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tv   Good Day New York Street Talk  FOX  August 8, 2015 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> welcome to good day "street talk" i'm ben simmoneau in for antwan lewis here's what we're working on today celebrating the power of internships we hear how the beau with a foundation is making an imajt on use as they look to a career to media. later, the organization that partnering with the business community to help high school students attack that next step. first, dressing for success, as you know image can sometimes mean everything especially for our young adults as they head out into the real world. here is fashion and lifestyle expert dawn del russo, who sals
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the author of 101 glam girl ways to an a ultra chic lifestyle and joining us two interns of ours shola agoro an cameron scott dawn let's start with you. the point you want to make with your dress. what is it? >> you want to impress number one thing when you walk into any interview and i think that starts with the tailoring of your clothing and how well it looks on you and how you present yourself. first thing they're seeing is you and what you're wearing. no matter what you say or how great your resume looks they're judging you based on your appearance so think about that. >> you and i were talking a moment ago a lot of work places are more casual days you might walk and see jeans and button and t-shirt in some cases. if that's the case and venue that you're interviewing at, how should you dress? >> i still say stay away from that don't wear jean short,
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flip-flop sneakers items veer away from, go a little bit more dressed up. think about the suit, dress, skirts, heels, even though a lot of girls kind of don't want to put heels on it is important to sell do that, and keep your outfit really l suited to your style, and the type of person that you want to present yourself as. >> can you ever be overdressed sort of wearing formal gown or tuxedo. >> you don't want to wear a prom dress or tux but i don't think you can be overdressed at all. walking in with a suit in a really nice tailored suit for women as well i think they're going to be impressed by that and they're going to like it. >> what are the best colors blue and grays? >> neutrals those are considered neutral. blue, gray, brown is a nice color to wear, based on what your skin tone and what you feel comfortable wearing, but stay away from anything really bright and bold that's going to stand out too much. i mean, unless you're trying to quack in and say you know wear red and want them to notice you
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stay away from that. >> any adjustments you need to make if you're doing say a skype or face time interview that only you're going to see, you know -- >> right now it is common to get asked to do an online interview and you want to -- i actually tell everybody to even put their shoe on even though they're not seeing them because it suddenly change yours posture and way that a you're dressed. so even though their not going to see that part you want to wear the full on outfit for the interview. keep in mind wearing a suit, nice button down if you need to, a tie for that as well. it is treat it as if you're going into a real interview. >> we have one here. can you be overdressed do you think? >> i feel like you can be overdressed sometimes. >> yeah. high heels i feel like is a little bit too much like stilettos that are over six inches, calm down now. >> what do you want to convey that says about you?
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>> really what i want to convey going into an interview is, you know, that professionalism. like as you said you can be overdressed not in a tuxedo button shirt and tie, and especially check the company and people an how they're dressed to see what you should go in as. >> cam is going to be a junior this fall he goes to school at south carolina and montclaire state here in jersey. have you thought about you're a senior. have you thought about purchasing that work place wardrobe or not yet? >> i have little by little and on the college budget. >> it is not cheap. >> but i'm going to, you know, try to finding nice blazers things to wear. >> that's a good point a specific dawn, there's a lot of lower end at least in the price point stores like h&m where you can tbail get pretty good deals. >> that's what i've been suggesting is to try for h&m online shops another good spot to shop. stuff is affordable.
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second time around is secondhand story in the city but it has a lot of nice suits and dresses that still have the tags on them and everything so brand new. but still get the look that you want. >> size up these two if you would. we didn't ask is them to dress in any particular way. how are they dressed? i actually think they both look pretty good? >> walked in, they look great. there's little photo touches i would say. to maybe wearing -- a little bit of a heel. walking in, to an interview, the colors they both have on are really pretty neutral that works as well. shirt. these are things you know -- now. so -- i would say certain things leak that maybe sleeves are rolled down, ironed make sure whole outfit looks tailored. >> worst mistake you've heard of in an interview? >> cutoff shorts -- any type of bra strap showing anything too low cut. hair and makeup overdone, jewelry that is too noisy is
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definitely a don't for sure. >> so you're going to makeover shola and cam for us and see you are you ready? >> yeah. >> good. dawn del russo the book is 101 glam girl ways to ultra chic on. in the meantime coming up preparing our youth for a career in media.
