so it shows me the city is paying attention to the community. >> a few notes about the people who contracted legionnaires' disease. of the 100 have been sick and 92 were hospitalized, 53 of those people have been released. as for the ten people who passed away, all of them have other conditions which complicated the situation where there was a joy or preexisting medical conditions. the city continuing to it stress early detection. if you have any of these flu like symptoms, difficulty breathing, cough, fever, seek medical attention immediately. that is the latest in south bronx. back to you. juliet: it is 5:18. bill deblasio launching a major $22 million plan to combat the city's growing homeless problem, getting a lot of flak in the papers. we will talk about that coming up but let's get to mike for a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: show you what
5:19 am
is happening, temperatures, very nice, made up to 83 degrees, that was your forecast high, 85 and newark, 78 in sussex, 80 in bridgeport, temperatures right now 71 in central park, 58 in poughkeepsie, 54 in monticello, 6, comfortable 67 in montauk, some clouds out there, most of it over central and southern sections of new jersey in monmouth and ocean county, you saw showers on radar and satellite, probably not much should the ground but you have still have clouds in the area but there breaking up and thinning out and the area of low pressure driving at all is going to pull most of that out to sea before it becomes a big problem in the tristate. mid-atlantic region dealt with a decent amount of light to moderate rainfall but for us doesn't look like it and out to be a lot which is what we expected so there will be a few clouds for the morning commute. i to maturity 3 with mainly sunny skies in the afternoon.
5:20 am
pretty dry day coming up, nice and sunny over the upcoming weekend. high temperature 84, 83 tomorrow,. our chance comes to us later on monday and into tuesday, tuesday looks to be this lobbyist one, clear for a while, let's bring in ines to talk about problems and concerns this morning not just with construction. >> meteorologist: >> we had a concern over the george washington bridge, a little delay on the upper level, let's go to the cameras and see how things them moving on the staten island expressway, construction set up and by richmond avenue on the eastbound side, one lane open, a couple side. let's go to the bqe, accident atlantic avenue, flashing lights behind me had only one lane open as you travel northbound to the brooklyn bridge on the bqe so expect delays to the prospect on
5:21 am
there's a delay between journal square towards thirty-third via hoboken, 25 minute delay because of police activity, street today. launching a major $22 million plan to combat the growing homeless problem, something he received a lot of criticism for. a lot of flak about. it will be edward unaided effort between city, health officials and major part of his initiative is focusing on those who are mentally ill, could be a danger to themselves or other people as we have seen a lot over the last several months. the goal is to have better communication between agencies about those who could be a treatment. this follows several cases of violent attacks including high-profile attacks of a bronx director being killed by a former president. >> many of the cases we have all read about, always somebody who
5:22 am
worried about that person but didn't have a way to act on it. >> reporter: there are an estimated 53,000 people in the city's shelters. we have a lot more coming obama the cruise of a lifetime will cost you big bucks. i love cruising. >> i went on a cruise to alaska ones that love the. juliet: i would not want to go to alaska. the spinning pinwheel of death. the disappearing wi-fi icon. the frozen download bar. you don't need a magician to fix these things. you need fios internet. get fios 50 meg internet, tv and phone now for $79.99 a month, price guaranteed for 2 years. or, double your speeds for just 10 dollars more a month. and only fios gives you uploads speeds as fast as your download speeds. the 100% fiber optics network is here.
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juliet: one of the most stress inducing parts of buying a new car, haggling over the price. lexus is doing away with it. toyota's luxury -- joy to stand out from other automakers, fixed pricing applies to new in used well. the this have to let customers walk away if they don't like the price. the program will be tested and ten dealerships starting next year. the company's general manager says he expects a short-term
5:24 am
customers get used to the new strategy. >> a plan to merge two travel booking websites, expedia and orbits. hotels are not happy about it. the american hotel lodging association says combining of the sites will result in reduced julius and higher prices for customers and the deal will mean higher fees for hotel learners many of the muscle business owners running franchise properties. expedia agreed to buy orbits for $1.3 billion would give that merger happens expedia and -- all travel booking website in the u.s.. juliet: who would spend $55 a person per cruise. by lot of people. in january of 2017 the luxury liner region 7 seas, there you go, will begin at around the world cruise, tickets went on sale yesterday and within hours it nearly sold out. 70% of the cabins were booked.
