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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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paths and other sensitive areas like the white house. >> geofencing would be a software update in a lot of cases for drones that have gps built in. it would tell you not to go within 15 miles or so from an airport. now, the problem is not a lot of drones on the lower end of the market have gps built in. >> reporter: the number of drone enthusiasts and the number of manufacturers are growing exponentially and a broader approach may be needed than just one piece of legislation. >> i think it is serious. you don't want to distract a pilot when he has so many people's lives in his hands. it's a serious issue and has to be addressed. the question is how? should it be reactive legislation or more comprehensive so there's a clear set of rules of engagement for anyone who gets a drone. >> reporter: drone use is so common, there are drone races. another concern is the battery life. if a drone loses power mid
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flight, it comes crashing down. that's the latest. back to you. christina: thank you. with all the reports of near misses between planes and drones at local airports, the last place you'd think you'd find them being sold is at the airport. reports two stores at newark liberty are selling the drones. the port authority is demanding that they stop. federal law prohibits operating drones near airports. some passengers were surprised to hear they're available right in the terminal. >> this is a place not meant for this kind of toys, if you want to call it toys. >> you can sell them. it's a matter of being able to fly them in harm's way where people will be impacted. christina: pilots have reported seeing drones at newark airport including four sightings on august 9th. >> mayor de blasio and governor cuomo are on the same side when it comes to keeping topless women from taking over times square. they wear a thong and body paint and nothing else.
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they pose for pictures for tips. if they do it aggressively, that's illegal. walking around the streets topless is not. which has the governor and mayor looking for ways to keep times square a family-friendly place. times square. and this is starting to remind me of the bad old times square. >> if she's happy, why not? >> as a mom, i don't know. we're not in vegas. we're like in new york city. christina: mayor de blasio promised to make changes soon. >> former subway spokesperson jared fogle has agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors following charges of having sex with minors and possessing child pornography. the deal calls for a jail term of 5-1/2 years and payments of $1.4 million for his victims. he will have to register as a sex offender and attend counseling sessions.
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>> he expects to go to prison. he will do his time. he expects to get well. he expects to continue to make amends to those people whose lives he has affected. >> subway suspended its partnership in july after agents raided his home and have completely ended the relationship. >> cheaters beware. the hackers who stole the personal data of millions of users from site ashley madison have leaked the info. the hackers threatened to go public with the data unless the web site was shut down. it wasn't. ashley madison says law enforcement in the u.s. and canada are now involved in the investigation. that's going to heat up some households. speaking of heat. bring it on. what's happening? >> we came down with our temperatures. the humidity rose. so it's still uncomfortable. it's not feeling as hot, but it's not -- it's not feeling dry. it's a balancing act. with that heat and humidity, we have some thunderstorms that
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have popped up across parts of the area which have resulted in flooding. let's talk about the highs first. we hit a high of 91 in poughkeepsie. everywhere else we were below 90. central park, we were in the 80s. same thing at newark and belmar. 84 was the number in montauk and islip. 87 for the temperature out towards sussex. here's a look at the current readings. as of 6:00, we're at 81 in the park. it's 82 in islip and 81 towards montauk. 80s in bridgeport. poughkeepsie in the 80s. monticello checking in at 79. it's all about the dew points. these have come up. they're in the 60s to low 70s. it is making it feel uncomfortable. we're not in the blazing heat. it is something to be aware of. we have a bit of a breeze coming off the ocean 10 to 15 miles an hour. it will stay that way through the rest of the night and tomorrow. a look at satellite and radar show most of us have remained dry. we've had flooding around union
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county, right around route 22 where we've had portions shut down and cars being flooded and it looks like those cells have weakened and dissipated. now to the west here, i'm watching a line that's coming out of eastern pennsylvania that's threatening sussex and warren counties in new jersey. there's steady rainfall there, heavy rainfall. there could be residual flooding across the roadways. we're unstable across the northeast. more of the same type of weather tomorrow like we had today. then our focus is coming into a cold front that's right now igniting showers and storms across the hudson valley around the mississippi valley. that's headed in our direction and will give us steady rainfall across the area as we go tomorrow night into friday. the futurecast shows lots of clouds tonight. tomorrow, cloudy skies and patchy fog. watch out for a thunderstorm west of the city like today. tomorrow night, the front makes its approach. by the morning hours of friday morning for the morning commute, it will be problematic in areas
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like the garden state parkway, the turnpike, the thruway. i-80 will be a wet ride heading into the city. the line doesn't shift until the evening. looks like we'll be seeing steady rainfall through the 5:00 boroughs and towards the jersey shore. friday night things quieten down. as we go into the weekend, we'll see more in the way of sunshine with a mix of sun and clouds. we have tropical storm danny in the atlantic right now. on its current track it will make an approach towards the lesser antilles towards the end of the weekend. we'll keep an eye on it to see where it could affect the united states. that won't happen until the end to middle of next week. tomorrow, partly cloudy and lows will be mild and muggy. we'll have fog in the morning tomorrow. scattered showers west of the city in the afternoon. temperatures will be in the 80s again. looking ahead to the weekend, a mix of sun and clouds is expected on saturday and sunday. i mentioned this yesterday. we could have the threat of an isolated shower. i left it off the seven-day yesterday.