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that and much more when we come >> for more than 25 years, the emma l. bowen foundation has created for those in the industry, and joining us is president and ceo rahsaan harris as well as graduate marisch perera and current fellow ayaan phoenix. let me start with you, what is the goal of the foundation? >> the goal of the foundation is to prepare youth of color for careers in media, and we do it by having multiyear work experience for students that have graduated high school or college at major media companies. >> how do you find applicants
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and how do you place them? >> we search the whole country. we have great relationships with over 46 media companies across the country and fox is one of them. really appreciative of that, and we take the opportunities that come out of those companies and solicit applications from high school seniors and college freshman across the country. >> what have you taken away from this experience so far. let me start with you marisch what did you like about it? >> as a graduate of the pramg i was able to take away so many resources. number one was meeting people in the industry from going to the conferences, and having the internship for multiple summers europe able to meet so many professionals that work in the industry and that's a great network. for your future when it comes to apply for jobs. >> tell me about your day. ayaana are you working full-time hours? how does the internship work? >> for the past four years as we've been working at minimum eight weeks full-time for 40 hours a week, and a depending on
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the department that i was placed in i've been sales, newsroom, sales again and now in hr so yeah i work eight hours a week. >> what did you like the best? in the experience -- >> i really loved having hands on experience. learning what constitutes a good media company, you know, sales. it is how they make their money, hr is so instrumental and just building a whole media brand, and i think signature on interview going out with reporters i don't know who else can say they have that experience at 21. so i really appreciated that. >> are interns placed in the same organization year after a year or do they change organizations? >> the beauty of our internship is it is a long-term commitment by the company to our students. so the multiyears allow them to get an understanding of the culture, and really get a master of the skill sets that qowld take them to have success. >> she would have four ynars are they all four year programs?
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>> dpengtding a senior or freshman three to four years. >> what about compensation? >> a paid internship. >> now you see fines. companies so committed to students to help them also with their scholarships to matching fund that pay ors tuition and school costs for students to have an opportunity to do well during the school year. >> how did you finding out about the program marisch? >> one of my mentors from high school heard about the program and actually encouraged me to alie, and a it is just that word of mouth networking if i didn't meet that person then i wouldn't have known about the program get yourself out there as young as a high school students and letting them know about your interest and goals and let you be guided to your path. >> one experience and memory that sticks out in your mind from your internship? >> summer conferences each conference you take something
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away because there are amazing speakers that come from the media industry so having their advice with you along to help you with your internship and also your future those pieces of advice is what really stands out. >> and the foundation does a conference every summer is that right? >> so we do a conference every summer to bring students together to meet one another. but then they also have an intense opportunity to network with companies that will hope ofully be their future employers. also learn professional skills to help them be successful in the field. >> people interested where can they find you? >> emma bowens or find us on twitter at emma l.b. -- >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much. still to coming from the classroom to the boardroom. how one organization is helping high school students step into the business world. but first maim emma bowen scholar shows us the life of a
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fox five intern in 60 seconds. >> hi my name is sarah sanders i was class of 2015 majoring in broadcast journalism and public health. fox five and this is my fourth, i work in the public affairs department. here is the board for good day "street talk" we're booked for the next few weeks once preproduction is done we head right upstairs to the studio. >> and i hope to do segments for more. >> lawmakers will continue to debate this it shall -- [cheering] >> had is a day in a life as a public affairs trainee in 60 seconds.
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>> since 199 5 organization pencil is partnering the business community with public schools in an effort to prepare students for college and careers. here for me president david weiner as well as former pencil fellow crystal and nathalie perez thank you guys for coming in. first off david let's start with you tell us about pencil what is it? >> premier nonprofit organization that connects the business community -- business community in new york
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city with the public schools. we believe that you shouldn't have to come from a wealthy backgrounds or be a rich kid in corporations and large businesses here in new york and it is our job to part neral the public school students with big businesses here in the city. >> how do you do that? >> we do through two ways during school year we partner businesses with public schools so jpmorgan chase with high high school around the city or o fox schools. during the summer we run a pencil fellow's program that takes inner city students and places them in business to get them real -- real hands on learning experience about what it is leak to work in the business world. >> all right what are kind of activities that high school students engtd up doing once they've been placed with these businesses? >> you know it is interesting. i think when i was a kid 20 years ago, high school was seen as a time where you could work in an ice cream shop or relax maybe you thought about an internship when you became siewrn or senior in college this has really changed. students nowadays need to learn skill sets in order to be
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successful in a career. we believe that starts in junior year and high school and junior year and high school into different businesses. students do a wide range they support hr departments. they he with markets. they do research and even here at fox they produce tv shows. so just a wonderful opportunity that high school kids have to give them connections for the future. >> crystal where were you placed? : placed here in the traffic department. >> you get to meet a lot of people i'm sure. >> i did, and the field of just the business world. >> what are you doing today? >> i'm a sales department. >> oh, very nice. nathalie how about you where have you been placed? >> i get the amazing tonight to rotate department and i'm with news department and special projects. and right now i get to sit in on i. edpitched a story yesterday maybe i don't know. >> what is the coolest thing you've got to do so far?