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the trip will less 128 days visiting 60 ports on six continents. robert: top story coming back when we return and we will get caffeinated. juliet: they are more than just friends. look who walked down the aisle.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". robert: cooler temperatures heading our way, mike woods has your weekend weather forecasts. >> we want to win and we will republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. juliet: donald trump got attacked by the moderator's class 90 each in dish it out, he can take it. wasn't happy to the moderators. we have the highlights of the presidential debate. robert: major news from chuck schumer coming out against
5:29 am
we will tell you about that. juliet: we hear about these characters in times square making masses of themselves but spider-man actually did his thing. we will tell you what was behind the brawl. oh my gosh. good morning. i am juliet huddy. robert: ben simmoneau will join us at the top of the hour from cleveland. he was there for the debate, i am interested to get his take on what the atmosphere was. >> first let's get to mike for a check of the weather. happy friday, everyone. we are happy about that. they are bleeding from staying up last night, 71 degrees at central park, clear skies, the sun will be up given another 20 minutes or so. looks like another nice day around the tristate, temperature around 60s to 70s, dew points
5:30 am
dewpoint central park, 60 in islip, that indicates we are in a pretty comfortable range. with the dewpoint lower we are in better shape. low pressure building by to the south, showers and storms in the mid-atlantic region. little bit of that made its way to the central sections of new jersey and it looks like we have basically a few clouds leftover south jersey. that will break up. mainly sunny skies, 84 tomorrow come 83 sunday, the forecast for the weekend. let's bring in ines. we were going to have to deal with some rain. >> problems in westchester, northbound grant street, accident investigation going on. the new jersey turnpike, expect some problems, southbound on the truck lanes and exit to the new
5:31 am
york day extension you will have delays, tractor-trailer, from the truck lane. if you are driving a car. let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving the staten island expressway, construction by richmond avenue so you can see traffic moving slow with one lane open head mr. cheney's down less downside. and accident on the bqe before the brooklyn bridge, one lane closed, look at the empire state building, you can see those headlights, flashing lights, delays to the brooklyn bridge and delays from journal square to 33, hoboken, police activity, 25 minute delay. robert: the first prime-time republican presidential debate of the year is now in the books and what a debate was. juliet: fox knows how to put on that show. the top ten candidate in the
5:32 am
night for two hours. the fireworks started right away, donald trump refusing to take an oath not to run as an independent we give details to win the republican nomination. this group a rebuke from senator rand paul. >> we want to win and we will win but i want to win as the republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. >> what is wrong? he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. >> i have given him plenty of money. juliet: trump was not at the center of everything exchange. chris christie, we knew he would jump into the fray, face off against senator rand paul, start over whether the nsa could be allowed to collect bulk data on american's phone records. >> that is a ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? how are you supposed to -- i tell you how.
5:33 am
>> get a warrant. >> good to see gentlemen. juliet: they wanted a chance to do will add the next debate in california in mid september. robert: retired neurosurgeon turned gop candidate dr. ben carson getting a word in edgewise less day. during his closing remarks at the debate, listen to this. >> let me try that. i am the only one that separates siamese twins. the only one to operate on babies when they are still in their mother's womb, the only one to take out half of the brain although you would think if you go to washington someone had been me to it. juliet: here was, i like camelot.
5:34 am
and make the regional washington outsider before donald trump got into this. lot of reaction to the debate last night. juliet: on social media that is where it is. liz is live in the newsroom with what is being said. >> reporter: gop debate, that is the hash tag that his been trending and going wild on twitter. i want to go through this, something interesting, gop debate candidates, wishing them donald trump at the head of the list and matthew tweets out i didn't see it from attack anyone, he came under fire for being aggressive in his approaches, and zoos to the questions that as soon as the lights went on and the debate started the tweets rolled on in. who was the winner of the first republican presidential debate? here is what voters had to say. >> mike huckabee. >> i liked walker because he stated specifically what he was going to do in domestic and
5:35 am
>> from disappointed use this evening. >> reporter: donald trump triggered the most reaction on social media. katie couric asked i wonder what the ratings interest would be in the gop debate if the real donald trump wasn't participating. former celebrity apprentice contestants tweeted watching the gop debate makes me feel like being back in the board room. three seasons with trump, two years with clinton, i have a unique perspective. things got interesting when megyn kelly asked trump about his comments toward women. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs and discussing animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: rosie o'donnell took twitter to respond saying, quote, try explaining that to your kids. twitter was also abuzz over the first debate. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina was the clear winner. montel williams tweeted two
5:36 am
debates ready for prime time. others belong at kids table. during the debate hillary clinton was with the jenner kardashian west klan, i got myselfy, clinton's campaign at the home of scott brown, the manager of justin bieber and arianna grande looking very smiley, this got thousands every tweets. back to both of you of steers. >> reporter: was rosie o'donnell watching with children? robert: apparently. juliet: she pulled no punches attacking other people, she made a career out of it. thanks. appreciate it. robert: chuck schumer making big news during the debate, he spoke out against the iran nuclear agreement making him one of the most prominent democrats to oppose president obama's policy. juliet: he believes the risk is too great to use the agreement for nefarious goals.