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i'm throwing it in today. now it looks like we have a greater potential for seeing the isolated showers and storms. not a washout, but something to be aware of. next week looks great for monday, tuesday and wednesday. plenty of sunshine, nice and dry and temperatures in the low to mid 80s. sounds like good weather to me. christina: sounds sweet. thanks. cutting the cord is big these days. it's getting easier. up next, how more individual networks are offering options that might force cable companies to change the way they do business. join us tomorrow for a look at religion. church attendance is dropping and fewer young people even consider themselves to be religious. what does that mean for the future of churches in america? we'll explore that tomorrow at 6:00. >> and check out the fox 5 ny weather app featuring daily and hourly forecasts, a live interactive radar to track storms right where you are, plus you can get weather headlines and storm alerts and warnings when lightning is nearby. download the free app today. search fox 5 ny weather in the
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christina: it's no surprise cable companies are at the bottom of satisfaction polls.
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many people are fed up for paying with bundles of channels they don't want. more individual networks and streaming services are responding by giving you entertainment options. liz dahlem takes a closer look. >> the way we watch tv is changing. people are straying from buying big bundle packages on cable. now they seem to be streaming their favorite programming. cable or streaming? >> streaming. >> cable is expensive. i watch stuff on the computer through netflix or hulu. >> reporter: more and more are streaming and ditching cable. new data from snl kagan shows they lost 625,000 subscribers last quarter. that's the largest quarterly loss in the industry's history. >> i cut the cord today. >> reporter: this is the editor and chief of tom's guide. >> people no longer want to be tied to a cable subscription. we're talking about moving
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towards anna -- towards an a la carte menu. >> reporter: in a few years, espn will likely be sold directly to customers. >> espn is one of them. if you want to use hbo as a model, i think what espn would be looking for would be a larger penetration of the marketplace, meaning -- >> much bigger numbers. >> definitely. >> leave behind what you don't want and get what you want. espn would be a c change for the industry. >> reporter: the new way of watching doesn't come without glitching. netflix, hulu and amazon prime are leaving millions on the table from customers sharing log-in info. >> when this is taking off and going to the mainstream, they don't want to turn off folks with an extra burden of security or entering a password. anything that's going to get people off track. >> reporter: we're in the middle of an arms race with tv
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providers, which hopefully leads to more choices for consumers. >> i keep cable because there's a few channels i like. >> i would rather stream something. i can pick what i want. it's customizable. christina: i like that. customizable. are they going the way of the dinosaur? >> i think so. the expert said 10 to 15 years. that was the lifetime he gave cable. in the meantime, we're going to see the companies changing these bundles to make it more appeals for customers like you and me. >> they have to change to survive. thanks a lot. here to talk about that and more is entertainment reporter and movie critic for talking pictures, bill mc cuddy. we talked about binge watching. it's changes the landscape of how people watch and consume media. >> it's becoming as the package told us more people are cutting the cord and they want to stream. you know, the average person
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watches netflix 540 hours a year. mostly that's over a weekend. that's over a two-day period. no. and they're missing 130 minutes. this is upsetting to wall street and madison avenue. 130 minutes of commercials. people like the idea they don't have to sit through advertising to watch what they want to see. streaming is becoming very popular and cable companies are worried. christina: cable companies are often at the bottom of the list to customer satisfaction. they've been bundling. you get 500 channels you don't want because you need a few. are they going to be changing in the future? >> they'll have to. as you are reporting, it's obvious they're going to have to do more and more things like the mayweather fight. they had one of the best quarters since 2008 even they lost 45,000 subscribers. 600,000 last year overall. they're going to have to find different ways to make people stay home and watch. not their computer. they have to keep them on the
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television. christina: on the television. some companies are doing interesting things like hbo and espn, marketing to the consumers. >> you can get hbo on the go. you have to be a subscriber. you can cut the basic things out of your bill and do internet plus for the cable systems where you get basic services and one thing like hbo. people are more a la carte buyers. they want a little of this and a little of that. streaming lets them do that. years ago we had 500 channels and nothing on. now we have 500 in one place. christina: you can get it on demand. >> that's what people want, like the new series. like pablo escobar. christina: you can also stream it on your tv with chromecast or apple tv. >> it's a little more complicated and people need to understand that's going to get simpler. the cable company will have to