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>> going out with a reporter was awesome i spent the week with good day new york and we did a story, and it was just really incredible to go out to talk to people and just to see what it's like behind the scenes. >> not as crazy behind the scenes as it is from in front of the camera. experience. you're celebrating your 30 f anniversary. where can people find you? >> or twitter at a, and we would love to get more people involved. businesses leak fox, and other groups have stepped up, but there are more opportunities. there's a huge inequality for public school students, and we with need to find more businesses leak fox has to get involved in the public schools to support students and to give kids that leg up that they need to be successful in their career. >> i would imagine get involved from the business standpoint to open their doors and say hey, we'll take these interns or
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through financial donations. >> we allow both. we, obviously, love sponsorships. we've had students recently who have become interested in government or nonprofit organizations and often those organizations can't pay for their interns so businesses step up and allow businesses to have an experience at city hall or department of education or something along those lines. >> former principal how did you connect with pencil? >> i was in fs05 a 3 and learned through a previous program called principal for a day something that was going on. a principal maybe ten years ago, and the local city council woman sarah gonzalez spent time with me for a day. we made a connection she helped us build a new playground for the school, and we did a lot of work together. but with that initial connection of fen sill bringing together the city council woman and a principal at a school, to learn how they could collaborate and work together we have now shifted a lot of our work to make sure students are getting hands on experiences in business
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not just the business community coming to schools but taking public school students and putting them in the business communities to learn real world skills to be successful. >> crystal and nathalie i'll ask you both this question has experience in pencil changed your perception of what it is like out there in the world work world? >> it helps a lot to -- help me become aware of what it is really leak instead of not really like what's on tv. >> yeah? >> nathalie? >> it is not like it is on tv. i think that -- at least i can speak about fox is that i would have never imagined that all a of the departments work so closely together to make tv happen. and i think it is great that, you know, i'm able to experience this and be a part of it. >> very nice where are you from and what part of the city do you live in? >> queens. >> up town. >> nathalie perez, crystal, the
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organization is pencil when we come back, big reveal will check in with our interns to see if they're dressed for success as they walk our runway. but before we go to break we want to show you our interns in action here at fox five this summer. attack a look at the highlights. >> second annual good day new york intern world championship. [inaudible] >> wow. second internal boot camp they're good, strong they've been working hard all morning long. >> go -- all right, go, go, go. >> mckenzie going for that. look at that. very elegant. interns good enough to go to your boot camp? >> i love these guys for right now at least. >> says you look like tyson are you going to become a male-3 model? >> it could be --
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>> beating jackson, beating cameron, mckenzie ladies and gentlemen, joey. >> one, two, three --
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>> and we're back earlier in the show, fashion and lifestyle expert dawn del russo gave some of our interns some tips on dressing for success how to make that impression when you head in for an interview so she has made over two of our interns. and how did they do? >> they did well. really well they look good. >> so goal herl was to dress up, but not overdress. >> yes. we didn'tment want to show something too corporate. >> but i have to say i thought both looked good before you took them backstage. let's check out who is first. cam, we have first, a navy blue
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suit, this is a nice class egg color to work with when you're wearing suit for guys a little bit veers from the typical black suit it is not too harsh. walking in and a white button down shirt i think that's nice too. i think it is something you can always have in your wardrobe and wear it king consistently over and over again. >> i know that. slim fitting suits sometimes -- they can be -- i notice you have the top button your choice -- >> he did but i would say keep it buttoned yeah for especially if you're not wearing a tie, you're wearing a tie you have it buttoned since we're not it keeps it a little a more conservative. >> cost here? generally on a budgets? >> whole suit from h&m under $150 so shirt $24. navy blue black suit gray suit and you can't go wrong. cam looks good thank you very much.
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up next shola. >> i put her in this nice tweed dress so classic. >> i think she looks great. >> black blazer essential item is to have a black blazer but you can dress up or down and gets a lot of use out of it. remember to add a handbag. this bag we got from second team around along with a shoe, and it is a great place to shop as i mentioned for piepgding pieces key pieces for your wardrobe that are not as expensive to hold your ipad, your resume anything that you need to bring but you don't have to spend a fortunate. 350 down to like 150 so it is good. >> what do you think? >> i love it. i feel good financial >> dress is awesome. >> how much it was it? >> the dress is $55 really good. yeah. >> would you war this? >> i would and not used to heels but i did go down. >> quack looked like a true professional.
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>> three inch heel closed toe you want to think about when feet out. >> blazer because your point you can dress up a dress. >> tailors it nicely let's bring in all aft rest of the interns if we can actually because we have to say a big thank you. summer is big intern season here at fox five i think we had about 20 interns in the house. >> wow, so they're heading out in a little bit on their first interviews maybe later this year or next year. but guys, we want to say thank you very much. give yourselves a round of applause. [applause] craziest experience what do you guys think? anybody best experience shola i'll ask you. >> intern boot camp. >> a hard workout. >> but i got a good workout so i was happy. >> guys thank you very much. good luck to you guys as you head back to school that is it
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more more about today's topics go to and click on public affairs tab for antwan ben simmoneau.


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