5:37 am
angle has come out against the deal with republicans unanimously opposing the policy, they will need support from democrats. it is important. the white house has been in contact with jewish democrats this week and the white house says they will support the agreement. robert: police in brooklyn are asking your help find the man who tried to reach a woman last weekend before midnight last saturday, 24-year-old victim was walking near leonard and barrett street in green point when the suspect ran up and grabbed her around the neck and fondled her, turned to raker but the victim alone. he agreed. they went to a nearby atm where the victim was true that many. if you have any information police would like to hear from you at 800-577-tips. this next video is nuts. looks like a scene from a movie. spider-man doing what he does
5:38 am
best, taking down the bad guys. juliet: it was all caught on sell video in times square. he is throwing some punches as you can see. the witness who took this video said the man was antagonizing street performers and spider-man said enough is enough. the super hero told the post the man was yelling racist slurs on and off for a year's so spike lee decided to step in and give him good old beat down. the video is described on social or me as spider-man saves the day in times square. so far no arrests. robert: spider-man spider-man. juliet: is he really yet hero getting in a fistfight? couldn't he call the cops. robert: those characters make news every other week. juliet: okay. let's get over to mike for a check of the weather. you have any commentary to
5:39 am
>> meteorologist: no. i will leave it alone. here is what we have out there. let's get you out the door, showing you what you are faced with, temperatures pretty comfortable, 59 in allentown, but to the northwest, a little cooler with higher elevation no surprise, 54 in sussex, same in monticello but in the city 71 degrees, largely because of all that, 68 in newark, 66 in bridgeport, islip, 67 in montauk. we have mixed condition in the tristate. high-pressure is generally controlling our weather. this area of low pressure is trying to give us a run for the money. we had some clouds this way and showers came into central sections of new jersey but they didn't hold together, not expecting much to happen. if anything the cloud should be breaking up as the day goes on. mainly sunny skies after a few morning clouds, high-temperature 83 today, 83 sunday, shower
5:40 am
chances come back monday into tuesday. the weather apps has great features including headlights and dollars you can sign up and have the apps send you a letter to very severe weather in the area send it to you, download it at the apples for or the google play store and is free. let's bring in ines and see what we have with our commute this friday morning. >> reporter: several problems out there. new jersey turnpike south bound, the truck lane, the ramp towards the extension partially blocked because of an overturned tractor trailer, all lanes subject to closure and a problem on the bqe. live look by atlantic avenue traffic jam northbound because of an delay to the prospect. as for the dreams there birdie lays that have been resolved,
5:41 am
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juliet: checking your headlines. the top ten republican candidates took to the stage, the first prime time presidential debate on fox news. donald trump was in the spotlight for much of the night as expected. robert: after weeks of speculation senator chuck schumer said he will oppose
5:43 am
deal saying there is too greater risk that iran will use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals. his words. juliet: very disconcerting news, the number of deaths and the ten for the legionnaires' disease outbreak in the bronx. robert: the number of people with the disease is not 100 and that could grow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the largest outbreak of legionnaires' disease the city has ever seen. there is a lot of concern. the city says they have identified these five sources where a deadly bacteria was harvard and they have cleaned those sites. there's a chance the number of cases will rise in coming days because of the incubation period which is ten days. there has been a lot of talk about pulling towers since we found out about the spread of the out right, these are towers on the top of large industrial or commercial buildings.