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so it's one button like apple tv. otherwise we'll cut the cord. christina: how are they going to survive with people sharing passwords? everyone does that. how do they make money? >> it's a problem. they'll be able to trace that. they're starting to do it now. no drones yet. we won't be arrested. they're starting to shut down on any kind of piracy or fraud. they're spending a lot of money to do it. people will become less and less inclined to. christina: they seem to be changing because they go to the cable provider. they have the shows i want. breaking bad or better call saul. it's on demand. >> netflix bought seinfeld which we thought was done a few years ago. now it's back with a huge sale. there's content that is desperately needed and they're getting it from new series, which will drive things like orange is the new black and some of the others. christina: i love orange is the new black. >> people do. that's what people are
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perceiving. the had you -- hulus are catering to what people want. you have the reason i'm a video on demand movie critic is that's the way of the future. talking pictures, we talk about what's new on demand. i think more and more studios -- paramount is about to shorten the windows from 90 days to 30 days. it will be 30. that's -- more and more people will be do that. christina: fascinating stuff. thank you very much. if you didn't know who greg byrd was today before today's yankees game, you know him now. russ talks about the rookie's impact with the red hot bombers. and friday we look at the allegations of mistreated workers at amazon. why do these things happen? and are managers pushing workers harder and harder?
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we take an in-depth look friday at 6:00.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to christina: time for sports with russ. yankees in action this afternoon, going for the sweep. the brooms were out today. russ: and the big bats were out. it came from a young guy, a rookie by the name of greg byrd
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who is looked upon as a top prospect. they wouldn't trade him. he not only had one home run, which was his first major league home run, but he followed that with his second major league home run, two two-run homers. yankees win 4 to 3. christina: a magical night for him. everything is working for the yankees. russ: you know what? it seems that they have righted the ship. it was a week ago they were in big time trouble. they were struggling. and then they go into toronto. they take two out of three, which they needed to do, with big clutch hits. then they finished a sweep at home in the bronx. listen, they have to keep it up. this is -- it's going to be a pennant race from here on in. christina: this is serious. can't mess up. russ: it was crunch time. this is what you play for. any yankee fan would have signed up to be on first place on august 19th. they've got to be happy.
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christina: let's go to the mets. they did the yankees a favor. russ: first and foremost, they did themselves a favor. christina: and themselves. russ: by winning. the beat the orioles last night. granderson had a fair of -- pair of home runs. the orioles, they play tonight, the orioles, they went into today 4-1/2 out behind the yankees. the american league east is a three-team race between the yanks, the jays and the orioles. the mets can help themselves tonight and the yankees. that would be nice. christina: let's go to the infer end infer -- never ending story, deflategate. russ: we wish it would be deflated altogether. they met both sides without brady and without goodell.
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they met with judge berman. he is telling them unless a deal is struck, they have to come back august 31st. both sides want a deal by -- 4th. i don't think that's realistic. christina: when is this going to end? what do you think is going to russ: i don't know. deal. in. at this point, i've got a feel on. a lot. stay with us. after the break, you'lleet
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silver medallist and christina: you have no choice but to follow your dreams after watching this man. felix was a silver medallist in golf at the national seniors game. felix is 93 years old. and he had to compete against much younger players because there was no one else playing in his age group. >> i didn't think i was going to make it because i'm on the second round i messed up one hole. i was five strokes behind the leader. they told me, felix, you got second place. you came in second. really? i didn't know i had come up that far. christina: he looks handsome. he is a world war ii veteran and he has no plans of slowing down. he was widowed twice and married his third wife. he said he will keep doing what he loves and stay young at heart. that does it for us. i'm christina park in for ernie anastos.
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for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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