5:44 am
there are water, there is water in these cooling towers and often the bacteria can thrive in the water in those cooling towers. there have been questions what is being done to check these powers to make sure they are being maintained and cleaned. yesterday mayor bill deblasio announced a plan to get at them. >> any building that does have one of these cooling towers will be subject to this order. the order instructs the owners or managers to test and disinfect their cooling tower within the next 14 days. failure to comply with the commissioner's order is an misdemeanor. we are doing this out of an abundance of caution. >> reporter: the five site the tested positive for the bacteria, we're hearing this in the bronx, the city wants cooling towers all over the city to be tested as a precaution as
5:45 am
the mayor said. the governor's office says the state will pay for free testing for landlords, building managers and others to get their cooling towers checked out between now and october. meantime i also want to add the bill deblasio says legislation is in the works, in the pipeline, expects next week a bill will be introduced to set out a more long-term plan for how these cooling towers are cleaned and maintained around our city. back to you. robert: it took 35 years but are rare stradivarius violin has been recovered. it was returned to his daughter's in lower manhattan yesterday. he left the instrument in his office in boston in 1980 and never saw it again. it was found by the ex-wife of ellen johnson, an aspiring violinist who was seen near the office at the time of the theft,
5:46 am
she joy to an appraiser will immediately contacted authorities, he died three years ago at the age of 101. his daughters say he always respected johnson was responsible for that that's. >> reporter: is he the father of nina totenberg? robert: yes, from npr. juliet: let's check the weather. >> meteorologist: hello. it looks like we have a good looking day coming at us, mostly sunny skies as you step out the door and it will be a pretty dead. this flow though he your. this is what we have on the weather headlines. a few clouds are going to be out there especially to the south but later in the afternoon you will see clouds breaking up for everyone and looks like a great weekend coming to you with dry skies and high temperatures in the lower 80s and our next chance of rain late monday into tuesday next week, tuesday looking like the nastiest of the
5:47 am
day is coming up. clear skies, 71 at central park, it is going to be a decent looking day. clouds we see at this point, mainly over central and southern sections of new jersey where there was light rain reported in the overnight hours but now things are looking quieter. high pressure building in and we will see a pretty nice looking day after morning clouds, mainly sunny skies, high temperature 83 today and through the next five days before tomorrow, 83 sunday and looks like there is your shower chance coming at you late monday into tuesday. nice and dry throughout that stretch. let's bring in ines rosales who is keeping up with what is happening on the roads. ines: westchester accident investigation, grant street, plan an alternate route. the new jersey turnpike south bound from the truck lanes the off ramp toward the new york bay
5:48 am
extension is closed because of an overturned tractor trailer by the toll plaza. you can take the car lanes for the newark bay, let's take a look at the staten island expressway, construction across bronx moving around a camera, staten island expressway by richmond avenue, new problem across bronx trying to take away at stall here so the camera would set up. bqe, accident by atlantic avenue cleared away and still delays all lanes were open. there is an accident by atlantic avenue cleared away but you are left with delays between that accident and constructions of traffic backed to the prospect northbound approaching the brooklyn bridge no problems for the bqe, lincoln and holland doing fine. robert: thank you so much. speaking of the commute take away the trash can you take away the city's rat problem. juliet: they have done an experiment removing trash cans from several subway stops around the city, they say this has
5:49 am
curtis disagrees saying he has never seen more rodents that that is curtis. the mta says it is counterintuitive to think removing trash cans is a good idea but most customers have cooperated by taking trash with them to dispose of on other streets, not the path with rob a serpentine subway system. the pilot program started in 2011. and the workers say it cuts down the number of track fires as well. a lot more coming up. robert: including season 2 of the hit show empire. juliet: synchronous city xii. robert: is better than i.
5:50 am
juliet: everybody is psyched for empire, the season 2 official trailers out now. robert: you concede juliet rocking out. at family battle brewing. empire's though creator says there will be a spinoff and will focus on cookie, matriarch of
5:51 am
to premiere sept. 20 third on fox. speaking of hot shows this is an one for 16 years, the end of an era in late night tv. >> nothing ends, a pause in the conversation, rather than saying good-bye or good night i am just going to say i am going to go get a drink and i am sure i will see you guys before i leave. that is our show, thank you so much for the privilege and the privilege of doing it and here is. my moment. [applause] juliet: he is that jersey boy. what better artist to have on the increase springsteen katie johnston resigned off on the
5:52 am
he really took talk show to a whole new level. robert: into one of the most trusted news sources in america. robert: juliet: it started just yesterday. i loved steven colbert, he did a great toast to him and john stewart got very emotional. very cool to watch. trevor noaa takes over on sept. 28. they are more than friends now. everyone was wondering if it was going to happen but jennifer anniston is officially off the market again. robert: the friends star, a top secret ceremony at mansion in bel air. it was a private affair with 70 people in attendance including howard stern, joel c. handler, ellen degeneres, be set to grow, she had been engaged for three years. juliet: congratulations to them. we are couple minutes from the
5:53 am
robert: benjamin will be joining us to talk about the gop debate from cleveland. we're coming back at the top of
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